What is a synchrotron?

T O U R PA C K A G E S Synchrotron Saskatoon is home to Canada’s only Canadian Light Source Synchrotron. One of forty-two such facilities in the wor...
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Saskatoon is home to Canada’s only Canadian Light Source Synchrotron. One of forty-two such facilities in the world, this foot-ball sized facility is located on the grounds of the University of Saskatchewan. It opened on October 22, 2004 and a cost of $173.5 million, plus investments in scholarships and research chairs. What is a synchrotron? A synchrotron is a source of brilliant light to peer inside matter. It is one of the world's most powerful microscopes, shedding X-ray "light" millions of times brighter than the sun. In comparison, relative brightness (Photons per second per mm2) the synchrotron light is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000, sunlight is 10,000,000,000,000, candle is 1,000,000,000, and medical x-ray is 10,000,000. A 2 hour tour located in Saskatoon. Shuttle provided. www.lightsource.ca

Tunnels of Moose Jaw

"Tunnels Of Moose Jaw" boasts a myriad of underground tunnels in downtown Moose Jaw. See history come alive underground. An exciting blend of theatre, with special effects and animatronics, and history, in two 50 minute tours. Step into the life of a 1920’s bootlegger (The Chicago Connection) or a 1880’s Chinese immigrant (Passage to Fortune). The tours guides you through one of the most colorful and fascinating chapters in Canadian -- and American -- history. It was a time when Al Capone directed a prosperous bootlegging operation in Moose Jaw and put the "organized'' into "organized crime" by orchestrating a North-America wide "business empire”. All day tour - 2.5 hour coach trip to Moose Jaw and return. http://www.tunnelsofmoosejaw.com/ http://www.moosejaw.ca/tourism/attraction/tunnels.shtml

Canadian Air Force Base – 15 Wing Tour – Moose Jaw Experience first hand one of Canada’s most innovative air force bases in this 2 hour tour. Air Vice-Marshal C.M. McEwen Airfield Moose Jaw is undoubtedly the "Home of Military Pilot Training" and for good reason. The Wing is the principle site of the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) program and is the home of both Canadian Forces Flying Training Schools (The Big 2) and the world-famous Canadian Forces Snowbirds military air demonstration team. 15 Wing focuses on people, leadership, innovation and cutting edge technology to uphold itself as an international Centre of Excellence for military pilot training. Tour Cost: Included with the Moose Jaw Tunnels

RCMP Heritage Centre at DEPOT DIVISION For over 135 years the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been part of Canadian history and have become one of most recognizable and iconic symbols of Canada. The RCMP Heritage Centre is Located in Regina on the Grounds of the DEPOT division of the RCMP. It showcases the vast history of the RCMP and visitors will learn about the historic and present role of the RCMP as Canada’s National Police Force. DEPOT division is the site of the National Police Training Centre where every member of the RCMP starts their training enroute to a career as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This all day tour will take you from Saskatoon to the Training Academy in Regina. As part of your tour you will get the chance to visit the RCMP Heritage Centre, visit RCMP DEPOT Division, and observe the daily SGT Majors Parade. All day tour - 2.5 hour coach trip to Regina and return. http://www.rcmpheritagecentre.com/

Saskatchewan River Voyageur Canoe Trip Dividing the parklands and the plains, providing a navigable corridor for most of its 1,300 kilometre route, and flowing all the way from the Rocky Mountains across Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan River is one of Canada's most historic waterways. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Saskatchewan River Route was one of the country's most important fur trading arteries, and in the 20th century, it anchored the urban and economic development of much of Canada's western prairies. This interpretive canoe tours run out of Beaver Creek Conservation Area. Visitors meet at the site 13 km south of Saskatoon, walk the interpretive trails to the canoe shed with an interpreter canoe guide, receive basic safety instruction and paddle out onto the river in the 8 – 10 passenger voyageur clipper canoes. Most adult groups paddle up river to the Berry Barn for a snack and tour and back to the start. The total experience takes about 3 hours. Departure times: 1300hrs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 30 seats maximum $40.00 per person


