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www.prevenor.com Prevention Service Accredited by the Labour Authorities Nº. 99.0088.

about us 4 Founded in 1999 and backed by the service we

have provided to many companies of all sizes and sectors (industrial, construction, services…) PREVENOR has expanded and consolidated itself within the so-called sector of External Prevention Services companies.

4 This acquired experience has enabled us to

specialize and individualize our services to the needs of each and every one of our clients.

4 PREVENOR’s national accreditation

presently makes it a reference within the Basque market and this has been recognised by the different economic and social partners as well as the Public Administration.

4 Among all the work it has carried out, it has a

long list of important and significant references.



A highly experienced team  We have Specialized Divisions: Industry Dept., Construction Dept., Services Dept., Legal Services Dept. and a Health Surveillance Division.

Urgent Services We provide an immediate response to the different urgent requests of our clients:  Medical Examinations.  Medical Fitness Certificates.  The processing of documents.  Inspections or requirements for the Public Administration.  Training Courses.  The drafting of reports.  Assigning Preventive Resource Officers…

 We integrate our multidisciplinary team into our clients’ structure. We have an organized company back up so that any professional can provide a solution to whatever issues may arise (interdependence).  Professionals with an extensive career in PREVENOR, all highly experienced EXPERT TECHNICIANS in the OCCUPATIONAL RISKS PREVENTION SECTOR.  An ongoing training programme that enables us to adapt to legislative changes.

The best quality in the actions we carry out  A Company Quality oriented Culture-Philosophy guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Bilingual technicians

how we work

where we work

Located in the Basque Country, and with national accreditation from the Labour Authorities in the four compulsory disciplines set out in the Prevention and Occupational Risks Act:    

Occupational Safety Industrial Hygiene Ergonomics and Applied Psycho-Sociology Health Surveillance

where to find us

Our Central Services are located in: Erandio, Bizkaia Polígono Axpe, Portal C2, Dpto. 205 and our Medical     

Centres in:

Bilbao: Hurtado de Amézaga, 1, 1º Erandio: Polígono Axpe, P. C2, Dpto. 205 Bermeo: Trake kalea, 2, bajo Durango: Askatasun etorbidea, 23, bajo Gernika: Fernando Abaunza, s/n.


 We provide integral and personalized solutions for any needs you require in the Occupational Risks field.  We analyse each and every one of our client’s characteristics in order to adapt our service offer to the specific needs of their business or legal requirements.


 For many years thousands of clients have put their trust in PREVENOR and we keep working to increase this number.

external risk prevention service Once this service is commissioned it complies with the preventive requirements set out in the Occupational Risk Prevention Act. It includes Health Surveillance and Medical Examinations as well as our other special services (Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics and Applied Psycho-Sociology).

Aimed at:  Any company or self-employed person, whatever the sector they work in and that are in charge of one or more workers.  Workshops, construction companies, offices, storage companies, transport companies, chemical companies, hotel businesses, retail establishments…

health and safety plan for construction sites It includes the Health and Safety Plan as well as the processing of the administrative requirements necessary for worksite entry (Approval Certificate, opening of the work centre, processing the Site Visitors’ Book and reception of the Site Subcontractors’ Book).

Aimed at:  Companies contracted directly by the worksite developer or representative thereof, whether they subcontract or not.  They can be general contractors or specific trade workers if the work is to be carried out by trade guilds (bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, formwork operators, land moving operators…).  The subcontracted companies do not have to comply with this requirement.

health and safety coordinator during the execution phase

The worksite Health and Safety Coordinator is assigned as required by the current in force regulations. The coordinator is in charge of documenting the preventive proceedings that take place on the worksite and will be responsible for Health and Safety issues, thus complying with the current in force regulations.

Aimed at:  Public or private worksite developers: 4 Public Administrations, Real Estate Developers, Residents’ Associations, private owners who wish to build, reform premises, flats, houses… 4 This includes residential estates, housing, parks, reform work, road works, civil engineering works...

health and safety study

We draft the Study or Basic Health and Safety Study that must form part of the worksite execution project.

Aimed at:  Developers, Architecture or Technical Architecture Firms, Public Administrations or, mainly, whoever is required to draft a project.

safety advisor for the road transport of dangerous goods

The Company will be provided with a Safety Advisor for the road transport of dangerous goods, complying with the requirements of the current in force regulations.

Aimed at:  Companies responsible for the loaded goods (generally products they manufacture, or distribute, wastes they produce…), the unloading of the goods (generally raw materials, fuels, cleaning products…) or the transport of dangerous goods.

training courses

Prevenor has training centre certification awarded by the Labour Foundation for Construction (Fundación Laboral de la Construcción), for Metalworkers, Woodworkers, Ceramics and Glass Workers. The training courses will be provided according to the requirements set out in the different collective agreements and will be requested for working on any worksite, for registering as a contractor company (REA) or to simply comply with the different agreements.

Aimed at:  All of the trade guilds covered by the Construction Workers Collective Agreement (bricklayers, land moving operators, formwork operators, etc.)  The trade guilds covered by the Metalworkers Collective Agreement and who intervene on construction worksites (electricians, plumbers, elevator installers, metal carpenters, etc.)  The trade guilds covered by the Woodworkers Collective Agreement who intervene on construction worksites (carpenters, furniture fitters, etc.)  The trade guilds covered by the Glass and Sign Makers Collective Agreement (glaziers and sign makers).

urgent actions in preventive issues

The immediate processing of certain essential preventive documents in order to access the worksite: • Medical Fitness Certificates. • Training Courses. • Health and Safety Plans. • Processing the Work Centre registration, Site Visitors’ Book and reception of the Subcontractors’ Book. • Registration in the REA. • Worksite signage. • Assigning the Preventive Resource Officer. • Etc.

Aimed at:  Companies or self-employed workers who urgently have to comply with preventive and administrative requirements.

self-protection plans

Preparing the Self-Protection Plan report and submitting it to the Self-Protection Plan General Register in the Basque Country. Provide training courses to those in charge selected as well as a regularly carrying out safety drills in order to efficiently implement the Plans.

Aimed at:  Department Heads in charge of public or private activities susceptible of causing risk situations.  Public entertainment areas, sports arenas, hotels, guesthouses, nursing homes, industrial estates, schools, hospitals…

preventive resource officer assistance

This involves the continued presence of Preventive Resource Officers in the required work centres, registering and documenting all actions carried out. The officer’s work schedule will be agreed upon beforehand with the company.

Aimed at:  Those contractors who require a Preventive Resource Officer/Technician on the worksite during part of or the entire workday.  Public Administration Services who require Health and Safety personnel to comply with the supervision requirements on worksites.  Project Management or Assistance on the worksite that require qualified Health and Safety personnel during part of or all the worksites that are to be executed.  All those companies that are to carry out particularly risky work within or outside their premises.