Your 78 most beautiful hikes and treks

GB Fresh Alpine Valleys and Heavenly Peaks in Austria Your 78 most beautiful hikes and treks The impressive south fac...
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Fresh Alpine Valleys and Heavenly Peaks in Austria

Your 78 most beautiful hikes and treks

The impressive south face of the Hoher Dachstein


Hiking adventures on the Schladminger Tauern High Trail

The mighty Grimming to the east

Willkommen – Welcome!

Most of our countryside is still untouched by human hand. A vacation spent in this magnificent mountain world regenerates your whole being. When combined with the excellent tourism infrastructure, you can feel certain that your every wish will come true.




Autumn 4

The Vibrancy of Springtime Just a few days after the snow has melted, our region is transformed into a lush, verdant green. Everywhere you turn, babbling brooks, burgeoning plants, enticing fragrances, the buzz of bees and twittering of birds. A holiday in the spring allows you to experience the Alps when they are at their most vibrant, surrounded by rhododendron and gentian in full bloom.

Refreshing Mountain Summers Growing along the trail’s edge are bilberries and lingonberries. Even the highest peaks are pleasantly warm and the clear mountain lakes reach a comfortable temperature. Broad alpine pastures and luxuriant forests cast a cooling shade – greatly appreciated by everyone, not just by the mushrooms! A mountain summer is ideal for hikes of every kind, including multi-day treks, tours of the high peaks and hikes alongside our waterways. The combination of mountains and water promises unfor­gettable adventures for young and old.

Golden Autumn Colorful forests, golden light, countless mountain peaks seemingly close enough to touch – with good reason, many visitors describe autumn as the most beautiful time of year in the Alps. So, we invite you to be our guests: for leisurely hikes, enjoyable visits to country inns and alpine huts, to celebrate with us, to enjoy evocative encounters with the nature and culture of the Schladming-Dachstein Region.


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fo .in ard 10 erc /233 mm 87 .so )36 ww 43(0 w + · rd on Ca lef in · Te ste ing ach dm -D chla en! ng 70 S gewinn i gen und dm -89 fo: Einlog hla · A Sc e GEtrw. 58 aß so s Nr.: 1234 ARww er Karten au n ms terman Ra ax Mus


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M 60 10.12.19

Everything on one card The very best, most fun-filled activities »all-inclusive« – brought together by the Schladming-Dachstein Sommercard! With the Sommercard, your vacation is now twice as rewarding – You will get to enjoy the vast majority of our region’s recreational opportunities without having to pay one cent extra!

Cable cars and Dachstein Glacier Lift* included

When you arrive at one of our outstanding »Card Partner« lodging establishments, you will receive your own Sommercard – it’s free and valid for the full duration of your vacation. With no restrictions*, you will be able to take full advantage of the listed recreational opportunities as often as you wish – free of charge and even on your arrival and departure days! The Sommercard is valid from 28 May until 26 October 2010.

The Kids Card Make sure you pick up your own Kids Card! Throw yourself into all of the fun, experience the excitement on one of the kids’ fixed-rope mountaineering trails, during a donkey ride or splashing about in one of countless pools and lakes. The opportunities are colorful and packed with variety.

Pools and lakes: Free admission included

Action, play, sports and fun – with the Kids Card, all of your holiday dreams come true!

The following all-inclusive attractions can be used with your Sommercard – as often as you wish. Dachstein Glacier Lift* Mountain lifts Indoor pools Outdoor pools and swimming lakes Toll roads Hiking shuttles and public buses Gorge adventures Museums R  ecreational activities for children and families Outdoor and hiking programs * Dachstein Glacier: One roundtrip ride is possible within any 7-day period

Hiking shuttles and public buses included

* Dachsteingletscher: Berg- und Talfahrt ist für alle Gäste innerhalb von 7 Tagen einmal möglich


Sommercard – Bonus Partners In addition to the all-inclusive free services, the new Sommercard comes with the added advantage that you now enjoy up t­ o 50% discounts on the following recreational services: · bike rentals · rafting · paragliding · Jeep safaris · tennis courts · golf courses · archery · bowling · Gesäuse National Park · Loser Scenic Road · ski jumping · Wildlife Park · ice caves · salt mines · and much more

allows you to enjoy all of the region’s attractions, free of charge and without restriction* - even on your arrival and departure days.

Partner establishments are denoted in our lodging catalogue and on the Internet by this symbol.

Enter and Win

Telephone Information and Hotline:

Share your beautiful Sommercard holiday in the Schladming-Dachstein Region with other guests and win your next Sommercard getaway!

ARGE Schladming-Dachstein Card Phone +43(0)3687/23310 [email protected]

How do you obtain the Sommercard? If you spend the night at one of our participating »Card Partner« lodging establishments between May 28 and October 26, 2010, your host will issue you your credit card-like Sommercard automatically. This personalized card is your property and

Programs for children & families included Culture and museums included

Up to 50% Partner Bonus: alpine slide, cave adventures, archery, Elfenberg, …


Premier Hiking Region and Styrian Hospitality Lush Alpine valleys, magnificent peaks, clear streams and fresh, clean air – welcome to the invigorating landscapes of the Schladming-Dachstein Region. Portrait in Brief Known as a popular centre of skiing, in summer the Schladming-Dachstein Region transforms itself into one of the premier hiking regions in all of Austria. Awaiting you are: pristine landscapes, lush green Alpine valleys, the imposing limestone walls of the glaciated Dachstein Massif, plus the countless peaks and 300 mountain lakes of the Schladminger Tauern.


