WORLD DOCTORS ORCHESTRA Orchestra Report. A Review of the World Doctors Orchestra Activities

WORLD DOCTORS ORCHESTRA 2015 Orchestra Report A Review of the World Doctors Orchestra Activities Content Executive Summary Founder and conductor W...
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2015 Orchestra Report

A Review of the World Doctors Orchestra Activities

Content Executive Summary Founder and conductor World Doctors Orchestra Management World Doctors Orchestra USA Friends of World Doctors Orchestra Dresden/Berlin session 2015 Seattle/Vancouver session 2015 Barbados session 2015 Charity projects 2015 Recordings WDO 2015 accomplishments Fundraising Development plan Corporate partners Sponsors, donors, and partners 2015 Financial report 2015 Future projects Operation WDO Musician Medicine WDO - all over the world Imprint


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Executive Summary Passion for Music Unites with Global Medical Responsibility As has been true since its inaugural concert in 2007, the World Doctors Orchestra (WDO) combines the pleasure of performing great music with supporting charities. Three times a year, physicians from around the world exchange their white coats for evening dress and give a benefit concert in support of charities that address the healthcare needs of the underprivileged. This Annual Report presents the efforts of the WDO and its two sister organizations, World Doctors Orchestra USA and Friends of World Doctors Orchestra, during 2015. In it, you are invited to explore the organization’s great artistic and philanthropic efforts in Dresden, Berlin, Seattle, Vancouver, and Barbados and to meet the charities that benefited from WDO’s efforts in those cities and countries. We also are pleased to present WDO’s financial picture for the 2015 fiscal year, including an overview of our development plans, plans that necessarily include you. Up to now WDO has raised around 400,000 Euro with its 17

concert sessions for medical aid organizations. In addition, the participating musicians have indirectly contributed another 1.7 million Euro by bearing their personal travel and accommodation expenses. And for those of you who are curious about WDO’s future, we will provide a preview of the 2016’s sessions in Thailand, Romania, San Francisco and Sacramento and additional information about upcoming concerts in Munich, Salzburg, Lugano, Como, and Barcelona in 2017. On behalf of the 1,055 physicians from 50 nations who form WDO, we thank you for your support of this worthwhile organization. We hope that you enjoy reading about our achievements in 2015 as much as we did making them happen. Sincerely, The Leadership Team of the World Doctors Orchestra Please visit our websites:



FOUNDER AND CONDUCTOR Dear Musicians and Friends of the World Doctors Orchestra: The year 2015 saw again impressive progress of the WDO including successful concerts in Dresden, Berlin and Seattle, and debut appearances in Canada and Barbados. Congratulations to you all - because of your generous contributions of time, talent, and resources, WDO has become an important force for positive change. Your continued support is critical to WDO’s ability to support international healthcare charities and serve the communities that need us. In this 2015 Orchestra Report we will reflect on our exciting projects and offer a glimpse into what we have planned for the future as we move forward. Since we began our work in 2007, WDO has played a total of 37 concerts (including concerts for patients and healthcare staff at hospital facilities) featuring 53 works by 31 composers (including 8 contemporary), jazz arrangements, 30 soloists, and seven choruses. Within only eight years WDO membership has grown to over 1,000 musicians from 50 countries worldwide. The combination of fine music, global medical responsibility, and the commitment of our sponsors has been the basis for successfully establishing and developing the leading international doctors’ orchestra, both in terms of the quality of the concerts and our ability to support notable medical aid projects. WDO is proud to serve as a global medical ambassador. To accomplish its charitable mission through its concerts, WDO requires substantial managerial and financial support. To address WDO’s infrastructure requirements and as the basis for concert planning and fostering its mission, it regularly utilizes professional management services and includes three related organizations: • WDO e.V. – led by Dr. Stefan Willich and Dr. Anne Berghöfer, is the master organization which manages orchestra operations and determines, together with local organizers of concerts, the music programs and charities which WDO will support. • WDO Inc. – led by Sheyna Burt who is President of this subsidiary organization which focuses on fundraising and development in North America. • Friends of WDO – President Dr. Karl E. Bergmann heads this subsidiary organization dedicated to seeking private support from around the world to benefit WDO.


The 2016 concerts will be performed in Thailand at the invitation of the College of Music at Mahidol University, in Romania on the initiative of Prof. Florin Amzica and organized by the Lions Club Cluj, and in San Francisco and Sacramento with Dr. Thomas DaSilva as local organizer. Future considerations include preliminary plans for sessions in Munich and Salzburg, Switzerland and Italy, Barcelona, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Hamburg and Berlin, Korea, Paris, Copenhagen, Poland, Australia, London, Orlando, Amsterdam, Israel, New York and Buffalo, the Baltic States, and Costa Rica. We hope that you share our excitement for what is to come. In addition to attending these events, you and your relatives, friends, and colleagues are encouraged to become members of Friends of WDO and/or to become contributors to WDO e.V. or WDO Inc. We sincerely appreciate your support in developing the family of WDO organizations, organizing sessions, and securing funding as presented in this report. And we are very grateful for your dedication, excellent musicianship, and friendship – resulting in the support of important international healthcare charities. Yours,

Stefan Willich

World Doctors Orchestra MANAGEMENT In 2015, the WDO’s 15th and 16th and 17th concert sessions consisted of five very well-received concerts. In April 2015, the WDO performed two concerts in Dresden and Berlin. In June 2015 WDO played in two different countries: The first concert took place in Seattle, the second one led the WDO to Vancouver, Canada. For the 17th concert session the WDO travelled to Barbados to perform together with the National Youth Orchestra of Barbados. We are grateful for the efforts of the excellent local organizing teams which made these concert sessions so successful and enjoyable. The efforts of the WDO are overseen by its Musical Director and the Boards of Directors and Trustees. The orchestra’s main management tasks for 2015 comprised the coordination and organization of the charitable concert projects together with local organizers, process control, public relations activities, marketing measures, design and graphic work (brochures, ads, CD/DVD), website updates, ticketing, distribution of sheet music, correspondence with the session participants, as well as tour management on site. This administrative work in Berlin is in the hands of the treasurer, Dr. Anne Berghöfer and Emilia Schmidt. Emilia, who joined the WDO office in May 2015, graduated in European Media Science at Potsdam University, and is aspiring to do a master’s degree in theatre and orchestra administration. She plays the flute and has had significant orchestral experience in Berlin. Alexandra Gruber, who managed the WDO from 2013 until April 2015, left the orchestra to focus on her own musical career as a singer. Steering, maintaining and enlarging a ship like this, with its up to now more than 1,000 passengers, brings immense satisfaction along with challenges. That it should be possible at all is owed to many supporting hands. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all who supported the WDO ship in 2015 – be it materially or in other ways. First of all to all local organizers: First to Ulrike Schatz

from Dresden who activated many volunteers from the Dresden University Clinic and achieved an enormous amount of civic involvement in the City of Dresden. Her efforts ended up in a donation of 66,000 Euro, a record in WDO history, which could be given to the medical aid organizations. Second to David Frank and Mark Lupin from Seattle and Vancouver for their tremendous efforts in bringing the orchestra’s concert sessions 2015 to life and handling a complex logistic task such as the orchestra’s border crossing from the USA to Canada within one concert session. And finally Andrea Wells and André Hoyte from Barbados and their team who – together with Rotary Barbados South – were responsible for a successful debut performance by WDO in the Carribean. We would like to thank also all of our sponsors and donors, in particular B. Braun Melsungen AG and Sonic Healthcare; all volunteers for workshops, recordings, and coordination on site – to Priv.-Doz. Dr. Martin Schlaud, the orchestra’s audio master; to Prof. Dr. Karl E. Bergmann, Henrik Traulsen and Kerstin Kreis in the Board of the Friends of the WDO; to Sheyna Nicole Burt, Prof. Dr. Jonathan Lass, and Leah Lass from WDO Inc. With our best wishes and sincere thanks for the dedication and support given to the WDO in the past, present, and future.

Emilia Schmidt, Office Assistant

Anne Berghöfer, Financial Director


WORLD DOCTORS ORCHESTRA USA WDO USA has an active Development Committee whose members lead by example, making multiyear financial commitments to support WDO USA. The Committee seeks to advance WDO’s charitable mission by securing contributions from individuals, companies, and foundations in the United States and Canada that are inspired by WDO’s advancement of global health initiatives. WDO USA is working to put in place a development infrastructure that will allow the selected charities to receive the maximum impact from session-specific fundraising and ticket sales.

Since its founding in 2011, World Doctors Orchestra USA ( has made tremendous progress as a sister organization to the Germanbased organization, World Doctors Orchestra, e.V. ( The emphasis of WDO USA has been to support WDO‘s charitable efforts through its concerts in North America. Working together, the two iterations of WDO have generated over € 350,000 to further our philanthropic mission via concerts that have been performed around the world. American participation has been strong in support of the charitable mission of WDO including its most recent concerts in 2015 in Dresden, Berlin, Seattle, Vancouver, and Barbados.

We thank you for your part in supporting WDO and we look forward to working with you to further advance this noble endeavor. A message from the WDO USA President, Sheyna Burt, Esq.

World Doctors Orchestra e.V. Artistic and Administrative Office Luisenstr. 57, 10117 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49-30-450 529 034 FAX: +49-30-450 529 902 [email protected]

World Doctors Orchestra, Inc. 9415 West Street Manassas, Virginia 20110, USA Phone: ++1-571-229-9899

Bank account Germany: Dt. Apotheker- und Ärztebank Bank code: 300 606 01 Account number: 000 729 4786 IBAN: DE52 3006 0601 0007 2947 86 BIC: DAAEDEDD Beneficiary: World Doctors Orchestra e.V.

Bank account USA: Wire transfer instructions (within U.S.) Beneficiary Bank: Access National Bank 1800 Robert Fulton Drive, Reston, VA 20191 ABA #: 056009039 Beneficiary: Account Name: World Doctors Orchestra, Inc. Physical Address: 9415 West Street Manassas, VA 20110 Account Number: 2935922

The World Doctors Orchestra is a registered non-profit association (District Court Berlin-Charlottenburg, VR 27873 B, German tax ID #27/681/53074, Finanzamt für Körperschaften Berlin I), independent of any political, religious, or economic affiliations.


