A Rich Tradition of Quality Personal Care Products Founded in 1752, Caswell-Massey is America’s enlightened apothecary and original purveyor of personal care products and accessories...and America’s 4th oldest operating company. We use the highest quality natural ingredients in a wide array of soaps, gels, lotions, creams, shaving products and fragrances – all made in the USA.  For 262 years our goal has been to honor the tradition of our founder with superior products and a dedication to quality and service.  


SIGNATURE COLLECTION Almond & Aloe ............................ 4-5 Lavender...................................... 6-7 Verbena........................................ 8-9

SOOTHING CLASSICS Cucumber & Elderflower .............10 Oatmeal & Honey .........................11 Dr. Hunter’s Original Remedies................................ 12-13 Specialty Soaps ...........................14 Apothecary ...................................15

FRAGRANCE Elixir of Love ...........................16-17 Sandalwood ...........................18-19 Number Six ...................................20 Jockey Club .................................21 Newport ........................................22 Greenbriar .....................................23

SHAVE ESSENTIALS Almond ...................................24-25 Sandalwood ...........................26-27 Eucalyptus ..............................28-29 Lucky Tiger .............................30-31 Shave Accessories ................32-33


A. NEW! Signature Foaming Bath Cream


Luxuriant bubbles of soothing Almond & Aloe, refreshing Lavender, or invigorating Verbena gently cleanse the skin without stripping natural oils. A treat for both body and mind as a shower gel or bubble bath. Sulfate free. 10 oz./300 ml. $11.00 each.

01-30538 Verbena 07-30536 Almond and Aloe 01-30537 Lavender

B. Signature Bar Soap Assortment Presented in an attractive gift box and triplemilled with perfume grade oils, these soaps gently cleanse the skin without stripping it of natural oils. Includes one bar each of our Signature fragrances: Almond & Aloe, Lavender, and Verbena. Set of three soaps. 5.2 oz./150 g each.

01-30488 $14.00

C. Almond & Aloe Titanics


Please your family and guests with the sweet fragrance and moisturizing nourishment of Almond and Aloe. Our oversized 32 oz. “titanic” bottles come with a convenient pump dispenser.

07-30493 Body Lotion $24.00 07-30495 Liquid Soap $22.50 07-30494 Bath Gel $22.50


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signature collection almond & aloe

Body Lotion

Hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth with a hint of almond scent and the coolness of Aloe Vera. 10 oz./300 ml

07-30021 $12.00


Hand & Body Wash This gentle wash nourishes the skin as it cleanses. 10 oz./300 ml

07-30022 $11.00

Hand Cream

Formulated to hydrate, protect and condition hands without leaving a greasy feeling behind. 2.5 oz./75 ml

07-30086 $7.50

Body Butter

Specially formulated to luxuriously moisturize and nourish the skin with the coolness of Aloe Vera, leaving it with a radiant glow. 8.0 oz./240 g

07-30089 $14.00

Our Signature Collection updates timeless formulations and classic favorites with advanced technologies that moisturize, condition and softly scent skin. The Signature Collection’s formulations are paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free and not tested on animals.


Soothes, dries and refreshes the skin with a subtle hint of Sweet Almond fragrance. 3.5 oz./100 g

07-30088 $8.50

Boxed Soap

Triple-milled with perfume grade oils, this soap gently cleanses the skin without drying or stripping it of natural oils. 5.2 oz./150 g

07-30241 $5.00

Box of Three Soaps

Three quality soaps packaged in a beautiful box. 5.2 oz./150 g each.

07-30171 $14.00

NEW! Foaming Bath Cream

Rich almond scented bubbles cleanse, nourish and moisturize in the shower or bath. Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera soothe, condition and restore softness to skin. 10 oz./300 ml

07-30536 $11.00 TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539


lavender Freshly hydrating.

The versatility of Lavender, with its fresh clean aromatic scent, provides deep long-lasting hydration, as it softens and soothes skin.



