World Premieres as of August 22, 2016

World Premieres as of August 22, 2016 Symphony Society of New York Stadium Concert New York Philharmonic Commission New York Philharmonic 150th Anniv...
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World Premieres as of August 22, 2016

Symphony Society of New York Stadium Concert New York Philharmonic Commission New York Philharmonic 150th Anniversary Commission New York Philharmonic Messages for the Millennium Commission NY PHIL Biennial NY PHIL Biennial Commission Joint Commission Members of / musicians from the New York Philharmonic

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17-Jan 1846 9-Jan 1847 14-Feb 1874 24-Mar 1877 12-Nov 1881 13-Dec 1884 28-Jan 1888 28-Nov 1892 2-Dec 1892 16-Dec 1893 9-Mar 1894 04-Jan 1895

Loder Timm Bergmann L.Damrosch Thomas Thomas W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch Seidl Seidl W.Damrosch

21-Dec 1901 10-Jan 1902 23-Nov 1907 7-Dec 1907 28-Feb 1908 28-Nov 1909

Paur Paur W.Damrosch W.Damrosch Safonoff W.Damrosch

20-Feb 1910 22-Feb 1910 6-Nov 1910 9-Dec 1910

W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch

21-Feb 1911 12-Mar 1911 19-Mar 1911 26-Nov 1911 17-Dec 1911 31-Dec 1911

Mahler W.Damrosch W.Damrosch Stransky Stransky W.Damrosch

1842 – 1899 Loder Bristow Bristow Liszt Tchaikovsky R. Strauss Stanford Lalo Beach Dvořák Herbert Damrosch

Concert Overture, Marmion Concert Overture, Op. 3 Symphony No. 4, Arcadian Symphonic Poem No. 2, Tasso: lamento e trionfo Piano Concerto No. 2 Symphony in F minor, Op. 12 Symphony No. 3 in F minor, Op. 28 (Irish) Arlequin Scena and Aria from Mary Stuart Symphony No. 9, From the New World (formerly No. 5) Cello Concerto No. 2 Scarlet letter, The 1900 – 1909

Hadley Burmeister Rezniček Lyapunov Hofmann Rachmaninoff

Symphony No. 2, The Four Seasons Dramatic Tone Poem, The Sisters Donna Dianna Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Concerto for Pianoforte No. 3 Piano Concerto No. 3 1910 – 1919

W.Damrosch Moszkowski Wallace Kaun Busoni Kolar Stojowski Laucella Van der Pals Taylor

Excerpt from Canterbury Pilgrims Suite No. 3 for orchestra (2 movements) Symphonic Poem, François Villon Original Compositions for a Small Orchestra, op. 70: Joyous Wanderings and Rondo Berceuse élégiaque Symphonic Poem, Hiawatha Symphonic Rhapsody, Op. 23 Symphonic Poem, Consalvo Two Symphonic Pieces Ballad, The Looking Glass


W.Damrosch Wolf Stahlberg Wolf-Ferrari Berwald Handel/Reger Kolar Kolar Bantock Schmitt Mason Sinigaglia Ravel Damrosch Hill Damrosch Kelley Humiston B. Rogers D'Indy Duparc Turina Griffes Grainger

Juanita's Song from Dove of Peace "Fairy Song" from A Midsummer Night's Dream Two Symphonic Sketches from Im Hochland Two Intermezzi from Jewels of Madonna Walthari Overture Concerto Grosso No. 1 A Fairy Tale Symphonic Suite Sapphic Poem for Violoncello Pupazzi (Puppets) Prelude to The Pageant of Cape Cod Caprice from Two Characteristic Pieces for Strings Introduction and Allegro (orchestral arrangement) “Electra” Suite Stevensonia—Suite No. 1 “Medea” of Euripides—Suite A California Idyll Suite for Orchestra in F-sharp minor Dirge for Orchestra, To the Fallen Symphony No. 3 Aux étoiles La procession del rocio Poem for Flute and Orchestra “Over the Hills and Far Away,” orchestral version

31-Dec 1911 2-Feb 1912 4-Feb 1912 11-Feb 1912 16-May 1912 22-Nov 1912 16-Feb 1913 25-Jan 1914 30-Jan 1914 23-Jan 1916 6-Feb 1916 24-Nov 1916 3-Dec 1916 6-Feb 1918 17-Feb 1918 20-Feb 1918 14-Nov 1918 26-Jan 1919 4-Nov 1919 13-Nov 1919 13-Nov1919 13-Nov 1919 16-Nov 1919 29-Nov 1919

W.Damrosch Harris W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch Humiston Stransky W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch

5-Dec 1920 13-Jan 1921 13-Jan 1921 23-Oct 1921 1-Dec 1921 11-Dec 1921 12-Jan 1922 12-Feb 1922 19-Feb 1922 18-Jan 1923 11-Mar 1923 25-Mar 1923 30-Dec 1923 6-Jan 1924 3-Feb 1924 23-Mar 1924 8-Jan 1924 23-Nov 1924 4-Jan 1925 11-Jan 1925