The orchestra has had significant musical triumphs in North America including performances of Brahms’s First Symphony at Severance Hall in Cleveland in 2009, Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony at Strathmore Hall in Bethesda in 2011 on the occasion of a memorial tribute to the 9-11 victims, and Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony in Seattle and Vancouver in 2015. Our greatest triumphs, however, have been the tangible support we have provided to patients without insurance at the Free Clinic in Cleveland, to caregivers assisting people living with HIV AIDS in Washington DC, and to the children, seniors, and families of the Puget Sound region and Vancouver, BC, lifted up by the Seattle Times Fund for the Needy and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

WDO, Inc. is recognized as a tax exempt non-profit under the laws of the United States.

FRIENDS OF WORLD DOCTORS ORCHESTRA Many physicians from all over the world joined the WDO to share their passion for music, and to spread its philosophy that health care is a basic human right, and a precondition for human development. They donate all proceeds of their extraordinary performances in worldwide benefit concerts to non-profit medical aid organizations. To achieve this, the participating doctors meet their own expenses for their leave, travel and accommodation. Preparing and performing a great variety of classical, and modern music at a very high level requires outstanding skills, diligent individual preparation, and several days of intensive rehearsal. It usually results in two concerts in different cities of the same country. The rental of large mu-sical instruments that cannot be transported by air, the rental of rehearsal rooms, and concert halls – always the best ones in a country – the transfers by bus, the engagement of exceptional soloists and choirs, the professional coaching of section rehearsals, many logistic challenges, and a minimum of administrative support add-up to significant financial costs. The availability of adequate financial resources determines how many projects can be realized – so far 2 - 3 annually. For one project 30,000 to 80,000 EURO are needed. One important source of money is the generous sponsoring for single projects by individuals, companies, and public institutions. However this is quite variable. Clearly, the vision and the projects of the WDO need sustainable support. Therefore the association Friends of World Doctors Orchestra e.V. was founded in June 2012 as an additional means to

Wire transfer instructions (from foreign banks) FIELD 56A INTERMEDIARY INSTITUTION: Pacific Coast Bankers‘ Bank San Francisco, CA 94104 SWIFT CODE: PCBBUS66 ABA Number: 121042484 FIELD 57D ACCOUNT WITH: Access National Bank 1800 Robert Fulton Dr., Ste 310 Reston, VA 20191 Account Number: 056009039 FIELD 59 BENEFICIARY CUSTOMER: Name: World Doctors Orchestra, Inc. Address (Line 1) : 9415 West Street Address (Line 2) : Manassas, VA 20110 Account Number: 2935922 Your donation may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional or financial planner for details. We are pleased to send you a donation receipt.

support the orchestra. Friends’ three objectives are to: • create a stable financial basis for the WDO, • enable more projects and concerts, and • provide the maximum support to WDO’s designated charities. The Friends of WDO operates independently. It cooperates with WDO and with WDO USA. Membership is not limited to physicians or musicians; it is open to anyone interested in supporting our mission to benefit many non-profit medical aid organizations through WDO’s concerts. Members receive newsletters, CDs or DVDs of all concerts, reduced prices on tickets, opportunities to meet the conductor and the musicians and other benefits. The Friends of WDO e.V. is particularly open to ideas, and feedback to further its efforts. To date, Friends of WDO e.V. has raised approximately 10,000 EURO. It hopes to attract many more members. A notable non-material contribution in 2014 was to prevail upon Daniela Schadt, First Lady of the Federal Republic of Germany, to present a beautiful introduction of the WDO to the audience the concert in Dresden and Berlin. Karl E. Bergmann, MD President Friends of WDO

Oftentimes we do not understand the mother tongue of our chair neighbor, but music does not need a translator – its message is universal!

Friends of World Doctors Orchestra e.V. [email protected] doctors_orchestra Bank account Friends of WDO: Dt. Apotheker- und Ärztebank Bank code: 300 606 01 Account number: 000 306 2465 IBAN: DE26 3006 0601 0003 0624 65 BIC: DAAEDEDD Beneficiary: Friends of World Doctors Orchestra e.V. The association Friends of World Doctors Orchestra e.V. has tax exempt status in Germany (District Court Berlin-Charlottenburg, VR 31681 B, German tax ID #27/653/56738, Finanzamt für Körperschaften Berlin I)


DRESDEN/BERLIN SESSION For the 15th charity concert session in April 2015 the WDO gave its first concert in Dresden and, as well, returned to Berlin to perform at the Konzerthaus. The program included works by Wagner, Dvorák, and Schumann. The proceeds of the concerts were donated to support three different foundations: the STIFTUNG MICHAEL – eine Stiftung für Epilepsie, Dentists for Africa e.V. and

ORCHESTRA PARTICIPANTS Violin Anna-Margarete Kries, Homburg, Germany, concertmaster Eckhard Brinkmann, Cloppenburg, Germany, principal 2nd violin Florin Amzica, Pierrefonds, Canada Joel Ang, Washington, DC, USA Martina Berchtold-Neumann, Gaienhofen, Germany Karl E. Bergmann, Berlin, Germany Ting Chao, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. Jorinde Cirkel, Berlin, Germany Katharina Emmerich, Rosenheim, Germany Adela S. Farcas, Villeneuve le Roi, France Ekkehart Frank, Düsseldorf, Germany Dorothee M. Gescher, Heidelberg, Germany Ursina Grosch, Bern, Switzerland Zaher Halwani, Berlin, Germany Henrike Hörmann, Düsseldorf, Germany Rupert Jaeger, Poing b. München, Germany Ching-Hong Kao, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. Norbert Kries, Homburg, Germany Dietrich Lasius, Berlin, Germany Rosemarie Liu, Burke, VA, USA Carmen Meissner, Wien, Austria Kurtis Mohr, Orlando, FL, USA Cinderella Nonoo-Cohen, London, United Kingdom Corrado Roselli, Bari, Italy Ulrike Schatz, Dresden, Germany Melissa Schmidt, Stuttgart, Germany Ronald Strauss, Cleveland Heights, OH, USA Yen Ting-Tai, New Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C. Cristina Vitan, Sennelager, Germany Jeffrey Yung, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA Karl Zippelius, Florence, Italy Viola Romanie Ruggier, Richmond, United Kingdom, principal Reinhild Allef, Friedberg, Germany Rebecca Berkensträter, Bad Iburg, Germany Mall Eltermaa, Viiratsi, Estland Anette Friedrichs, Kiel, Germany Manabu Fukumoto, Setagaya-ku Tokyo, Japan Frankziska Krampe, Freiburg, Germany Matilde Orsecci, Fiesole, Italy Vincent Poirier, Montreal, Canada Hans Roll, Tuttlingen, Germany Hans H. Th. Sendler, Zehdenick, Germany Alison Van Buren, Tintern, Mon, United Kingdom Laura Weinig, Düsseldorf, Germany Margit Wiessner-Straßer, Gauting, Germany


HOPE-Kapstadt-Stiftung. The concert in Berlin took place under the patronage of Prof. Monika Grütters, the Federal Gouvernment Commissioner for Culture and the Media. In Dresden it was held under the patronage of Stanislaw Tillich and Helma Orosz. As soloist the WDO succeeded in attracting the eminent violoncellist Ludwig Quandt.

Violoncello Normann Willich, Münster, Germany, principal Tiziana Balbi, Bologna, Italy Susanne Brakemeier, Berlin, Germany Emanuel Christ, Niederscherli, Switzerland Julika Huber, Düsseldorf, Germany Hans-Bernd Kucher, Diedorf, Germany Wolfgang Linke, Münster, Germany Benedikt Ribitsch, Cologne, Germany Lee Shahinian, Los Altos, CA, USA Joan Temmerman, Rock Island, IL, USA Stefanie Uibel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Gesa Wiegand, Tübingen, Germany Elfriede Wittschier, Brühl, Germany Double bass Ulrich W. Kolck, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany, principal Gerlind Blees, Berlin, Germany Sabine Dietze, Bad Kreuznach, Germany Peter Jentzen, Bonn, Germany Eberhard Neumann-von Meding, Berlin, Germany Timm Schulz, Berlin, Germany Flute Wibke Voigt, Dortmund, Germany Reinhard Ströle, Ansbach, Germany Mischa Braun, Berlin, Germany Oboe Allen T. Bishop, Rochester, MN, USA Seiichi Iguchi, Mito, Japan Clarinet Susanne Gebhardt, Hannover, Germany Peter Newman, Farnham Royal, United Kingdom Bassoon Friedrich J. Albrecht, Grand Island, USA Johannes Heusgen, Düsseldorf, Germany French horn Tobias Breyer, Essen, Germany Xenia Brinkmann, Cloppenburg, Germany Kerstin Kreis, Falkensee, Germany Heinz Zimmermann, Thun, Switzerland Trumpet Lorenz Birnbacher, Munich, Germany Richard Feyrer, Herzogenaurach, Germany

Ludwig Quandt, violoncello Ludwig Quandt is a solo cellist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Born in 1961, he began playing cello at the age of six. In 1978, Mr. Quandt began studies with Arthur Troester, himself a former solo cellist under Wilhelm Furtwängler. Further studies with Zara Nelsova, Maurice Gendron, Boris Pergamenschikov, Wolfgang Boettcher and Siegfried Palm led to awards at international competitions, including the ARD (1990) and the „Premio Stradivari“ (First Prize) at the „Roberto Caruana“ Competition in Cremona 1993. A member of the Berlin Philharmonic since 1991, Mr. Quandt made his Philharmonic solo debut under Claudio Abbado in 1996, since then he has made several appearances with his orchestra. Ludwig Quandt performs to worldwide acclaim as soloist and chamber musician, on an exquisite Cremonese cello by Francesco Ruggieri (Anno 1675).