NEW! Foaming Bath Cream

Refreshing Lavender scented lather cleanses and moisturizes in the shower or bath. Lavender extract clarifies skin while it soothes the spirit. 10 oz./300 ml

Body Lotion

A rich, hydrating lotion that absorbs into the skin easily leaving it soft and smooth with a pleasing Lavender fragrance. 10 oz./300 ml

01-30023 $12.00

Hand & Body Wash

A calming and soothing experience for the entire body, this wash gently cleanses with a soft Lavender scent. 10 oz./300 ml

01-30024 $11.00

01-30537 $11.00

Hand Cream


Body Butter

01-30087 $7.50

01-30172 $8.50

01-30173 $14.00

Boxed Soap

Box of Three Soaps

Eau de Toilette Spray

Hydrates, protects and moisturizes hands with no greasy residue, leaving them calm and smooth. 2.5 oz./75 ml

Made from an organic vegetable base and triple-milled with perfume grade oils, this soap gently cleanses the skin for a feeling of serenity. 5.2 oz./150 g

A subtle touch of Lavender is the perfect finishing touch as it soothes, dries and calms the skin. 3.5 oz./100 g

Three quality soaps packaged in a beautiful box. 5.2 oz./150 g each.

01-30174 $14.00

Moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin, giving it a radiant glow while leaving behind a peaceful, tranquil feeling. 8.0 oz./240 g

A natural, clean and airy fragrance of Lavender made from fine perfume grade oils. 1.7 oz./50 ml

11-30175 $20.00

01-30246 $5.00 TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539


Eau de Toilette Spray The bright, refreshing citrus scent of Verbena, made from fine fragrance, perfumegrade oils. 1.7 oz./50 ml

11-30236 $20.00

NEW! Foaming Bath & Shower Cream Invigorating bubbles scented with Verbena extract cleanse and moisturize while you shower or bathe to tone, smooth and improve skin tone. 10 oz./300 ml

01-30538 $11.00

Body Lotion

For beautiful silky smooth skin that feels soft and nourished. 10 oz./300 ml

01-30027 $12.00

Body Butter

Hand & Body Wash Gently cleanses and revitalizes the body, with the refreshing citrus scent of Verbena. 10 oz./300 ml

01-30028 $11.00

Gives the skin a radiant glow while it moisturizes and nourishes with a fragrance that will awaken the senses. 8.0 oz./240 g

01-30181 $14.00


Boxed Soap

Hand Cream


01-30234 $7.50

01-30180 $8.50

Hands will feel smooth, soft and revitalized with this fast absorbing cream. 2.5 oz./75 ml

Triple-milled to perfection with perfume grade oils, this soap gently cleanses and refreshes the skin. 5.2 oz./150 g

01-30235 $5.00

Soothes, dries and refreshes the skin with a subtle hint of citrus Verbena. 3.5 oz./100 g

Box of Three Soaps

Three of our quality soaps packaged in a beautiful box. 5.2 oz./150 g each.

01-30182 $14.00

verbena Radiantly conditioning.

The lively citrus scent of the Verbena plant – a favorite of both men and women alike – is captured in this deeply hydrating and skin replenishing line.

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soothing classics cucumber & elderflower

Body Lotion

Rich, moisturizing lotion with Cucumber & Elderflower extracts, and seven other natural ingredients. Smooth on after bath or shower to tone, condition and lightly fragrance skin. 8 oz./240 ml


16-30543 $11.00

Foaming Bath & Shower Cream

Special foaming formulation with natural Cucumber & Elderflower extracts creates a rich, fragrant lather that tones and conditions and revitalizes to leave skin smooth and soft. 8 oz./240 ml

16-30544 $10.00

Box of Three Soaps

Exhilarating fragrance and lather refresh and relax. All vegetable soap base with natural Cucumber and Elderflower extracts to tone, clarify and hydrate skin. Box of three bars 5.2 oz./150 g each.

16-30542 $14.00

Our original, all-natural formulas feature a base of plant extracts and oils to leave skin moisturized, soothed and lightly fragranced. Meticulously crafted in America without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or animal testing.

oatmeal & honey

Body Lotion

Rich, moisturizing lotion formulated with Oatmeal Extract, Honey and seven other natural ingredients. Apply after bath or shower to moisturize, soothe and softly fragrance dry skin. 8 oz./240 ml

03-30540 $11.00

Foaming Bath & Shower Cream

Leaves skin smooth, soft and lightly fragranced. Amazingly rich, creamy lather in a wholly sulfate free formula. 8 oz./240 ml

Box of Three Soaps

Warm, soothing and lightly fragranced, this all vegetable soap base is enhanced with Oatmeal & Honey and natural bran to condition and gently exfoliate the skin. Box of three bars 5.2 oz./150 g each.