1,000 km of Hiking Paths

Tip: Start of Hiking Season 2010

No matter whether you prefer gentler nature experiences or are drawn by those mighty peaks – with 1,000 km of hiking trails in the Schladming-Dachstein Region, you are certain to find your very own personal favorite.

World-class hiking between the Dachstein Massif and Schladminger Tauern range. From 12 – 19 June, 2010, you will be able to participate in hikes and mountaineering tours that are offered every day and led by certified hiking and mountain guides. Activities also include a very attractive program of music and live entertainment. Further Details:

78 Premium Hiking Tips The following pages in this brochure provide brief descriptions of the most beautiful hikes in the Schladming­Dachstein Region – from easy strolls to high-alpine tours.

A wealth of hiking – from easy walks to high-alpine adventures

First-class accommodations, from upscale hotels to rustic farms

Our Hiking Village

Table of Contents

Schladming-Rohrmoos is a member of the Hiking Villages Austria Association.



4 Spring, Summer and Autumn 

16 Glorious Landscapes


All Inclusive with the New


Personal Assistance The staff of our 8 information centers have the inside track on the best opportunities around. And they are always more than happy to assist!


Complete information about

hiking in our region and much, much more can be found online at

Quick Overview

18 Alpine Hikes & Trekking Trails 

Streams and Clear Alpine Lakes

12 Scenic Peaks

22 Theme Hiking Trails

23 Alpine Refuge Huts and

[reachable by car or mountain lift] 

14 Family Hikes

[easy hikes]

20 Hikes next to Refreshing Mountain

10 Map of the Region

[intermediate hikes]

Mountaineering Schools 

24 Information and Bookings

Herbert Raffalt

Photographer and Mountain Guide

As a »visual person« and mountain nomad, I am fascinated by the contrasts between the ancient rock and abundant waters of the Schladminger Tauern, and the mighty limestone edifice of the Dachstein Massif – a juxtaposition that turns every tour into a journey of discovery for my senses.


…. A Quick Overview ˘ Radstadt ˘ Tauernautobahn ˘ Salzburg ˘ Munich

10 15 50 2.25

minutes minutes minutes hours

Dachstein Glacier Bischofsmütze 2430

Bad Ischl Bad Aussee

Hoher Dachstein

2995 Torstein Mitterspitz


Hoher Krippenstein 2109

Stoderzinken 2048

Röthelstein 2247


Ramsau am Dachstein 4


Aich-Assach i 6


Haus im Ennstal i 5



Hauser Kaibling 2015


t g

a t

g e











l ig

Waldhorn 2702





e r













Rohrmoos 3



Schladming i 2



Pichl-Reiteralm i 1

Gasselhöhe 2001

Gössenberg 7









Schladminger Tauern

Steirische Kalk Sp. 2459

Hochgolling 2862 Lungauer Kalk Sp. 2471


Coming by car: 20 min. from the Tauern Autobahn (A10) and 40 min. from the Liezen/Pyhrn Autobahn (A9) D CZ SK




Coming by train or bus: connections to international express trains; Railway stations in Schladming, Pichl, Haus im Ennstal, Gröbming and Stainach/Irdning. Bus connections to all towns.


Coming by air: International Airports: Salzburg, Graz, Linz, Vienna and Munich 10 10

Hochwildstelle 2747





S Pyhrnpass

Grimming 2351


Wörschach 24

Kammspitze 2139


Aigen im Ennstal i 20

St. Martin/Grimming 16 Irdning i 19 Gröbming i 9

Mitterberg 15

Stein/Enns i 12

Pruggern i 8

Niederöblarn 18 100

Gumpeneck 2226

Michaelerberg 10



Kleinsölk 11




Gr. Knallstein 2599


W a lc h e

r n ta l

Planneralm 23

Donnersbachwald i 22


Sölktäler Nature Park






t en

Großsölk 13



Öblarn i 17


r l







St. Nikolai 14




Hochrettelstein 2220

Donnersbach i 21

Wölzer Tauern







Deneck 2433

Predigtstuhl 2543


Linz 1 ½ Graz 1 ½ Wien 3.0

i r

Scenic Summits

Alpine Aquatic Attractions


Trailheads for routes recommended in this brochure

¯ ¯ ¯

Gondola lift with a summer timetable Chair lift with a summer timetable

Tourist Information

Prominent Peaks

hours hours hours




Schladminger-Tauern High Trail 702 (trekking trail)


Dachstein-Tauern Panorama Trail 100 (trekking trail) Wölzer Tauern Trekking Trail 11 11

The joys of hiking accompanied by glorious panoramas.

