Why people choose for Aloeride® Hello, I am Han van de Braak, chartered physiotherapist, registered acupuncturist, naturopath (retd.) and company director behind Aloeride® aloe vera. I hope you will be pleased with this factsheet that answers common questions in great detail. I also hope that you will pass this information on to people you know and care for. Why choose Aloeride® over other aloe vera products is a question some people, who haven’t used Aloeride® yet, ask themselves. With so many aloe vera products on offer and confusion abound, knowing what the right choice is can be difficult. This leaflet helps you to make an informed and the right choice.

Aloeride® is the only exemplary, organic aloe vera food supplement in the world manufactured to trusted GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice; encapsulation to ISO 8 and blister packaging as set out in the Rules and Guidance of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors). All manufacturers have the choice what Quality Control they produce to and from the independent lab tests you may conclude that many place their bottom lines and profit margins before your best interests. We set out to make the absolute best possible aloe vera product for you, with independently documented, verifiable Quality Control and we let financial implications be a secondary issue. This may not make the best business sense but to us it makes the best human sense.

Aloeride®’s Methanol Precipitated Solids (working ingredients) measurement reaches an unparalleled 4,680 mg/L, Size Exclusion Chromatography measured a vastly superior spectrum of ß-linked polysaccharides*. Because Aloeride® uniquely contains all the required molecules in abundance, it has what it takes to deliver what research has shown aloe vera can do. You’d be surprised how many manufacturers quote research without bothering to deliver the molecules necessary for those researched effects.

Aloeride® is a powder that does not need stabilisers, colouring agents, flavourings or other undesirable additions routinely found in fluid aloes. This is one aspect of what makes Aloeride® a unique 100% pure and hypoallergenic product. Striving for purity invites and embraces even the most sensitive and discerning of aloe vera users.

© 2010 Han van de Braak BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC


Why people choose for Aloeride® Aloeride® is 100% pure, yes there is absolutely nothing in our child-friendly capsules other than extremely effective aloe vera. Most manufacturers use flow agents to secure a consistent powder quantity per capsule, we on the other hand use clever technology to achieve that; another aspect of what makes Aloeride® a 100% pure and hypoallergenic organic product.

Aloeride® is certified by the Soil Association as an organic food supplement containing 100% organic aloe vera powder. Whereas Aloeride® has always been organic, this is now made much more recognisable to the public by the stringent certification from the Soil Association.

Aloeride® is hypo-allergenic, to the species of aloe vera itself there is no known allergy, sensitive people who react to fluid aloes very often have trouble with the additions or the poorer quality aloe used. Aloeride® often helps those who reportedly didn’t tolerate other aloe vera products, notably aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel.

Aloeride® has a negligible