03-30539 $14.00

03-30541 $10.00 TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539


dr. hunter’s original In the tradition of our founder, Dr. William Hunter, we believe in getting back to basics. High-quality natural botanicals and herbs combine to give a whole new meaning to feeling clean. These classic formulas have remained constant generation to generation.

A. Rosewater & Glycerine Hand Creme

Natural Rosewater, Glycerine, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter are easily absorbed to soften and condition hands. Boxed.

42-17530 2.5 oz./75 ml $8.00 42-98530 0.5 oz./15 ml $2.00

B. Foot Comfort Creme

Made from oils of Tea Tree, Spearmint and Sunflower, with extracts of Lavender, Balm, Mint and Rosemary, Foot Comfort Creme bestows its refreshing, conditioning, relaxing and softening benefits to tired, aching feet. Boxed.

42-17525 2.5 oz./75 ml $8.00 42-98525 0.5 oz./15 ml $2.00


B 12

remedies C. Original Body Cleanser

This clean, sparkling gel has natural extracts of Comfrey, Yarrow, Nettle, Cornflower, Calendula and Chamomile, and is fragrance free. Made with moisturizing Aloe Vera and soothing Soapwort, it lathers luxuriously and its gentle bubbles are kind, even to the most sensitive skin, 8 oz./237 ml

42-17528 $8.00

D. Hair Wash

This classic Caswell-Massey shampoo formula combines natural ingredients proven to be beneficial for healthy, manageable hair. Glycerine, Vitamin B, Sweet Almond Oil and Ginseng condition hair and scalp, while extracts of Rosemary, Parsley and Lemongrass restore hair’s luster, 8 oz./237 ml



42-17529 $8.00

E. Lip Salve

This light and refreshing lip salve, loaded with natural moisturizers of Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe and Jojoba, restores comfort to chapped lips. Conditions lips and prevents dryness and cracking from exposure to the elements. .4 oz./12 ml

42-17524 $2.50

F. Cuticle Cream

This beeswax-based formula will soften cuticles, making them easy to remove. At the same time, the cream conditions nails to prevent splitting or cracking, promotes better growth and gently tints nail beds to a healthy pink, .4 oz./12 ml


42-89402 $3.00

G. Pure Vegetable Castile Soap

Unadulterated by fragrance or preservatives, Caswell-Massey has been making this pure, mild, exceptional Castile Soap since 1861. 6.5 oz./184 g


42-17520 $5.00


TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539



A. Goat’s Milk & Honey Soap

Triple-milled to produce an ultra-rich, buttery lather that softens and hydrates the skin. Individually wrapped. Box of three soaps 3 oz./85 g each.

37-00440 $12.00

B. Presidential Soap Collection

This sampling features three past Presidential favorites: Number Six (George Washington’s number one), Almond Cold Cream (Ike’s pick) and Jockey Club (JFK’s top choice). Box of three soaps 5.8 oz./164 g each.

09-94200 $14.00

C. Botanicals Bar Soap Assortment

Three skin-nourishing bar soaps are elegantly packaged in a gift box with a ribbon closure. Includes one bar each from our Botanicals Collection: Fig & Bamboo, Coriander & Mandarin and Vetiver & Cardamom. Box of three soaps. 6 oz./170 g each.

56-30110 $17.00 Single Soaps (not shown) 56-30101 Coriander & Mandarin $6.00 $6.00 56-30091 Fig & Bamboo 56-30111 Vetiver & Cardemom $6.00




D. Lavender Water

Add to bath water or linens. Perfect as a facial tonic. 6 oz./170 ml



01-60128 $10.00


E. Rose Water

An exceptional toner and cleanser for the skin. 6 oz./170 ml

18-60106 $10.00

F. Sweet Almond Oil This pure cold-pressed oil is perfect for massage, bath or body. 6 oz./170 ml

10-10412 $10.00

Cucumber Eye Pads Eye Pads work to alleviate stress while they reduce puffiness and dark circles.

16-22551 Jar of 24 Pads $6.00

Natural Therapy Lip Balm

Boules Quies Ear Plugs

This emollient stick, enriched with healing Vitamin E, will protect your lips on cold days, .16 oz. Box of 60.

Guarantees quiet with comfortable, cotton covered wax plugs that mold to the ear. Good for sleep, swimming and air travel. 8 pairs each box.

