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Performance agreements reliable operations and an extended lifetime of the equipment. Read how your plant can benefit from a tailor-made performance agreement in the next issue of Inside.


To ensure maximum benefit of the delivered equipment, Cabinplant offers performance agreements to our customers. Through a structured and managed approach to service we help provide better plant economics, more

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Multihead weighing of poultry products

VIETNAM FMC FOODTECH T. +84 8 821 9385/86 F. +84 8 821 9384 E. [email protected]

With the new Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher, the benefits of multihead weighing are now open to the poultry industry.

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AUSTRALIA FPE (FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT PTY LTD) T. +61 8 8262 5300 F. +61 8 8262 5700 E. [email protected]

Full steam ahead for Tulip’s soups CABINPLANT A/S Roesbjergvej 9 DK-5683 Haarby T. +45 6373 2020 F. +45 6373 2000 [email protected]

With its two brand new, specially

Non-stop operation half way around the world

designed soup filling machines,

– with even and accurate distribution

Cabinplant has put some serious

along the way.

speed into the packaging of soup.

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Monitoring and visualisation New ownership of Cabinplant A/S. .

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Multihead weighing of poultry products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Full steam ahead for Tulip’s soups. .

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Accurate filling of herring into glass jars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 07 Non-stop operation half way around the world . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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A complete tuna factory on an island in the Maldives . . . . . . . . . .

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It is Cabinplant’s declared goal to continue to strengthen our position on the global market. We look forward to meeting new and existing customers at the following exhibitions:






Riga Food

Riga, Latvia

6-9 September


Poznan, Poland

16-20 September

World Food Moscow

Moscow, Russia

26-29 September


Paris, France

20-23 November


Seafood Procesing Europe

Brussels, Belgium

24-26 April


Foodex Meatex

Birmingham, UK

6-9 April

Monitoring and visualisation Computerised remote control unit provides excellent overview of the production process

As an extra feature on its processing lines, Cabinplant now supplies supplementary equipment that makes it possible to monitor and visualise the production process on computer displays far more easily and accurately than before. The remote-controlled process offers numerous advantages for food producers.

monitoring and alarm handling. The equipment is capable of measuring e.g. temperature, water level, cooking times and dry matter content in the water. The moment the sensors detect deviations from the set values, an alarm will start, and the location of the problem will be shown on the computer display.

The continuous production data collection ensures the historics by means of which the entire production process can be traced back in time. This documentation enables the operator to spot the errors immediately and correct them promptly.

Compared to the overall processing line investment, the cost of the monitoring equipment is extremely low. However, the advantages are numerous: Exact diagnosis and fast reaction time in connection with production stops, a high information level on the actual process in general, and a more accurate data base. All in all, a far more time-saving and efficient work process.

Not only does the monitoring equipment work as a database, but it is also an important tool for automatic

New ownership of Cabinplant A/S During recent years, Cabinplant’s founders and owners, Hans Clausen and Vagn Hansen, have wished to secure the future of their company. As a result of this, Cabinplant A/S was passed on to a younger generation in Mid-2005 – being Ralf Astrup and Jan Helskov Hansen

– who had both been with Cabinplant for some years at the time. The new owners now hold management positions at Cabinplant – Ralf Astrup as the Managing Director and Jan Helskov Hansen as the Finance Director. Hans Clausen and Vagn Hansen still take a very active part in the work at Cabinplant. This way they are helping to ensure a smooth change of generation in the sales department by contributing their great knowledge of the trade. The first year with the new management has been exciting and has shown good results. To maintain this development, the old and the new owners as well as Cabinplant’s staff look forward to a continued good cooperation with all our customers.

Cabinplant Inside is published by Cabinplant A/S, Denmark. Distribution: Cabinplant customers, agents, subsidiaries, co-operation partners, etc. Languages: English, German, French and Russian. Editor: Susanne Holst. Graphics and layout: Grafillu.