Scenic Alpine Summits [reachable by mountain lift or car] After an easy hike, I can enjoy the glorious scenery and look forward to a well-earned refreshment stop at an Alpine hut. Our »10 scenic summits« of the Schladming-Dachstein Region all have one thing in common: You can get to them easily by car or mountain lift. They all promise bird’s-eye panoramic views and serve as the starting point for easy hikes. They offer you delightful mountain experiences without any arduous climbs, along with friendly Alpine huts whenever you are ready for a break. r Elevation

from town – see overview map pp. 10-11 cable car/chair lift with summer timetable

Glorious scenic hikes, seen here: a beautiful view of the Seewigtal Valley

The most beautiful scenic peaks on the Dachstein side of the region: The Dachstein Glacier 4

r 2,995 m

Summit station elev. 2,700 m; Gondola lift from Ramsau/Türlwand; »Skywalk« platform with sensational views of the Eastern Alps + the Ice Palace. The glacier is a fascinating world rising to as high as 2,995 m above sea level: hiking, crosscountry skiing, climbing, alpine skiing, paragliding, touring and snow walks on well-maintained glacier trails (1 hr. to the Dachsteinwarte/Seetalerhütte). Sensational vistas from the »Skywalk« platform on the Dachstein Glacier

Rittisberg – the »Hut Mountain« 4

r 1,500 m

Chair lift in Ramsau/Schildlehen, Rittisberg Hiking Loop from hut to hut with beautiful views of the Schladminger Tauern and south face of the Dachstein. Summit cross and lookout platform.

Stoderzinken/Gröbming 9 r 2,048 m

Drive up from Gröbming along a toll-free alpine road, beautifully scenic mountain with hikes to the Peace Chapel, Stoder­ zinken summit and Peter Rosegger Memorial.

Easy hiking destination: »Peace Chapel« on the Stoderzinken

* Dachsteingletscher: Berg- und Talfahrt ist für alle Gäste innerhalb von 7 Tagen einmal möglich


The most beautiful scenic peaks on theTauern side of the region:

Planneralm/Donnersbach 23 r 1,588 m

Leaving from the village of Donnersbach: 12 km-long toll-free road to the highest mountain village in Styria. Hikes both easy and alpine.

Reiteralmsee-Spiegelsee/Pichl 1 r 1,860 m

Starts out from Pichl/toll road to the Reiteralmsee, a great family hiking destination. Continue on via a new trail to »Mirror Lake«, a popular photo motif – especially enchanting beginning in mid June, when the rhododendron are in bloom.

Riesneralm/Donnersbachwald 22

r 1,576 m

Chair lift from Donnersbachwald; Ride up to the lookout terrace on the Hochsitz; Starting point for alpine hikes incl. the 5-Peaks Tour, 1st Austrian Barefoot Path.


· Dachstein Cable Car/Ramsau 4 Tel. 03687/22042-800

Planai/Schladming 2

r 1,906 m

Famous mountain for skiing; Gondola lift from Schladming; Starting point for beautiful walks and a high-peaks trail to the Krahbergzinken and the so-called »Place of Reflection«; Kids’ climbing wall.

Hauser Kaibling/Haus im Enns­tal 5



fo .in ard 10 erc 233 mm 87/ .so )36 ww 3(0 · w +4 rd n Ca· Telefo in ste ing ach dm -D chla en! gewinn ing 70 S gen und dm -89 o: Einlog hla · A Sc e 756 mercard.inf GEtrw.s aß om r.: 123458 ARww rs Karten N ue ann msa

d lle tein Car ! ScAhladming-Dachs

a urr


kl s in



Gondola lift from Rohrmoos; once at the summit, a variety of routes take you into the Schladminger Tauern mountains; High Trail to the Giglachsee/Ursprungalm.


r 1,849 m



sterm Max Mu 0 10.12.196

Sommercard – your tip for great savings The Sommercard allows you to enjoy all of the swimming lakes, outdoor pools, mountain lifts and so much more. As often as you want, however the mood takes you!

r 2,015 m

Gondola lift from Haus to the Krummholzhütte; Hiking loop or high-peaks hike to the Kaiblingalm or on to the idyllic Moaralmsee at the foot of the Höchstein.

Cable Cars

More Info:

· Planai Cable Car/Schladming 2 Tel. 03687/22042 · Hochwurzen Cable Car/ Rohrmoos 3 Tel. 03687/22042 · Schladminger-Tauern Cable Car/Haus im Ennstal 5 Tel. 03686/2287 · Riesneralm Cable Car/Donnersbachwald 22 Tel. 03680/606

Galsterbergalm/Pruggern 8 r 1,944 m

From Pruggern to the Galsterbergalm. Starting point for hikes to the Pleschnitzzinken (very scenic mountain).

Dachstein Ice Palace: Ice crystals as much as 80 cm in size await visitors in the heart of a glacial crevasse.

»Place of Reflection«, alongside the hiking loop atop the Planai

»Hochsitz« viewing platform on the Riesneralm in Donnersbachwald


Delicious snacks at rustic Alpine huts

Family Hikes [easy hikes] Playfully learning about the miraculous workings of nature National Geographic »Wild – minus any hint of dusty Waters« Hiking Path school books and homework 4.0 h 2 330 m Family-style hike (also suitable for prams) assignments – we promise! starting out from Schladming (Kraiter car park), taking you past 14 interactive stations and 5 huts to the Riesach Waterfall. The following 12 easy hikes will lead you through wild and romantic gorges, to picturesque lakes, past cultural sights and to self-guided nature trails. Our recommendation for families, laid-back hikers and naturalists looking for an array of enjoyable experiences.

from town – refer to overview map pp. 10-11 Time on Trail Elevation Change

Playful learning opportunities on the Mushroom Path on the Hochwurzen

Mushroom Path Hochwurzen 3

1.0 h

100 m

From the valley station of the Hochwurzen­ cable car, the Mushroom Path meanders out through the forest. Native mushrooms and toadstools are presented in largerthan-­­life scale. Playfully, you will learn which are edible and which are not. »Mushroom Town« is the highlight of this path.