23-91107 $5.50

41-15907 $2.00 each

Carmichael’s Imperial Cuticle Cream

Proper care of cuticles is an essential step in a manicure. Use this golden cream to keep cuticles soft, .4 oz. jar.

22-31404 $3.50

Diamond Dust Nail File

Heros Chiropody Sponge

Crafted of sturdy, polished steel, this nail file is coated with tiny particles of precious diamonds for superb, long-lasting nail shaping and filing. A luxurious, durable alternative to standard nail files.

Eliminates those callouses and corns that beset busy feet. Used with soap and water, this rigid, lightweight sponge effortlessly restores smooth blemish-free feet. Heros also works to remove rough skin from knees and elbows.

13-31503 $3.00

22-21734 $10.00 TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539


elixir of love The Passionflower blooms

only one day a year but inspires a love that lasts forever. It is the core of our Elixir of Love Collection. This captivating scent is made with a unique combination of Passionflower, Jasmine and Lavender.

Perfumed Body Dust

Eau de Toilette Spray

40-06004 3 oz./84 g $18.00 40-06018 3 oz./84 g Refill $9.00

40-06000 $20.00

This beautiful cobalt blue glass bowl is filled with pearly, scented dusting powder and a luxurious hand-stitched puff.


A captivating and alluring, fine perfume-grade fragrance. 1.7 oz./50 ml

Body Creme

Thick and creamy, this rich body creme is formulated with pure Shea Butter to moisturize, leaving skin soft and supple. 8 oz./240 g

40-98701 $14.00

Perfumed Body Lotion A fragrant skin-softening and silkening lotion. 6.8 oz./201 ml

40-06001 $12.00

Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel

Perfumed Bath Soap

A gently cleansing and fragrant bath and shower gel. 6.8 oz./201 ml

This fragrant soap is pressed from an authentic antique hand mold. Box of three soaps 3.5 oz./100 g each.

40-06002 $12.00

40-06006 $12.00

TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539



Discerning noses have appreciated this intoxicating, spicy scent of Sandalwood for more than 2,000 years. The essential oil from this aromatic tree has been prized worldwide for its fragrant and medicinal properties. We’ve distilled that aroma to create a classic bath and body collection that appeals to both sexes.


Bath Gel with Pump

Body Lotion

21-59922 $10.00

21-58822 $11.00



21-11622 $8.00

21-94022 $18.00

Rich lather and alluring fragrance make this gel an excellent addition to a shower or bath. 8.5 oz./250 ml

This silken talc marks the perfect ending to a shower or bath. 3.5 oz./100 g

This fragrant body lotion lavishes the skin with silky smoothness. 8.2 oz./250 ml

A hint of mystery surrounds you with a single spray of this exotic scent. Boxed. 3 oz./100 ml

Soap on a Rope

Woodgrain Soap Gift Set

21-30487 $10.00

21-00413 $14.00

The intoxicating aroma of Sandalwood in a generous bar of all-natural soap with a rope that fits around the wrist. 8 oz./226 g

An aromatic Eastern wood-based scent in a natural, vegetable-based Sandalwood Soap. Box of three soaps 5.8 oz./164 g each.

TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539


number six

Number Six, America’s first cologne fragrance, is a captivating blend of Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Rosemary and over two dozen aromatic oils. It dates back to 1752, when it was created by our founding father, Dr. William Hunter. George Washington was so enamored by the scent that he bestowed it as a gift upon our nation’s new friend and ally, the Marquis de Lafayette. The Number Six Collection’s iconic shield was designed by Emma Clara Peale in 1837, and the rest is history.

A. Bath Soap

George Washington was an early customer for this crisp, clean scent. Box of three soaps 5.8 oz./174 g each.

09-00209 $14.00

C. After Shave

A bracing finish to a shave, with the classic scent of Number Six. 3 oz./88 ml

09-40009 $16.00

D. Cologne Spray

B. Talcum

This fine, lightly scented talc soothes with the Number Six fragrance. 3.5 oz./100 g

09-11709 $8.00

A piquant blend of Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Rosemary and 27 aromatics. 3 oz./88 ml

09-49909 $18.00





jockey club

Fresh, dry, undeniably masculine and rumored to have been a favorite of President John F. Kennedy, Jockey Club is one of our most distinguished and in-demand scents and a favorite collection.

