Yarra Yarra Ranch 2017 Dressage Show Series

Official Prize List Yarra Yarra Ranch 2017 Dressage Show Series 5378 Tassajara Rd. Pleasanton, CA 94588 CONTACTS: Show Manager – Patrick Adams 925-82...
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Official Prize List

Yarra Yarra Ranch 2017 Dressage Show Series 5378 Tassajara Rd. Pleasanton, CA 94588 CONTACTS: Show Manager – Patrick Adams 925-829-5017 [email protected] Show Secretary – Laurie Daniel 510-672-3260 [email protected] Safety Coordinator—Patrick Adams Mail Entries to: Laurie Daniel; 1439 Bismarck Ln. Brentwood, CA 94513 Management requests that all entries be

created using EqEntries.com

Yarra Yarra Dressage Show Series is part of the Tri-Valley Challenge. See page 2 for details.

Show #1: Yarra Yarra Dressage January

Show #5: Yarra Yarra Dressage July

Show Date: January 22, 2017 Opening: December 25, 2016 Closing: January 8, 2017

Show Date : July 2, 2017 Opening: June 4, 2017 Closing: June 18, 2017

Judge: Paula Lacy (S) ‐ Arcata, CA TD: Michele Nihipali (r) ‐ San Francisco, CA Recogni ons: USEF/USDF/CDS # 3800 Level 2

Judge: Gail Hoff‐Carmona (S) ‐ Ojai, CA TD: Michele Nihipali (r) ‐ San Francisco, CA Recogni ons: USEF/USDF/CDS # 4134 Level 2

Show #2: Yarra Yarra Dressage February

Show #6: Yarra Yarra Dressage August

Show Date: February 12, 2017

Show Date: August 5, 2017 Opening: July 8, 2017 Closing: July 22, 2017

Opening: January 15, 2017 Closing: January 29, 2017 Judge: Shirley Rector (S) ‐ Sco sdale, AZ TD: Rebecca Lewis (R) ‐ Windsor, CA Recogni ons: USEF/USDF/CDS # 3801 Level 2

Judge: Brent Hicks (S) ‐ Mission Viejo, CA TD: Rebecca Lewis (R) ‐ Windsor, CA Recogni ons: USEF/USDF/CDS # 3837 Level 2

Show #3: Yarra Yarra Dressage March

Show #7: Yarra Yarra Dressage August No. 2

Show Date: March 12, 2017 Opening: February 12, 2017 Closing: February 26, 2017

Show Date: August 6, 2017 Opening: July 8, 2017 Closing: July 22, 2017

Judge: Creeky Routson (S) ‐ Walnut Creek, CA TD: Rebecca Lewis (R) ‐ Windsor, CA Recogni ons: USEF/USDF/CDS # 3820 Level 2

Judge: Brent Hicks (S) ‐ Mission Viejo, CA TD: Rebecca Lewis (R) ‐ Windsor, CA Recogni ons: USEF/USDF/CDS # 323428 Level 2

Show #4: Yarra Yarra Dressage April

Show #8: Yarra Yarra Dressage September

Show Date: April 30, 2017 Opening: April 2, 2017 Closing: April 16, 2017

Show Date: September 10, 2017 Opening: August 13, 2017 Closing: August 27, 2017

Judge: Sue Curry Shaffer (S) ‐ Santa Rosa, CA TD: Tajie Major (R) ‐ Palos Verdes Estates, CA Recogni ons: USEF/USDF/CDS # 3836 Level 2

Show Secretarial Services provided by:

Judge: TBD TD: Rebecca Lewis (R) ‐ Windsor, CA Recogni ons: USEF/USDF/CDS # 3838 Level 2

TRI-VALLEY CHALLENGE Sponsored by:    

Harlequin Show Experience Yarra Yarra Ranch Greenville Equestrian Center CDS East Bay Chapter

High Point awards to Open, Adult Amateur and Junior/Young Rider Divisions. Prizes to Champion and Reserve Champion in each Division. 