The Métis settlement of Batoche was established in 1872. By 1885 it numbered 500 people. The Metis of the area settled on river lots, and the community contained several stores as well as the Roman Catholic Church of St. Antoine de Padoue at the time of the Rebellion. Batoche, Saskatchewan was the site of the historic Battle of Batoche during the Northwest Rebellion of 1885. The Battle of Batoche was fought over four days from May 9 to May 12, 1885. Less than 300 Métis and First Nations people led by Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont defended Batoche from a series of rifle pits which they had dug along the edge of the bush surrounding the village. The North West Field Force, commanded by Major General Frederick Middleton, numbered 800. Batoche was declared a National Historic Site in 1923. The visitor centre features a multi-media presentation about the history of the village and its inhabitants. There are several restored buildings with costumed interpreters who depict the lifestyles of the Métis of Batoche between 1860 and 1900. The sites include a NWMP encampment, a church and rectory complex, and a farm home. Half day tour, 1 hour coach transportation from Saskatoon and return. http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/lhn-nhs/sk/batoche/index.aspx

Saskatchewan River Boat Dinner Tour Take a cruise on the South Saskatchewan River and view the sights of Saskatoon from a different angle. Travel on the river underneath some of Saskatoon’s famous bridges and enjoy the view of downtown. You will see some of the best that Saskatoon has to offer from parks and natural areas to some of the cities majestic riverfront homes. The menu of the evening typically includes a Cypress Hills Winesalad, main course and dessert, with coffee. Of course, cocktails are available from the fully licensed bar, and wine is available with dinner by the glass, carafe or bottle. (Both Shearwater passenger ships are proud to serve a variety of selected Canadian wines, including some fabulous fruit wines from Saskatchewan's only vineyard and winery, in the Cypress Hills.) 3 hour Saskatoon area tour, local shuttle transportation http://www.shearwatertours.com/

Western Development Museum Step back in time and re-live the life of a settler as they lived the hardships and triumphs of settling this land that is “The West” During the beginning of the 20th Century, Saskatchewan was bustling with activity as the settlers moved westward in search of a new life. Towns were springing up everywhere along the travel routes. This influx and “Boom” took place until about 1914. The Western Development Museum showcases what a typical western “Boomtown” would have looked like in 1910 with everything from a fully stocked general store to a blacksmith shop and barber shop. The museum also houses Saskatoon’s only vintage car collection, and also showcases a typical family farm as it changed and grew over a decade. http://www.wdm.ca/stoon.html 3 hour Saskatoon area tour, local shuttle transportation

Hutterite Colony Tour Hutterites are a communal people, living on scattered bruderhöfe or colonies throughout the prairies in North America. Nearly extinct by the 18th and 19th century, the Hutterites found a new home in North America. The first colonies in Saskatchewan were established in 1952 and were daughter colonies of the Alberta colonies. Today there are approximately 60 colonies with approximately 5,200 Hutterites in Saskatchewan. All members of the colony are provided for equally and nothing is kept for personal gain. Hutterites do not have personal bank account; rather all earnings are held communally and funding and necessities are distributed according to one's needs. Learn about the Hutterite unique lifestyle, religion, customs, traditions and history right on site at the Hillcrest Colony with a guided tour conducted by one of the entertaining members of the Hillcrest Hutterite Colony. 3 hour tour, 20 minutes from Saskatoon, coach transportation

Wanuskewin Heritage Park Tour Wanuskewin Heritage Park hugs the west bank of the South Saskatchewan River, just five kilometres north of Saskatoon. Within its 760 acres there are 19 pre-contact sites that represent the active society of Northern Plains Peoples. Here you will find summer and winter camp sites, bison kill sites, tipi rings, an arrangement of boulders called a medicine wheel, and artifacts such as pottery fragments, plant seeds, projectile points, egg shells and animal bones, all within a compact area.. Wanuskewin Heritage Park officially opened in June 1992. Since then, hundreds of thousands of visitors have experienced what the Park has to offer: a window of understanding of First Nations heritage and culture, and the common roots all North Americans share. Wanuskewin was, and is, a place to seek peace of mind, a place of living in harmony. The lessons it has to offer are ageless. 3 hour Saskatoon area tour, local shuttle transportation

Wardens On Wheels Motorcycle Tour

Are you planning to ride your bike to the NAWEOA conference this year? If you are, some of the th Saskatchewan officers would be willing to take you on guided tour on Tuesday July 19 . Tour would leave from the host hotel at approximately 1:00 p.m., travel South of Saskatoon to Outlook, Gardiner Dam on Lake Diefenbaker and returning back to the hotel after supper. There would be no cost to go on this tour, but each person would be responsible for providing their own bike, fuel, and purchase of a buffet supper at the Dakota Dunes Casino. If interested, send Rob Grainger an email prior to the conference @ [email protected] Born to be Wild! th

Departure: July 19 at 1:00 p.m. 25 seats available http://wardensonwheels.blogspot.com