E. Cologne Spray

G. Talcum

Clean, masculine scent. 3 fl. oz./88 ml

Dries and invigorates the body with a clean, masculine scent. 3.5 oz./100 g

09-49904 $18.00

F. After Shave

09-11704 $8.00

Soothes and refreshes with a fresh, masculine scent. 3 fl. oz./88 ml

H. Bath Soap

Triple-milled vegetable based soap with a fresh, masculine scent. Box of three soaps 5.8 oz./174 g each.

09-40004 $16.00

09-00204 $14.00




TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539



Newport is at once a masculine, crisp and outdoorsy scent – yet decidedly sophisticated and refined. The Newport Collection is a quintessential American classic.

Cologne Spray

For those who have a taste for the traditional and a spirit as free as all outdoors. Crisp, brisk and bracing. 3 oz./90 ml

46-20412 $18.00

A refreshing aftershave that is brisk and embracing. 3 fl. oz./90 ml

46-20404 $16.00

Bath Soap

Soap on a Rope

46-20400 $14.00

46-30486 $10.00

Like the ocean itself, this deep blue soap provides a rich white lather. Triple-milled to last. Box of three soaps 5.8 oz./174 g each.


After Shave


Lightly scented, pure talc with the crisp, brisk scent of the outdoors. 3.5 oz./100 g

46-20402 $8.00

A generous bar of scented soap on a convenient nautical rope that fits around the wrist. 8 oz./226 g


The Greenbriar Collection is an exciting blend of Petitgrain, Mandarin, Russian Sage, Patchouli and Cool Musk, giving it a floral and slightly woodsy scent.

A. Cologne Spray

Exciting, fresh and masculine. 1.7 oz./50 ml

09-22205 $18.00

B. Talcum

This fine, lightly scented talc is super absorbent. 3.5 oz./100 g

09-22225 $8.00

C. After Shave

This aromatic after shave is perfect for post-shave skin. 1.7 oz./50 ml

09-22206 $16.00


D. Greenbriar Bath Soap

This all-vegetable, triple-milled soap creates a rich, creamy lather and has just the right amount of fragrance. 5.8 oz./174 g

09-22204 $5.00




ORDER BY PHONE: 1-800-638-9539


shave essentials

almond Moisturizing

Even a ruggedly handsome face deserves to feel smooth and soft. Our Almond Shave Essentials moisturize and nourish the skin with Sweet Almond Oil, leaving it smooth to the touch with a refreshing fragrance.

Pre-Shave Oil

A blend of natural ingredients that moisturizes the skin and preps it for a close, smooth shave. 2 oz./59 ml

17-30120 $9.00


Shave Cream Jar

Shave Cream Tube

After Shave Balm

17-30123 $12.50

17-30122 $8.00

17-30121 $10.00

This exclusive blend of essential oils, vitamins and plant extracts delivers a rewarding, close shave that leaves skin soft. 8 oz./240 g

A close shave begins with properly preparing the skin. This botanical-infused, all-natural, moisturizing shave cream does just that. 4 oz./115 g

This moisturizing after shave balm soothes and comforts dry and irritated skin. A great way to finish a perfect shave. 4 oz./115 g

Our Shave Essentials special blend uses the very best in natural ingredients with essential oils, plant extracts and other botanicals that deliver real skincare benefits – moisturizing, refreshing and soothing the skin while providing the closest shave possible.

Shave Brush

Caswell-Massey Pure Grey Badger shave brush, 3½" h. Made in Italy.

17-30232 $35.00

Shave Soap in a Bowl

Enriched with Almond and Coconut oils. This moisturizing shave soap promises a close shave without skin irritation. 3.3 oz./94 g

17-30125 $20.00

Shave Soap Refill

This moisturizing soap fits securely in our Shave Bowl, allowing a rich lather to develop. 3.3 oz./94 g

17-30126 $8.00

Try Me Set

The essential travel set includes one tube each of shave cream and after shave balm, and one bottle of pre-shave oil. 2 oz./59 ml each.

17-30129 $20.00

TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539


sandalwood Soothing

Even the toughest guy can have sensitive skin. Our Sandalwood shave products are designed to calm, hydrate and minimize discomfort during shaving. Sandalwood’s warm, woody and spicy scent is alluring and exotic.