Smelter Loop 3

1.0 h

100 m

Leaving from Hopfriesen/Obertal and taking you to the former heart of mining in Schladming. Our Special Tip: A visit to the Nickel Museum and smelter, the only one of its kind in Europe.

Ursprungalm Loop 1

1.0 h

30 m

As you stroll along the banks of the Preuneggbach, info boards will teach you about the legendary mining history of the Ursprungalm and Giglach Lakes. The Heidi movie was shot in this area.

Hopfriesen nickel smelter, unique monument to our mining history.

Easy lake loop for the whole family – the Steirischer Bodensee

* Dachsteingletscher: Berg- und Talfahrt ist für alle Gäste innerhalb von 7 Tagen einmal möglich


Easy hikes lend wings to the whole family

Steirischer Bodensee 5

1.0 h


20 m


From the Seewigtal car park, a footpath takes you to the shore of the popular Steirischer Bodensee where, if you wish, you can circumnavigate the lake; refreshments available. Alpine hiking destinations: Hans Wödl Hut, Höchstein, Hochwildstelle.

Walchental 17

3.0 h


45 min.

250 m

»Über’s Eck« 24

2.5 h

400 m

Along a forestry road to the Aicherlkaralm, where you will be greeted by marvelous scenery. Possible continuations: Wörschach Gorge, Spechtensee.

Kids’ Treasure Hunt – Riesneralm 22

1.0 h

250 m

With a number of fun stops along the way and accompanied by the Riesneralm ghost, Krispini, we will go on a treasure hunt until we finally find the treasure chest at the Hochsitz.

Putterersee Trail

380 m

Take your car from Öblarn into Walchental valley, followed by a leisurely climb up to the Englitzalm. In summer the »Berger Hütte« serves refreshments to the public. Magical Lake Schwarzensee in Kleinsölk Valley

From the Breitlahnalm in Kleinsölk, a flat footpath takes you to the Schwarzensee, the biggest lake in the Sölktäler Nature Park – continuing along a hiking trail that will lead you on a gentle climb up to the Putzentalalm, where refreshments are available and open fires are allowed.

Leaving from the Hinterwald holiday village, an old cart path will take you to the Lärchkaralm. With its many animals (incl. dwarf pigs), this hill farm is a big hit with families.

Englitztalalm 1.5 h

90 m


250 m

From Öblarn, a country lane leads out through the Walchental Valley. Easy hikes out to the Englitztalalmen may be hard to resist.


1.0 h


1.0 h

10 m

Take the lake path (pram-accessible) to the Putterersee, continuing over the Sallaberg or Schlattham back to Aigen.

Lake Trail on the Putterersee in Aigen

Kids’ Treasure Hunt with Krispini, the ghost, at the Riesneralm


Oberer Gasslsee on the Reiteralm with view of the Dachstein

Glorious Landscapes [intermediate hikes] The warming morning sun on my face, fresh air fills my lungs, accompanied only by the rhythm of my own two feet … Broad alpine pastures, mountain lakes, high moors, friendly mountain inns, chapels and the region’s biggest waterfalls – these are some of the destinations on the following 16 intermediate hikes. from town – refer to overview map pp. 10-11 Time on Trail Elevation Change

Ursprungalm 1

1.0 h

Ignaz Mattis huts. Option to continue up to the Steirische and Lungauer Kalkspitze.

Duisitzkarsee 3

2.0 h

350 m

Uphill hiking path to the romantic Duisitzkarsee in Obertal Valley, site of the Duisitzkarsee and Fahrlech huts. Connects ­­to trails leading up to the Ignaz Mattis and Keinprecht huts.

350 m

Coming from Pichl, the picturesque Ursprungalm lies at an elevation of 1,600 metres. Via a wide hiking path, it will take you about one hour to reach the Giglach Lakes, along with the Giglachsee and Ursprungalmen with view of the Steirische Kalkspitze

»Wild Waters« Alpine Trail to the Riesachsee 3

2-3 h

550 m

From Gasthof Riesachfall, we make our way alongside the thunderous Riesach Alpine meadows by the Riesachsee, Untertal

Waterfall to the Riesachsee, passing the rustic Gföller Alm and on to the Preintaler Hut. Option to continue to the Sonntagskarseen. Special Highlight: »Alpine Trail through the Höll«.

Hochwurzen-Rossfeld-Guschen 3

4-5 h

140 m

Beginning at the Hochwurzen summit lift, you will make your way along the self-guided nature trail, over the Hüttecksattel and on to the Rossfeld; you will pass through fields of rhododendron as you continue to the Guschen, a wonderfully scenic mountaintop, returning to your original starting point. Rhododendron in bloom by the Moaralmsee/Hauser Kaibling

* Dachsteingletscher: Berg- und Talfahrt ist für alle Gäste innerhalb von 7 Tagen einmal möglich


Südwandhütte 4

1.0 h

Viehbergalm – Miesbodensee

180 m


From the Dachsteinsüdwand cable car, ­­­ a beautiful trail leads gently uphill to the Süd­wand hut. The trailhead for other very impressive hikes and a beautiful lookout point.