Open and Adult Am Champions: Trip for 2 to Las Vegas

(Air and Accommodations)  Junior/Young Rider Champion: “ Clinician of Choice” Award 

Reserve Champions: Embroidered blanket or pad

Show Schedule 2017 January 23—Yarra Yarra

April 16—CDS East Bay Chapter

August 13—Greenville

February 13—Yarra Yarra

April 30—Yarra Yarra

September 10—Yarra Yarra

March 12—Yarra Yarra

July 2—Yarra Yarra

October 20—CDS East Bay Chapter

April 1—Greenville

*August 5—Yarra Yarra

October 21—CDS East Bay Chapter

April 2—Greenville

*August 6—Yarra Yarra

October 28—Greenville

April 15—CDS East Bay Chapter

August 12—Greenville

October 29—Greenville

Join The Challenge! Its easy. No Chapter affiliation required. Show 2 show days at Yarra Yarra Ranch, 2 days at Greenville Equestrian Center, and 1 of the CDS East Bay Chapter Show. You will be automatically enrolled. (*Aug YY show may count as an EB Chapter Show.)

Of the scores earned, the highest 4 scores will be averaged to determine the overall highest average score. Scores must be earned from Training to Fourth Level Tests and FEI Prix St. Georges to Grand Prix Tests. (Freestyles do not count.) 2

Class List

“Q” = Great American Insurance Group/ USDF Qualifying Class. Please be sure to include “Q” after the class number if you wish to have the score recorded as a qualifying ride. *Training to Fourth Test of Choice classes: Q can only be added to Test 3. Remember to add $10 to the entry fee for each qualifying class. COPIES OF ALL MEMBERSHIP CARDS (USEF, USDF & CDS) for horse, rider, owner, trainer, and coach, IS REQUIRED WITH ENTRY. Exceptions for memberships and registrations outlined in prize list. Entries missing required information will be considered incomplete and are subject to additional fees.

Management requests that all entries be created on EqEntries.com. If you do not already have a user account with EqEntries.com, please sign up now! You can print your entry and snail mail entry with a personal check, or pay online with a credit card. If you chose to pay online there is a convenience fee added by EqEntries. (If you chose to print and mail your entry, there is a $10 mailed entry fee.) There is no charge to join EqEntries, create an entry or print an entry. We appreciate your using the preferred entry method. All entries must have a SIGNED FEDERATION AGREEMENT (aka signature page) or entry will be charged a $10 incomplete fee. If you are unable to scan and upload documents, use the EqEntries doc service available on the website.

Mailed entries make checks payable to: Yarra Yarra Dressage Series FEES:

Intro through First Level: $50 per test Second Level through Fourth Level: $55 per test FEI and Freestyle Classes: $60 per test USDF Qualifying Classes add $10 per class Office Fee: $26.50 per entry Mailed Entry Fee: $10 per entry USEF Drug Fee: $16 mandatory per horse CDFA Fee: $5 mandatory per horse CDS Travel Grant: $3 mandatory per entry Stabling: $50/day – includes shavings RV Parking: $35/ night (self contained/electric provided)

Non‐compete horse: $35 per day (If space allows) Late Fee: $15 per class (if space allows) USEF Show Pass fee: $30 per rider/owner/trainer USDF Non‐member fee: $25 per rider/owner Horse USDF HID: $25 (Horse must have a USDF # to com‐ pete, except Intro and Opportunity classes) Return check charge: $35 Changes to entry a er closing: $10 Incomplete entry: $10 per correc on Document Service Fee: $15 (for cards not included with en‐ try)


Required Membership Information All Yarra Yarra Dressage shows are recognized by USEF, USDF & CDS. To participate in the Yarra Yarra shows, the horse MUST have a USDF Number. A USDF Horse Identification Number can be obtained by adding $25 to your entry where indicated. Rider, Owner, Trainer & Coach must be members of USEF or pay a $30 Show Pass fee. Rider and Owner must be members of USDF or pay the non-member fee of $25.