W.Damrosch Stransky Stransky W.Damrosch Indy W.Damrosch Stransky Coates Coates Stransky W.Damrosch W.Damrosch Hadley W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch Hadley W.Damrosch W.Damrosch W.Damrosch

1920 – 1929 Casella Stransky Stransky Gruenberg D'Indy Smith Whithorne Leginska Bach/Elgar Goldmark Taylor Hill Schröder Goldmark Hanson Widor McKinley Saminsky Malipiero Copland

Suite from Le Couvent sur l'eau Thy Fragrant Hair Hymnus Symphonic Poem, The Hill of Dreams On the Shores of the Seas Fête galante Symphonic Fantasy, In the Court of Pomegranates Symphonic Poem, Beyond the Folds We Know Fugue in C minor A Negro Rhapsody Suite, Through the Looking-Glass Suite No. 2, Stevensoniana Rhapsody for Orchestra, Pan The Call of the Plains Symbolic Poem, North and West Marche américaine Tone Poem, The Blue Flower Final Scene from The Lament of Rachel Symphonic Suite on Three Plays of Goldoni Symphony for Organ & Orchestra


Schreker Casella Casella Gebhard Taylor Gershwin Respighi Ibert Rogers Milhaud Sibelius Casella Ives Busch Kodály Schelling Dubensky Holst Wagenaar Whithorne Bucharoff Bucharoff Cassadó Respighi Berezowsky Gershwin Bloch Tansman Respighi Pizzetti Tommasini

Suite, The Birthday of the Infanta Symphonic Suite, La Giara Partita for Piano and Orchestra Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra Symphonic Poem, Jurgen Concerto in F Concerto (in the Mixolydian Mode) for Piano and Orchestra Three Ballet Pieces for Orchestra from Rencontres (Arrangement premiere) Fuji in the Sunset Glow Le carnaval d'Aix Tapiola Scarlattiana Prelude and Allegretto from Symphony No. 4 Symphony in E minor Háry János Suite Tone-Poem, Morocco First Movement from Symphony, Russian Bells Tone Poem, Egdon Hearth Symphony No. 1 Fata morgana Tone-Poem, Dunk Tone Poem, Reflections in the Water Catalonian Rhapsody Toccata for Piano and Orchestra Hebrew Suite An American in Paris America: An Epic Rhapsody in Three Parts Orchestral Suite from La Nuit kurde Feste romane (Roman Festival) Concerto dell'estate Il carnevale di Venezia (Variations a la Paganini for Orchestra)

5-Mar 1925 29-Oct 1925 29-Oct 1925 12-Nov 1925 19-Nov 1925 3-Dec 1925 31-Dec 1925

B.Walter Mengelberg Mengelberg Mengelberg W.Damrosch W.Damrosch Mengelberg

29-Oct 1926


5-Dec 1926 9-Dec 1926 26-Dec 1926 21-Jan 1927 29-Jan 1927 25-Nov1927 15-Dec 1927 19-Dec 1927 29-Dec 1927 12-Feb 1928 7-Oct 1928 11-Oct 1928 1-Nov 1928 1-Nov 1928 8-Nov 1928 28-Nov 1928 6-Dec 1928 13-Dec 1928 20-Dec 1928 27-Dec 1928 21-Feb 1929 28-Feb 1929 10-Oct 1929

W.Damrosch Mengelberg W.Damrosch Klemperer Goossens Busch Mengelberg Schelling Busch W.Damrosch Mengelberg Mengelberg Mengelberg Mengelberg Mengelberg Mengelberg Mengelberg W.Damrosch W.Damrosch Mengelberg Toscanini Toscanini Toscanini

16-Jan 1930 27-Feb 1930 3-Apr 1930 16-Apr 1930 11-Dec 1930 16-Apr 1931 15-Oct 1931 29-Oct 1931 29-Oct 1931 5-Nov 1931 5-Nov 1931

Mengelberg Toscanini Toscanini Toscanini Toscanini Toscanini Kleiber Kleiber Kleiber Kleiber Kleiber

1930 – 1939 Wagenaar Pizzetti Kodály Bach/Respighi Kodály Pizzetti Weinberger Riegger Křenek Joslyn Toch

Sinfonietta for Small Orchestra Rondò veneziano for Orchestra Summer Evening Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor Marosszéki táncok (Dances of Marosszék) Introduction to the Agamemnon of Aeschylus Passacaglia for Orchestra and Organ Rhapsody for Orchestra Variations for Orchestra Pagan Symphony Little Theater Suite


Respighi Gershwin Wagenaar Goossens Castelnuovo-Tedesco Geminiani Schubert/Weiner Castelnuovo- Tedesco Barber McBride Saminsky Luening James Fuleihan Cella Kerr Johnson Schuberg/Guenther Farwell Purcell/Barbirolli Read Mason Achron Porter Diamond Fuleihan Haubiel Van Vactor Enesco Sanders Bonner Boyce Cesana Bax Bliss Vaughan Williams