Laubschachenweg 3

3-4 h


1.400 m

The 3-Lakes Tour – »Seewigtal – The Valley of Plunging Waters« 4.0 h

Stoderzinken – Peace Chapel 3-4 h

3.5 h

1.500 m

1.000 m

7.0 h

900 m

In Donnersbachwald from the Hinterwald gate, first along the forestry road to the Untere Glattalm. A partially preserved packers’ trail takes us up to the Glattjoch and the Glattjoch Chapel, elev. 1,988 m (8th – 10th century). Continue to the Eiskarspitze and Hohenwart.

Summit Tour on the Planneralm 23

3.0 h

500 m

From the Planneralm to the Goldbachscharte; up to the Karlspitze, then steeply uphill to the Schoberspitze. Wonderful, broad views of the Ennstal and Salzkammergut.

500 m

From the Steirischer Bodensee, the trail winds steeply uphill to the Hans Wödl Hut on the shore of the Hüttensee. Continue to Schleier Waterfall and the Obersee at the foot of the Hochwildstelle.


5-6 h

In the Footsteps of the Romans – Glattjoch

Ride up on the Schladminger-Tauern cable car/Haus im Ennstal; from the Krummholz Hut in the direction of the Kaiblingalm, past the Bärfallspitz to the Moaralmsee. With the Höchstein at your back, drop down to the Gumpental Valley. Other alpine tours: Höchstein summit, Hans Wödl Hut.



From the car park close to the »Staber« farm on the Schattenberg, past the Schupfenalm and Schupfenriedel, making your way up to the Gumpeneck either via the Zinken or by taking the easier route via the Gumpenalm.

350 m

Moaralmsee – Gumpental 3.5 h


Hiking circuit in the Großsölktal Valley with unique panoramic views. Info boards give insights into the 500-million-year geological history of the Ennstal Valley.

Steep forest path from Ramsau over the Brandriedl (photo opportunity) to the Austria Hut (Alpine museum) and Brandalm. Return along a wide forestry path (»Five Huts Path«).


Hike from the Kneipp spa in Gröbming through the wild, romantic Öfenschlucht canyon to the Viehbergalm. Refreshment opportunity, incl. traditional regional foods. Continue on to the Miesbodensee.


Roseggersteig – Brandriedl 2.0 h

500 m

Geology Hiking Path Around the Gumpenkar

200 m

The Hochwurzen Hut is your starting point; suitable for families as far as the Latterfusssattel, continuing across lush alpine pastures to the Ursprungalm.


3-4 h

200 m

Scenic alpine walk in Gröbming to the Peace Chapel on the Stoderzinken. Continue to the summit of the Stoder. Obersee, view of Hüttensee/Steir. Bodensee

Hangofen 17

2.5 h

100 3-, 4- oder -day

Trekking Route

Dachstein-Tauern Panorama Trail 100 Panorama Trail 100 is a 116 km-long hiking circuit. It takes hikers to the left and right of the Enns River at elevations ranging from 700 to 1,300 metres, making it wonderfully hikeable from May on. Particularly impressive are the diverse landscapes, the magnificent forests, the inviting high valleys and the beautifully tended farms along the trail.

500 m

The trailhead is at the end of Walchental Valley, reachable via a 6 km-long road from Öblarn. Hike through the Englitztal up to the Hangofen. Other mountain hikes: Lämmertörlkopf (2,046 m) with a traverse to the Mörschbach Hut and Donnersbachwald, Gumpeneck (2,226 m) via the Englitztal. Feeds into the »Styrian Hiking Tour«.

Moorlands and water courses on the way to the Viehbergalm near Gröbming

The tourist offices offer you attractive 3-, 4- or 7-day hiking programs, including lodging with half board at comfortable establishments and luggage transportation to your next night’s destination.

Mountain mass in June at the Glattjoch Chapel – Donnersbachwald


Reflective rest break amid the high-alpine landscapes of the Klafferkessel/Schladminger Tauern

Alpine Hikes and Tours I feel good, I am in great condition, the power of nature propels me along, I make sure that every step is the best I have ever taken … Precipitous cliffs, narrow paths and marble rock, the highest peaks, alpine tarns, 5,000-year-old pictographs – these are just some of the highlights of the unique tours we recommend to you as an experienced hiker.

the path takes you to the scenic summit of the Hochgolling. You must be very steady on your feet! Highest mountain of the Niedere Tauern Range.

Die Klafferkessel 3

from town – refer to overview map pp. 10-11 Time on Trail Elevation Change

Hochgolling Summit Adventure (2,863 m) 3

10.0 h

1,800 m

Starting from the car park at the Riesach Waterfall in Untertal Valley, through the impressive Steinriesental Valley to the Golling Hut (hikers’ refuge). From here

Guttenberg House on the Dachstein Massif

1-2 Tage

1,600 m

Begins at the Riesach car park in Untertal Valley. Uphill climb to the Golling Hut and continuing to the Greifenberg (2,618 m). From here you will be able to look out into the heart of the Schladminger Tauern with its many lakes, big and small. Now past the Klafferseen lakes to the Preintaler Hut and the Waldhornalm. Watch your footing! We recommend spending the night at the hut.