Exceptions: Horses are exempt from USDF and USEF Registration for Opportunity, Introductory, Pas de Deux, and Quadrille classes. Riders/Owners/Trainers are exempt from all membership requirements for Introductory, Opportunity, Pas De Deux, and Quadrille. If you have questions about required memberships, email the show secretary before submitting entry. Eligibility to ride a USDF Regional Championship Qualifying test requires the following: Rider and Owner are ACTIVE USEF members, Owner is PARTICIPATING or BUSINESS member of USDF, Rider is PARTICIPATING Member of USDF, Horse is USDF Lifetime Registered, and USEF Lifetime or Annual Recorded, These memberships must be in place at the time the scores are earned. The $10 fee for the Qualifying ride must be paid in advance of the ride. See CDS membership page for information on regarding shows and events requiring CDS memberships.


ENTRY ACCEPTANCE: All entries must be postmarked, or me stamped by the closing date listed in the prize list to be considered on me. Show management may close entries early if the show fills prior to closing date. Entries submi ed a er the show is full will go on the wait list. Compe tors will be advised of their entry standing via an entry confirma on sent from confirma‐ [email protected] Entries submi ed that are not accept‐ ed will be returned and refunded in full. Entries must be filled out completely and have proper fees en‐ closed. Federa on Agreement Page (signature page) must be signed by rider, owner, trainer, and if need coach. *Minors (riders under 18 years old) must have the parent or guardian sign the Federa on Agreement. Missing signature pages, even for online entries, are considered incomplete and charged a $10 incomplete fee. COACHES PLEASE NOTE: Please have all your students list you on their entries as COACH. This will help in scheduling to allow Ɵme between students when possible. (Possible to filter for COACH but not for “Trainer”. ) Incorrect or incomplete entries may be charged $10 per correc‐ on and/or may not be accepted. This includes missing signa‐ ture pages.   Entries submi ed without proof of memberships/registra ons, are subject to a document service fee of $15.   No numbers will be issued without completed entries, full pay‐ ment, signatures, fees and CURRENT copies of ALL registra on cards.


ENTRY ACCEPTANCE (con nued): Entries are accepted on a first‐come, first‐served basis. This show accepts mailed and electronic online entries. Mailed entries are accepted based on the post mark date, and are only accepted on or a er the opening date listed in the prize list. Online entries are accepted based on the date/ me stamp of the paid submission. Should the show be over subscribed and the need to cut off entries prior to the closing date arise, entries received a er the show fills will be no fied and placed on a wait list. Ties regarding entries received at any me on the same day / me will be broken by lot prior to scheduling the show. Affected com‐ pe tors will be no fied and allowed to be present when the drawing of lot is performed. Entries not accepted will be returned and refunded in full.   All entries must include an emergency contact name and number for rider. Management reserves the right to accept condi onally or cancel any entries, disqualify riders as exhibitors, prohibit exhibi on of entries, and cancel or combine classes. Online entry available at EqEntries.com. Late entries ac‐ cepted online only when space allows. “Promise‐to‐Pay” entries not accepted by email, or phone. Late entries must be paid to be accepted.

Note: This show does not require Vaccina on records be sub‐ mi ed with show entry. However, at USEF licensed compe ‐ ons, horses entering the grounds must be accompanied by doc‐ umenta on of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumoni s) vaccina ons within six months. Horses not in compliance with this rule may be required to leave the compe‐ on grounds upon request by Compe on Management. See GR845. 4


