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Words. Pictures. Ideas. That’s all there is between your brand and its rivals. Those three little things. Get them wrong and you’re fired, get the...
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That’s all there is between your brand and its rivals. Those three little things. Get them wrong and you’re fired, get them right and you’re a winner. We get results for our clients because we get those rocks of good communication right, time and again. If you’d like to work with an agency that likes awards but loves results, call Angus Crowther on 0207 017 1000 or email [email protected].

The show is over, the stage is cleared, and everyone is back at the day job. Now all that remains is to close the 2009 MCCA Best Awards by bringing all the Best work together for prosperity in this year’s Book of Winners. Over the following pages, what you will see is a celebration of the most inspiring creative, the most seamless integration and the most profitable results. This year’s awards were more hotly contested than ever before, entries were up by nearly 10%, and in some categories our hardened judging panel opted to not award a Best at all, in order to preserve the integrity of the awards. So, the winners should be particularly proud, and the clients reading this should be particularly impressed. These agencies are operating in an unprecedented climate, results are everything, budgets are under pressure and consumers are, quite rightly, demanding more from brands. In short, work must work, and it must work hard. Next year, I expect we will once again see entries increase and standards boosted yet further. The work that will be compared over the judging table is the work being conceived, executed and measured

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as we speak. So right now, clients should be expecting for their brands the kind of standards we have celebrated this year, and agencies should be striving to create the work that will win the Best in 2010. The bar has been set higher than ever, the challenge for this year is to smash through it once again.

Mike Spicer, Chairman of the MCCA















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SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT Rick Keisewetter, Head of Copy, Elvis Communications; Matt Morley-Brown, Creative Director, archibald ingall stretton; Nigel Clifton, Creative Director, EHS Brann. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT Jeremy Baron, Creative Director, BD-Network; Gary Sharpen, Creative Director, WDMP; Paul Iaquaniello, Creative Director, Space.

CREATIVE JUDGES As my fellow judges and I gathered that day to review creative work for The Best Awards, we would be viewing a snapshot of standards in our industry. But this was work produced pre recession. It represented continuing longer term trends, rather than possible short term reactions to difficult times.

We were pleased too, relieved in fact, to see evidence of good writing. So much so we decided to divide Best Copywriting into two categories. One recognising exceptionally well crafted direct mail, the other taking on board the skill required when putting across a message online.

So what did this halcyon snapshot reveal? There was a lot of solid work, but a better class of solid. More importantly The Best was really worthy of the title.

I would like to thank my fellow judges for their time, commitment, humour and, most of all, passion in seeking to make absolutely the right decisions when selecting The Best.

Interestingly each category tended to solicit one of two reactions. The first: we instantly felt ourselves in the presence of a clear, ‘I wish I’d done that’ piece of work. The second: two or, occasionally, more pieces absolutely divided the jury, leading to much ‘discussion’ and analysis of what makes for a really great idea and execution.

It will be interesting to see what kind of work the current difficult times produce. But I would hope that clients and agencies alike will look to the best work to help deliver against whatever problems the economy throws at their business.

As ever though simplicity is still at the heart of great thinking. Witness “Human Sale” for Stop The Traffik.

For now, best congratulations to the winners of The Best Awards 2009. Gary Sharpen, Ceative Director, WDMP; Chairman Creative Judges

It was also gratifying to see outstanding digital, such as “Don’t blow your life away” for the Metropolitan Police, alongside great traditional like the “Origami pigeons” for HSBC.

The MCCA would like to thank Maria Donde of the ASA and Mike Walmsley and Sophie Hall of law firm Macfarlanes for checking that entries complied with the industry codes of practice, rules and UK regulations. The ASA can be contacted on 020 7492 2222. Macfarlanes can be contacted on 020 7831 9222.

SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT Marian Rose, Individual Giving & Product Development Director, Save the Children; Alexandra Lloyd Davies, Associate Marketing Director, UK & Ireland Brand Operations, Procter & Gamble; Anna Maxwell, Marketing Director, Boehringer Ingelheim; Louise Proddow, Head of Branding & Marcoms, Nokia Siemens Networks. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT Angus McIver, Group Marketing Director, Morrisons; Stuart Smith, Consultant Editor, Centaur Group; James Brandon, Head of Marketing, The Food Standards Agency; Jeremy Davies, Director of Brand & Communication, E.ON UK; Simon Lloyd, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing Palm Europe Limited.

CLIENT JUDGES It was a welcome break to step out of the cold (economically and weather!) and have time to reflect on what delivering the Best really means. It’s not about glitz glam advertising, or over indulgent strap lines, old media or new media. There’s a new pragmatic mood in the air and that was reflected at the judges table as we presided over this year’s Best Awards. The most effective ideas grab your attention, but also deliver results to the bottom-line – whatever the climate. And these were the ideas that shone through for us. Because of course, not only are the best ideas recession proof, they are panel proof too. It was amazing to watch the collection of experienced client marketeers gravitate towards the same creative campaigns, in agreement that they were truly the Best, conceptually, creatively - and statistically, once we had seen the results. In the current climate, customers become more demanding and the Best campaigns captured this by responding to this demand across a variety of touchpoints. All of the big winners tapped into real insights and then propelled the big idea with a simplicity and clarity of vision. It was refreshing to see that the Best awards showcased the sheer diversity of

media touchpoints available to us all. The old tricks still work, but the best trick was picking the right mix for your idea and customer, which the winners did in a huge variety of ways. A growing social conscience for business also showed through. This manifested itself through refreshing approaches to experiential and community marketing, but also through global sponsorships that have gone one step further, and in some cases, revolutionised business models. Clear examples of how, when done the right way, marketing can have an impact far beyond its traditional sphere of influence. Being part of the Best Awards reminded me of the great people, clients and agencies that make this industry unique. A special thanks to everyone involved, especiallly the panel whose razor sharp judgement pulled out the most deserved winners. The Best campaigns have the power to impact business whatever the climate, congratulations to all the winners of the Best Awards 2009 for demonstrating exactly that. Louise Proddow, Head of Branding & Marcoms, Nokia Siemens Networks; Chairman of the MCCA Client Judging Panel



Campaign Virgin Holidays ‘Ask for the World’ CLIENT Virgin Holidays AGENCY Elvis TEAM A/C Handling Team: Jenny Peacock, Tom Bayliss, Charlie Byron, Will Reynolds Creative & Production Team: John Treacy, Rick Kiesewetter, Jason Cascarina, Clare D’Andrea, Paul Taylor, Kerry Roper, Lorraine Geogheagan, Emma Dobson, Natalie Tobin, Louise Tummond, James Pais.

We demonstrated how holidaymakers could ‘Ask for the World’ at every touchpoint through-the-line. A TV ad featured Charlotte Church as a ‘demanding diva’ singing ‘I want the world’. Radio used the same song with different lyrics to promote destinations. We produced colourful posters featuring Charlotte’s face and the same illustration was carried through on email and DM. Copy was typically Virgin, intelligent irreverence with a good sense of fun.


Campaign The Pampers UNICEF Programme CLIENT Procter & Gamble AGENCY Saatchi & Saatchi X

In parts of Africa and Asia, neo-natal tetanus claims the life of a child every three minutes. Over 140,000 babies and 30,000 mothers die each year – despite the fact that a cure exists. The vaccine costs less than 1 Euro per person. Pampers partnered with UNICEF to create a simple proposition: for each pack of Pampers purchased, a donation would be made to UNICEF to fund one vaccine. Major retailers got involved and sales results surpassed expectations, with over 42 million vaccines being funded. Clearly, the campaign is shifting product, building the brand and saving lives.





Elvis is a young, hungry agency that is run by the founders that started the agency 5 years ago. 2008 has been a transformational year in our short history, as our strategy of ‘investing in top talent’ has seen us catapult up the new business rankings. 2008 has seen us winning more significant clients and attracting more top agency talent than any other agency in our field. We have retained the hunger and attitude of a start-up but now have a team to rival any agency in London. We have a unique methodology, combining hard data with enthnographic research which results in richer consumer insight that leads to a significant behaviour change.