Maria egiziaca (Mary of Egypt) Rumba (Cuban Overture) Symphony No. 2 Suite from Kaleidoscope Violin Concerto No. 2, The Prophets Concerto Grosso in G minor for Violin and Orchestra Rondo in A major, Op. 107 Cello Concerto Music for a Scene from Shelley Prelude to a Tragedy Poem for Orchestra, Three Shadows Two Symphonic Sketches Bret Harte Overture Symphony No. 1 Alpine Impressions Movement for String Orchestra Joyance (Arrangement Premiere) Schubertiana Mystery New Suite for Strings, Four Horns, Two Flutes, and Cor Anglais Symphony No. 1 A Lincoln Symphony Piano Concerto in B-flat minor Symphony No. 1 Overture for Orchestra Piano Concerto No. 2 Passacaglia in A minor, The Plane Beyond Symphony in D major Orchestral Suite No. 3 “Villageoise” in D major, Op. 27, No. 1 Little Symphony in G major Prelude for Orchestra, White Nights Concerto Grosso in D minor Three Moods for Orchestra with Two-piano Obbligati Symphony No. 7 Concerto for Piano Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus

16-Mar 1932 16-Aug 1932 10-Nov 1932 26-Nov 1932 12-Apr 1933 12-Apr 1934 18-Oct 1934 31-Jan 1935 24-Mar 1935 20-Nov 1935 6-Feb 1936 11-Apr 1936 20-Dec 1936 31-Dec 1936 26-Jul 1937 16-Sep 1937 16-Sep 1937 16-Sep 1937 16-Sep 1937 21-Oct 1937

Respighi Goats Toscanini Schelling Toscanini Toscanini Klemperer Toscanini Janssen Lange Lange Lange Barbirolli Barbirolli Cella Adler Adler Adler Adler Barbirolli

4-Nov 1937 17-Nov 1937 9-Dec 1937 2-Apr 1938 12-Aug 1938 10-Dec 1938 18-Dec 1938 19-Jan 1939 2-Feb 1939

Barbirolli Barbirolli Barbirolli Porter Smallens Barbirolli Haubiel Vactor Enesco

26-Feb 1939 2-Apr 1939 20-Apr 1939 22-Apr 1939 9-Jun 1939 10-Jun 1939 10-Jun 1939

Sanders Barbirolli Barbirolli Barbirolli Boult Boult Boult

28-Mar 1940 25-Apr 1940 24-Jun 1940 24-Jun 1940 4-Jul 1940 17-Oct 1940

Barbirolli Barbirolli Rodzinski Rodzinski Smallens Barbirolli

1940 – 1949 Britten Fuleihan Harris Still Schuman Purcell/Barbirolli

Violin Concerto Symphonie concertante for String Quartet Challenge 1940 for Chorus and Orchestra Ballad Poem, And They Lynched Him on a Tree Secular Cantata No. 1, This Is Our Time Chaconne in G minor, being Sonata No. 6 from posthumous Ten Sonatas of Four Parts


Bach/Barbirolli Weinberger Nabokov Verrall Damrosch Portnoff Britten Bennett Still Smith Smetana/Byrns Thomson Wetzler Diamond Chávez Copland Kurthy Mohaupt Castelnuovo-Tedesco Vitali/Gibilaro Weisgall Collins Bach/Barbirolli Gretchaninoff Barber Stor Brant Dai-Keong Lee Elwell Carpenter Taylor Corelli/Barbirolli Copland Stringham Castelnuovo-Tedesco B. Rogers Martinů Carpenter Berezowsky Herrmann Taylor Berezowsky Harris

Cantata No. 208: Chorale, "Schafe können sicher weiden" ("Sheep May Safely Graze") Song of the High Seas Sinfonia biblica Concert Piece for Strings and Horn Cyrano (new version) Piano Concerto Sinfonia da requiem A Symphony in D for the Dodgers Plain Chant for America Poem for Orchestra, Credo Bohemian Dance Suite, An Orchestral Transcription of Four Piano Pieces Suite from the Ballet, Filling Station Adagio and Fugue from Quartet in C minor, Arranged for String Orchestra Symphony No. 1 Piano Concerto Statements Scherzo for Orchestra Symphony No. 1 King John Overture Chaconne Suite from Quest Sir Andrew and Sir Toby Overture Chorale, "Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein" Symphony No. 4 Second Essay for Orchestra Suite for Strings Variations on a Canadian Theme Hawaiian Festival Overture Introduction and Allegro Symphony No. 2 Variations for Orchestra, Marco Takes a Walk Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra in D major Suite from Rodeo (complete) Nocturne No. 2 American Rhapsody Invasion Memorial to Lidiče The Anxious Bugler Soldier on the Town For the Fallen A Christmas Overture Christmas Festival Overture March in Time of War

31-Oct 1940


9-Nov 1940 2-Jan 1941 8-Jan 1941 20-Feb 1941 23-Feb 1941 29-Mar 1941 3-Aug 1941 23-Oct 1941 8-Nov 1941 11-Dec 1941

