Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014 WHERE WILL YOUR CAREER TAKE YOU? Metro‘s Rolling Stock Reliability Engineer, Mehmet Talat, tells of his experience durin...
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Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

WHERE WILL YOUR CAREER TAKE YOU? Metro‘s Rolling Stock Reliability Engineer, Mehmet Talat, tells of his experience during an Engineers Without Borders tour to India last month. Read more on page 3.

PERFORMANCE STAYS STRONG Our run of good performance remains intact after we met our delivery and punctuality targets for January. Chief Operating Officer, Mike Houghton, said we began this year facing some of our biggest challenges to date, including the introduction of the summer timetable, two major construction occupations and a four-day heatwave. ―In spite of the challenges, we worked hard to keep customers moving and our January monthly results were confirmed at 98.2% service delivery and 92.3% punctuality. ―Impressively, these results are

slightly better than the same time last year, proving that our focus on preparing the network and fleet for summer, and having well organised operations for the summer timetable really paid off. ―In addition, our well coordinated customer service approach helped customers easily navigate their way around the network changes while keeping trains running to schedule. ―Overall, the four-day heatwave in the middle of the month had a significant impact on our monthly results and somewhat overshadowed some great achievements. ―During January we had 22 days

where service delivery exceeded 99%. We also had 22 days where punctuality exceeded 92%, and in fact of those 22 days, 14 exceeded 95% on time. ―It is results like these that help us drive customer satisfaction and our recent December quarter results reflect exactly that. The correlation bet ween strong operational performance, great customer service and information, and improved customer satisfaction is obvious. ―W e still have room for improvement, especially during the busy peak periods, but it‘s pleasing to see our hard work is yielding results.‖ Page 1

Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

Performance Teams increase customer focus The scope of work of the five group Performance Improvement Teams has extended to include elements of customer experience. Cross City Group Performance Improvement Manager, Nick Sleigh, said a smart deviceoptimized web form has been created into which 50 Performance Team members can enter data as they travel around the network. ―The type of data being collated includes the amount of visible graffiti at a station, whether the automated announcement system is working correctly and whether the PID screens are operating,‖ Nick said. ―Other observations being recorded during a journey include whether a customer forced a door open when boarding or exiting and whether customers moved down the aisles when a service was crowded. This will assist us in

targeting customer behavioural changes where necessary. ―The on board cleanliness of train carriages is also closely assessed as well as the accuracy of information systems. ―To date, we have received 225 entries into the simple web-based system which was developed with the assistance of the Customer Strategy team. ―Some results are encouraging, with on board PIDS and announcement systems working during 95% of journeys. ―Other results indicate 85% of train exteriors being unaffected

by graffiti while 55% of train interiors are severely affected by graffiti. ―All these results will be critically assessed on a five group basis with the data being used to identify opportunities for incremental performance and customer satisfaction improvements. ―Over the coming weeks, we hope to extend an opportunity to all Metro employees to participate in the ongoing assessment of our performance – more details will be released next week in Metro Express.‖

Out of 10 (with 1 being extremely poor and 10 being fantastic) how would you rate your overall travel experience (Answered: 192


All you need in the palm of your hand Keeping up to date with news and events in real-time is a given in today’s technologydriven climate. A recent survey by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has found nearly half of all Australian adults now own a smartphone. The study found the number of adult smartphone users is more than 8.5 million, while 4.37 million adults are using tablet devices. Marketing Manager, Chloe Alsop, said we‘ve been utilising live information streams to keep our customers informed during their journey, with our metroNotify app and the live healthboard on the website being accessed by thousands of customers every day. ―We‘ve seen more than 79,000

downloads of metroNotify since it launched in March last year, and the healthboard, which is available on the full website and mobile website, is viewed around 930,000 times a month,‖ Chloe said. ―While customers have to actively search for updates on our website, the metroNotify app pushes information to customers about any changes on the network. Customers select their preferred lines and travel times, and we send them updates if anything changes. ―These updates are fed directly from the healthboard and in the past 11 months more than 16 million messages have pushed out to customers, including planned works reminders, travel alerts and disruption notifications. ―This is an extraordinary effort

and the Communications team at Metrol does a terrific job to ensure the messages are timely and meaningful for customers. ―Last month, the importance of live customer information became even more evident. During the summer timetable, we saw around 9,000 new downloads of the metroNotify app and approximately 2.45 million messages were sent to customers. ―This year we‘ll see further updates to our digital channels, to ensure our customers get the information they need, when they need it, to make the best decisions during their journey.‖ metroNotfiy 2.0 will be launched later this year. If you have any suggestions on how the app can be improved, please email [email protected] Page 2

Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

From Rolling Stock to rural India Last year, Metro called for its engineers take part in a unique opportunity to learn from experts and peers about community development, appropriate technology and humanitarian engineering as part of the Engineers Without Borders program, Dialogues on Development. Rolling Stock Reliability Engineer, Mehmet Talat, was lucky enough to go on the study tour to India and this is his story. What’s your role at Metro? I studied Electronic Engineering at RMIT. I am currently a Reliability Engineer in the Rolling Stock Division, working on improving the reliability and performance of the Comeng fleet. What are the Engineers Without Borders tours about? The purpose of the tour was to send a group of engineers to a developing country to: see and experience projects that are being undertaken to develop the country to improve the lives of the poor and marginalised people educate engineers on what development actually is and how it should be implemented inspire engineers to engage in more sustainable and community focused engineering practices. It gives engineers an opportunity to improve the lives of those within a community by using technology in a positive way. Where did you go on your tour? I went to India - Mumbai, Pune, rural areas in the state of Maharashtra, Chennai, Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram.

What happens during the tour? We visited the partner organisations that are undertaking projects to improve the quality of lif e f or I ndia's poor and marginalised people. For example, one project we visited was aimed at helping rural Indian people by teaching them how to farm their land more effectively. They were also teaching the community how to attract tourists to the area by marketing their natural and cultural attractions such as their beautiful rivers, waterfalls and tribal dancing.

Would you do it again? I would definitely do it again. It was a very valuable experience which taught me a lot and was life changing. I would highly recommend getting involved in the program to people who want to use their technical expertise to do some humanitarian work and to those who genuinely want to help people. This tour was only possible for me thanks to Metro. It was a terrific opportunity and I‘m grateful to have been given the chance to be part of it.

What was the highlight? My perception of India has actually changed completely. Even though there is a lot of poverty, people tend to get on with their lives and make the most of what they have. India is a country rich with culture and tradition. Was there anything that shocked you? India is a place where you see shocking things all the time. For example, the thriving recycling industry in the slums, the train doors not closing when the trains are moving and herds of stray farm animals in city centres.

How long was the tour? The tour was for 24 days. There were 9 engineers in the group and we travelled together between 2 January and 28 January 2014. Why India? India sounded like the most exotic place on offer. What was the community like? The Indian people were very welcoming and inclusive. I felt very accepted from the beginning. Page 3

Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

Focussing on your opinion Your late evening services are much improved. It makes a huge difference to my journey to catch a Lilydale train, and change at Ringwood to find a Belgrave train leaving in 1 minute. Thankyou. Angela R (4 February) Employees from all areas of the business have been involved in a series of seven focus groups designed to get feedback on how to shape our next Employee Engagement Survey. The upcoming survey will be created with a set of standard questions about how you feel about Metro as a business and your local workplace, as well as a series of additional questions, which, this year, are geared towards safety. Facilitated by independent survey specialists, InSync, each group was asked how clear and

meaningful the proposed additional questions were. They were also asked to give their feedback on whether anything else should be included and how to best share the results once the survey is completed. More information on this year‘s Employee Engagement Survey, as well as a recap on the great initiatives that came from the last survey‘s feedback, will be available in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for the next Employee Engagement Survey, which will launch on 11 March business wide.

To the 4.27am Belgrave to city train driver. On 29 Jan 14, Wed when you realised the Glen Waverley train was approaching Burnley Station at 5.25am you waited so the Glen Waverley passengers required to the City Loop Stations can get onto your train. Thank you for your kindness. You make our journey a pleasant one. Emily F (5 February)

Keeping connected worldwide MTRconnects keeps you abreast of MTR Corporation’s latest worldwide developments and helps you connect with colleagues around the world. You can keep up to date with MTR Corporation‘s worldwide developments and the latest news about operations and people in different parts of the world. You are also invited to take part in the Worldwide Photo Competition and get a chance to win an iPad mini. Follow the link from the homepage of The Depot to get connected today!

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Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

Introducing our Process Champions

The Improvement Support Team has been working with team members from Network Asset Management (NAM), Network Performance and Development (NPD), Human Resources and Procurement to establish a new standard in process optimisation for Metro. The 12 Process Champions completed training in BPMN – an internationally recognised standard of process mapping and spent 10 weeks working with IST to create 58 process diagrams and generate over 200 process improvement ideas. This new approach raises the bar in process management, builds internal capability, empowers individual teams to drive their own improvements and promotes collaboration. If you want to know more about process optimisation or how to become a Process Champion, contact Elisa Grandine, Kate Greig or Leigh Hogan or search for ‗Process Optimisation‘ on The Depot to find processes, tools and more!