SCRATCHES, CHANGES and CANCELLATIONS: It is the respon‐ sibility of the compe tor to inform the show secretary (510) 672‐3260 of inten on to scratch. Refunds are given for scratches prior to closing date less the $26.50 office fee. No refunds given a er closing date w/out vet cer ficate, and only if ride can be filled from wait list with same class, and will also be less the $26.50 office fee. Refund of USDF Quali‐ fying Fees: Scratches prior to show in which a full refund (less office fee) is being made WILL include any USDF Qualify‐ ing Fee paid. Scratches that do NOT qualify for a full refund will NOT be refunded any USDF Qualifying Fees. Non‐ refunded USDF Qualifying Fees will be paid to USDF per USDF rules. No refund of USDF Qualifying fee for scratches made day of show. Changes to Entries: Changes made a er the clos‐ ing date will be assessed a $10 fee. Cancella ons: Shows will be held rain or shine. No refunds given due to weather condi‐ ons.


REFUNDS: Refunds are subject to a $10 service fee.


ENTRY CONFIRMATIONS: Entry confirma ons will be emailed. Please ensure that your email is set to allow emails from confirma [email protected] Compe tors are respon‐ sible for reading and responding to the entry confirma on. If entry confirma on is not received by the closing date of the show, the compe tor is advised to contact the show secre‐ tary.


RIDE TIMES: Times will be emailed, posted on the Yarra Yar‐ ra website (yarrayarraranch.com), the Harlequin Show Experi‐ ence website (harlequinshowexperience.com) and the Fox Village website (www.foxvillage.com). It is the rider’s respon‐ sibility to inform management if mes are not received. Please do not assume lower levels will be run first, as may be necessary to run classes out of order. Due to weather and other factors, upper levels may be scheduled earlier in the day than lower levels.


MANAGEMENT: The Horse Show Management reserves the right to interpret all ques ons and condi ons in regard to or arising out of any incident in the show without claims for damages or recourse of any kind. All ques ons not covered in these rules and regula ons shall be decided by the Horse Show Management and their decision will be final. The Horse Show Management reserves the right to refuse, accept condi‐ onally or cancel any entries, disqualify riders or exhibitors, prohibit exhibi on of entries, and to cancel /award prizes, without claim to damage, to change, cancel or combine any classes, to reschedule classes a er due no ce to exhibitors, or to change rings or subs tute officials. The judges decisions are strictly their own and the Management accepts absolutely no responsibility for those decisions. Management reserves the right to arrange for addi onal judges and to cancel, combine or amend any class, including but not limited to class awards, scheduling and loca on.


NON‐COMPETE HORSES: Horses not compe ng in the show must be registered with the show office and will be given a number to be worn at all mes when out of the stall. Entry form and signed Federa on Agreement must be submi ed, and appropriate fees must be paid prior to the horse being ridden. Failure to register and pay for schooling horse can re‐ sult in doubling of entry fee. Non‐compete horses are allowed in the warm‐up as long as there is room and their presence is not disrup ve. This determina on will be made solely at the discre on of show management. There may be other areas on the grounds available for schooling purposes. No schooling of horses in or around compe on arenas during the compe ‐ on. A er the comple on of the compe on, with permission of show management, compe on arenas may be opened for schooling. Due to limited stabling, companion/non‐compete horses may be restricted.


PONY MEASUREMENT CARDS: Compe tors wishing to have their scores count for pony awards must include a current po‐ ny measurement card with their entry. If the compe tor wants to have their pony measured by the TD at the show, they must let show secretary know two weeks in advance of show date. Management advises that if the on‐call vet feels it is necessary to travel to a sick or injured horse instead of com‐ ing to the show to measure, the show will in no way be held responsible or liable for this decision on the part of the vet. Management will arrange for a measuring s ck to be available. Compe tor will be responsible for all vet charges, and any charges incurred for rental of a measuring s ck if required. Please call show secretary 2 weeks in advance if you need to arrange for pony measurement.