Rotmandlspitz – Giglachsee – Ursprungalm 3

10.0 h

1,200 m

From Obertal Valley via the Neualm to the Keinprecht Hut. Ascent via the Krukeckscharte to the Rotmandlspitz. Steep hike down to the Giglachseen and the Ignaz Mattis Hut, Giglachsee Hut (hikers’ refuges). Please note: A valley shuttle is also available for the return leg from the Ursprungalm.

Guttenberg House – Scheichenspitz 4

8.0 h

1,500 m

From our starting point in Ramsau (Feisterer), this high-alpine tour leads out to

Hochgolling, highest mountain in the Schladminger Tauern

View of Seewigtal, a valley teeming with idyllic waters

* Dachsteingletscher: Berg- und Talfahrt ist für alle Gäste innerhalb von 7 Tagen einmal möglich


the Guttenberg House (the highest refuge hut in Styria, overnight lodging possible).

to the Grosser Knallstein in the heart of the Sölktäler Nature Park – glorious views.

Gössenberg – Pleschnitzzinken

Ridge Hike on the Planneralm


6.0 h

600 m


From Gössenberg the forest path takes you uphill to the Pleschnitzzinken Hut, along the ridgeline to the summit of the Pleschnitzzinken (2,112 m). Views of the Sattental Valley, a beautiful world of lakes and streams. Then over the Ochsenkar­ höhe and down to the Bodensee car park.

4-5 h over the south ridge


5 Peaks Tour 22

1.400 m

Guided Notgassen Hike 6.0 h

800 m

In the hinterland of the Stoderzinken in Gröbming, we find a 100 metres-long mountain canyon; enclosed by ca. 30 m-­­ high rock walls, on the lower portion of which we find the scratches of prehistoric pictographs. A somewhat unclear trail (not marked) continues down towards the valley – you will need a local guide.

7.0 h

600 m

Grimming (2,351 m) 3.5-5 h

From Sölk Marble to Mica Slate 13

3-4 h

Ride the Riesneralmbahn to the trailhead (1,600 m – be sure to check the lift time­ table!). The hike leads out to the Finster­ karalm and on to the shore of the Finsterkarsee. Continue up to the Seespitz, the first of our peaks. The subsequent ridge hike takes you to the Grosses Bärneck, the Silberkarspitze, the Sonntagskarspitze and the Schwarzkarspitze. We then descend via the Schusterboden and the Vordere Mörsbachalm on our way back to the valley.

The path takes us from the Sattental Valley to the Stierkarsee and then on to the small Goldlacken Basin (Kleiner Klafferkessel). Hike up along the ridgeline to the Hochwildstelle. Alpine experience or a guide are recommended. Descend via the Neualmscharte and the 3 lakes to the Bodensee.


450 m

Hiking loop leading from the mountainrescue centre to the Plannerknot. Continue via Plannereck to the Kleiner and Grosser Rotbühel and to the Jochspitze. Hike from the Goldbachscharte back down to the Planneralm.

Hochwildstelle (2,747 m) 8

5.0 h

1,100 m

Hike from Großsölk up to the Gumpenkar and then alongside the marble slopes of the Gumpenkar to the Gumpeneck. Highalpine hike with easy scrambles to the Lämmertörlkopf. Hike back down to Fleiss, then return on the valley bus.

1,300 m

From Trautenfels Castle, we take a leisurely hike to the Grimming Hut (ca. 1 h). Option to continue out on a high-alpine hike to the Multereck and the south-east ridge; the easiest ascent is via the north face. You will need to be very sure-footed and have no vertigo issues! Experienced hikers only!

5- to 7-day

Trekking Trail

The Schladminger-Tauern High Trail A stage on Central Alpine Trail 02, a trekking trail which crosses the entire Alpine region. A classic from hut to hut than can be adapted however you wish. It leads through the heart of the Schladminger Tauern range. Highlights include many mountain lakes and waterfalls, as well as such truly rewarding summits as the Hochgolling, Höchstein, Hochwildstelle, Steirische Kalkspitze and many more. You can look forward to an array of memorable impressions, particularly during a tour through the Klafferkessel and by the »Goldlacken«. An arctic lakescape with unique flora enchants mountain hikers one and all. Extended treks possible to the Wölzer Tauern – Trail 902

3- to 8-day


Dachstein Circuit … also possible from hut to hut. 8 stages reveal the scenic beauty and variety of the Dachstein, the showpiece of the northern Limestone Alps.

Knallstein (2,599 m) 14

5.0 h

1,400 m

Leave from St. Nikolai; Hike up to the Kaltherbergalm and via the Klafferseen up Magnificent views of the Giglachseen

Friendly encounter with a local resident on the path to the Knallstein, Sőlktäler Nature Park

The idyllic Plannersee in the Grimming Mountain Region


Clear water that refreshes, invigorates, touches …

Stream, Spring & Lake Hikes After a wonderful hike alongside a rushing mountain stream, I refresh myself in its clear waters, I listen to its sound … Oberer & Unterer Giglachsee The 17 most beautiful hikes take you to wild, romantic gorges, to high moors and natural refrigerators, to turquoise alpine streams and high-alpine tarns, to waterfalls and mirror lakes. The following easy-to-challenging hikes lead you to those areas of our region that are most abundant in water. Refer to overview map, pp. 10-11

Mirror Lake at the Reiteralm Easy path to the Spiegelsee. Hike via the Obersee and Rippeteck up to the Gasselhöhe – magnificent panoramic views.