Don’t just take our word for it A few comments from the Process Champions... The best thing about process optimisation is that I have valuable skills and tools that will help me identify improvement opportunities within the Procurement Department (Yevette Hamill, Procurement) The best thing about process optimisation is that it’s one of the most quantitative tools for commercial decision making. It can help in minimising costs and maximising efficiency (Ankur Bhargava, Finance) Having the opportunity to make a real difference in improving processes that are relevant to me and my team. It has been a fantastic group to work with and I have learnt some very valuable skills for future process improvement within Human Resources. I would recommend this training to anyone! (Britt Cousins, Human Resources) A picture is worth thousand words and as such process optimisation gives the viewer a complete overview of the process and the interaction of stakeholders both internal and external (Renato Tosello, Projects) The best thing about process optimisation is the opportunity to connect with other areas of the business to work together on improvement ideas; it encourages teamwork by visualizing how we all depend on one another, and how each of our roles contributes to wider business goals. (Carmel Elliot, Network Planning and Development) The best thing about process optimisation is … I now know, therefore I can. (Ian Mackenzie, Commercial) Page 5

Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

A new perspective shines through at West Footscray New imagery has been unveiled at the rebuilt West Footscray railway station which opened in October 2013 as part of the Regional Rail Link project. T he im ag e s ha ve been incorporated into the station‘s perforated screens as part of finishing work on the new station facilities. Titled ‗Changing Face‘, the new perforated screen panels are a collage of the old and the new by Melbourne artist Ralf Kempken. The screens are a filter, with the images intended as a prism through which we see our world. They contain a mix of historical and contemporary imagery. The screens are unique to West Footscray and are designed to create a sense of place within the station. They were delivered as part of the community identity program, established by the Footscray – Deer Park project team last year in collaboration with RMIT University School of Art, which includes representation from Maribyrnong and Brimbank councils.

About the artist, Ralf Kempken Melbourne based artist Ralf Kempken has been cutting and spraying multi-layered stencils for years. The underlying concept has always been that we filter all we see through past experiences and memories. We all screen and frame our personal view of the world and with this in mind the stencils have turned into screens - artwork that can be seen through and create optical illusions. The screens are intended as daily reminders that we have a conscious choice in how to look at the world around us.

Metro’s FebFast team is going strong with almost $800 raised to support youth addiction services. It’s not loo late for you to join too! Do you think you could manage to go the rest of the month without alcohol, caffeine, sugar or digital devices? Why not have a go anyway, and help Metro raise money for a good cause. Visit febfast.org.au today, search for our team ‗Back on Track‘ and register today! Page 6

Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

Horsing around for Chinese New Year

Russell Street was jam-packed last Sunday, with a huge crowd turning out for the city’s Chinese New Year festivities, and Metro was there to witness the action. Every year Metro gets involved in the celebrations, hosting a stall with exciting giveaways; and this year‘s merchandise for Year of the Horse was as popular as ever. The Metro spinning wheel drew in a huge crowd, with people waiting up to half an hour to try their luck. The most sought after prize on the 400 day was, of course, the folding fan. Many thanks to our team of volunteers across the business who took time out of their Sunday to help hand out stickers, pens, tattoos, lollies and fortune cookies; help roll up a mountain of Dumb Ways to Die posters, a guaranteed hit with the crowd; play host to the spinning wheel; and inflate more than 1,000 balloons.

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Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

Taking care of each other Did you know approximately 1 in 4 people experience anxiety in some form? Or, did you know that 1 in 6 people experience depression symptoms at some time in their life? With anxiety and depression being so common, how do we recognise if someone in the workplace may be experiencing difficulties? How do you help and support your work colleagues and employees? Metro will be hosting Beyond Blue workshops in March at various sites to increase awareness among staff about the impact of depression and anxiety. Keep an eye out in coming editions of METROEXPRESS for session dates, times and locations. For further information please email amanda.benton @metrotrains.com.au

When Frankston meets Melbourne The City of Frankston came to Flinders Street Station during the week. Mayor Darrel Taylor and his team handed out branded merchandise and chatted with city bound customers, urging them to 'take a fresh look' and 'explore a little more' by taking the train to Frankston. The Flinders Street banners on the façade of the station are also turning heads, making people think a little differently about the beachside destination.