AGENCY Mesh Marketing

Mesh was founded with a simple premise: to help its clients convert shoppers into buyers. And it is this single-minded focus that has helped them attract business from a wide range of FMCG and retail clients.


In the past 12 months alone they have added Danone, Disney Consumer Products and Argos to their already impressive client list, developed a way to evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of in-store activity (POPEM), and launched the world’s first transactional shop on Facebook. They were also named the UK’s Fastest Growing BTL Agency in 2008 in the Marketing league tables and even found time to open a new office to house their ever-growing team.



CLIENT Andrew Shelton, Marketing Director, Virgin Holidays

Andrew has been the driving force in redirecting Virgin Holidays. He not only lives and breathes his brand, he has a total perspective on the market. Under his stewardship, 2008 saw the launch of a new positioning underpinned with customer service innovations. He has demonstrated great leadership, providing clear direction yet giving space to his agency, Elvis, to drive creativity. Above all, he has delivered for his brand’s ambitions.





Campaign Breakfast’s on us CLIENT Lufthansa Airlines AGENCY Intelligent Marketing TEAM A/C Handling Team: Chris Carter, Creative & Production Team: Tom Allen

Intelligent Marketing was briefed with increasing Lufthansa business flights from London City Airport through key influencers; time pressed business travelers and skeptical travel agents. A consumer proposition based on convenience was right for the traveler but the idea had to engage agents who often receive nondescript communications. Creating an office buzz allowed Intelligent Marketing to win agent hearts before communicating the key traveler benefits. The industry buzz was phenomenal, generating a 60% sales increase (like for like) and an ROI of 90:


CAMPAIGN Inspired Choice CLIENT Alliance & Leicester AGENCY The Lounge Group

At The Lounge everything is built on insight from the 8,000 strong under 35’s network; this insight led to a fundamental change in the way a bank could approach account marketing. The Lounge created a genuine long-term benefit and, for the first time, more than just offer a one-off gift to open an account. In addition to a unique mentor program that inspired young people in their careers, the campaign also inspired stakeholders from bank staff to colleges to parents to endorse the account. Inspired Choice resulted in 120% year on year increase in new accounts.




Campaign The Pampers UNICEF Programme CLIENT Procter & Gamble AGENCY Saatchi & Saatchi X TEAM A/C Handling Team: David Hook, Sadia Siddiqui, Shauna Kelly, Sam Higginson, Stephen Rothman, Phil White Creative & Production Team: Tris Gates-Bonarius, Emma Perkins, Prad Nair, Sarah Taylor, Dan O’bey, Tina Lilley, David Sydenham, Patricia Curry

Having started in the UK in 2006, the Pampers-UNICEF campaign has evolved over the last three years and rolled out across Europe and the world. However, while the creative work has evolved the premise has remained the same: purchase one pack of Pampers and Pampers will provide UNICEF with one neo-natal tetanus vaccine. The campaign has achieved unprecedented involvement from major retailers and celebrity endorsements have enhanced the PR story. The results have been spectacular. Trading and shipment records have been broken. And the end goal is now within sight: a world where the deadly threat of neo-natal tetanus to mothers, babies and children is eliminated – forever.

Ironically, you used to get told off for name calling. Name calling isn’t something we’d usually recommend, unless you’re talking direct to customers. And it doesn’t have to stop there. As well as having the ability to insert personal details such as names in to creative, Variable Data Printing (VDP) from HP Indigo Digital Print lets you tailor each and every element – right down to copy and imagery. This allows you to create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with consumers in a much more relevant manner, upping your response rates by a whopping 23% in some cases. It’s about combining creativity with data insight. And of course there is still all the flexibility to use an extensive range of substrates as well as the high quality of print you’d expect from HP.

To see the creative and business benefits for yourself, come to the HP and MCCA workshops. Contact the MCCA for more details.

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Campaign Bell’s. ‘Rich with Flavour, Full of Life’

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AGENCY The Pulse Group TEAM A/C Handling Team: Fenella Rogers Creative & Production Team: Tony O’Brien

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