Trombone Richard Gosnay, Danbury, CT, USA Philippe Cuendet, Villars-sur-Glâne, Switzerland Christopher F. Wood, Prospect Heights, IL, USA Tuba Winfried Westermann, Neuenkirchen-Vörden, Germany Harp Nawid Salimi, Cologne, Germany Timpani/ Percussion Anna Lensebråten, Oslo, Norway Björn Allef, Friedberg, Germany

SECTION COACHES Tobias Glöckler, Thomas Michael Otto, Prof. Dalia Schmalenberg, Daniel Thiele, members Dresdner Philharmonie Peter Jentzen, former member of Beethoven Orchestra Bonn

PROGRAM Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Overture to The MasterSingers of Nuremberg Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904) Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104 Robert Schumann (1810-1856) Symphony No. 4 in D minor, Op. 120 World Doctors Orchestra Conductor: Stefan Willich Soloist: Ludwig Quandt, violoncello


SEATTLE/VANCOUVER SESSION In June 2015, the WDO performed two concerts in the USA and Canada. The first one took place in Seattle and the second one in Vancouver. The orchestra presented works by Dvorák, Shostakovich, and Samuel Jones, a US-American composer and conductor. The proceeds of these concerts were

donated to the Seattle Times Fund for the Needy and the BC Children‘s Hospital Foundation in Vancouver. The orchestra was proud to perform with the renowned violinist Mark Lupin as soloist in the Violin Concerto in A minor by Antonin Dvorák.


Andreas Schuster, Bensheim, Germany Lee Shahinian, Los Altos, CA, USA Yung-Yu Shih, Nürnberg, Germany Stephen Somach, Shaker Heights, OH, USA Elfriede Wittschier, Brühl, Germany Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Saitama-city, Saitama, Japan

Violin Kim Chang, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C., concertmaster Ching-Hong Kao, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C., principal 2nd violin Päivi Ahonen, Loppi, Finland Florin Amzica, Pierrefonds, QC, Canada Joel Ang, Washington, DC, USA Heinz Arnold, Oldenburg, Germany Michael Arthurs, North Bay, ON, Canada Sheyna N. Burt, Woodbridge, VA, USA Reto F. Cadisch, Kriens, Switzerland Michiyo Cheetham, Tokyo, Japan Jyh-Shing Chen, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. Peter Cheng, Los Altos, CA, USA Carolyn Dyson, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom Kenji Ishii, Tokyo, Japan Chiang Sheng J. Kuo, New York, NY, USA Dietrich Lasius, Berlin, Germany Grace Lee, Upper Arlington, OH, USA Charles Lee, Upper Arlington, OH, USA Jack Han-Hsing Lin, Philadelphia, USA Arlene Rosenberg, Solon, OH, USA Ellen Rothchild, Cleveland, OH, USA Fridolin Steiner, Liebefeld, Switzerland Ronald Strauss, Cleveland Heights, OH, USA Robin Su, Hudson, OH, USA Sophie Walz, Bamberg, Germany Henry Wang, Hoover, AL, USA Jeffrey Yung, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA Karin Zeidler-Becker, Warburg, Germany Gisela Zientek, Remshalden-Grunbach, Germany Viola Romanie Ruggier, Richmond, United Kingdom, principal Roland Baur, Tübingen, Germany Janette Caputo, Alma, MI, USA Ching-Feng Cheng, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. Franziska Krampe, Freiburg, Germany William Krzymowski, Gallup, NM, USA Vincent Poirier, Montreal, QC, Canada Hans Roll, Tuttlingen, Germany Patricia W. Samson, Invernessshire, Scotland, United Kingdom Margit Wiessner-Straßer, Gauting, Germany Yu-Hung Wu, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. Violoncello Normann Willich, Münster, Germany, principal Yin-Hsuan Chien, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. Martin Hornberger, Offenburg, Germany Hans-Bernd Kucher, Diedorf, Germany Jonathan Lass, Pepper Pike, OH, USA Wolfgang Linke, Münster, Germany Jennifer Miles, Mandeville, LA, USA Kevin Miller, San Francisco, CA, USA


Double bass Arisa Asano, Tokyo, Japan, principal Joe Bynum, Seattle, WA, USA Ross Gilliland, Seattle, WA, USA Kelton Mock, Seattle, WA, USA Moya Molloy, Longueville, Sydney, Australia Flute Miriam I. E. Freundt, Denver, CO, USA Helene Groenning, Charlottenlund, Denmark Mischa Braun, Berlin, Germany Oboe Allen T. Bishop, Rochester, MN, USA Barry Grimaldi, London, United Kingdom Clarinet David Frank, Seattle, WA, USA Stuart E. Hirsch, Yardley, PA, USA Barbara Seeliger, Krefeld, Germany Bassoon Friedrich J. Albrecht, Grand Island, USA Eugene Lewis, Upminster, Essex, United Kingdom Christiane Roll, Tuttlingen, Germany French horn Raymond Laning, Chesterland, OH, USA Katrina Crawford, Cambridge, United Kingdom Hisako Ohara, Tokyo, Japan Benn Smith, Scottsdale, AZ, USA Heinz Zimmermann, Thun, Switzerland Trumpet Thomas DaSilva, Oakland, CA, USA Anne Berthold, Raymond, MS, USA Joseph Markoff, Moorestown, NJ, USA Romano Mauri, Origlio, Switzerland Trombone Daniel S. Schwartz, Middletown, CT, USA Birgit Kovacs, Danbury, CT, USA Konrad Scheuerer, Munich, Germany Tuba Jörg Breitmaier, Karlsruhe, Germany Harp Nawid Salimi, Cologne, Germany Piano Alfred Berg, Seattle, WA, USA Timpani Bernardo Neves, Lisboa, Portugal

Mark Lupin, violin Mark Lupin was born in Oxford, England. He began music studies at the age of five. At age six, he was awarded a scholarship for violin studies at the University of Cincinnati. At the age of seven, he was accepted to study with Sigmund Effron, the concertmaster of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. He won the Heifetz Scholarship Award for two years’ intensive private study with Jascha Heifetz in Beverly Hills and at the University of Southern California. His other remarkable teachers include Ivan Galamian in New York as well as Joseph Gingold and Franco Gulli in Bloomington, Indiana. Lupin made his television debut at the age of seven, his London debut with the London Mozart Players in the Queen Elisabeth Hall in 1981 and his solo debut the same year at the Wigmore Hall. He has performed with many of the world’s leading orchestras, including the Philharmonia Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the London Symphony Orchestra. He was concertmaster of the Canadian National Youth Orchestra at the age of 15 as well as the Royal Alexandra Theatre Orchestra, Toronto and guest Leader of the Royal Ballet Sinfonia at Sadler’s Wells, London, England. In Canada, Lupin has recorded for CBC Radio, played numerous recitals, and performed as soloist with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, North York Symphony Orchestra, Hart House Orchestra and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. More recently, he has given recitals in Victoria and Munich and performed as soloist in Seattle and Vancouver. Mark Lupin is an accomplished musician whose talent never overshadows his love of hard work nor his kind and gentle spirit. Besides his passion for music Dr. Mark Lupin is a world renowned Dermatologist and sought after lecturer in the field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation. He is a Clinical Instructor on Faculty with the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. With many publications to his name and often quoted as an expert in the media, he is dedicated to his patients and advancement of best practices.

Percussion Virginia Bear, Seattle, WA, USA Sherwood Bud Berthold, Raymond, MS, USA Joseph R. Car, Spencer, IN, USA Eduardo Ruiz Munguía, San José, Costa Rica

SECTION COACHES Quinton Morris, 1st violin section Heather Bentley, 2nd violin section Joyce Ramee, viola section Stephen Schermer, double bass

Sean Osborne, woodwinds section Roger Burnett, brass section Matt Koczmieroski, percussion section

PROGRAM Samuel Jones, ‚Overture for a City‘ Antonín Dvorák, Violin Concerto in A minor, Op. 53 Dmitri Shostakovich, Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47 World Doctors Orchestra Conductor: Stefan Willich Soloist: Mark Lupin, violin



BARBADOS SESSION For the last concert session in December 2015 the World Doctors Orchestra travelled far. The destination was Barbados, experiencing pre-Christmas days under palm trees. The Orchestra performed Mahler’s Symphony No. 4, with the wonderful soloist Jeanine De Bique (soprano) originally from Trinidad. With Amanda Fields (soprano) and Andrew Hoyte (tenor) from Barbados and with the

Barbados National Youth Orchestra it was a great experience to perform a Classical Pop Medley. The proceeds of the concerts were donated to the Paediatric Amenities Fund of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados, the Barbados National Youth Orchestra, and the Inclusive Play Project, an initiative of the Rotary Club of Barbados South.


Hans-Bernd Kucher, Diedorf, Germany Caroline Willich, Cambridge, United Kingdom Elfriede Wittschier, Brühl, Germany Pascal Zangger, Sion, Switzerland

Violin Julia Burkert-Milone, London, United Kingdom, concert master Ching-Hong Kao, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C., principal 2nd violin Joel Ang, Washington, DC, USA Ruth Ayling, Plymouth, United Kingdom Karl E. Bergmann, Berlin, Germany Reto F. Cadisch, Kriens, Switzerland Carolyn Dyson, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom Aref El-Seweifi, Kleinmachnow, Germany Katharina Emmerich, Rosenheim, Germany Adela S. Farcas, Athis-Mons, France Ekkehart U. Frank, Düsseldorf, Germany Didier Gallinet, Malbuisson, France Dorothee M. Gescher, Köln, Germany Margaret Yu-ning Hsu, Gainesville, FL, USA Rupert Jaeger, Poing b. München, Germany Ronald Jontof-Hutter, Donvale, VIC, Australia Olöf Julia Kjartansdottir, Reykjavik, Iceland Helmut Küster, Göttingen, Germany Grace Lee, Upper Arlington, OH, USA Charles Lee, Upper Arlington, OH, USA Carmen Meissner, Wien, Austria Cinderella Nonoo-Cohen, Highgate, London, United Kingdom Ulrike Schatz, Dresden, Germany Ronald Strauss, Cleveland Heights, OH, USA Naoko Takebe, Elkridge MD, USA Blaise Udriot, Martigny, Switzerland Miquel Vila, Barcelona, Spain Sophie Walz, Bamberg, Germany Matthias, Wein, Essen, Germany Erwin Willa, Feldbrunn, Switzerland Karl Zippelius, Firenze, Italy Viola Romanie Ruggier, Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom, prinicipal Janette Caputo, Alma, MI, USA Mall Eltermaa, Viiratsi, Viljandi, Estonia Franziska Krampe, Freiburg, Germany Vincent Pitteloud, Sion, Switzerland Vincent Poirier, Montreal, QC, Canada Hans Roll, Tuttlingen, Germany Margit Wiessner-Straßer, Gauting, Germany Violoncello Normann Willich, Münster, Germany, prinicipal Martin Bues, Ahrensburg, Germany Elisabeth Gallinet, Malbuisson, France Antje Hintzmann, Bonn, Germany


