What to Where to How to Recycle at UWSP

Your guide to practicing in the Three “R’s” What to… Where to… How to… Recycle at UWSP Mixed Paper Corrugated Cardboard Glass ALUMINUM Cans / Meta...
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Your guide to practicing in the Three “R’s”

What to… Where to… How to… Recycle at UWSP Mixed Paper

Corrugated Cardboard


ALUMINUM Cans / Metals



Ink Jet & Toner Cartridges


Electronic Media




Down the “PAPER” chute: • paper (white, colored, ledger, shiny/coated, NCR, oilskin) • books • paper bags • container board • cardstock • telephone books • magazines • computer printouts • index cards • newspapers • post-it notes • Kleenex • clean paper plates • napkins • intercampus envelopes • file folders • tablets (include backs) • paper based envelopes (labels and windows ok)

NO need to remove: • tape • staples • paper clips • spirals from notebooks • labels • rubber bands

Please, no food or restroom waste

Rinse, remove rings and caps • pizza boxes

• beverage boxes • any and all cardboard boxes

Flatten the box and place it in the laundry room

Down the GLASS chute: • clear • green • brown • blue • containers that are transparent or translucent NO opaque containers, ceramics, window glass, Pyrex glass, dishes or mirrors

Down the “ALUMINUM” chute: Please:

• aluminum cans • metal cans • aerosol cans • paint cans • metal wire hangers • cooking utensils

-drain aluminum cans -rinse metal cans -remove labels -flatten cans -remove plastic covers (if possible) from aerosol cans -Do Not remove spray nozzle -brush all residual paint from paint cans and let dry – paint cans don’t need to be rinsed, but they can’t contain more than the residual paint after brush cleaning – replace the covers

Plastic No. 1-5 & 7 are accepted down the “PLASTIC” chute -Remove rings & caps from bottles, tubs or pails

-Remove labels & rinse

#6 – plastic filler packing (packing peanuts) and formed, rigid packing material -bag or box filler packing material -formed packing material may be left in the boxes and taken to the laundry room *plastic shopping bags are currently not accepted through our recycling program – please recycle those elsewhere

We recycle ALL batteries! Drop your dead batteries off in the collection box in your hall lobby

Toner Cartridges: • from your hall’s computer lab printer • photocopy machines Send to Central Stores (Maintenance & Materials Building) via campus mail in the original packaging.

Ink Jet Printer Cartridges: The spent cartridges from your personal printer can be dropped off in the collection box at your hall’s front desk.

An end of year Recycle/Reuse Program is held at the end of the year to assist students with disposing of unwanted items to community and local charities . Accepted Items:

Watch for announcements as the end of the semester approaches. Take items to the front lobby during the drive period.

• reusable clothing • linens • bedding • books & magazines • games • toys • sporting equipment • small (working) appliances • sealed vitamins & medication • non-perishable food *clothing that is not reusable may be included & will be used as rags

When your CFL burns out, turn it in to your residence hall front desk – they will make sure it gets properly disposed of.

• upholster foam

• packing material foam

*bag or box the foam and take it to the laundry room

• microfiche • video & audio tapes • CDs • floppy disks

• transparencies • 3M flip-frame transparency protectors • 3M flip-frame transparency protectors with pre-view • 3M transparency sleeves

*send items to the Resource Recovery Center office, 112 Maintenance & Material Building via campus mail

Thanks for practicing in the Three “R’s”!

Did you know… UWSP Residents recycle on average 3.5 tons of glass, paper, plastic & cardboard monthly! UWSP Residence halls were the first residence halls in the state of Wisconsin to have recycling chutes in all of their halls!

Join UWSP Residential Living in their environmental stewardship efforts by regularly participating in the R’s”!

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