Barbirolli Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Damrosch Barbirolli Barbirolli Steinberg Barbirolli Walter Rodzinski

14-Dec 1941 21-Dec 1941

Rodzinski Mitropoulos

21-Dec 1941 1-Jan 1942 7-Jan 1942 10-Jan 1942 5-Mar 1942 15-Mar 1942 19-Mar 1942 21-Mar 1942 22-Mar 1942 1-Apr 1942 9-Apr 1942 16-Apr 1942 10-Jul 1942 11-Jul 1942 20-Jul 1942 21-Jul 1942 22-Oct 1942 14-Nov 1942 27-Feb 1943 22-Jun 1943 28-Jun 1943 11-Aug 1943 17-Oct 1943 28-Oct 1943 17-Nov 1943 25-Nov 1943 16-Dec 1943 23-Dec 1943 23-Dec 1943 30-Dec 1943

Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Goossens Barbirolli Barbirolli Barbirolli Barbirolli Barbirolli Barbirolli Walter Dixon Smallens Kurtz Kurtz Walter Barlow Barbirolli Horenstein Smallens Smallens Rodzinski Rodzinski Rodzinski Rodzinski Herrmann Taylor Barlow Rodzinski


Still Hindemith Creston Schuman Rathaus Milhaud Lessner Kay Schenk R. Strauss Piston Schoenberg Wooldridge Creston Thomson Foss Milhaud Copland Carpenter Milhaud Stravinsky Harris Fitelberg B. Rogers Jacobi Milhaud Dello Joio Siegmeister Siegmeister Mennin Messiaen Siegmeister Křenek Gould Gibbons/Kay Baron Fitch Jacobi Arnell Dubensky Carpenter Ruggles

In Memoriam: The Colored Soldiers Who Died for Democracy Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of C. M. Weber Saxophone Concerto William Billings Overture Polonaise symphonique Cortège funèbre Puppet Polka Of New Horizons Stadium March Suite from Der Rosenkavalier Fugue on a Victory Tune Ode to Napoleon A Solemn Hymn to Victory Symphony No. 2 Symphony on a Hymn Tune Ode for Orchestra Suite française (symphonic version) Suite from Appalachian Spring Symphonic Suite, The Seven Ages Le Bal martiniquais Symphony in Three Movements Memories of a Child's Sunday Nocturne for Orchestra In Memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Four Dances from The Prodigal Son Cello Concerto No. 2 Ricercari for Piano and Orchestra "Harvest Evening" from Prairie Legend Prairie Legend (complete) Symphony No. 3 Hymne pour grand orchestre Symphony No. 1 Symphony No. 4 Philharmonic Waltzes Suite for Orchestra Ode to Democracy (Gettysburg Address) Terra Nova Overture to Music Hall Prelude, Black Mountain Concerto Grosso for Three Solo Trombones, Tuba and Orchestra Carmel Concerto Organum

5-Jan 1944


20-Jan 1944 27-Jan 1944 17-Feb 1944 26-Feb 1944 23-Mar 1944 20-Jul 1944 29-Jul 1944 13-Aug 1944 5-Oct 1944 21-Oct 1944 23-Nov 1944 30-Nov 1944 15-Feb 1945 22-Feb 1945 15-Mar 1945 28-Jul 1945 4-Oct 1945 29-Nov 1945 6-Dec 1945 24-Jan 1946 21-Feb 1946 28-Mar 1946 11-Apr 1946 4-Jul 1946 28-Nov 1946 19-Dec 1946 29-Dec 1946 18-Jan 1947 27-Feb 1947 13-Mar 1947 30-Oct 1947 27-Nov 1947 16-Nov 1948 11-Dec 1948 22-Jan 1949 2-Apr 1949 2-Jul 1949 29-Oct 1949 3-Nov 1949

Rodzinski Steinberg Rodzinski Rodzinski Rodzinski Stolz Johnson Smallens Rodzinski Rodzinski Rodzinski Rodzinski Rodzinski Thomson Szell Kostelanetz Rodzinski Rodzinski Milhaud Stravinsky Harris Rodzinski Rodzinski Smallens Rodzinski Szell Stokowski Stokowski Hendl Stokowski Stokowski Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Hendl Stokowski Stokowski Smallens Stokowski Stokowski

20-Nov 1949 24-Nov 1949

Stokowski Stokowski

1950 – 1959


Shulman Perpessas Babin Swanson Ives Alexander Koutzen Satie/Diamond Wolpe Mills Travis Shulman Kirchener Clapp Casadesus Gesensway Berger Rochberg Sousa/Gould Gould Gould Křenek Bezanson Mohaupt Dalgleish Rieti Harris Rodgers Villa-Lobos Gaburo Cortés Meyerowitz Harkness Barber Kirchner Hall Starer Rosenthal Meyerowitz Gould Mann Kubik Sherwood Foss Blitzstein Sicilianos

