Wireless Multi-Touchpad Mini Keyboard Installation Guide

Wireless Multi-Touchpad Mini Keyboard Installation Guide Introduction The Wireless Multi-Touchpad Mini Keyboard offers performance, value and convenie...
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Wireless Multi-Touchpad Mini Keyboard Installation Guide Introduction The Wireless Multi-Touchpad Mini Keyboard offers performance, value and convenience of wireless connectivity.

Features and Benefits • • • • •

Plug and play - no additional drivers needed Slim, light weight 88-key wireless keyboard extremely portable Multi-touch touchpad with 3-button mouse function, including tapping, scrolling Low profile tactile keys for comfort, precise and quiet typing 8 hot keys for internet, e-mail and multimedia functions

Package Contents • • • •

Wireless Multi-Touchpad Mini Keyboard USB wireless receiver 2 AAA batteries Installation guide

System Requirements • •

PC computer with an available USB port Windows® 8 (32-/64-bit) / 7 (32-/64-bit) / Vista (32-/64-bit) / XP (32-/64-bit) / Server 2003 & 2008 (32-/64-bit) / Server 2008 R2



Specifications Keyboard • LED: Low battery indicator • Batteries: 2 AAA • Pairing button • Key press force: 61g ± 9g • Key switch life: ~ 10 million cycles • Number of keys: 88 + 8 hot keys • Operating distance: up to 33ft/10m (max) • Operating frequency: 2.4 GHz • Operating mode current consumption: 8mA (max) • Sleep mode current consumption: 15uA • Sleep mode: After 8-10 minutes of inactivity • Two snap open legs for tilt and height adjustment • Dimensions: 12 1/4" x 8 11/16" x 3/4" Touchpad • Multi-finger touch technology touchpad • Supports 3-button mouse with tap and scroll • Built-in left and right mouse button below touchpad USB • • •


Wireless Receiver Input voltage: 5V DC Connection interface: USB Pairing button

Keyboard Layout 1


5 6

3 4





11 12




Figure 1: Top Layout





Figure 2: Bottom Layout


Keyboard Buttons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 4

Home - Starts the default Web browser and loads your home page - when web browser is already running your home page will load Search - Opens Windows search feature Favorites - Opens your list of favorite websites Email - Starts the default email program Volume down - Decreases the system sound Volume up - Increases the system sound Stop - Stops playing the current media track (Windows Media Player only) Play/Pause - Switch between playing and pausing the current media track (Windows Media Player only) Num Lock - Enables or disables Num Lock Low battery LED - Replace the batteries as soon as possible when LED flashes Fn (function key) - Works in conjunction with the Num Lock key to temporarily override the intergrated numeric keypad in order to type the letter on the corresponding key Multi-touch touchpad - Controls cursor and various mouse functions Left click button Right click button This key functions as right-click button Snap open legs for tilt/height adjustment Pairing button - When the wireless keyboard is not working correctly, press to put into pairing mode with the USB wireless receiver Battery compartment - 2 AAA batteries Storage compartment for the USB wireless receiver

USB Wireless Receiver Pairing button

USB connector

Figure 3: USB Wireless Receiver

Pairing button - When the wireless keyboard is not working correctly, press to put into pairing mode with the wireless keyboard

Setting Up Your Wireless Keyboard Use the snap-open legs on the bottom of the keyboard to adjust the tilt/height for your comfort. 1. Plug the USB wireless receiver into a USB port of the computer. The driver will install automatically. 2. Insert the batteries into the keyboard. 3. If the keyboard is not working, place the USB wireless receiver and wireless keyboard into pairing mode. Pairing mode: Re-plug the USB wireless receiver into a USB port of the computer, press it's Pairing button, then press the Pairing button on the bottom of the wireless keyboard. Wait 30 seconds, if the keyboard still does not work, try again. It may take several tries before you are successful.

Multi-touch Touchpad The touchpad of the Wireless Multi-Touchpad Mini Keyboard, supports multi-finger touch technology effectively simulating a 3-button mouse with scrolling. See below for supported features. •

Move cursor: Slide one finger along the touchpad 5

• • • • • •

Left click button: Tap one finger Middle click button: Tap two fingers Right click button: Tap 3 fingers Double click (left mouse button): Double tap one finger Drag: Double tap & hold one finger, then slide finger along the touchpad Vertical scroll: Slide two fingers vertically

Numeric Keypad The Numeric Keypad, indicated by the blue characters integrated into the main keypad, is controlled by turning On/Off Num Lock. Press the Num Lock key to enable or disable the numeric keypad according to your typing needs. Note: Some systems turn on Num Lock when the system starts up. This is inconvenient because to use the keyboard normally you'll have to press Num Lock key each time after the computer starts up to turn off the numeric keypad. Fortunately, most systems allow you to change Num Lock in the system BIOS. For more information read your computer's user's manual.

Function Key (Fn) The function key (Fn) temporarily overrides the numeric keypad, enabling you to type the normal keyboard character instead of the numeric keypad character. The function key works only when the Numerc Keypad is enabled. 1. With the Numeric keypad enabled, hold down the Fn key. 2. Press the appropriate key in the numeric keypad. 3. Release the Fn key to return to the numeric keypad. 6

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