Double bass Angiolo Tarocchi, Milano, Italy, principal Timm Schulz, Berlin, Germany Patricia Zangger, Sion, Switzerland Flute Michael Cave, Durham, United Kingdom Miriam I. E. Freundt, Denver, CO, USA Evelyn Kuong, Pokfulam, SAR Hong Kong China Jenny Molson, Kingston, Ontario, Canada Oboe Ulrike, Gaiser, Tübingen, Germany Barry Grimaldi, London, United Kingdom Clarinet Rubén Guarda, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile Torsten Hecke, Hamburg, Germany Andrew Kennedy, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia Bassoon Friedrich J. Albrecht, Grand Island, NY, USA Johannes Heusgen, Düsseldorf, Germany French horn Katrina Crawford, Cambridge, United Kingdom Sandra Pittl, Rapperswil SG, Switzerland András Thoman, Gödöllö, Hungary Matthias Zürcher, Uettligen, Switzerland Trumpet Ulrich C. Bang, Copenhagen SV, Denmark Richard Feyrer, Herzogenaurach, Germany Joseph Markoff, Moorestown, NJ, USA Harp Nawid Salimi, Köln, Germany Timpani Anna Lensebråten, Sarpsborg, Norway

Jeanine De Bique, soprano Jeanine De Bique’s luscious tone and compelling stage presence have led to accolades around the world. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. De Bique earned her Bachelor’s Degree in 2006, her Master’s degree in 2008 and her Professional Studies Certificate in 2009 at the Manhattan School of Music. She has won many prestigious international awards, including the Arleen Auger Prize at the Hertogenbosch International Vocal Competition (Netherlands), Third Prize in the Viotti International Music Competition (Italy), the Borse di Studio Prize at the International Competition for Young Opera Singers (Italy), and the Gerda Lissner Vocal Competition (New York). She was a finalist and a

PROGRAM Classical Pops with the Barbados National Youth Orchestra James Bond Medley A Tribute to Henry Mancini Mio Babbino Caro - From the Opera Gianni Schicchi by Giacomo Puccini Chegelidamanina - From the Opera La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini Highlights from Harry Potter The Children of Sanchez Oh What A Beautiful City It’s Christmastime - A Medley for Orchestra

study grant award recipient of the 2011 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, and received a study grant from the Licia Albanese-Puccini Foundation. Winner of the 2008-09 Young Concert Artists International Auditions and the Paul A. Fish Memorial First Prize, Ms. De Bique made her recital debuts in the YCA Series at Merkin Concert Hall in New York and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Ms. De Bique currently holds the Lindemann Vocal Chair of Young Concert Artists. During recent seasons, Ms. De Bique was a member of the Vienna State Opera House Ensemble and made her debut as Barbarina in Le nozze di Figaro with L’Opéra et Orchestre de Montpellier, France. In April 2013 she was presented in recital at Merkin Hall, New York in the Young Concert Artist, Inc. Series and at the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy with pianist Christopher Cano. As

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) Symphony No. 4 in G major Bedächtig. Nicht eilen In gemächlicher Bewegung ohne Hast Ruhevoll Sehr behaglich World Doctors Orchestra Barbados National Youth Orchestra, director Joy KnightLynch Conductor: Stefan Willich Soloists: Jeanine De Bique, Trinidad Amanda Fields and André Hoyte, Barbados


Artist-in-Residence she performed with the Basel Opera in Switzerland during the 2009-10 season and has toured with the Russian Philharmonic in Russia, Poland, and Greece. She has appeared as soloist in Mahler’s Symphony No. 8 with the New York Philharmonic, under Lorin Maazel; Brahms’ Ein Deutsche Requiem with the Munich Philharmonic; and as soloist with the Edmonton, New Jersey, Charlotte, and Amarillo symphonies, the Louisville and Sarasota orchestras, as well as L’Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, Switzerland. She has given recitals at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts, the University of Florida Performing Arts Center, and in Alabama and Connecticut. Other notable recital appearances include the


Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts in California, and the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia. Ms. De Bique is highly regarded by many contemporary composers. She created the role of The Woman of the River in the opera Heart of Darkness by two-time Grammy-nominated composer Tarik O’Regan, with American Opera Projects (New York), recorded Andrew Beall’s “Song of Almah for Soprano and Marimba” for his CD Deliverance, and premiered Paul Brantley’s composition for soprano and orchestra, “On the Pulse of Morning”, with the Manhattan School of Music Philharmonic.

Amanda Fields, soprano Barbados’ leading soprano Amanda Fields has recently participated in the summer programme Oberlin In Italy-Emerging Artist Division. The classical singer was invited by Oberlin Conservatory, Ohio, after she had an audition. As many people have remarked on the soprano’s “fine voice”, the Italy programme offered her the opportunity to work extensively with experts for the fully staged opera scenes and performances in the openair courtyard of the Palazzo Comunale in Arezzo, Italy. The coloratura soprano repertoire includes arias from Puccini’s Opera Gianni Schicchiand Mozart’s Operas Don Giovanni and Cosi Fan Tutte to name a few.

André Hoyte, tenor This lyrical tenor is regarded as one of Barbados’ leading voices. He has quickly become a household name across the region and has gone on to perform in England and the USA. He has under taken summer intensive workshops in England and Italy, and has taken masters classes with Benjamin Zander acclaimed Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra; Soprano Nan Christie. Andre has also worked under the tutelage of Ms. Christie in the Opera Gold production of A Midsummers Night’s Dream as part of Britten’s centenary celebrations, in the role of Lysander. He has also performed in several recitals while at Goldsmiths. His repertoire includes - Rodolfo, La bohème (Puccini); Pinkerton, Madama Butterfly (Puccini); Edgardo, Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti); Turiddu, Cavalleria rusticana (Mascagni); Rinuccio, Gianni Schicchi (Puccini) to name but a few.


The Barbados National Youth Symphony Orchestra The Barbados National Youth Symphony Orchestra is a programme of the Government of Barbados established in 1991, and it has a long history of musical excellence. It is a balanced orchestra of young musicians who are dedicated to their musicianship, having a repertoire of Classical, Caribbean, Jazz, and Pop musical styles; and is comparable to many of the top Youth Orchestras in the world. Each year, the BNYSO is fortunate enough


to be featured in one major performance by invitation of Rotary Club of Barbados South in its annual Classical Best of Youth concert event held in December. Today the 125-member orchestra performs at major events, with Joy Knight-Lynch as Musical Director. Their annual concert has come to be an eagerly anticipated event on the island’s musical calendar as the young musicians between the ages of 8-25 years consistently deliver splendid renditions of the pieces in their classical repertoire.

Charity PROJECTS 2015 Japan addendum WDO Japan donated the ticket proceeds of 700,000 yen (approximately 7,000 US $) from the 2014 Japan concert in Tokyo to „Kodomo Gakki Project“. The foundation collects used instruments, maintains, and lets them use for free to children in Fukushima who lost their instruments during the earthquake/ tsunami or who cannot afford purchasing instruments even though they are interested in learning them. The foundation is also supported by the local physician and a former vice chairman of the World Doctors Association, Dr. Masami Ishii, as well as concert violinist Ms. Mitsuru Shiogai. Further information:

The following charities were supported by the WDO in 2015 HOPE Kapstadt Stiftung HOPE Cape Town is an aid organization in South Africa, which provides prevention, training, medical treatment and advice in range of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Therefore the organization cooperates with local and international institutions, organizations and universities. HOPE Cape Town was founded in 2001, especially to improve the care of affected children and their families in the blighted areas around Cape Town. The Ithemba children´s medical unit for infectious diseases in the Tygerberh Hospital is one of the projects which were established by the organization. Besides they send special educated nurses to families to support them at home. HOPE Cape Town is fully funded by donations. The most important individual donor is the HOPEGala in Dresden, which gave in nine years more than 836,000 Euro. The 10th HOPE-Gala took place on 31st of October of 2015 in Dresden.