Cello Concerto Symphony, Christus Capriccio Short Symphony Symphony No. 2 Epitaphs for Orchestra Morning Music, for Flute and String Orchestra Passacaglia Suite No. 1, The Man from Midian Theme and Variations, Op. 81 Symphonic Allegro A Laurentian Overture Sinfonia in Two Parts Symphony No. 8 Suite No. 2 A Double Portrait Ideas of Order Night Music Stars and Stripes Forever Inventions for Four Pianos and Orchestra Dance Variations for Two Pianos and Orchestra Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra Piano Concerto Violin Concerto Statements for Orchestra Cello Concerto No. 2 Symphonic Epigram Victory at Sea Cello Concerto No. 2 On a Quiet Theme Sinfonia sacra Cantata of the Resurrection, The Glory Around His Head Symphonic Mambo, Thunderbird Medea's Meditation and Dance of Vengeance Piano Concerto Elegy for Orchestra Prelude and Rondo giocoso Ode Symphony, Midrash Esther Variations for Orchestra, Jekyll and Hyde Fantasy for Orchestra Symphony No. 3 Introduction and Allegro Psalms for Chorus and Orchestra Lear: A Study Symphony No. 1

13-Apr 1950 26-Oct 1950 9-Nov 1950 23-Nov 1950 22-Feb 1951 8-Mar 1951 19-Apr 1951 18-Oct 1951 1-Nov 1951 8-Nov1951 1-Dec 1951 17-Jan 1952 31-Jan 1952 7-Feb 1952 3-Apr 1952 1-Nov 1952 11-Apr 1953 23-Apr 1953 19-Oct 1953 19-Oct 1953 24-Oct 1953 24-Oct 1953 12-Nov 1953 29-Apr 1954 1-May 1954 28-Oct 1954 14-Nov 1954 15-Nov 1954 5-Feb 1955 26-Feb 1955 9-Apr 1955 14-Apr 1955 25-Jun 1955 2-Feb 1956 23-Feb 1956 21-Apr 1956 27-Oct 1956 24-Jan 1957 31-Jan 1957 2-Feb 1957 23-Feb 1957 28-Feb 1957 5-May 1957 9-May 1957 27-Feb 1958 1-Mar 1958

Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Bernstein Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Cantelli Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Rodgers Hendl Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos D'Artega Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Bernstein Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos Mitropoulos


Borishansky Gaburo Beglarian Rorem Russo Casadesus

Music for Orchestra Elegy Diversions for Orchestra Symphony No. 3 Symphony No. 2, Titans Trois Danses, Op. 54

17-Apr 1958 8-Apr 1959 12-Apr 1959 16-Apr 1959 16-Apr 1959 5-Nov 1959

Bernstein Bernstein Bernstein Bernstein Bernstein Bernstein

14-Jan 1960 26-Mar 1960 26-Mar 1960

Mitropoulos Bernstein Bernstein

Foss Foss Bernstein B. Weber Creston Diamond Copland Pinkham Schuman Milhaud Barber Poulenc Hindemith Henze Ginastera Ran Wolpe

Spectra Concerted Piece for Tape Recorder and Orchestra Movement III, Tug of War from Concerto for a Singing Instrument (Concerto for Kazoo) Introductions and Goodbyes Time Cycle Symphonic Dances from West Side Story Piano Concerto Dance Variations for Soprano and Orchestra Symphony No. 8 Connotations Catacoustical Measures Symphony No. 8 Ouverture philharmonique Andromache's Farewell Sept répons des ténèbres Organ Concerto Symphony No. 5 Violin Concerto Capriccio for Piano Symphony No. 1

5-May 1960 20-Oct 1960 13-Feb 1961 23-Mar 1961 20-Jun 1961 26-Oct 1961 23-Sep 1962 30-Sep 962 4-Oct 1962 29-Nov 1962 4-Apr 1963 11-Apr 1963 25-Apr 1963 16-May 1963 3-Oct 1963 30-Nov 1963 16-Jan 1964

Chavez Palmer Bernstein Cage Casadesus Ellington Ives Wuorinen Schuman Turner Diamond Diamond Webern Cowell Fuleihan Foss

Symphony No. 6 A Centennial Overture Chichester Psalms Variations V Concerto for Three Pianos The Golden Broom and the Green Apple From the Steeples and the Mountains Orchestral and Electronic Exchanges Philharmonic Fanfare The Marriage of Orpheus Symphony No. 5 Piano Concerto Kinderstück Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 16 Symphony No. 2 Phorion

7-May 1964 12-Mar 1965 15-Jul 1965 23-Jul 1965 24-Jul 1965 30-Jul 1965 30-Jul 1965 30-Jul 1965 10-Aug 1965 3-Mar 1966 28-Apr 1966 28-Apr 1966 22-Jul 1966 6-Oct 1966 16-Feb 1967 27-Apr 1967

