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modular building system


container systems 34

FLAT PACK containers


office containers


sanitary containers


telecommunication containers


technical containers


complex containers


system of supporting panels (walls)


system of supporting steel structures

WHY ARE EUROmodul CONTAINERS BEST CHOICE FOR YOU EUROmodul is the leading street furniture, advertising equipment and containers manufacturer in South East Europe and the wide range of products put us among the world leaders. Our products can be found in the streets and city squares of many cities. We received recognition for our dynamic development and business success, as well as for advanced innovations from the World famous jury, REDDOT and iF product design awards!



Our knowledge and experience gained by annual production of up to 3.500 containers and export to the EU, Switzerland, Russia, the Middle East and Africa.


In production of containers we use zinced steel and thermal-insulating material (polyurethane foam, mineral wool, IPN, etc.) and materials of the façade by specific requirements of investors.


Our containers have broad range of usage, mostly in construction and housing.


Office containers for construction sites or multi-year temporary facility/office container; housing single container or container housing settlements; kindergartens, schools, etc.; FLAT PACK is transport packing of containers for installation in remote / long distance locations; storage and warehouse containers; sanitary containers or public toilet facilities; ambulatory containers or permanent facilities clinics, health centers, etc.; kitchen containers for construction sites; specific containers for mobile or fixed telephony, radio links, transmitters, etc.; mobile containers for restaurants, fast food, bars, etc.


EUROmodul container factory in Rijeka / Croatia is situated near sea port harbour which is good logistic point for sea transport of different container types for World- wide destinations. Road transport in Rijeka is connecting West and South East Europe.


EUROmodul container factory in Belgrade / Serbia have export advantages of containers to Russia and South East Europe.

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EUROmodul Ltd

tel: +385 51 257 275 fax: +385 51 258 472

Blazici 25 51216 Viskovo Rijeka - Croatia

[email protected] www.euromodul.hr



EUROmodul is the leading manufacturer of street furniture, advertising equipment and containers in South East Europe.

When concidering street furniture products, EUROmodul is one of the biggest production companies in Europe. Most of the products are mutually combined, therefore our catalogue is not divided in such matter.

We received recognition for our dynamic development and success in business, as well as for advanced innovations and REDDOT and iF product design awards in 2010 and 2011.

We produce standard products out of our product lines, but we are also capable of producing customised products according to individual requests (custom made).


tel: +381 22 328 003 fax: +381 22 328 004

Industrijska zona bb 22330 Nova Pazova Serbia

[email protected] www.euromodul.rs

EUROmodul Schweiz AG Industriestrasse 2 4800 Zofingen Schweiz

tel: +41 62 751 51 43 fax: +41 62 751 48 70 www.euromodul.ch [email protected]

EUROmodul international:

www.euromodul.org EUROmodul is leading manufacturer in south east Europe for street / urban furniture. We are supplying cities, municipalities, goverments... Special attention for every street furniture detail: modern, rounded lines, inox construction which are easily implemented in modern as well as in traditional city centres.

EUROmodul is producing large spectar of street furniture; -

bus shelters benches litter bins ecologic waste collectors flower bins bicycle posts barriers flag poles


light elements automats info pillars multipurpose units public clocks kiosks stands automatic public toilets manual public toilets


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EUROmodul system from prefabricated objects EUROmodul at factories in Rijeka, Croatia and Nova Pazova, Serbia manufactures prefabricated buildings for residential or office uses. Instand of PREMIUM and container systems buildings, EUROmodul is capable to offer on request system of prefabricated facilities with system of supporting panels ( walls ) and system of supporting steel structures ( production halls )

PREMIUM modular building system

systems of prefabricated o b j e c t s EUROmodul EUROstandard container type

container systems for modular constructions


EUROmodul STANDARD container type

prefabr ic ated objec ts |

PREMIUM modular buildings are often use as hospitals, kindergardens, clinics, schools, etc... High quality of hand crafted and machine production is a result of our rich databse of references around the Globe.

EUROmodul EUROstandard FLAT PACK container type


| p re fa b r i c a te d obj e c ts



Modular constructions are steel frame constructions, 3D factory produced module which is easily assembled on site based on module next to module, or module on top of the module principle. By simple connecting and binding, an object or a series of objects are created, which are standardly up to three floors in height. At special request of the customer objects of more than three floors can be designed.