9. FREESTYLES: Freestyle entries must send proof of eligibility with entry. (Missing eligibility is considered an incomplete entry.) Freestyle music must be on compact disk. Please give to Show Secretary upon check‐in on show day. Sound check will be held daily at the first break. 10. STABLING: Limited, permanent 12 x12 stalls with doors availa‐ ble at $50/day. Stalls are pre‐bedded. No addi onal shavings or feed available on the grounds. Stabling must be indicated on show entry and paid with entry fees. Please indicate ONE group name on your entry if in a stabling group. (Barn name works well.) Stabling is limited, recommend early entry if stabling is needed. Please indicate on entry me of arrival. If arriving a er 6:00 PM the night prior to the show, please call the show secre‐ tary to arrange arrival. Yarra Yarra is a private barn and needs no ce for late arrivals. 11. RV PARKING: Limited RV spaces available. $35 per night. One electric plug in provided. Must be self contained. 12. AWARDS: Ribbons through 5th place. Prizes to 1st place in classes of 3 or more entrants. 13. FOOD: Food available on the grounds. 14. LUNGING: Absolutely no lunging in the warm up arena. Lung‐ ing allowed in designated lunging arenas only.


15. ARENAS and FOOTING: Show arena(s) are indoors and the property must be on leash at all mes. . 2011 outdoors as needed and are standard regula on size (20m GR1301.6 USEF Rules apply. Please review. x 60m) overall dimensions approximately 100’ X 240’, and 19. DIRECTIONS: Yarra Yarra Ranch, 5378 Tassajara Rd. has sand/rubber foo ng mix. Warm up arena(s) are out‐ Pleasanton, CA 94588. Located just east of the 580 and doors 80’ X 250’. with similar foo ng. 1 lighted lunge ring 680 intersec on. From 580, exit the Santa Rita Rd. / available. Tassajara Rd. exit. Go North on Tassajara Rd. for approxi‐ 16. VET & FARRIER: On call. Phone numbers will be posted mately 1.5 miles. Ranch is on the le hand (west) side. at the show office. 20. ACCOMMODATIONS: Numerous hotels/motels are lo‐ 17. EMT: Qualified medical personnel are on the premises at cated in nearby Dublin/Pleasanton area. Hya Place: 4950 all horse shows. Hacienda Drive Dublin, CA 94568 (925) 828‐9006. Holiday Inn Dublin: 6680 Regional St., Dublin, CA 94568. 1‐800‐ 18. DOGS: Preferable that dogs stay at home, any dog on 315‐2621 . “EVERY CLASS OFFERED HEREIN WHICH IS COVERED BY THE RULES AND SPECIFICATIONS OF THE CURRENT USEF RULE BOOK WILL BE CONDUCTED AND JUDGED IN ACCORDANCE THEREWITH.” RULES:


SHARPS CONTAINERS: GR1210.4 Competition management shall place a minimum of one sharps container per each competition, whether or not stabling is provided. Additionally, at least one sharps container per fifty occupied stalls for the disposal of needles and other disposable sharp instruments in convenient locations in barns housing competition horses. It is competition management’s responsibility to replace such containers when full and dispose of them properly. Competition management may fine any individuals including trainers, owners, exhibitors, or their agents up to $100 for improper disposal of needles or other sharp disposable instruments. Competition management will place a notice of this requirement either in its prize list or on a specific handout given to trainers on check in at the competition. If local law has different requirements, local law will prevail. Competitions failing to comply with placing the required number of containers on the show grounds will be considered in violation of the rules and may be subject to penalty as determined by the CEO or Executive Director and/or the Hearing Committee.

DR120 Dress:

MOTORIZED VEHICLE STATEMENT: GR1301.7: Minor s who do not have a valid driver's license which allows them to operate a motorized vehicle in the state in which they reside will not be permitted to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind, including, but not limited to, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, or farm utility vehicles, on the competition grounds of licensed competitions. Minors who have a valid temporary license may operate the above described motorized vehicles as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid driver's license. Violations of this rule will be cause for sanctions against the parent(s), guardian(s) and/or trainer(s) who are responsible for the child committing the offense. Penalties may include exclusion of the child, parent(s), guardian(s), and/or trainer(s) from the competition grounds for the remainder of the competition and charges being filed against any of the above individuals in accordance with Chapter 6. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are exempt from this rule.