Bernstein Bernstein Foss Bernstein Monteux Bernstein Bernstein Bernstein Bernstein Barbirolli Schippers Schippers Hindemith Bernstein Bernstein Calderon BauerMengelberg Bernstein Cleve Bernstein Cage Foss Ellington Foss Foss Steinberg Schippers Bernstein Diamond no conductor Bernstein Wallenstein Bernstein

1960 – 1969 Schuller Luening/Ussachevsky Bucci


Hovhaness Laderman Schuller Rorem Copland Takemitsu Gerhard Nabokov Shchedrin Bennett Harris Hanson Piston Thomson Sessions Schuller Schuman Berio Walton Babbitt Kirchner

To Vishnu Magic Prison Triplum Sun, for Soprano and Orchestra Inscape November Steps Symphony No. 4, New York Symphony No. 3, A Prayer Concerto for Orchestra No. 2, The Chimes (Zvony) Symphony No. 2 Symphony No. 11 Symphony No. 6 Ricercare Shipwreck and Love Scene from Byron's Don Juan Symphony No. 8 Concerto for Double Bass and Chamber Orchestra To Thee Old Cause Sinfonia for Eight Voices and Orchestra Capriccio burlesco Relata II Music for Orchestra

2-Jun 1967 12-Jun 1967 28-Jun 1967 1-Jul 1967 13-Sep 1967 9-Nov 1967 14-Dec 1967 4-Jan 1968 11-Jan 1968 18-Jan 1968 8-Feb 1968 29-Feb 1968 7-Mar 1968 11-Apr 1968 2-May 1968 27-Jun 1968 3-Oct 1968 10-Oct 1968 7-Dec 1968 16-Jan 1969 16-Oct 1969

Kostelanetz Kostelanetz Bernstein Ancerl Bernstein Ozawa Steinberg Bernstein Bernstein Bernstein Harris Bernstein Bernstein Stokowski Steinberg Schuller Bernstein Bernstein Kostelanetz Bernstein Ozawa

29-Jan 1970 5-Feb 1970 11-Jun 1970 25-Feb 1971 2-Jun 1971 7-Jun 1972 15-Mar 1973 24-May 1974 21-Nov 1974 6-Dec 1974 23-Jan 1975 21-Mar 1975 17-Apr 1975 23-May 1975 17-Oct 1975 4-Dec 1975 5-Dec 1975 1-Apr 1976 14-May 1976 29-Oct 1976 24-Nov 1976 4-Feb 1977 17-Feb 1977

Bernstein Bernstein Kostelanetz Stockhausen Kostelanetz Kostelanetz Boulez Boulez Barenboim Leinsdorf Boulez Boulez Bernstein Kostelanetz Boulez Boulez Boulez Bernstein Boulez Boulez Bernstein Boulez Boulez

1970 – 1979 Schuman Carter Hovhaness Stockhausen Nash Copland Berio Rodgers Mennin Wuorinen Moore Carter Bernstein Youmans Druckman Davidovsky Dlugoszewski Diamond Deak Jablonsky Bernstein Plante Carter

Canticle for Orchestra, In Praise of Shahn Concerto for Orchestra And God Created Great Whales Hymnen Carnival of Marriage Three Latin American Sketches Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra The Lagoon Symphony No. 8 Second Piano Concerto for Amplified Piano Wildfires and Field Songs Duo for Violin and Piano (ensemble) Seven Dances from Suite No. 2, Dybbuk Tea for Two Ballet Lamia for Soprano and Orchestra (Revised) Synchronisms No. 7 Abyss and Caress Violin Concerto No. 3 Dire Expectations Wisconsin Death Trap Four Songs, from a work in progress (now Songfest) Love in the Asylum Symphony of Three Orchestras


Crumb Hodkinson Levine Babbitt Smith Rzewski Imbrie Colgrass Persichetti Foss Corigliano Barber Druckman Druckman Kim

Star-Child The Edge of the Olde One Divertimento Two Theater Songs Innerflexions Four Pieces for Piano Flute Concerto Déjà vu for Percussion Quartet and Orchestra English Horn Concerto American Cantata Clarinet Concerto Essay No. 3 Viola Concerto Aureole Violin Concerto

5-May 1977 13-May 1977 13-May 1977 3-Jun 1977 2-Sep 1977 7-Sep 1977 13-Oct 1977 20-Oct 1977 17-Nov 1977 1-Dec 1977 6-Dec 1977 14-Sep 1978 2-Nov 1978 9-Jun 1979 25-Oct 1979

Boulez Boulez Boulez Schuller L. Thompson Leinsdorf Leinsdorf Leinsdorf Leinsdorf Bernstein Bernstein Mehta J. Levine Bernstein Mehta

17-Jan 1980 24-Jan 1980 1-May 1980 9-Oct 1980 11-Oct 1980 20-Nov 1980 12-Feb 1981 2-Apr 1981 23-Apr 1981 17-Dec 1981 16-Sep 1982 24-Nov 1982 2-Jun 1983 3-Jun 1983 3-Jun 1983 7-Jun 1983 8-Jun 1983 20-Oct 1983 1-Jun 1984 2-Jun 1984 3-Jun 1984 4-Jun 1984 4-Jun 1984 5-Jun 1984 21-Nov 1984 13-Dec 1984 10-Jan 1985 24-Mar 1985 8-Apr 1985