What are the advantages of EUROmodul’s modular designs? Modular constructions are generally accepted as a great solution in construction for its flexibility, low prices and especially great saving of time when planning and building the objects. Euromodul’s system of building with modular constructions is as good as the constructions developed in technologically developed countries. They are easily adjustable to almost every architectural issue that today many companies, industry and other institutions such as pre-schools, schools or health institutions are facing. EUROmodul creates blueprints of montage of modular object and building the foundations in collaboration with its clients. EUROmodul has a team of experts for sales and design which, together with clients finds perfect solutions for all their requests and needs.

Which markets usually use modular systems? Modular systems are mostly used in industry, health care, school system, banks, transport, different types of institutions, sports centers, etc…

Does EUROmodul deliver its object on “turn key” EUROmodul can ensure that all services in delivery and building and therefore “turn key”

Are there any limitations on modular construction? There are some limitations in designing objects. The main limit is in the limited height of the module, which is being transported to the site as a 3D module, so the height of the module has to be 2,5 m or 3,0 m if it is transported with special vehicles. This limitation can be solved by transporting modules in a pack, the so-called flat pack, which creates some added assemblage costs but also lowers the transport costs. In any case we calculate cost effectiveness.

What is the utilizeable width of EUROmodul modular constructions? The standard widths are of 6,0 m and 9,0 m when using steel constructions. Bigger widths can be creates using additional steel beams which connect the roof and floor of the modules. Bigger widths can be created also by using braced girder, which depends on the number of floors the object has.

How are the interior of EUROmodul modular objects designed? There is a possibility of creativity in the process of designing the interior when it comes to the dimensional shape, as well as choosing any kind of built-in covering materials available on the market. Standardly, as a finishing cover on walls and pillars, we use plaster board panels in any color the client desires. As a finishing floor cover we standardly use PVC covers of standard design.

What energy systems are built in EUROmodul modules or objects? Usually energy systems are built in into the modules in the factory. Those are electrical installations, plumbing, heating systems, including floor heating, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers as well as other functional and safety devices. There are also optional possibilities of building in solar systems for the production of electrical energy and heating of technical water.


prefabr ic ated objec ts |

modular buildings for offices, hollyday and permanent houses ( estates ), ambulatory facilities, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, industry, etc.. What are the dimensions of EUROmodul modular constructions and what are the dimensions of object that can be assembled from them? In standard production, 3D modules are of following dimensions:

Lenght: – 3 m –6m –9m

(smallest) Width: – 2,44 m (smallest) (standard) –3m (standard) (biggest) – 3,5 m (biggest)

Exterior height: – 3 m (standard) Interior height: – 2,5 m (standard) – 3,5 m (biggest) – 3 m (biggest)

The object created from EUROmodul modules can virtually have unlimited length and width dimensions. The standard height of 3 floor objects is approximately 9m without the additional (secondary) roof.

Do EUROmodul objects fit the regulation requirements? EUROmodul constructions are designed and assembled in such way that they meet local and state regulations which are in force at the time of construction and assemblage.


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EUROmodul PREMIUM - Energy efficient estates

specification of modular building system Structure - elements Foundation Floors



Concrete: plate, strip foundation, single foundation, combinations of types OSB plates, PVC dressing

cement board, cheramic for ‚wet‘ spaces

zinced steel plates

on request

Walls - from interiour and internal walls

gypsum boards, painted

cheramic tiles, zinced plasticated plate


zinced plastificated plate

tile, imitarion of tiles (hip roof)


gypsum boards, painted

enriched chipboard, lowered ceiling, various fillings


Windows Exteriour door Inner door

PVC with triple glass, U=0,86

aluminium, wood

aluminium with termical insulation U=0,86

PVC with termical insulation U=0,86



Electric installations

according EU norms

on request

Sanitary installations

masched instalaltions, plastic tubes

on request

Are the objects build in accordance with the standards of individual countries that regulate optimal consumption? Since the modules are intended priority of the Swiss market EUROmodul optionally uses standard SIA 38011-2009. which provides energy for heating during the year amounting to 48 kWh/m2 of space. This standard is achieved by insulation with the thermal coefficient of