When you need a truck to help you run your business, the solution is the Sterling 360 engineered for work in urban areas and congested work sites in:

Sterling 360 ™ All day. When you need a truck to help you run your business, the solution is the Sterling 360– engineered for work in urban areas a...
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Sterling 360

All day. When you need a truck to help you run your business, the solution is the Sterling 360– engineered for work in urban areas and congested work sites in: Wholesale and Retail Services, Pickup and Delivery, Landscaping and Construction. The Sterling 360 fulfills your truck needs and allows you the time to focus on running your business.

Better at the pump. Better cost of operation. Better cab size. Better entry and egress. Better financing. Better support. The Sterling 360 is better.

Better All AroundSM Durable and efficient, it helps make your job easier. Putting one on your payroll is a smart business decision...a light investment that delivers heavy returns. The Sterling 360 industry leading low cab-over-engine design provides roominess, comfort and safety. The ease of getting in and out is unsurpassed. Its contemporary cab design and tight turning radius also make it simpler to drive and easier to maneuver in narrow, tight environments. These features, combined with its superior front and side visibility, provide convenience and lead to increased overall productivity. Three pre-engineered models are available in the most popular weight ratings and sizes. Five wheelbases are available to accommodate the full range of 12- to 24-foot bodies.

Every day.

Important routine maintenance can easily be performed with the cab in the operating position. Whenever engine access is required, tilting the cab forward is quick and easy.

Hire yours today Where else are you going to find this much truck for your buck? Show off your business savvy...call your selected Sterling Truck Dealer today.

better at the pump

Stop paying through the hose. Start cashing in on the benefits that accrue through putting a Sterling 360 on your payroll. With the Sterling 360, the more you drive the more you save. It’s designed to operate at maximum fuel efficiency in pickup and delivery applications that average 20,000 miles a year. Fuel costs will vary according to usage and driving habits. What will remain constant is the Sterling 360’s consistent economic performance and low cost of operation.

A Quality Drive for Quality

Everything you want

Cab Comfort

Popular Features

The Sterling 360 delivers a quality drive–making it easier for you to hire and retain quality drivers–a critical element in running a successful business.

The roomy Sterling 360 cab helps support productivity and safety by relieving some of the stress associated with a work day on the road. There’s plenty of knee and belly room behind the wheel for maximum comfort. A wide range of seating positions accommodates drivers of different shapes and sizes. A cell phone pocket is conveniently located on the left side of the dash for easy and safe storage.

In addition to the tilt-telescoping steering column, we’ve made many popular options standard, providing all that drivers need to get the job done conveniently, with less hassle: air conditioning • power steering • power door locks • three oversized cup holders: two in the dash (pull-out) and one in the console between the driver and passenger seats • and AM/FM radio with CD player.


The roomy cab, with superior all around visibility, contributes to safe, comfortable operation.

The standard tilt/telescoping steering

The fold-down center seat doubles

column helps fit the truck to the

as a writing table–convenient for

driver, not the driver to the truck.

keeping schedule and delivery notes.

Easy in. Easy out. All day. Every day.


Sterling 360 General Specifications

Better to own, operate,


12,500 lbs. (6,600lbs.) 14,500 lbs. (8,505 lbs.) 17,995 lbs. (11,765 lbs.)

Better on the Scale


Proprietary 4.9L Turbo Diesel 185 hp @ 2700 rpm 391 lbs.-ft. torque @ 1600 rpm

300 pounds less curb weight than other industry models means you’ll be able to deliver more valuable cargo in less time. More pounds delivered equals more dollars earned.


Aisin electronic 6-speed automatic

Better Frame Strength

Final reduction ratio: 5.285

No competitor surpasses the Sterling 360 for frame strength, with its 56,560 psi straight frame rail.


I-Beam: 5,510 – 6,835 lbs. Free Floating Type: 9,920 –13,230 lbs. Suspension

Front and Rear: Laminated leaf springs with shock absorbers & stabilizer bar Frame:

56,560 psi RBM: 459,830 lb.-in. H/W: 34.6"/33.1" Fuel Tanks:

33-gallon, side-mount 30-gallon, aft-mount (optional)

Interior Fabric


Exterior Paint

Better Handling An impressive wheel-cut angle results in a smaller turning radius for exceptional maneuverability–resulting in improved efficiency and reduced driver stress.

Important routine maintenance checks

and maintain

can easily be performed with the cab in the operating position. Whenever necessary, the cab easily tilts forward for quick engine service access. For convenient access, dipsticks and fluid containers are all located on the driver side of the vehicle.

Better Upfitting To facilitate the addition of a body to your chassis selection, and helping to reduce initial cost, the Sterling 360 has been designed to be body builder friendly. The placement of fuel tanks, batteries, fuel lines, exhaust systems, crossmember locations are engineered for efficient upfitting. Fuel lines and wiring are all tucked away and routed for clean CAs and easy body installation. Cab-to-body clearance of 7.9" (shorter than most competitors) allows for longer bodies with greater load carrying capacity. Straight frames provide easier upfitting.





1. Standard split-view driver and passenger mirrors help

Standard transmission PTO opening on all vehicles.

minimize blind spots.

A Body Builder Hotline is available to help answer any body building question: 503-745-6822.

2. Covered, grated steps are designed for easy ingress/ egress. 3. Stylish, higher-visibility halogen headlamps are standard. 4. The After Treatment Device (ATD) is a single integrated unit of small compact design. No additional

Fuel tanks are mounted under-cab

muffler is required and it is

for maximum ground clearance and a

equipped with a compact

clean CA for easier body installation.

tailpipe diffuser.


Custom Built. Custom Financed. Custom Supported.

Custom Support

24-Hour Customer Assistance

Closing a sale isn’t the end of our relationship with a customer, but the beginning. Each of our customer support programs is designed to help make Sterling ownership a positive experience, from the start of the buying cycle to its end.

Sterling’s commitment to customer support includes a 24-hour Customer Assistance Center plus immediate roadside assistance and technical support. Our Customer Support Network provides overnight parts delivery through the United States and Canada.

Custom Financing

Technical Sales Support

Daimler Truck Financial offers a full range of financing options designed to suit your individual needs. They know the territory and have the people, programs and experience to support it. They build on decades of experience and know-how. Local representatives are truck specialists who will work with you throughout the acquisition and financing process, while a dedicated credit staff provides timely evaluation of your credit request. Daimler Truck Financial looks at your unique requirements and structures a lease or finance package that works for you, making the most of your financial resources. Contact your local Sterling dealer to find out how Daimler Truck Financial can help you easily answer any financing challenge. And visit www.dcstrucks.com

ST/MC-B-684. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Sterling Truck Corporation is registered to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. Copyright © Daimler Trucks North America LLC. All rights reserved. Sterling Truck Corporation is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler company. 5/08

MMS 59283

Customers, technicians, sales personnel and body installers can access technical information for the entire line of Sterling trucks online.

Individualized Support The Pinnacle/Fleetpack Support Program can provide all the elements necessary to control fleet expenses with top- quality parts and service support and competitive pricing.

Vehicle Warranty Comprehensive base 3-year/unlimited mileage warranty.

1-800-STL-HELP is the number to call for information on the Sterling 360 and the entire line of Sterling products and services, along with the location of the dealer nearest you. Visit us online at www.sterlingtrucks.com

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