Mehta Mehta Mehta Mehta Mehta Mehta Mehta Kubelík Mehta Mehta Mehta Lopez-Cobos Leppard Weisberg Weisberg Weisberg Mehta Mehta no conductor Slatkin Slatkin Wuorinen Wuorinen Drummond Mehta Mehta Mehta No conductor Mehta

1980 – 1989 Zagortsev Schuman Penderecki Deak Bernstein Neikrug Walker Kubelík Shankar Barber Reich Balada Consoli Rosenman Lerdahl Crumb Rands Menotti Galás Beaser Yuasa Wuorinen Reynolds La Barbara Schuller Rochberg Strauss Noon Williams

Gradations Three colloquies for French Horn and Orchestra Symphony No. 2 Concerto for Oboe d'Amore, The Fearsome Endeavor A Musical Toast Eternity's Sunrise In Praise of Folly Orphikon Concerto No. 2 for Sitar and Orchestra, Raga-Mala Canzonetta for Oboe and String Orchestra Tehillim Symphonic Movement, Quasi un pasodoble Afterimages Foci I Chords (Revised) A Haunted Landscape Canti del sole Concerto for Doublebass and Orchestra Les Yeux sans sang (Eyes Without Blood) (ensemble) The Seven Deadly Sins Towards "The Midnight Sun" Bamboula Squared for Orchestra and Quadraphonic Tape Transfigured Wind II After "Obervogelsang" for Voice Concertino for Jazz Quartet and Orchestra Oboe Concerto Malven Serenade for English Horn and String Quartet, Op. 78 A Norman Overture


Sohal Subramaniam Sinopoli Copland/Ramey Druckman Feldman Corigliano Husa Schuman Xenakis Bernstein Baker Mennin Zwilich Wolfe Turrin Kellaway

From Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali for Bass-Baritone and Orchestra Fantasy on Vedic Chants for Indian Violin Suite No. 2, Lou Salomé Proclamation for Orchestra Athanor Coptic Light Fantasia on an Ostinato Concerto for Orchestra On Freedom's Ground Keqrops Opening Prayer Ellingtones Flute Concerto Symbolon for Orchestra Violin Concerto Trumpet Concerto Songs of Ascent for Tuba and Orchestra

12-Sep 1985


12-Sep 1985 9-Oct 1985 14-Nov 1985 8-May 1986 8-May 1986 18-Sep 1986 25-Sep 1986 28-Oct 1986 13-Nov 1986 15-Dec 1986 4-Jun 1987 25-May 1988 1-Jun 1988 9-Feb 1989 27-Apr 1989 24-Nov 1989

Mehta Sinopoli Mehta Mehta Schuller Mehta Mehta Mehta Mehta Bernstein DePreist Mehta Mehta Mehta Leinsdorf Mehta

8-Mar 1990 27-Jul 1990 27-Jul 1990 27-Jul 1990 27-Oct 1990

Mehta Smith Smith Smith Gilbert

14-Feb 1991 5-May 1991 3-Jan 1992 24-Sep 1992 15-Oct 1992 25-Oct 1992

Mehta Mehta Slatkin Masur Morgan no conductor

5-Nov 1992 3-Dec 1992 12-Dec 1992 30-Dec 1992 21-Jan 1993 25-Feb 1993 22-Apr 1993 29-Apr 1993 27-May 1993 4-Nov 1993 9-Dec 1993 27-Jan 1994 10-Feb 1994 24-Feb 1994

Mehta Masur Masur Slatkin Masur Ling Slatkin Slatkin Masur Keene Slatkin Masur Masur Slatkin

1990 – 1999 Del Tredici Drattell Thomas Knight Höffer Mercurio Tower Bolcom Picker Hagen Wallach Messiaen Diamond Deak Rouse Stock Zwilich Ramey Torke Husa Street Rands Rorem Schnittke Kolb

Steps for Orchestra Lilith Wind Dance Total Eclipse Fanfare, Adagio and Dance for Brass, Harp, Timpani and Percussion For Lost Loved Ones Third Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman Clarinet Concerto Bang! for Piano and Orchestra Philharmonia (A Fanfare) Octet for Winds and Strings, From the Forest of Chimneys Éclairs sur l'au-delà... (Illuminations of the Beyond...) Symphony No. 11 New York, 1842: A City on Fire Trombone Concerto Kickoff Symphony No. 3 Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra Run Violin Concerto Bright Sambas ... where the murmurs die... English Horn Concerto Symphony No. 7 All in Good Time


Paulus Albert Schwantner Williams Takemitsu Schoenfield Tamberg Dedrick Danielpour Lieberson Perle Wilson Previn Zorn Beaser Del Tredici K. Fuchs Ellington/Marsalis Ellington/Marsalis Gubaidulina Rouse Tan Dun Kernis Torke Adès Satoh Henze Saariaho Corigliano Kancheli Marsalis

Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra, The Veil of Illusion Symphony No. 2 Percussion Concerto The Five Sacred Trees Family Tree Klezmer Rondos Celebration Fanfare for the United Nations 50th Anniversary Entre nous Toward the Splendid City Fire Transcendental Modulations Shango Memory The Magic Number Orchestra Variations: Leonard Bernstein in Memoriam Manhattan Roll The Spider and the Fly Sticks and Tom(s) (ensemble) A Tone Parallel to Harlem Afro Bossa (Bula Blues in Blueprint Happy Go Lucky Local) Two Paths, Music for Two Solo Violas and Symphony Orchestra Seeing for Piano and Orchestra Concerto for Water Percussion and Orchestra in Memory of Toru Takemitsu Garden of Light Four Seasons America (A Prophecy) for Mezzo-soprano, Orchestra, and Chorus Kisetsu Air for Orchestra, Fraternité Oltra mar, Seven Preludes for the New Millennium Vocalise And Farewell Goes Out Sighing… All Rise

19-May 1994


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Obertura hespérides Street Scenes (Concert Version) Trumpet Concerto West Side Story Suite for Brass Blue as the Turquoise Night of Neyshabur Cello Concerto No. 2, Through the Ancient Valley Voices of Light Echo Tempo


Turrin Adams Shchedrin Sheng Foss Matthus Hartke Adams Ruders Thomas Sortomme Turnage Pereira Tsypin Rihm Deak Matthews Harbison Salonen M. Wagner Puts Wallace Neikrug Tan Dun LeFrak Tovey Stucky Rands Carter Lieberson Lindberg Sierra Liang Dalbavie Kampela

Hemispheres On the Transmigration of Souls The Enchanted Wanderer The Song and Dance of Tears Concertino, Passacaglia, Bachanalia, Passacaglia Concerto for Two for Trumpet, Trombone, and Orchestra Symphony No. 3 Easter Eve Final Nightshade: An Adagio of the Night Gathering Paradise Androcles and the Lion (orchestral version) Scherzoid Quintet for Winds (ensemble) Hope, Three Songs for Bass, Singer and Violin (ensemble) Two Other Movements The Roaring Mountain Berceuse for Dresden Milosz Songs Piano Concerto Trombone Concerto Two Mountain Scenes William Blake Rhapsody: (ensemble) Symphony No. 2, Quintessence Piano Concerto Selections for Brass Quintet (Brass Ensemble) Urban Runway Rhapsodies for Orchestra Chains Like the Sea Poems of Louis Zukofsky for Soprano and Clarinet

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The World in Flower, for Chorus, Mezzo-soprano and Baritone Soloists, and Orchestra Expo Game of Attrition for Chamber Orch. Verge for 18 Strings Melodia, for Instrumental Ensemble Macunaíma

7-May 2009

Maazel Zhang Maazel Spano Salonen Maazel Tovey no conductor Gilbert Slatkin no conductor Tovey Maazel Maazel Chamber concert Gilbert

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Gilbert Lindberg Lindberg Lindberg Lindberg

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2010 – 2019 Rouse Shepherd Muhly Pintscher Lindberg

Odna Zhizn (A Life) These Particular Circumstances (New Music Ensemble) Detailed Instructions for Orchestra (New Music Ensemble) Songs from Solomon's Garden, for baritone and chamber orchestra (New Music Ensemble) Al largo




Ceremonial Prelude (NY Philharmonic Brass and Percussion Ensemble) Lichtes Spiel: ein Sommerstück (Light Game: A Summer Piece) Souvenir (In memoriam Gérard Grisey) True South neverthesametwice Dyade for Violin and Double Bass (Chamber Music with Anne-Sophie Mutter) Time Machines One Sweet Morning Fibers, Yarn, and Wire (Contact! New-Music Series) Concerto for Orchestra Piano concerto No. 2 Two Controversies and a Conversation Oscillate Shock Waves Prospero’s Rooms The Strand Settings Passions, Reflected for Solo Piano Requiescat Namdaemun Eight Takes for Solo Cello As Above, So Below for Solo Trombone Threaded Madrigals for Solo Viola Of Sorrow Born: Seven Elegies for Solo Violin Fandanglish for Solo Clarinet Dark Sand, Shifting Light Symphony No. 4 Strobe Bismuth Variations for Orchestra Lyra Songs Thunderstuck Scheherazade.2 Dramatic Symphony for Violin and Orchestra Senza sangue (Without Blood)

Fujikura Neikrug Lindberg Norman Krawczyk Bolcom

Infinite String Canta-Concerto Vivo Split Après Trombone Concerto

Rihm Lindberg Matheson Yim Rihm Currier Corigliano Lunsqui Neikrug Lindberg Carter Akiho Vaclavik Rouse Hillborg Neikrug Felsenfeld Carrick Prestini Nathan Bettison Hersch Kapica Adolphe Rouse McManus Grafe Cheung Shepherd Rouse Adams

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