Pre-Shave Oil

A blend of natural ingredients that soothes the face and preps it for a close, smooth shave. 2 oz./59 ml

17-30130 $9.00

Shave Soap in a Bowl Enriched with essential oils, this shave soap promises a soothing, close shave that won’t irritate the skin. 3.3 oz./94 g

17-30135 $20.00

Shave Cream Jar

This exclusive blend of essential oils, vitamins and plant extracts delivers a close, smooth shave and leaves skin soft and soothed. 8 oz./240 g

17-30133 $12.50

Shave Cream Tube

An all-natural shave cream that moisturizes and soothes. 4 oz./115 g

17-30132 $8.00

After Shave Balm

Skin care doesn’t end after the shave. This after shave balm goes even further to soothe and comfort. 4 oz./115 g

17-30131 $10.00

Shave Soap Refill

This hydrating soap fits snugly in our Shave Bowl for the perfect shave every time. 3.3 oz./94 g

17-30136 $8.00

Shave Brush

Caswell-Massey Pure Grey Badger shave brush, 3½" h. Made in Italy.

17-30232 $35.00

Try Me Set

This essential travel set includes one tube each of shave cream, after shave balm and one bottle of pre-shave oil. 2 oz./59 ml each.

17-30139 $20.00

TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539


eucalyptus Refreshing

Shaving doesn’t need to be a chore. With our Eucalyptus line of shave products, shaving is revitalizing and refreshing. Invigorating and fresh, Eucalyptus makes a man feel uplifted and ready for the day.

Pre-Shave Oil

Natural ingredients and essential oils combine to refresh the face and prep it for a close, smooth shave. 2 oz./59 ml

17-30140 $9.00

Shave Cream Tube

An all-natural shave cream that prepares the face for a refreshingly close shave. 4 oz./115 g

17-30142 $8.00

Shave Cream Jar

Shave Soap Refill

17-30143 $12.50

17-30146 $8.00

This exclusive blend of essential oils, vitamins and plant extracts delivers a close, smooth shave, leaving skin soft and invigorated. 8 oz./240 g

Shave Brush

Caswell-Massey Pure Grey Badger shave brush, 3½" h. Made in Italy.

17-30232 $35.00

Shave Soap in a Bowl

Enriched with essential oils, this shave soap promises a refreshing, close shave that won’t irritate the skin. 3.3 oz./94 g

17-30145 $20.00

Enriched with Avocado and Palm oils, this soap develops a rich lather in our Shave Bowl for a refreshing, smooth shave. 3.3 oz./94 g

After Shave Balm

This refreshing after shave balm is made with oils of Eucalyptus, Jojoba and Shea Butter that condition the skin. 4 oz./115 g

17-30141 $10.00

Try Me Set

The essential travel set includes one tube each of shave cream and after shave balm, and one bottle of pre-shave oil. 2 oz./59 ml each.

17-30149 $20.00



TO PLACE AN ORDER CALL 1-800-638-9539


lucky tiger

Visitors to a certain Kansas City barbershop in the midst of the Great Depression got a lot more for their “two bits” than just a shave and a haircut. They got a splash of soothing Lucky Tiger Tonic, created by the shop’s proprietor. The most popular barbershop brand in the 1950’s understood the need to change with the times. That’s why their reformulated products serve all your grooming needs, from beard to body. Made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, and reinforced with vitamins and antioxidants, Lucky Tiger products are back as a “roaring” success.


A. After-Shave & Face Tonic

Soothe just-shaved skin with natural botanicals, certified organics, Aloe Vera, Calendula and Chamomile, 8 oz.

09-24302 $9.75


B. Liquid Cream Shave

Smooths on like a lotion, changes to a rich lather and prepares the skin for a close shave, 5 oz. Boxed.

09-24301 $9.25

C. Face Moisturizer

Shea Butter, Green Tea, Sage and Vitamin E hydrate and protect his face. This unscented formulation is perfect for her, too! 3.5 oz.

09-24303 $14.25

D. Face Scrub

Honey, Hibiscus and Green Tea enhance the exfoliating properties of this scrub to smooth, revitalize and brighten skin, 5 oz.

09-24304 $9.50





E. Essential Grooming Kit

Formulated with a select blend of natural botanicals and certified organics, this personal grooming “toolbox” includes Lucky Tiger Face Wash (8 oz.), Face Moisturizer (3.5 oz.), Liquid Cream Shave (5 oz.) and After-Shave/Face Tonic (8 oz.). Packaged in a vintage metal tin.