Stiftung Michael is legally based in Heidelberg; its office is located in Bonn, Germany. About 500,000 people in Germany have active epilepsy. Among these are approximately 200,000 children under the age of 16 years. About 25% of all epilepsy patients remain seizure-free for longer than 3 years. Epilepsy is an illness which suffers greatly from prejudice. The stigma has made epilepsy become a socio-medical problem of the first rank. The STIFTUNG‘s main aim is to support scientific research on the most effective treatment methods as well as the causes of all illnesses associated with seizures, and to fight against the individual and social consequences of epileptic diseases. It has following main objectives: INFORMATION: i.e. providing information through publications on epilepsy and its social problems by creating brochures, to reduce prejudice and to educate people about epilepsy in childhood, youth, school, career choice, job training, sports, driving license, family planning and pregnancy. MEDICAL EDUCATION: i.e. training of medical doctors from Germany and other countries, and of social workers in the specific field of epileptology - for example by holding regular seminars on epilepsy STIPENDS: i.e. funds are provided to physicians and other persons working in the field of epilepsy for optimizing a comprehensive supply structure

For further information please visit

STIFTUNG MICHAEL – eine Stiftung für Epilepsie The STIFTUNG MICHAEL was founded in 1962 by Dr. Fritz Harzendorf, a well-known journalist and editor. The name of the STIFTUNG is the first name of the founder‘s son who suffered from epilepsy. The STIFTUNG MICHAEL has been officially acknowledged as a private non-profit organization: it does not receive any government subsidies. The


RESEARCH: i.e. stimulation of international epilepsy research through the MICHAEL PRIZE and the organization of the MICHAEL FORUM – a biennial meeting of the MICHAEL PRIZE winners for an exchange of experiences and information on new research projects. For further information please visit

The Seattle Times Fund for the Needy This is a fund which directly supports local community agencies. Those agencies have different objectives: Some of them help families and young people to overcome drug and alcohol issues, others are directed to people who need financial and social support, and still others take care of older people and their needs with initiatives like Meals on Wheels for example. The fund is based on private donations, so that anyone can donate and support the project. For more information visit

British Columbia Children’s Hospital Foundation Since 1982, BC Children‘s Hospital Foundation has worked with children, families, caregivers and hundreds of thousands of British Columbians to raise funds to support BC Children‘s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute. BC Children‘s Hospital Foundation also works with Sunny Hill‘s Board of Directors to manage the Sunny Hill Foundation for Children. Through a wide range of fundraising events and opportunities, BC Children‘s Hospital Foundation is united with its donors by a single, simple passion - to improve the health and the lives of the young people who are cared for by BC Children‘s Hospital every day. In 2014-15, BC Children‘s Hospital Foundation re-

ceived donations from more than 119,000 people and had revenues of $96.2 million. The foundation‘s fundraising activities involve: • Legacy giving • Annual individual and corporate gifts • Employee, corporate and community support • Children‘s Miracle Network • Special events These activities are made possible by the combined efforts of our dedicated Board of Directors, staff, donors and volunteers. Source and more imformation:

Paediatric Amenities Fund of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) is the country’s primary acute care medical facility. The QEH is also an accredited teaching hospital affiliated with the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus. The institution was opened on November 14, 1964 seeking to address the medical, surgical, clinical and treatment needs of the Caribbean. Since its inception, the hospital has expanded its bed capacity from 464 beds to the current 600 beds. Operational plans for the QEH continue to focus on strengthening the delivery of quality health care with strategic direction guided by the 10-year plan for Health and the QEH Care Excellence Programme (CEP). The Department of Paediatrics continues to provide optimal quality care for patients of the QEH in the areas of General Paediatrics, Paediatric Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Post Neonatal Care. The Paediactric Amenities Fund serves to support additional care to achieve sustainable health of children and their families in need.

The Inclusive Play Project “Inclusive Play” - An Initiative of the Rotary Club of Barbados South Rotary International is the world’s first service club organisation, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, to improve health and sanitation, to eradicate polio, to provide education and job training, and to promote peace, under the motto “Service Above Self”. In recent years, the number of children born with physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities has increased. “For children with disabilities, finding someone with whom to play is often not an easy task. They can experience rejection and unequal treatment by their able-bodied peers, adding is-

“Play takes many forms,Dentists but the for heart of play is pleasure– Africa e.V.

sues of low self-esteem and lack of confidence to their existing physical and/or mental disabilities.” The Rotary of Barbados South is embarking on an ambitious community service project aimed at ensuring that infants and children who desire to “play” can do so regardless of physical or cognitive ability. Our goal is to create an “Inclusive Play” facility where children of all abilities will play, learn explore, discover and imagine together in an environment where their common experiences make a more lasting impression than their different abilities. The Inclusive Play project will provide a safe, secure playground environment where “children with disabilities will continue to gain confidence as they interact more and more with both other children with disabilities and non-disabled peers.” These vital interactions will also help parents overcome social challenges by providing opportunities to teach their children important social interaction skills. By extension, Inclusive Play will help the wider community integrate children with disabilities into Barbadian society.

an important component in learning” The Non-Governmental Organization ‘Dentists for Africa’ has set itself goals to provide qualified dental care for destitute people in Africa who otherwise would have no access to it. This will be implemented by the setting up of dental practices and the organization of humanitarian operations. As a non-profit association, it promotes the training and further education of local students of dentistry, oral health officers, dental technicians, and medical engineers by means of material and personnel support. Beyond this, education regarding dental care, screenings of dental hygiene, and subsequent treatment among schoolchildren and the less-favoured and poor rural population are organized. These aims are achieved by the deployment of dental care personnel from Africa and Europe. Since 1999, twelve dental practices have been installed and equipped which are operated by Kenyan Oral Health Officers who in turn are supported by German dentists.



Another important project is the placement of sponsorships for Kenyan orphans who will be provided with school enrolment and subsequently, with an apprenticeship ensuring them positive future work prospects in their home country. Also important is the development and operation of a village for widows in Nyabondo, West Kenya, near Lake Victoria. Women who were affected by the AIDS epidemic have organized themselves there and run self-help projects to successfully manage their daily lives together and independently. For further information please visit

World Doctors Orchestra and it‘s partners could deliver the following proceeds to the charity recipients of 2015 concerts: Hope Kapstadt: 30,000 Euro Dentists for Africa e.V.: 20,000 Euro Stiftung Michael: 15,000 Euro Seattle Time Funds for the Needy: 15,000 Euro (US$ 17,000) British Columbia Children’s Hospital Foundation: 3,500 Euro (US$ 4000) Paediatric Amenities Fund of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados („QEH“) to procure a new born hearing screening equipment: 8,900 Euro (Barbados $ 20,000) Youth Orchestra Barbados for Orchestra‘s summer workshops and other music programmes: 5,300 Euro (Barbados $ 12,000) The Inclusive Play Project, a community service initiative of the Rotary Clubs of Barbados South and West: 5,300 Euro (Barbados $ 12,000) Total 103,000 Euro


DVD and CD of the concert’s live recording in Dresden and Vancouver are available in excellent quality. They are great memento and make a perfect present. Every player of the concert received one free DVD automatically. For further information please see instructions online (members section). Audio Sample: If you would like to convince yourself or your company about the high musical level of the World Doctors Orchestra, please contact us at [email protected] for free samples.




April 24, 2015, Kreuzkirche, Dresden April 25, 2015, Konzerthaus, Berlin June 7, 2015, Benaroya Hall, Seattle June 8, 2015, Chan Centre, Vancouver December 4, and 5, 2015, Frank Collymore Hall, Bridgetown, Barbados

Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

GUEST SOLOISTS AND PARTNERS Ludwig Quandt, violoncello Mark Lupin, violin Jeanine De Bique, soprano Amanda Fields, soprano André Hoyte, tenor Barbados National Youth Symphony Orchestra


Jonathan Lass Philip Dodd Tobias Breyer Wibke Voigt Ching-Hong Kao

PROJECT COMMITTEE CHAIRS Cluj-Napoca and Bukarest, Romania: Prof. Dr. Florin Amzica San Francisco and Sacramento, USA: Dr. Thomas DaSilva Munich, Germany: Katharina Emmerich Lugano, Switzerland and Como, Italy: Dr. Romano Mauri Barcelona, Spain: Dr. Santiago Rosales Hamburg/Berlin, Germany: Dr. Torsten Hecke

HOPE Kapstadt Stiftung Stiftung Michael – eine Stiftung für Epilepsie Dentists for Africa e.V. The Seattle Times Fund for the Needy British Columbia Children’s Hospital Foundation Paediatric Amenities Fund of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados The Inclusive Play Project, Barbados



Prof. Dr. Karl Bergman (president) Dr. Henrik Traulsen (treasurer) Dr. Kerstin Kreis (secretary)

DVD & CD Dresden/Berlin concert DVD & CD Seattle/Vancouver concert



SEATTLE/VANCOUVER SESSION Dr. David Frank, Seattle, WA, USA Dr. Mark Lupin, Vancouver, BC, Canada

BARBADOS SESSION Rotary Club of Barbados South The National Cultural Foundation

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Maestro Zubin Mehta, Honorary Member The Dowager Viscountess Rothermere, The Lady R Foundation Martin Hoffmann, General Manager Berliner Philharmoniker Pamela Rosenberg, Liz Mohn Foundation Dr. Günther Jonitz (President Berlin Med. Assoc.)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Willich (president) PD Dr. Anne Berghöfer (financial director)

WDO Inc. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sheyna N. Burt, Esq. (President) Prof. Dr. Stefan Willich PD Dr. Anne Berghöfer



Tobias Breyer Johannes Heusgen Hans-Bernd Kucher Hans Roll

WDO USA DEVELOPMENT TEAM Sheyna N. Burt, Esq. (chair) Dr. Fred Albrecht Dr. Allen Bishop Dr. Thomas DaSilva Dr. Stuart Hirsch Dr. Birgit Kovacs Dr. Jonathan Lass Dr. Jeffrey Yung

PATRONS CONCERT SESSIONS 2015 Dresden concert: Stanislaw Tillich, prime minister of Saxony, and Helma Orosz, Lord Mayor of Dresden Berlin concert: Prof. Monika Grütters, Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

OTHERS Priv.-Doz. Dr. Martin Schlaud, audio mastering and mixing


Fundraising FUNDRAISING – a Financing Tool to In- jor symphonic concerts, but also to under-served populations. The orchestra’s performance in the crease Global Access to Healthcare The challenges of charitable development are not unique to the World Doctors Orchestra. Some orchestras are supported by their municipal, state or federal governments, along with ticket sales; others are financially self-supporting through ticket sales and philanthropy. WDO has the relatively unique additional burden of raising funds not simply to support the performance of great music, but, more importantly, to raise awareness of and support for the tremendous work being performed by healthcare charities around the world. The management of the World Doctors Orchestra is based in Berlin, but WDO’s reach is global. Accordingly, the orchestra cannot rely on local support or activities like the sale of discounted tickets for a onetime event for its concerts to be financially successful. Then again, as WDO’s core musicians come from almost fifty countries around the world, the scale of influence is wide and serves as an important source of diverse talent and potential financial support. These professional physicians, connected by the power of music to effect change, have provided a significant foundation of financial stability for WDO by virtue of their enormous contributions of time, talent, and financial donations. The healthcare charities supported by WDO’s concerts accomplish very important work. WDO is committed to collecting as many donations as possible to support their mission. For it to be effective though, WDO requires the support of individuals and corporate partners to help defray its reasonable operational costs. WDO is working to rally the support of stakeholders, new and existing, who share its commitment to making healthcare accessible. This includes the need to broaden WDO’s pool of contributors: healthcare providers beyond WDO members, pharmaceutical and healthcare device companies, foundations, individuals, and media outlets. WDO’s development plan will encompass every level of support from individual donations and legacy gifts, to for-profit corporate support to foundation grants, to in-kind donations. With these goals in mind, WDO USA, under the presidency of Dr. Jonathan Lass, was founded in the United States in 2011, and the association Friends of World Doctors Orchestra was founded in Germany in 2012 by Prof. Dr. Karl E. Bergmann. Development success will pay dividends, as it will enable WDO even more to bring music and financial support not only to those well-developed communities who have the means to support ma-


South African township of Elandsdoorn 2012 is one shining example.

