What you can dream We can build

www.s-sbarns.com What you can dream… We can build The Premium Classic Barn Standard Equipment In Our Laminated Barns • Colored Roof • Insulated...
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What you can dream…

We can build

The Premium Classic Barn

Standard Equipment In Our Laminated Barns

• Colored Roof • Insulated Roof

• Sliding Doors • Feeder Doors

Options • Colored Steel • Tongue & Groove • Hardy Panel - Wood Grain • Raised Breezeway or Gable Roof • Grill Bars

• Breezeway Doors

•Foaling Walls

• Windows

• Run Doors

• Wash Bays

• Storage

• Feeders

• Waterers • Tack & Feed Rooms • Cowboy Porches • Yoke or Dutch Doors

• 3 in 12 Roof Pitch • Grill Bar Fronts

Finish Your Barn S & S Barns and Buildings Inc.

We have been in business for over 15 years. And if there is one thing we have learned is that each horse owner is different with their own unique style and budget. That’s why we build three different types of barns, with three different budgets in mind.

The Premium Classic Barn

Is designed for those who want the best. This barn has everything a horse owner could want. Laminated walls, insulated roof, bar top stall fronts with sliding doors and feeder doors. Modular design so it can fit any layout you can dream up. This barn has a lifetime kick through warranty.

The Western Classic Barn

A classy looking barn without the premium price. This barn has the same structure as the Wrangler Classic barn with colored siding and trim to dress it up. In this barn you can have the standard galvanized stall fronts or choose from the laminated or tongue and groove fronts to make it look like a Premium barn. Your choices are endless.

The Wrangler Classic Barn

The most “Barn for the buck.” With all galvanized construction it makes this barn virtually maintenance free, easy to install and can be added to at any time without taking down the existing barn. This is our number one selling barn, it does the job without the high costs.

Finish Your Barn

Have a barn that needs to be finished? Each of our barn components can be built any size to fit the dimensions of your barn without the custom price. Stall fronts, divider walls, breezeway doors, run doors, accessories or just the hardware for your own components, we can provide it, or install it all.

S&S Barns and Buildings Wall System

Galvanized Wall

Sheeted Wall

Hardy Panel

Tongue & Groove

Colored Steel

Galvanized Liner

Polycarb Liner

Door Guide

Door Handle

Sliding Door Hardware Door Track

Track Bracket

Regular Trolleys

Wood Door Trolleys

Slide Latch

The Western Classic Barn

Our Colored Sided Barns or Garages can be Built to fit Your Every Need Options • Roof Pitches

• Stalls

• Insulated

• Overhead Doors

• Walk through Stall Doors

• Windows

Siding and Trim Color Options Coal Black

Gallery Blue


Ivy Green

Burnished Slate


Crimson Red Charcoal Gray Hawaiian Blue

Regal White

Saddle Tan

Light Stone

Rustic Red

Koko Brown


Desert Sand


Polar White

Roof Color Options Hawaiian Blue Crimson Red

Saddle Tan

Polar White

Fern Green

Burnished Slate

Ash Gray

Desert Sand Koko Brown Charcoal Gray

Rustic Red

Light Stone

Gallery Blue

Note: Actual colors may vary. Final color selection should be made from actual color chips.

The Wrangler Classic Barn

Standard Equipment • Stall Sizes available - 10’, 12’, 16’ modular • 12’ and 16’ Breezeways • Gable or raised Breezeways • Roof Pitches available - 5/8 in 12 = 2 in 12 = 3 in 12 = 4 in 12 • Wall Construction 1 5/8 Tube 15 ga. Galvanized Frame with a, 14 ga. Galvanized Bottom Sheet, 16 ga. Galvanized Top Sheet.

Options • 2 Bar Fronts

• Run Doors

• 3 Bar Fronts

• Breezeway Doors

• Solid Fronts

• Dutch Doors

• Vertical Bar Fronts • Yokes • Feed Doors

• Tack Rooms

• Feed Holes

• Foaling Walls

• Feeders

• Cowboy Porches

• Waterers

• Wash Bays

Other Fronts Available

Indoor Riding Arenas

S&S Barn Accessories

Solid Corner Feeder

Corner Pan & Rack

Paddock Feeder

Hitchin’ Rail

Wash Rack

Single Saddle Rack

Stall Mats


Nelson Water

Pasture Feeder

Barrel Feeder

Saddle Rack (4)

Saddle Rack (3)

Your Local Dealer Is:

5476 West Wells Park Road (9400 South) West Jordan, Utah 84081 Phone: 801-282-1834 • Toll Free: 1-800-453-2276 www.s-sbarns.com • email: [email protected]