09-23446 $42.25

F. Acne & Blemish Soap

Help heal acne outbreaks and prevent the formation of new acne and pimples with this antiseptic, anti-bacterial soap. Controls oil and dirt buildup. Strong, yet gentle, 3 oz.

09-24857 $9.00

G. Shampoo & Body Wash

Rich with hydrating and moisturizing olive oil, this concentrated, vegetable-based body wash keeps skin soft and hair soft and shiny. Scented with pure Peppermint Oil, 8 fl. oz.

09-24855 $9.75

H. Vetiver Deodorant & Body Spray

A good-for-the-environment, non-aerosol spray for underarms and body that neutralizes body odor. Not an anti-perspirant, it’s made with botanical extracts and essential oils, 3.4 fl. oz.

09-24856 $9.00

J. Face Wash

Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Cucumber cleanse and energize skin, while Borage Oil helps retain moisture. Great for men and women, 8 oz. Boxed.

09-24698 $9.00 ORDER BY PHONE: 1-800-638-9539


shave accessories Why use a shave brush? There are some things our grandfathers knew best — among them, the importance of a superior shave brush. It’s an essential ingredient for a comfortable shave. The benefits: • Lifts & separates each hair and coats them more thoroughly


with lather • Reduces the chance of ingrown hairs • Softens skin for a smoother, more comfortable shave With proper care, a shave brush will provide shave after shave of pure comfort. They should be rinsed thoroughly to remove excess water and then placed bristle-side down in a shave stand.







A. Mock Ivory Brush

Badger & Bristle, 33⁄4" h. Made in England.

17-41402 $17.50

B. Shave Brush

Caswell-Massey Pure Grey Badger shave brush, 3½" h. Made in Italy. Boxed.

17-30232 $35.00

C. Mock Ivory–Medium Brush Badger Brush, 41⁄4" h. Made in England.

17-41408 $37.50

D. Mock Ivory Razor

This sleek razor features a mock-ivory handle and nickelplated collar and cap. The ergonomic, mid-weight handle is easy to grip and feels well balanced while shaving. Accepts Gillette® Mach3 blades. Handmade in England.

17-30447 $47.50

E. Faux Horn Shave Set

This shaving set in stainless steel and faux horn includes razor (accommodates Gillette® Mach3 blades), top-quality badger shave brush and matching stand, 7" h. Made in England.

17-22717 $75.00


F. Art Deco Shave Set

The sleek fluted handles hold the Gillette® Mach3 razor and gray badger shave brush. Stands 6" high. Includes Stand, Razor and Brush.

17-20885 $75.00

G. Chrome Linea Shave Set

This chrome shave set combines contemporary Italian design and flair with the latest shave technology. The weighted polished chrome brush boasts superior hand feel, with natural pure badger hair for optimum lathering. The matching razor accommodates a Gillette® Mach3 blade. Polished nickel-plated stand is 6" h. Gift boxed. Made in Italy.

17-20889 $90.00

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A Rich Tradition of Quality Personal Care Products In 1752, Dr. William Hunter of Newport, Rhode Island, founded the apothecary shop that would come to be known as Caswell-Massey. Our tradition of crafting the finest personal care products, using only the highest quality natural ingredients has delighted our customers for generations. This dedication and passion has continued through the years as Caswell-Massey honors its commitment to innovation. Our formulas faithfully preserve the scented pleasures that have defined Caswell-Massey products for over 260 years. In a fast changing world, it is reassuring that some things remain constant.

Welcome to Gianna Rose Atelier®, the leader in the design and manufacture of fine, triplemilled soap and personal care gift soaps and accessories - products, fragrances, and packaging that have forged a new dimension in the luxury gift soap category. Gianna Rose soaps are 100% vegetable-based. Triple-milled soaps are longer lasting and creamier. Many Gianna Rose soaps are romantic in their appearance and feeling; while others exude pure whimsy; yet all are very special, designed with your customers pleasure and enjoyment as our ultimate goal. While one may be tempted to simply admire our products’ beauty and subtle fragrances, please remember that all Gianna Rose products are meant for bath or boudoir. At Gianna Rose, we understand that gift soaps must exude beauty and be incomparable in their performance. Triple-milled soaps mean luxury. So feel confident that you will be purchasing the finest products available when you purchase Gianna Rose Atelier.


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