Yesterday (Thursday 30/1/14) morning I left an item on the Frankston line to Flinders Street train when I alighted at Caulfield. I was keen to get it back so I asked the staff at Caulfield Station if they could help. Although the item was rather trivial, the staff member was very respectful and helpful and made a phone call to try and organise its retrieval. The result was that a phone call later told me I was able to collect my goods at the Lost Property window at Flinders Street (where I was headed anyway) just half an hour later. My grateful thanks to all staff who helped find it, including the pleasant gentleman staffing the Lost Property office. Graeme P (31 January)

Page 8

Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

Our HSRs have their say on safety Last Monday, the fourth Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Forum was held, chaired by Andrew Lezala. G ener al Manag er Saf et y Environment and Risk, Todd Bentley, said that the engagement of HSRs is critical to having a better understanding of safety issues. ―Our HSRs are also a great resource to generate ideas to mitigate risks and hazards. This was clearly evident during this recent forum which focused on slips, trips and falls,‖ Todd said. ―Slips, trips and falls affect nearly everyone in our business. At the recent forum, HSR attendees (representing all areas in the business) were clearly engaged to reduce the likelihood of one of their co-workers getting

injured through a slip, trip or fall. ―It is great to see their commitment to working through a safety issue to practical solutions. ―Seventeen improvement ideas were tabled, and we will now work closely with each division to assess the viability of implementing each idea raised. ―Attendees were presented with

the draft video ―Tips to prevent trips‖ and asked for feedback regarding its content. ―The video was very well received by the group and we will shortly be finalising it for all employees to view. ―Thank you to the HSRs for their valuable feedback and contributions.‖

Metro supports some cool cats at Frankston Metro is getting into the swing of things beachside, sponsoring an extension of the popular '[email protected]' program run by the City of Frankston. Local musicians will pump out the tunes every Friday afternoon between 4-5pm until March 14. It's a great way to end the week for weary workers and a great start to the journey for city bound clubbers. Page 9

Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

Getting Involved Attention all When can you buy Microsoft Office VRI Members Professional Plus 2013 for $15?... Northern/Sunshine VRI Golf Club Centre Day When: Sunday 23 February Where: Mandalay Bay Beveridge Golf Club (Melways ref: 685 F2 - off the Hume Highway Tee time: 8am to 08:45 am 1st and 10th tees Cost: $40 – including green fees and lunch There is more than $500 in prizes to be won, including: Overall net and trophy A Grade Scratch A Grade Nett B Grade Scratch B Grade Nett C Grade Scratch (pending players) C Grade Nett (pending players) Ladies comp (pending players) Guest comp NTP All Par 3‘s Nine holes in Nice holes out Longest drive – all grades Putting

The answer is today!

Through Metro’s partnership with Microsoft, we’re taking advantage of Microsoft’s Home Use Program. The Home Use Program (HUP) allows employees to obtain a licenced copy of some of the latest Microsoft Office applications for a significantly reduced cost, allowing you to work at home with confidence in the compatibility of documents you create. Though the program, you can download one single license of the Microsoft Office Professional Plus - worth around $500 - for just $15! We‘ve only been allocated 1,500 licences—so be quick as it‘s first in, first served!

If you‘re keen to get the latest Microsoft Office suite simply: Visit http://hup.microsoft.com/ enter the Metro program code: 6C9C7EBAEC If you have any questions, please contact ICT 1800 773 475 or via the ICT Service Portal

Calling for volunteers: Great photo opportunity!

For more information contact: David Matthews: 0412 715 290, Steve Spooner: 0405 530 472, Mal Walter: 0404 813 969, or Email: [email protected]

Here's an exciting photo opportunity for you, your friends and your family. Metro is shooting new images for its photo library and we need faces! You'll ride the train, travel by escalator, drink coffee on the platform. All welcome including kids, teenagers, grandparents, you name it. If you can't make it, just send a posse of people on your behalf!

All players must be there minimum 20 minutes prior to tee off! A finalised time sheet will be distributed during the week prior to tee off.

Date: Tuesday Feb 11 Time: 10AM - 12PM Location: Flinders Street Station If you - or anyone you know - can make it, please email: [email protected] Page 10

Edition 5 \\ 7 February 2014

In Brief Pardon our Progress Belgrave & Lilydale Lines Saturday 8 February Due to vegetation clearing, buses will replace all trains between Box Hill and Ringwood after 7:45pm on Saturday 8 February. Pakenham & Cranbourne Lines Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 February While signalling upgrades and bridge works take place, buses will replace all trains between Westall and Pakenham and Cranbourne. Visit metrotrains.com.au for more details

MetroRecruit Current Vacancies Closing 14th Feb Head of Internal Audit and Risk

Customer Control Leader

All vacancies can be found on MetroRecruit on the Intranet.

Metro Performance 28-day average as at Friday 7 February 2014

97.9% Delivery 91.3% Punctuality Page 11

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