WAIVING OF COATS: In locations with high aver age heat and humidity on the date of a competition, management can publish in their prize list that jackets will be waived for the duration of the competition. Alternatively, management can announce prior to or during a competition that competitors can show without jackets when extreme heat and/or humidity is forecast. This waiver applies to in all classes including FEI classes at National Competitions. However, competitors must wear protective headgear and a shirt with sleeves and collar, without neckwear, and without decoration except as described under .14 of the rule. Tshirts are not permitted. Members of the Armed Services or police units may wear summer uniforms. (NOTE: For the Y arra Yarra show series Coats will be waived based on weather conditions and will be posted and announced at the show.) HELMET RULE EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2013: Fr om the time horses are officially admitted to the competition grounds by competition management, anyone mounted on a horse a any time on the competition grounds, including non-competing riders, riders on non-competing horses, and those competing in all classes and tests, including Para-Equestrian tests, must wear protective headgear as defined by this rule and otherwise in compliance with GR801. Any rider violating this rule at any time must immediately be prohibited from further riding until such headgear is properly in place. Protective headgear is defined as a riding helmet which meets or exceeds ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)/SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) standards for equestrian use and carries the SEI tag. The harness must be secured and properly fitted. Unless jackets are waived, while in the competition ring, exhibitors wearing protective headgear must wear a short, dark jacket, dark tailcoat (only permitted for tests above Fourth Level), or Armed Services or police uniform (if eligible), dark hat covers (where applicable) and must otherwise conform to DR120 (see GR801).


August 5th and 6th CDS East Bay Chapter Benefit Shows These shows are benefit days for the EB Chapter. Silent Auction and Special Events on Saturday Evening August 5th. Check the East Bay Chapter Website for details Videography for all shows provided by Smith Videography Experience and Quality to remember each ride and every move.

USEF MEMBERSHIP STATEMENT Life, senior ac ve and junior ac ve members shall be eligible to par cipate in all classes at Regular Compe ‐ ons, Even ng Compe ons at the Preliminary Level or above and Combined Driving Compe ons at the Ad‐ vanced Level, Dressage, Reining and Vaul ng Compe ons and Endurance Rides. A nonmember may par cipate as a handler, rider, driver, owner, lessee, agent, coach or trainer at Regular Compe ons, Even ng Compe ‐ ons, Dressage Compe ons, Reining Compe ons and Combined Driving Compe ons upon payment of a $30 Show Pass fee. Par cipants in the following classes are exempted from the Requirements of this rule: 1) lead‐ line; 2) exhibi ons; 3) games and races; 4) classes for 4‐H members; 5) walk trot and academy classes (academy classes are classes limited to horses used regularly in a lesson program); 6) USDF introductory level tests, pas de deux and quadrille classes; 7) NRHA Endorsed Reining Compe ons. 8) Opportunity classes, 9) ci zens of other na ons who have proof, in English, of current membership in good standing of their own Na onal Federa on, 10) USEA beginner novice division; and 11) assistant handlers in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding classes.


CDS MEMBERSHIP CDS Membership is not required to par‐ cipate in USEF/USDF recognized shows.

However, if your goal is to qualify for the CDS Annual Championship show, CDS Junior Championships (North or South), or CDS Adult Amateur Compe ‐ ons (North, Central or South), or any CDS awards programs, the Rider and Owner must be members of CDS at the me the scores are earned. Proof of CDS membership is required with entry for scores to count. Those that do not provide valid CDS membership numbers and cards with their entry will not have scores recorded with CDS and are re‐ quired to fill out a CDS non‐member form at the show. To ensure that your scores count for CDS Championships and other CDS events, be sure to include a copy of your card with your entry, or join at the show.






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