WHO WE ARE WHAT WE WORK FOR Dear reader, How can the multiple problems facing people in Europe and the world be tackled? This is the basic question ...
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Dear reader, How can the multiple problems facing people in Europe and the world be tackled? This is the basic question from which our work in the European United Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group in the European Parliament begins. People are under immense pressure as humanity faces several major crises - economic, social, and ecological - simultaneously. In Europe, some of the worst manifestations of these crises have ranged from rocketing levels of youth unemployment and rising poverty to the threats posed by the return of fascism and the ensuing threat to human rights. Finding solutions to these interrelated problems is what drives our joint efforts. In our group, MEPs from across the continent work together to fight inequality and austerity; to promote democracy and fundamental rights; to protect workers, migrants and the marginalised; to rein in financial markets and combat climate change and to champion gender equality, peace and global justice. This is our agenda. These are the issues that concern us most and this booklet is a general introduction to what we stand for and believe in. We are a small group but with your help, I believe we have enormous potential to act effectively and implement our principles on key issues. I wish you happy reading. Should you need further information please visit www.guengl.eu where you can also get in touch with any comments or questions about our work. Gabi Zimmer President of the GUE/NGL Group

Olivier Hansen

Austerity kills! EU leaders' austerity drive continues to work for the rich and powerful by maintaining an economic system that puts the needs of financial markets ahead of social concerns. The austerity measures being applied by undemocratic means in the EU countries worst-hit by the crisis reflect the failure of the EU's neoliberal architecture. We urgently need to reverse this policy and deliver solidarity and job creation within an economic system that serves people not profit. Austerity is avoidable; it is a political choice that puts the interests of the privileged above the interests of the majority. For an EU that breaks away from the austerity doctrine

Kate Thomas/IRIN

Standing up for migrants Europe must defend the rights of all migrants and asylum seekers. We can't turn a blind eye to the plight of those seeking a better life in the EU and ignore the reasons they are forced to flee. The GUE/NGL fights for freedom of movement and opposes ‘Fortress Europe.’ Europe needs to fix its broken migration and asylum system and ensure safe and legal access for migrants and asylum-seekers, including the use of humanitarian visas and resettlement of asylum-seekers. For freedom of movement for all

Andy Orin

Social justice for all We believe in a social union where everyone has equal access to social protections and welfare provisions. In this vein we continue to fight against the privatisation of healthcare and water. Austerity policies are endangering access to care for the most vulnerable citizens. They are driving people into extreme poverty. It is a disgrace that there is so much poverty and social exclusion in Europe. We must build a Europe where people can live in dignity. For a Europe of solidarity


Labour rights now! Deregulatory policies and tax cuts for big businesses are devastating for workers: in the name of competition and flexibility, wages are lowered and workers' rights are stripped back. The GUE/NGL is against all measures that increase precarity. We also defend the rights of migrant workers, who are among the lowest-paid workers in the world and are frequently at risk of exploitation, violence, and abuse. For a living wage and for dignified work

All about the idea

Youth unemployment To combat the skyrocketing levels of youth unemployment, we must break away from the austerity model. If we want sustainable jobs for Europe’s young people then there needs to be adequate funding for the Youth Guarantee. We demand decent and dignified work for all young people

Charli Aron

Putting gender equality first For real gender equality in Europe we need to eliminate the gender pay gap, fight for LGBTI rights, foster equal participation in decision making, and put in place a strategy for combating violence against women that is rooted in a gender equality perspective. The GUE/NGL stands against female genital mutilation, domestic violence, trafficking, sexual violence and gendercide. We fight for girls' right to education, global recognition of women’s reproductive rights and the right to claim asylum on the grounds of gender-based persecution. No place for gender inequality in Europe

Jimmy Brown

Promoting peace in the world EU foreign and security policy must be based on the construction of a peaceful world. The GUE/NGL is particularly active on conflict resolution in the Middle East and has consistently demanded an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine through a peaceful two-state solution. We continue to oppose the establishment of the EU military-industrial complex and the role the EU plays as a driving force for armament within and outside Europe. We want an EU that promotes peace in the world

Olivier Hansen

International relations Whether it is working for fairer policies towards Latin American countries, fighting for the rights of people in Western Sahara and Kazakhstan, or maintaining pressure on the Turkish government over the Kurdish and Cyprus questions, the GUE/NGL is relentless in its pursuit of an EU that forges positive relations with the rest of the world. Less a global player, more a global partner. For an EU that fights for global justice

Nancy Palus/IRIN

Putting human rights first Europe must live up to its commitments and responsibilities when it comes to human rights and democracy both at home and around the world. This means tackling abuse and discrimination, for example on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion or race. We need action not just rhetoric. For a Europe that defends human rights standards

D. Sharon Pruitt

Changing how we consume Consumers need full certification of country of origin markings that ensure products are not harmful to health. Human rights, workers' rights and environmental protection criteria should be prerequisites for the importation of goods. We want workers in the global South to be protected from the deadly consequences of global capitalism. For a different form of consumption

Dee Brestin

Environment, climate change and energy Time is running out for strong measures to tackle climate change across all EU policy areas. At the global level the GUE/NGL works for ambitious targets to tackle climate change and measures to help developing countries cope with global temperature increases. We must protect Europe’s biodiversity and champion renewable energy. We believe our future lies in wind power, wave power, and solar energy, not dirty polluting industries. For a greener and more sustainable Europe

Glyn Lowe

Fairer fishing For the sake of our environment and the livelihoods of small and medium sized fisheries, we must end overfishing now. We need to protect coastal regions and islands with active fishing sectors. The GUE/NGL calls for a fisheries policy with clear social and economic objectives and measures that will allow the sector to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels. Protect fish stocks and communities now!

Justin See

Sustainable agriculture We need sustainable and just agriculture policies that protect the environment and save small rural communities. Agriculture policy must cease damaging the livelihoods of small farmers and putting agribusiness first. We demand a fair deal for farmers

Jodi Hilton/IRIN

Regional Solidarity Today in Europe, regional policy seems to be less about solidarity and cohesion and more about making regions compete with each other. Grants to the most underdeveloped European regions increasingly come tied with macroeconomic conditions which are devastating for communities. We demand that investment in the regions continues. For regional policy that spreads solidarity among Europeans

Ken Bosma

Trade justice Free trade between two partners does not always make both better off. Liberalisation of trade has caused worldwide social and ecological destruction. We need to control free trade and the free circulation of goods. We are opposed to all international trade agreements that are shaped by the interests of big business. We must change how we define trade relations

Aubrey Graham/IRIN

Development The EU must play an active role in the fight to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger in the developing world. We fight for sustainable development, access to education, improving maternal health, and we support the fight against malaria and AIDS. With EU trade policy putting developing countries in a position where they are evermore subservient to EU trade demands, we call for a trade policy that is based on development aims and not the other way round. For a genuine partnership for development

The European United Left/Nordic Green Left

The European United Left/Nordic Green Left presents a vision of a European integration process based on solidarity, workers' rights, peace, gender equality, civil liberties, democracy and environmental responsibility. We are a group of 52 Members from 22 different political delegations. We are the only political group in the European Parliament with more women than men. GUE/NGL Delegations

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