DEVELOPMENT PLAN WDO’s Development Team: Meaningful Support for Important Healthcare Charities and a Sustainable Future for WDO Combining the Pleasure of Fine Music (And Financial Stewardship!) with Global Medical Responsibility The Development Team of the World Doctors Orchestra is focused on helping WDO to bring its charitable mission to fruition in a way that allows WDO to be a sustainable organization long into the future. The Team has its gaze focused on stewardship – the responsible raising and management of financial resources – so that the WDO can do the maximum amount of good. This focus includes the design and implementation of a purposeful approach to harnessing and leveraging the

AS A COMMITTED INDIVIDUAL Support us by talking! • talk to your family, friends, colleagues, and circles of influence about the good work of WDO. by attending! • attend concerts of the World Doctors Orchestra on stage or in the audience. by joining! • join and encourage others to become part of WDO, WDO Inc., Friends of WDO e.V. and • take on positions within the organization(s), e.g. in the session committees by assisting! • assist WDO in identifying potential sponsors and supporters. by donating! • donate to the extend that you are able to support WDO’s operational and charitable endeavors.

DeveloPment Plan influence of WDO’s participants and artistic reputation. Broadly speaking, the Team proposes that WDO’s prime directive should be meaningful financial support of WDO’s health charity partners accomplished by achieving the following: 1. WDO will have a financial infrastructure that covers its costs related to operations, general marketing and public relations, and a capitalization fund to cover strategic initiatives and risks in reserve. 2. WDO will have fundraising and marketing campaigns for WDO generally and sessions specifically, nuanced to reflect the realities of our current geographic centers in Europe, North America, and Asia as well as future centers in South America, Australia, and Africa. 3. WDO, as part of its strategic planning process, will address its administrative infrastructure issues, defining the tasks of the various members of the leadership team, and its various volunteer committees, and making plans to

increase and develop the WDO’s paid staff in its various geographic centers. 4. WDO will make its performances a means to an end – supporting healthcare charities should be the preemptive purpose of all of our efforts.

Making the Most of Your Dedication to WDO The Development Team has yet to finish its analysis and fundraising plans for the short, mid, and long term. Once the plan is ready, details about it will be forwarded to all of the stakeholders of the WDO. The Team expects that this plan will mark a coordinated effort by WDO e.V., WDO USA, and Friends of WDO e.V. to ensure that your donation of time, talent, and treasure to this organization will be used in the most effective and responsible way. Musically yours, Sheyna Burt, Esq., The Law Office of Sheyna Nicole Burt

SUPPORTING THE IDEA “Supporting the WDO´s 2012 concerts and later the events in 2013, 2014, and 2015 became an instantly appealing idea as the WDO´s combination of three dimensions is convincing. Our doctors, staff and customers have been as fascinated as we are by the fit of medicine, culture and charity and we are proud to be associated with the WDO.“ Evangelos Kotsopoulos CEO Sonic Healthcare Germany

AS A CORPORATE SUPPORTER You can make a difference to the WDO’s ability to grow in the fulfillment of its mission. As a supporter of the orchestra, you can play a tremendous role in the supply of medical relief to those in need. Furthermore, your support and association with the WDO combined, for example, with international exposure at its premiere concert events will highlight your company’s dedication to health care as well as the arts. By joining WDO in its fight, you can feel confident that you are being a force for positive good in the world. Please contact us at [email protected] for an individually tailored sponsorship.


CORPORATE PARTNERS Since the WDOs’ first concert in 2008, many donors and sponsors have played an important role in making each of the extraordinary concerts and activities you see portrayed in this report possible. The WDO is very grateful for the loyalty of its generous supporters.



Modern and efficient laboratory diagnostics support clinical decisions. Sonic Healthcare is a stable, long-term oriented company which focuses exclusively on medical diagnostics and follows the basic principle of „Medical Leadership“. Excellent medical and analytical quality, comprehensive laboratory medical care, outstanding service and professional logistics are the guarantors of the successful work of all the laboratories of the Sonic Healthcare group in Germany. We offer our referring clinicians a full spectrum from the fields of laboratory medicine, microbiology, human genetics, transfusion medicine, cytology and hygiene. In order to meet very specific needs, doctors in medical practice and hospitals have automatic access to all centers of competence of the Sonic laboratory network which today includes the members Bioscientia (Ingelheim), Labor 28 (Berlin), Dr. von Froreich Bioscientia (Hamburg), Labor Lademannbogen (Hamburg), Labor Dr. Müller (Oldenburg), Labor Dr. Steinberg (Soest), Labdiagnostik (Frankfurt) and Schottdorf (Augsburg). Around 5,200 qualified and motivated employees, 250 specialist doctors and PhDs and the continuous investment in the laboratories of the group as well as medical training and professional development provide Sonic Healthcare a place at the forefront of medicine, science and technological development. Inspired by the idea that several doctors use their musical skills for a good cause and support different aid projects, Sonic has been proudly supporting the World Doctors Orchestra for four years already and is looking forward to an ongoing partnership. Evangelos Kotsopoulos CEO Sonic Healthcare Germany

B. BRAUN MELSUNGEN AG Opening Up New Perspectives and Creating Values Through the Arts Supporting culture and the arts is of fundamental importance to B. Braun. Arts and culture provide alternative perspectives and invite the observer to become an active participant. As a corporate citizen, B. Braun supports a variety of social and cul-


tural projects around the world. The company has particularly close ties with the local communities of its international locations. Knowledge, Regions, and Prospects – these are the three pillars on which B. Braun’s activities in the area of CSR are based. This philosophy is actively practiced by B. Braun’s “family” of 50,000 employees, distributed over 61 countries, and ties in perfectly with the World Doctors Orchestra. The family-owned B. Braun Group and its employees have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. This is firmly anchored in the Group’s underlying philosophy of “Sharing Expertise”: “As a corporate citizen, B. Braun strives to promote professional exchange among practitioners worldwide, but also to support arts and culture. The World Doctors Orchestra combines both in a wonderful way,” says Prof. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, member of the management board.


Concerts signal global medical responsibility The Aventis Foundation is a charitable, non-profit foundation headquartered in Germany. The foundation’s mission is to promote art and culture as well as science, research and education. In this context, the foundation especially supports long-term, structural projects launched by distinguished cultural institutions. These projects have in common that they develop new concepts with regard to content, artistic expression or organizational pattern. The uncommon approach of the World Doctors Orchestra has convinced the board of the Aventis Foundation from the very beginning of our cooperation and support in 2010. The orchestra manages to successfully combine the joy of music with a global medical responsibility. In fact, all doctors, who support the orchestra, are professionally educated musicians. As such, they understand to enlighten their audience by hosting superior productions of renowned musical works at the world’s most famous concert halls. In addition, the musicians bear all their personal costs linked to the project, like travel expenses and accommodation, so that the revenues earned entirely benefit the medical projects. The Aventis Foundation found this to be a highly eligible idea, which could serve as a role model for other development projects and thus should receive additional support and financial backing. Eugen Müller Managing Director of the Aventis Foundation


Annett Schräger Kongress- und Standortmarketing

Aventis Foundation, Frankfurt/Main, Germany B. Braun Melsungen AG, Melsungen, Germany Sonic Healthcare Germany, Berlin, Germany

University and Medical Institutions Prof. Dr. D. Michael Albrecht, Medizinischer Vorstand; Wilfried E. B. Winzer, Kaufmännischer Vorstand; Prof. Dr. Stefan Richard Bornstein, Prodekan; Marc Eisele, Zentrum für Medientechnik in der Medizin; Holger Ostermeyer; Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus Dresden Prof. Dr. Heinz Reichmann, Dekan, Technische Universität Dresden Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schellong, Krankenhaus Dresden Friedrichstadt Prof. Dr. Bettina Schmitz, Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum Berlin Prof. Dr. Claus Rüger, Grit Helwig, Rainer Peschel, Christiane Schumpa, Carl Gustav Carus Management GmbH

DRESDEN AND BERLIN CONCERTS Ingrid Biedenkopf, Bürgerstiftung Dresden Carl-Gustav Carus Management GmbH, Dresden, Germany Darboven GmbH Hamburg Dresdner Musikfestspiele Dresdner Stiftung Soziales & Umwelt der Ostsächsischen Sparkasse Dresden Günther Ingenieure Dresden GWT-TUD, Dresden, Germany Heribert Heckschen, Dresden Fresenius Medical Care GmbH, Bad Homburg First Private Investment Management KAG mbH, Frankfurt, Germany Stadtentwässerung Dresden, Germany VIAREALIS Gmbh, Dresden, Germany Renate Boden, Dresden Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V., Eschborn ORMED GmbH, Freiburg, Germany Orthomedical GmbH, Zorneding, Germany Donation by Corporate or Individual Expertise Town and Federal State Barbara Klepsch, Sächsische Staatsministerin für Soziales und Verbraucherschutz Prof. Kurt Biedenkopf, Ministerpräsident a.D. des Freistaates Sachsen S.E. David Ritchie AO, Australischer Botschafter in Deutschland Dr. David Klein, Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz der Stadt Dresden Dr. Ralf Lunau, Dresdner Bürgermeister, Beigeordneter für Kultur Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz der Landeshauptstadt Dresden Media and Marketing Maria Ossowski, ARD Kultur-Korrespondentin Viola Klein, Saxonia Systems Holding GmbH Sabine Mutschke, PR- und Marketingberatung Michaela Gornickel, Romana Gross, Par.X Marketing & Events Steffen Haak, Bunte Medien GmbH Kerstin Böttger, ELB TV Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH Uwe-Eckart Böttger, Format Media GmbH Claus Wischmann and camera crew: Svea Andersson, Lina Schuller, Ulrike Neubecker, Martin Koddenberg, Frederik Klose-Gerlich, sounding images GmbH, Berlin, Germany Karla Kallauch, Dresden Marketing GmbH Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen

Associations Prof. Dr. Jan Schulze, Knut Köhler, Sächsische Landesärztekammer Malteser Hilfsdienst Dresden Jüdische Gemeinde zu Dresden Ärztekammer Berlin Daniel Haupt, Kreuzkirche Dresden Matthias Albert, Martin Bülow, Clemens Krieger, Alexandra MacDonald, Rainer Promnitz, Frauke Roth, Dresdner Philharmonie Mania Feilcke-Dierck, Präsidentin, Ambassadors Club e.V. Companies Stephan Becker, Director of Sales & Marketing; Grand Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden Alexander Rüter, Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg Ursula Huber, Bert Kirsten, Dresdner Piano-Salon Kirsten GmbH Dorit Schaper, Maria Daniela Schulze, QF Hotel Dresden Individual Persons Dr. Timo Siepmann Marion Kittel Golo Hunger Benjamin Jakob Alexander Lee Herybert Runge Oona Bleier Verena Böttcher Kerstin Diebel Susanne Dollfuss Lysann Eichhorn Dr. Verena Fasshauer Ina Flügel Daniela Glauß Ursula Herrmann


Uta Hönicke Franziska Jantsch Kerstin Johne Lorenz Kreyer Anne Sophie Kubasch Marie Luise Kubasch Uta Kühne Christine Kulka Rainer Messerschmidt Peggy Müller Silke Richter Katrin Röthig Reinhard Schatz Kathrin Scherf Romy Schulz Claudia Schwede-Schmidt Doreen Siegels Juliane Theiss Julia Viehrig Kathrin Wagner Wolfgang Wagner Margit Weigelt Silka Wittig Schwester Katja Schwester Yvonne

SEATTLE AND VANCOUVER CONCERTS Dr. Gary S. and Wendy Kaplan, Virginia Mason Hospital & Seattle Medical Center Kelsey Oran, Viginia Mason Foundation Joseph and Eileen Lewis Phuong-Cac Nguyen Jackie Maccormac Sheetal Sapra Samuel Jones, Composer The Law Office of Sheyna Nicole Burt Kati Erwert, The Seattle Times Jeanne Jachim, Victory Media Tara Carere Terra Casey Kelcey Brady James Roodhouse Edward Grant Chan Endowment Fund at the Univ. of British Columbia BC Children‘s Hospital Foundation Allergan Canada Lilly and Company Foundation Merz Pharma GmbH Teoxane Laboratories, Geneva Donation by Corporate or Individual Expertise Victory Media Ramon Rodriguez, graphic design Printing Control Graphics


King FM 98.1 Classical Radio Nora Gause, The Helping Kitchen Dan Hershman, photography Chris Barnes Ed McMorrow, Lighthammer Piano Pace Group Kathi Springer Rob Tucker percussion Susan McLain, Greensleves Harp Hammond-Ashley Violins Bischofsberger Biolins Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra Sharon Frank John Hartman Alex Johnson Jean, Stuart, and Thomas Kraabel Jackie Maccormac Erica Peterson Maggie Walas Phuong-Cac Nguyen

BARBADOS CONCERTS The National Cultural Foundation, Barbados Andrea Wells André Hoyte The Barbados National Youth Symphony Orchestra Joy Knight-Lynch, director Captain Alfred Taylor, deputy director Rotary Club of Barbados South John Williams, president Sagicor The Royal Shop, Bridgetown Sandstorm Blueprint Creative Ticket Pal Barbados Yellow Pages Frank Collymore Hall Armstrong Health Care Inc. Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. CCG Trust Carke Gittens Farmer EY Global Drug Supply Ltd. Guardian General Insurance KPMG Pan American International Insurance Group RBC Royal Bank of Canada Rubis Eastern Caribbean SRL SRM Architects Ltd. The Travel House The Barbados Advocate Burrowes, Chartered Accountants Barbados Community College -Hospitality Institute Hotel Food Supplies Innogen Technologies

PBS Document Solution Centre Ryanne‘s Catering Roddy Roach Peter Sandiford Vancourt and Andria Rouse All parents of the BNYSO concert performers

WDO PARTICIPANTS AND FRIENDS In addition to the fact that the participants of the concerts bear all costs for their journey and accommodation, their financial support increased with higher donations than in the previous years. The musicians’ and their circle of acquaintances’ support enabled the WDO to continue to serve the communities of the world. The following list reflects all private donations received from January 1, 2015 until December 31, 2015 for WDO e.V. and WDO USA, and contains all constantly contributing members of the Friends of WDO e.V.: Päivi Ahonen Fred Albrecht Reinhild Allef Florin Amzica Joel Ang Michael Arthurs Heinz Arnold Anne-Marie Bagnoud Francoise Barroux Roland Baur Martina Berchtold-Neumann Renate and Karl Bergmann Rebecca Berkensträter Allen Bishop Gerlind Blees Carianne Blomquist Susanne Brakemeier Mischa Braun Tobias Breyer Xenia and Eckart Brinkmann Dieter Brossmann Wilfried Buck Joseph Car Michael Cave Ting Chao Li-Wei Chao Michiyo Cheetham Ching-Feng Cheng Ing-Sh Chiu Emanuel Christ Jorinde Circel Helga Coym

Katrina Crawford Shelley Cross Thomas DaSilva Paul Demarco Peter Dierck Carolyn Dyson Aref El-Seweifi Katharina Emmerich Adela Farcas Robert Felman David Frank Ekkehart Frank Miriam Freundt Karl-Wilhelm Fritz Ulrike Gaiser Dorothee Gescher Colin Granger Barry Grimaldi Ursina Grosch Heidi Grossenbacher-Villiger Olaf Hagen Andrea Hazan Torsten Hecke Olga Heijtmajer Johannes Heusgen Corin Hild Stuart Hirsch Christine Hofmann-Niebler Martin Hornberger Hsueh-Jen Huang Brian Hughes Kenji Ishii Rupert Jaeger Rafael Jimenez Ron Jontoff-Hutter Keiji Kanamori Ching-Hong Kao

Ulrich Kolck Birgit Kovacs Kerstin Kreis Anna-Margarete Kries Gerhard Kruck Sebastian Kruck Helmut Küster Evelyn Kuong Raymond Laning Dietrich Lasius Leah and Jonathan Lass Jen-Feng Liang Mark Lupin Romano Mauri Carola Mayer-Hüning Joseph Markoff Claudiu Miclos Manfred Mitterer Kurtis Mohr Eberhard Neumann-Redlin von Meding Reinhold Niewöhner Louisa Nitsch Cinderella Nonoo-Cohen Hisako Ohara Sarah Papp Annette Parry Vincent Pitteloud Vincent Poirier Annia Röhl Patrick Roignot Christiane and Hans Roll Arlene Rosenberg Romanie Ruggier Eva Cecilia Salmonson Patricia Samson Dominik Scheruhn

Konrad Scheuerer Silvia Schiffer Burkhard Schneeweiß Timm Schulz Andreas Schuster Hans Sendler James Smith Lucia Soltis Stephen Somach Fridolin Steiner Johannes Stelzer Katharina Stober Ronald Strauss Joan Temmerman Henrik Traulsen Therese Underwood Alison Van Buren Miguel Vila Nicole Wagner Matthias Wein Winfried Westermann Gesa Wiegand Margit Wiessner-Straßer Anneliese Willich Normann Willich Petra Willich Elfriede Wittschier Hiroshi Yamaguchi Timothy Yap Jeffrey Yung Patricia and Pascal Zangger Gisela Zientek Heinz Zimmermann Karl Zippelius Annerose Zoeller (Honorific titles omitted)


FINANCIAL REPORT 2015 Determination of taxable income (tax year 2015) of German WDO e.V. Totel receipts by donations

Included services in detail

€ 192,241 € 109,241

including donations by sonic healthcare, Bürgerstiftung Dresden, various donors, and orchestra musicians funding bei Aventis Foundation, and Stiftung Soziales & Umwelt der Ostsächsischen Sparkasse Dresden

by sponsoring

€ 20,000

cooperation bbraun

by sales

€ 58,822

ticket sales, CD promotion by sponsors

by interests


by tax return

€ 4,171

Total expenses

€ 98,620

material expenses (goods and external services)

€ 39,787

recording and production of CD and DVD, rental cost for instruments; catering for musicians


€ 12,498

WDO office

social insurance contributions insurance advertising expenses write-offs

€ 2,716 € 297

orchestra event insurance and umbrella organisation

€ 30,768

printing material, representation cost, travel cost WDO office

€ 508

various operation costs

€ 4,268

tax payments

€ 7,778

Donations to charity recipients

€ 66,200

Balance by Dec 31, 2015

€ 27,421

WDO office, tax accountant, lawyer

WORLD DOCTORS ORCHESTRA USA World Doctors Orchestra USA is a 501 c (3) organization authorized by the IRS. Statement of Activities is available upon request.