:: Chicken, drumsticks

:: Chicken, marinated inner fillets

:: Chicken, breast fillets

Multihead weighing of poultry products – with giveaway close to zero


With the new Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher, the benefits of multihead weighing are now open to the poultry industry. One of the companies, which has benefited from this, is Rose Poultry. Rose Poultry is located in Denmark and is one of the world’s most advanced poultry abattoirs. They process a total of 300,000 chickens every day, which makes giveaway a key issue. “With the Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher we can achieve an accuracy, which far exceeds that of traditional grading systems” says Thomas Loeth, Logistics Director at Rose Poultry. “Instead of in-motion weighing, the Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher operates with static weighing. It also provides more than 1000 product combinations to meet a required weight, and it easily reduces giveaway to below 0.5%. The standard deviation from the fixed weight is also minimal, which results in fewer batches below fixed weight to the benefit of our customers, the consumers”.

:: The Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher, sets completely new standards for the weighing of sticky or wet product. This photo shows the weighing of whole legs.

The need for labour is also reduced considerably. The Multihead Weigher line is fully automatic, except for a final orientation of the chicken pieces in the trays. “At the same time the total capacity is higher than with traditional equipment” continues Thomas Loeth. “This

FACTS Giveaway less than 0.5 % Increased weighing accuracy Labour savings up to 80 % Required floor space one third of traditional equipment No over-the-end products

means that it is possible to reduce labour by up to 80 per cent, a cost saving that is certainly more than welcome. And as the Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher is extremely compact, it will even free valuable floor space.” The Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher is the only solution for poultry weighing and packaging that can reduce giveaway and labour to such low levels. And whereas the purchasing price is comparable to other solutions, the long term saving by using the Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher exceeds them by far. Besides poultry, the Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher can also be used for fresh pork and beef, fresh fish fillets, and fresh seafood products.


The trend towards packing poultry to fixed weight is increasing. Supermarket chains are focusing on reduced waste and optimized inventory control, and fixed weight trays contribute considerably to this. As a result, the poultry processing industry needs to look for ways to reduce giveaway, cut costs and increase efficiency in order to stay competitive.



Accurate filling of herring into glass jars Full steam ahead for Tulip’s soups With its two brand new, specially designed soup filling machines, Cabinplant has put some serious speed into the packaging of soup for the major Danish ready-meal manufacturer, Tulip of Esbjerg. Each line has a capacity of up to 60 portions per minute, corresponding to the dosing of 3600 litres of soup per hour into bags. And despite the high productivity, the new system is considerably more accurate than the previous method employed by Tulip. The servo-controlled soup dispensers are controlled centrally from a microcomputer via a linked display. The operator keys in the various menus in the microcomputer beforehand, thus enabling the correct volume to be pre-selected from recipes stored on the computer. This eliminates the need for trials with the purpose of finding the correct dosage. As a result, filling is accurate from the very first bag. The system is designed in such a way that CIP (Cleaning In Place) can be used. This saves time and also prevents human hands from touching the individual components, which is crucial in the effort of avoiding transfer of bacteria to the food. CIP also ensures a much quicker changeover when dosing different types of soups on the same filling unit.

Characteristically for all Cabinplant’s systems for the food industry, the level of accuracy is extremely high. The Tulip soups are now dosed with a deviation of ± 10 ml per litre, thus resulting in the lowest giveaway level ever.

To ensure the correct dosing and reduce the amount of giveaway to a minimum, Cabinplant has developed a method of weighing and filling herring into glass jars that involves different work processes and yet offers an extremely high capacity. The jar sizes vary from approx. 100 ml to 500 ml, and the production line can fill up to 240 jars per minute.

The first step in the process is to add a small amount of spices and sauce to the bottom of the jar. Then the required amount of herring is added and stirred into the sauce. This ensures that the herring bits are mixed with the sauce, which is decisive for the taste of the product. Finally, sauce is topped up to a level of 3–4 mm from the jar opening. The lid is applied in a steam-saturated atmosphere, which disinfects the jar and lid and creates a partial vacuum inside the jar when the steam cools down and condenses. The partial vacuum draws the lid tightly to the jar and ensures the best possible sealing. The above method combines weight dosing with volume dosing. Dosing of the herring bits by weight gives the customer the preset quantity of herring, regardless of the variation in the jar size. The quantity of sauce is dosed by volume, compensating for the minor fluctuations of the individual jars. Steam sealing of the lid completes the process in a perfect way.