Glorious view of Mirror Lake on the Reiteralm

Magical alpine lakescape from Pichl/Reiteralm; at the lower elevation of the Ursprungalm, we find the headwaters of one of the region’s most copious springs.

Ice Lake & Ice World on the Dachstein Glacier Ride the Dachstein Glacier Lift to the eternal ice of the Hallstätter Glacier. We will then make our way to the Simony Hut, traversing snow, ice and karst on our way to the Ice Lakes at 1,900 m.

Alpine World of Water Klafferkessel From Rohrmoos/Untertal, a breathtaking, high-alpine temple of water with 30 moun­­­tain tarns at 2,500 m above sea level. One- or multi-day tour incl. overnight at an alpine hut. Alpine lakescape – the Giglachseen

Alpine Trail through the Höll & Riesachsee A beautiful alpine trail from Untertal Valley alongside the thunderous Riesach Falls (the region’s biggest waterfall), leading to a broad area of alpine pastures next to the picturesque Riesachsee. »Wild-Water Adventure Trail«. Hikers must be sure-footed and not have any vertigo issues!

National Geographic »Wild Waters« Hiking Path The »Wild Waters« theme hike in Schladming-Rohrmoos is actually the world’s first National Geographic hiking path. It follows the Talbach from Schladming via the village of Rohrmoos-Untertal to Riesach Falls.

Riesach Waterfalls – the highest in the region

* Dachsteingletscher: Berg- und Talfahrt ist für alle Gäste innerhalb von 7 Tagen einmal möglich


and the winner is … Wild Waters: The »Wild Waters« theme hike in SchladmingRohrmoos was christened the world’s first National Geographic Hiking Path.

Duisitzkarsee & Landauersee


Wörschach Gorge

Hike up through Obertal Valley, alongside untamed streams and spectacular waterfalls, to the Duisitzkar. Continue to the famous Giglachseen Lakes or via the Knappenkreuz to the solitary Landauersee.

Romantic Schwarzensee in the Sölktäler Nature Park amid countryside marked by magical waters; branching tributaries; trout and char down-water. The Hubertuskapelle, a chapel made of spruce, is also well worth a visit.

We will make our way through this natural monument along secured paths and trails, passing magnificent waterfalls and bizarre rock formations as we go. The exit of the gorge presents us with numerous hiking options. Donnersbach Gorge Natural Monument in Donnersbach, the »European Village«.

Steirischer Bodensee Bräualm Waterfall

Easy walk from the car park in Seewigtal Valley to the Bodensee, a lake teeming with fish and flanked by waterfalls – ­impressive lake path.

A powerful waterfall in the Sölktäler ­Nature Park; add to that a pristine wild water stream; be sure to take the Nature Park’s self-guided Water Path.

Ahornsee, Grafenbergsee Three Kaltenbach Lakes

From the open-air Kneipp spa in Weissenbach, via the spring areas of Siebenbrunn; past charming Gnadenbach Waterfall to the two biggest lakes in this limestone edifice we know as the Dachstein.

Short hike up from the Kaltenbachalm on Sölk Pass (Sölktal Nature Park); alongside the waterfalls to an area of lakes at the foot of the Deneck. Landscapes that were formed during the last Ice Age.

Plannersee, Kothüttensee A leisurely hike will take you in about 40 minutes to the idyllic Plannersee and romantic Kothüttensee (north side of the Jochspitze).

Finsterkarsee From the Riesneralm/Donnersbachwald via an enjoyable high trail to the Finsterkaralm and on to the lake.

Sattental Waterfalls High-alpine valley head; impressive waterfalls and gentle brook-side landscapes. Leonhard-Kreuz-Kapelle (chapel), big mountain spring with healing watercress.

The Steirischer Bodensee – popular lake trail

Putterersee Warmest moorland lake in the Styrian Alps, nestled amid the hilly expanses of the Ennstal Valley near Aigen.

Putterersee – warmest moorland lake in Styria

Wild and romantic Wőrschach Gorge


What’s that crawling over there? Take a close look, nature will reveal all her secrets to observant explorers.

Fascinating Theme Paths Set out on your chosen trail, explore the Schladming-Dachstein Region along one of our theme paths. Mysterious, historical and worlds just for kids. Your imagination will know no bounds. From town – refer to overview map on pp. 10-11 22 1st European Barefoot Path

17 Öblarn Copper Trail

Mosses, pebbles, pine needles and alpine grasses, even mud – this path will reveal whole new realms of sensory experience. Tierholzpark Riesneralm Larger-than-life animals (3-4 meters tall) made of local materials, the inside of which also serves as a playhouse for the youngsters.

Guided hike detailing the mining history of the Ennstal. Particularly noteworthy: the »Thaddäus Gallery«, remains of a smelter, chapels, mine overseer’s house and mining museum – the »Öblarner Steinkeller«.

3 Mill Tour

Nature sanctuary in the Untertal Valley with unique high-moors flora (dwarf birch) and many different species of moss and lichen. 8 Tree Horoscope Path

Easy walk for the whole family between Gröbming and Pruggern– you will find your own Tree of Life with boards explaining your personality and character traits. Beautiful views of the Stoderzinken and Grimming. 9 Mystical Notgasse, Gröbming

This hike does require a guide, taking you first to the Stoderzinken, then downhill to view the rock pictographs of the Notgasse which date from prehistoric and more recent times.