2017 PLANS

18th Concert Session, February 24-27, 2016, Thailand February 26, 2016 Siriraj Hospital Bangkok February 27, 2016 Prince Mahidol Hall, Bangkok Program: HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej: Phra Maha Mongkon Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, Op. 35 World Doctors Orchestra Conductor: Stefan Willich Soloist: Poom Poomachart, piano Local organizer: College of Music, Mahidol University

21st Concert Session, April 18-23, 2017, Germany and Austria April 22, 2017 Herkulessaal Munich April 23, 2017 Mozarteum Salzburg Program: Maazel/Wagner: Ring without words Opera Arias Local organization: Dr. Katharina Emmerich, Dr. Konrad Scheuerer, Dr. Margit Wiessner-Straßer, Dr. Rupert Jaeger

19th Concert Session, May 23-28, 2016, Romania May 26, 2016 University College Cluj May 27, 2016 Black Church Brasov May 28, 2016 Athenaeum Bucharest Program: Serban Nichifor: Transylvanian Bluegrass Hector Berlioz: Harold in Italy Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, „Pastoral“ World Doctors Orchestra Conductor: Stefan Willich Soloist: Aida Carmen Soanea, viola, Ioan Harea, violin Local WDO organizer: Prof. Florin Amzica 20th Concert Session, October 5-10, 2016, San Francisco October 8, 2016 October 9, 2016, Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall, San Francisco Conservatory of Music October 10, 2016, Sacramento Community Center Theater Program: Richard Wagner, Ouverture to The Master Singers of Nuremberg Peter Tchaikovsky, March Slav, Op. 31 Bramwell Tovey, The Lincoln Tunnel Cabaret Ferdinand David, Trombone Concertino, Op.4 Gustav Mahler, Symphony No.1 World Doctors Orchestra Conductor: Stefan Willich Soloist: Joseph Alessi, trombone Local WDO organizer: Dr. Thomas DaSilva

22nd Concert Session, June 6-10, 2017, Switzerland and Italy June 9, 2017 Lugano Arte e Cultura, Lugano June 10, 2017, Teatro Sociale Como Program: Gioachino Rossini: Overture to Guillaume Tell Aaron Copland: Old American Songs Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Symphony No. 5 Coro Clairière Local organization: Dr. Romano Mauri 23rd Concert Session, October 5-8, 2017 Barcelona, Spain October 8, 2017 Auditorium Concert Hall Barcelona Program: Edward Elgar: Cello Concerto Johannes Brahms: Symphony No. 2 Soloist: Lluis Claret, cello Local organization: Santiago Rosales, Jordi Gatell, Miquel Vila-Bover Future session plans after 2017 include concert sessions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Hamburg and Berlin, Korea, Paris, Poland, Copenhagen, Russia, Amsterdam, Israel, London, Australia, Orlando, New York and Buffalo, Baltic states and Costa Rica.

WDO BRASS Concert Session, May 8, 2016, Philadelphia, May 9, 2016, New York Soloist and Conductor: Blair Bollinger Local WDO organizers: Birgit Kovacs, Richard Gosney


Operation WDO How can one imagine the ‘operation WDO’? – A short look behind the curtain in three steps: As the name implies, the World Doctors Orchestra is committed to outreach throughout the globe. For each session, choosing the charities to be highlighted, locale, and programming is as much art as science.

Step 1: Destination and Dates Decisions about destination and dates are taken in due consideration of availability of the physician/musicians, suggestions by orchestra members or charity projects, invitations from sponsors or institutions, and strength of operative and financial support of partners in the vicinity of the suggested destination. Currently, WDO is able to run 3 concert sessions per year with an average set-up time of 1 - 2 years.

Step 2: Logistical, Funding, and Programming Arrangements The concert venue, rehearsal space, and accommodations are identified and booked, necessary sponsorships are acquired, and WDO’s Musical

Director Stefan Willich decides on the concert program in cooperation with local artists. Subsequently invitations are sent out to the pool of WDO musicians and Stefan Willich choses his fellow musicians, resulting in an ensemble of sixty to one hundred twenty members. In cooperation with the local organizer team, the orchestra management sets about all further organizational and content related work including PR, marketing, ticketing, rehearsal logistics, instrument rentals and the distribution of sheet music several months prior to the concert session.

Step 3: The Gathering Three to four days before the first concert the entire orchestra meets for its first group rehearsal in the host city. In a mixture of group rehearsals and small ensemble sessions coached by professional musicians, timing, tempo, intensity, and overall impression are practiced. When possible, the final general rehearsal serves as a free pre-concert for patients in a local hospital. Finally, the ‘big day’ is there and years of preparation and hard work culminate in the session’s concerts.

Rehearsal at Kalkscheune, Berlin Mitte


Violoncellos‘ section rehearsal

Preparing for stage, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre



MUSICIAN MEDICINE Medical care for Professional Musicians - A developing interest for the World Doctors Orchestra Many participants of the World Doctors Orchestra individually provide specialist healthcare to professional musicians as well as to other professionals in the performing arts. In addition, other members are involved in research in this specialist medical field. This is something that would be expected given the unique perspective that members of the Orchestra have in providing healthcare to this patient group. Since the foundation of the Orchestra in 2007, a number of participants have expressed the view that the orchestra should support initiatives that assist professional musicians in accessing expert specialist medical care in the treatment of their occupational illnesses or injuries, and that the Orchestra should take advantage of its unique position as a group of professionals that can contribute to the development of new, evidence based treatment approaches. The Orchestra has the potential to bring together medical professionals working in this relatively new and developing specialist area of medical care, with clear potential to facilitate professional



development, patient access and education. Linking with relevant professional groups around the world would seem the next step. In 2012, the Orchestra carried out a review of relevant information sources and representative professional groups, and has developed a specific webpage on the WDO website with links to these resources. This online resource is updated regularly, and the membership is welcome to suggest further appropriate links. Links to professional journals, international resource organizations, as well as international academic and therapeutic groups are available on the website. In 2012, the Orchestra held a seminar for members on therapeutic and research challenges in treating occupationally related injuries for musicians. This seminar took place during rehearsals for the Berlin concert project that year, and similar seminars are planned in future, with local physicians during concert projects around the world. Broader plans for the Orchestra in this area of work include developing partnerships in education and treatment with relevant not-for-profit groups, to develop access and best practice.

„What music and medicine have in common? The fundament is perfect technique, precision, and a lot of skill and knowledge – all of which can only be achieved by endless hours of practice and with underlying talent. But neither can truly LIVE and speak to the people without passion/compassion, emotion/ empathy.“ Ulrike Schatz, endocrinologist & violinist


WDO - ALL OVER THE WORLD The World Doctors Orchestra currently consists of 1,055 musicians from the domain of medicine: 492 women (about 47%), and 563 men (about 53%) from 50 countries. They are all medical professionals and, at the same time, are enthusiastic and active musicians, 289 of them have a professional musical background. About 100 musicians participate in each concert, depending on the availability of the members and the instruments needed for each concert. Because there are so many participants, all important instruments are represented. Remarkably, many of the musicians are proficient in two or more instruments. Also, many have had professional music

musicians of the WDO

p o

concerts performed


medical aid projects supported

training and experience; the others are excellent amateur musicians who engage in regular musical activity or play in professional orchestras in their free time, whereas others play regularly in amateur orchestras and chamber music ensembles. A great variety of medical specialties is represented. Internists, pediatricians, general practitioners, and surgeons take the lead, and there is a wide variety of specialization in diagnostic and therapeutic areas, as well as in pharmacology. The participants of the concerts bear the costs of their journey and accommodation, collectively amounting to approx. 100,000 EURO in total for each concert.

Country of origin Germany USA United Kingdom Switzerland Australia Japan Taiwan Italy Canada China (incl. Hong Kong) Sweden South Africa Ireland Poland France Spain Romania Austria Thailand Netherlands Norway Armenia Brazil New Zealand Denmark Finland Greece Hungary Israel Portugal Costa Rica Estonia India Indonesia Malaysia Malta Mexico Russia Slovenia South Korea Barbados Belgium Croatia Chile Iceland Iran Kazakhstan Lithuania Namibia

No. of musicians 302 225 89 59 56 46 29 23 23 18 17 16 14 13 10 10 9 8 8 7 7 6 5 5 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Medical specialization Internal medicine of these specialized in - cardiology - gastroenterology - hematology - nephrology - endocrinology - oncology - rheumatology - infectiology - intensive care - allergology General medicine/ family medicine Pediatrics and adolescent medicine of these specialized in - neuropediatrics - neonatology Surgery of these specialized in - plastic surgery - orthopaedic surgery - neurosurgery - cardiac surgery - pediatric surgery - oral surgery - vascular surgery - thoracic surgery Anesthesia Psychiatry, psychosomatics, psychotherapy, psychology Ophthalmology Dentistry/ orthodontics Neurology Radiology/nuclear medicine Gynecology Dermatology Orthopedics Public Health / social medicine / rehabilitation medicine/ occupational medicine Emergency medicine Pathology Otolaryngology Pharmacology/toxicology Basic science Podiatry Geriartic medicine Clinical genetics Urology Physiotherapy/ physical medicine Forensic medicine Various other specialists Non medical professions Medical students

No. of musicians 174 23 15 12 11 9 7 7 6 3 2 108 71 4 2 70 12 6 5 2 1 1 1 1 54 50 45 44 35 29 26 20 20 20

18 16 8 8 7 5 5 4 4 3 2 6 28 103


Imprint Text: Stefan Willich, Anne Berghöfer (WDO); Sheyna Burt, Jonathan Lass (WDO USA); Karl E. Bergmann (Friends of WDO); Philip Dodd (Musician Medicine) English editing: Patricia Samson Photography: Christoph Müller, Hamburg (title page, pp. 12, 14, 15-16, 17, 26, 30, 34 bottom); Peer Schröder, Berlin (pp. 1, 24, 33, 36); Marc Eisele, Dresden (pp. 2, 19-20, 31); Sheyna Burt (p. 5); Ludwig Quandt, Berlin (p. 8); Mark Lupin, Vancouver (p. 10); Jeanine de Bique (p. 13); Stiftung Michael (p. 18); BCCHF, Vancouver (p. 21); Rotary Club Barbados South (p. 22 top); Dentists for Africa (p. 22 bottom); Sabine Ziarno, Berlin (p. 23, back page); Andrea Katheter, Berlin (p. 34 top); Nina Altmann, Berlin (p. 35). Layout & Design: Typing: Anne Berghöfer Printed by: Häuser KG, Köln To protect our environment this annual report was printed climate neutrally. Circulation: 700 © WDO e.V., WDO USA, Friends of WDO e.V., 2016


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