- with even and accurate distribution along the way

Pizza is one of the most popular convenience foods today. For consumers around the world it is a fast and simple solution, when the time for cooking is limited. But consumers are not satisfied with speed alone; they are also increasingly looking for quality in their pizzas. This includes gourmet toppings such as oysters, Cajun shrimp and tuna, as well as topping-free edges, which rise during baking.

“Cabinplant’s Pizza Topper has been developed as an alternative to the traditional waterfall application principle” explains Carsten Simonsen, Manager R&D. “The secret lies in the special distribution method, which is incorporated in the design. This ensures a uniform dispersion of topping across the entire pizza, and as there is no recycling of topping product, there is also no risk of microbiological contamination.”

Manufacturers of frozen pizza are therefore facing a number of challenges. Key production parameters include precise weighing and accurate distribution of pizza topping, minimum waste, and continuous and efficient operation. At Cabinplant, we have developed a Pizza Topper, which can fulfil all of the above – and much more.

The Pizza Topper also provides accurate weighing of single portions of topping, resulting in no giveaway. It is easy to clean, and all parts in contact with the pizza topping can be dismantled without the use of tools. A special feature is the ability to premix cheese with frozen topping, still maintaining the option to add topping in layers. Sticky as well as quickly defrostable products can also be applied easily. The Pizza Topper can be used in single and multiple lane installations and has a high capacity with up to 240 pizzas, round or square, per minute.


Round pizzas with a diameter between 100 and 400 mm, square pizzas with dimensions up to 400 x 400 mm


From 20 to 240 pizzas per minute, on 1 to 4 lanes.


No giveaway, no recirculation, improved distribution

“Naturally, with all the advantages that our new Pizza Topper can provide, we also want to make sure that our customers do not experience unwanted downtime,” continues Carsten. “We have therefore carried out tests to ensure the continuous operation of our Pizza Topper. The distribution heads are mounted on a carriage, which again is held by a rail guide. Our goal for the non-stop running of this rail guide is 20,000 km, equivalent to half way around the equator!”



Non-stop operation half way around the world

A complete tuna factory on an island in the Maldives Cabinplant plays a key role when a coral island is transformed into a vibrant production community


Thirty tonnes of tuna – that is the daily amount of fish that will pass through the production plant delivered by Cabinplant to a customer in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. Cabinplant will play a key role in the development of the complete plant, when one of the coral islands is transformed into a vibrant production community. The tuna factory will be installed on a previously uninhabited island, which will be transformed into a full community with houses, shopping centre and leisure facilities for the employees. The workers, both men and women, will basically be residing permanently as guest workers. The tuna – caught in the surrounding waters by local fishermen using dolphin-friendly pole and line – will be brought ashore on the island via a recently built harbour. The technological hub of the Cabinplant system is the fully automated thawing, cooking and cooling unit (ITCC – Integrated Thawing, Cooking, and Cooling). This unit optimises the process and minimises manual handling of the fish, both before and after thawing, cooking

and cooling, until the fish finally arrives at the manual filleting lines. After the first rough cutting, the tuna meat will be preprocessed on three different lines. The main product is cooked, frozen tuna loins, whilst other products are tuna sausages and steaks for tuna burgers. The remaining fish is packed into plastic bags as semi-processed tuna for further processing on other production lines in other countries. All the tuna is exported to the world market. The process requires a minimum of energy and water consumption, as the automatic, evaporative cooling of the fish reduces the consumption of cooling water to an absolute minimum, thus also reducing the amount of waste water from the plant. With this order for the Maldives, Cabinplant has proven once again the capability of taking the full responsibility for a complete food processing line, regardless of the type of foodstuffs to be processed or the geographical location of the plant.



Yellow Fin and Skip Jack Tuna


30 tons per 8-hour shift

End product

Tuna loins, burgers, sausages, fish meal

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