Fairytale Path in Rohrmoos

13 On the Trail of the Ice Age

Along the »Roman Road« on Sölk Pass (Sölktäler Nature Park), documentation of geological formations during the last Ice Age. 13 »Steirerkas-Roas« – Searching for

the Gold of the Hill Country A culinary journey focused on Steirerkas, Styrian cheese, beginning with an exhibition, »The Gold of the Hill Country« at Großsölk Castle. It then continues to an original alpine hut, where we will be greeted by a farmer’s wife, homemade Styrian cheese and other regional specialties. 20 Divining Rod Path

4 km-long path in Aigen teaching you all about the divining rod. We recommend taking part in a guided tour.

1st European Barefoot Path in Donnersbachwald

»In Search of Signs« Historical signs which can be discovered in the mountain world on either side of the Enns River: »In the Footsteps of the Celts am Stein« – Notgasse · »On the Trail of Poachers and Salt Smugglers« · »Brandner Virgin Forest - Notgasse« · »In the Footsteps of the Schladming Miners – including a visit to the Nickel Museum« · Hemma Pilgrimage Path Self-Guided Instructional Trails · Water, forest, Ice Age and geology theme path in the Sölktäler Nature Park · Irdning Forest Path· Öblarn Villa Hiking Path · Planai: »Panorama Hiking Circuit« · To the Glattjoch in the Footsteps of the Romans · Herb garden on the Michaelerberg · Self-guided herb path at the Planner­alm · Tierholzpark at the Riesner­ alm. Special Family Hikes Mushroom Path, Fairytale Path and Moosmanderl Loop in Rohrmoos · Ursprungalm Loop: Spring of the Senses, to where the Heidi movie was shot, history of mining woven in legend.

The Gold of the Hill Country – homemade Styrian cheese

* Dachsteingletscher: Berg- und Talfahrt ist für alle Gäste innerhalb von 7 Tagen einmal möglich


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Hikers’ Refuges in the Schladming- Dachstein Hiking Region

With the grey giants well in hand: The strength of personality of Styria’s mountains comes impressively to the fore on its challenging and very diverse fixed-cable climbing trails. On the Dachstein alone, there are enough climbs to fill a whole week, ranging from easy to challenging.

Hiking Bus: With a comprehensive network of public buses, you will quickly be able to reach the trailheads on the Dachstein or in the Schladminger Tauern mountains. The summer timetable can be found in the Schladming-Dachstein Guest Newspaper. 1. Hiking Buses & Hiking Taxis: · Schladming – Ramsau – Dachstein cable car · Schladming – Rohrmoos – Obertal – Hopfriesen – Eschachalm · Schladming – Rohrmoos – Untertal – Wilde Wasser (Riesach Waterfall) · Schladming – Rohrmoos – Preuneggtal (Ursprungalm) 2. Hiking Taxi: From Haus or Aich-Assach – Tourist Information Office Haus-Aich-Gössenberg or Tel. 0664/1299999 · Schladming – Haus – Gröbming – Stoderzinken · Schladming – Haus – Aich –Steir. Bodensee · Schladming – Rohrmoos – Ursprungalm 3. Ennstal Bus Lines: · Liezen – Stainach – St. Martin/Grimming – Gröbming – Haus/Ennstal – Schladming – Pichl – Forstau/Radstadt bzw. Mandling.

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Official Hiking & Biking Maps  vailable from the Schladming-Dachstein Regional Tourist Office, A from the 8 local tourism offices and good book shops everywhere. 1:60.000 freytag & berndt


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Credits: Publisher Schladming-Dachstein Regional Tourism in collaboration with local tourist offices; Concept, Design: · Photos: Tom Lamm/, Herbert Raffalt/, Hagspiel Photography, Styria Tourism,, Reinhard Lamm, Helmut Strasser, Gernot Langs/, Christine Höflehner, Andy Kechenmeister, Planai, Pichlmayrgut, Archives of the 8 local tourist offices; Print: Rettenbacher, Schladming · Not liable for research, typesetting and print errors, may be subject to change.

Schladming-Dachstein Nordic Walking Network In 2009, our region was certified as the »Biggest Nordic Walking Network in the Alps« by the Nordic Walking Organisation (NWO), with 6 Nordic Walking routes totaling 36.3 km in length being way-marked from start to finish. · Aberg Loop – 4.4 km · Dörfer Loop – 5.8 km · Enns Loop – 5.8 km · Halserberg Loop – 6.2 km · Rittisberg Loop – 8.5 km · Vorberg Loop – 5.6 km And in addition to this particular Nordic Walking network, active vacationers will encounter posted Nordic Walking paths throughout the Schladming-Dachstein Region. And the finishing touch: free guided tours offered at virtually all of the region’s local tourist offices.

adweg, inkl. Ennsr Rundtein

Dachs Unsere 16 handlichen Tourenblätter Alpentour für insgesamt 20 MTB-Runden wurden weg und von „Biker für Biker“ entwickelt. Dank professioneller bedürfnisgerecht Kartografie (Maßstab 1:50.000), optisch verbindlichen Diagrammen und 800 Richtungsschildern gelingt die Orientierung mühelos – auf den schönsten Moutainbikerouten der Urlaubsregion Schladming-Dachstein. 20 reizvoll-alpine MTB Runden | 930 km | 3 Downhills Streckenbeschreibungen | Maps und Profile


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