What Best Practices Can I Learn From Other Hosts? webinar access code: Feb 25, 2016

What Best Practices Can I Learn From Other Hosts? webinar access code: 757-208-675 Feb 25, 2016 Agenda Best Practices in GeoTours February 25, 2016...
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What Best Practices Can I Learn From Other Hosts?

webinar access code: 757-208-675 Feb 25, 2016

Agenda Best Practices in GeoTours February 25, 2016

Meg Hatch

Jenn Seva

1. Announcements 2. Banner Ads: Hatfield McCoy GeoTour 3. Weekly Newsletter & Blog Post: Meg 4. Renewal: Helena GeoTour 5. Geocoin Design: Space Coast GeoTour 6. Future Webinars


Jenn Seva

1. We will record the webinar so we can share it with you *and* those who could not be here. 2. Be brief and complete. Let’s use the one hour wisely! 3. Meg will act as our time-keeper. 4. Mute your phone if you are not talking. 5. Unmute your phone to speak. ;-) 6. Join Me has an optional “chat room.” 7. After each speaker, there will be a short time for 1 or 2 questions. Start with your first name. “This is Jane. My comment is…”

23 Participants Canada:

Oregon: Eugene, Cascades & Coast

Geocaching Capital of Canada

Tennessee: Jack Trail

Gold Country


Heritage Hide’n’Seek

Germany: Paderborner Land

Birthplace of Texas

Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure

Portugal: Ilha Verde/Green Island

Utah: Visit Utah

Scotland: Explore Royal Deeside

Washington State:

Sweden: Örebro

Colorado: Across The Divide

Washington State Parks

Visit Rainier Centennial

Washington, D.C. area:

Florida: Taking Flight

Star-Spangled Banner

Georgia: Columbus

Captain John Smith

Montana: Helena

Fast Facts

Meg Hatch

62 GeoTours live around the world! ○ ○ ○

39 in the United States, 22 in other countries, 2 transnational 45 of these programs are in year 2 or beyond Fewest caches: 9-10; Most caches: 150


Banner Ads Two sizes available. You can submit up to 5 versions.

Let us know if you need a specific language in our brown header.

Banner Ad Case Study Performance: ○ 0.19% Click Thru Rate ○ 556,055 impressions (March 2015 to now) ○ Similar ad campaigns on geocaching.com average between 0.06-0.12% CTR Why is this ad so successful? ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

rotating gif engaging images geocoins are “a real click-getter” name recognition with Hatfield McCoy image recognition with that person

Wendy Hackney, GeoTour Host, says: “I thought of it as a mini billboard that people would be driving past. I only had a second to grab their attention. Enough to cause them to click on me!”

Banner Ad Case Study This is the old curved style that is now retired.

Weekly Newsletter What is it? ● The geocaching email newsletter gives readers the information they need to stay on top of the latest geocaching trends and topics. Content features in-depth and timely articles that focus on geocaching related news and products. The geocaching email newsletter is distributed to 7 million registered opt-in members globally (at minimum) each week. Be smart. ● The newsletter is sent out weekly, every Monday. As a GT Host, it’s smart to time this when you have news! ● Consider your targeting and your audience. What we ask of you: ● One small image and short text copy (200 words), minimum of two weeks prior to desired feature date. ○ Style Guide from Meg & Jenn

Weekly Newsletter - Example

Weekly Newsletter - Example

Old geocaching.com Blog

*NEW* geocaching.com Blog!

Check it out >> https://www.geocaching.com/blog/

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Designing a Geocoin Dale & Barb Swinehart, [email protected]

Space Coast GeoTour, Florida Design considerations: ● branding: “Space Coast” ● Kennedy Space Center is nearby 3 … 2 … 1 … liftoff! All of our phone numbers begin with “321” in this area. ● Overall shape: location-based ● Symbols of our region: alligator, sandhill crane

Designing a Geocoin

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Refreshing a GeoTour Anna Strange, [email protected] Helena, Montana ○ GeoTour in its third year ○ Collaborative partnership

between the Helena Tourism Alliance and the

Capital City Cachers ○ Strategy around our passport: ■ point system ■ hotel stays ■ changing the caches

Refreshing a GeoTour

Refreshing a GeoTour

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Meg Hatch

Small (but exciting!) facelift to GeoTour landing pages: Before:


Please submit NEW or UPDATED links so we can adjust your page accordingly. www.bit.ly/updatesocial

Future Webinars Save the Date

May 26, 2016: Thursday, 8:00 to 9:00 am Pacific Time Tell us: [email protected] ○ Do you want to present? ○ What Best Practices would you like to discuss? More questions?

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