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Northern Grace Youth Camp 1 Welcome to Family Camp We at Northern Grace Youth Camp want to Welcome you to a week of enjoying God, his Word and his wo...
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Welcome to Family Camp We at Northern Grace Youth Camp want to Welcome you to a week of enjoying God, his Word and his wonderful creation. The family is a very special gift from God and we believe he is honored by this week as we set apart time from our hectic schedules and come together. Family camp has a slower pace than our other weeks. We have many scheduled activities, but you are free to pick and choose from among them. It is our desire that you have the best vacation possible: no cooking, dishes, work or other distractions. The staff is here to serve you, so if you have any question or needs, simply let us know. We pray that you have a meaningful and enjoyable week. In Christ,

David Green Director


Northern Grace Youth Camp

OUR MISSION Northern Grace Youth Camp exists to serve Grace Churches by providing a spiritual camp environment where people can find Christ as Savior, and be renewed through the study of God’s word, fellowship and serving Him. People need God. . . this is the reason for Northern Grace Youth Camp. Provided in Christian camping is an environment that neither the Church nor the home can duplicate. Northern Grace Youth Camp is committed to provide this environment where the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible are presented to meet the needs of individuals. This is done through maximum use of the out of doors and use of cabin groups, which provide an unique living situation in which the campers interact with other campers and adult staff. This interaction takes place through a planned program of activities—both spiritual and physical—as well as through the unplanned activities that grow out of living together. These aims and objectives are carried out by a qualified, competently trained staff using grounds and facilities which are designed and situated for maximum use by the campers. Teaching will be done in accord with Camp’s sponsors. We will offer this whole Christian camping experience at the lowest possible cost.

OUR HISTORY In 1954, Pastor Louis Menge had a vision for a Grace Youth Camp in Wisconsin. At the time, Pastor Menge was pastoring a small Bible Church in Oconto Falls. The Church had been sending their young people to Grace Youth Camp in Michigan. However, the cost became too much for the people and therefore they began to pray for an alternative. Pastor Menge heard of a piece of property on Berry Lake which had been for sale for a lengthy period of time. After a thorough investigation of the property's possibilities, location and price, a decision was reached to purchase it for $11,500. Pastor Menge and his wife put down the down payment and earnest money to hold the property. The property consisted of a lodge, a pump house, a boat house, a garage and a caretaker's cottage. In the summer of 1955, the Camp had it's first youth camp sessions. There were two weeks of camp, and the young people paid $12.00 per week to come. In August of 1955, Pastor J.C. O'Hair held a dedication service for the Camp. In November, the Camp was incorporated. The property was designated as a nonprofit organization and called Northern Grace Youth Camp. Also at this time, a Board consisting of several Pastors and Laymen was formed. The President of the Board of Directors was Ervin E. Cox. He would remain on the Board of Directors until his death in July of 1984. In the Spring of 1956 two new dormitories were built which would accommodate 64 Campers and Staff, the building containing the central restrooms and a small Camp laundry unit was constructed and a deep well was dug which would supply adequate water for future camp needs. A large assembly hall/ kitchen building was also erected at this time. This building is now used as the dining hall and chapel. It easily seats 125 people and has a beautiful view overlooking the Lake. Despite all of the projects, all was completed in time for the Camp to open on schedule for the 1956 season. This summer's program was lead by the first Camp Director, Pastor Dwight Reed.

Northern Grace Youth Camp 3 In 1959, the property to the immediate east of the camp was purchased for $6250. Three cottages serviced by one well were included in the purchase along with a boat house of concrete construction. Today these cottages are used for the staff house, Camp office and a cabin for weekly workers. In 1960 the property to the immediate west of the camp was purchased for $10,000. This added a considerable amount of land for future expansion as well as doubling the Camp's amount of lake frontage property. This property also included a cottage, a two car garage and a boat house. The cottage was remodeled into a year round home which is used by the director and his family. In 1961 Douglas Cox, the son of Ervin Cox, became the Camp's Manager. Between Doug and Pastor Reed, there were two other Camp Directors. They were Pastor Jim Carlson and Pastor Jack Dean. Douglas Cox remained Camp Manager until 1972 when the board appointed him as the Executive Director of Northern Grace Youth Camp. Through Doug's tenure as manager and Executive Director, Northern continued to grow and develop to where it was spoken of as a model of small Christian camps. Doug and his family put in countless hours of labor and dedication to Northern. Much of this work was done while Doug held another job. Northern will always be thankful for the dedication of the whole Cox family. In 1984, the size of Northern grew when the Camp inherited 60 acres of land from the Ervin E. Cox estate. This land is located on the Oconto River just four miles from the Camp. This land is used for games, sports and overnight camping. 1984 marked another step ahead for Northern when the Board of Directors hired the Camp's first full time Executive Director, Randy Hughes. Then in September of 1985, the camp's staff again grew with the hiring of a year round Program Director, Beth Williams. Pastor Lynn Dulakis of Grace Bible Church in Streamwood, IL served as the interim director of Northern from 1992-1994. In 1994 David Green was hired as the Executive Director. In 1999 the dining hall was renovated to allow for an extended retreat system and in 2002 our new chapel was completed. 2002 also saw the expansion of camp with the purchase of additional property two doors to the West.


Northern Grace Youth Camp

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Northern Grace Youth Camp

Daily Schedule 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30

10:30 12:00 12:45 1:45 2:45 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:00

Wake Up Breakfast Family Sing Time Class Session Adults Chapel 0-2 Lodge 3-5 Dining Hall 6-9 Craft House 10-12 Office 13 and up Staff House Free Time Lunch Rest Time Free Time Canteen Supper All-Camp Activity Canteen Singing/ Puppets Family Worship Time Discussion Time / Youth Activity All Quiet Please

Pastor Steve Hamilton Emily Zack Sarah Andrew Jeremiah

Crafthouse and water front open 10:45-11:45 Waterfront open 1:45- 3:45 Crafthouse open 3:00 - 5:00

Youth Activity: Older youth not ready for bed at 9pm are welcome to take part in the youth activity each evening from 9 to 10pm. Please make sure they continue to observe quiet hours after 10pm.

Scheduled Activities-Join us on the Bus or follow along in your own vehicle. Monday Enjoy the Waterfront and Craft House!! Tuesday Go-karting and Mini-golf 3:00 -4:30pm (depending on weather) at Shawano Sports Park (next to AutoZone). Please sign up in the dining hall to ride the camp van/bus. $3.50 per ride or golf. Wednesday noon Cookout lunch. Eat inside or out. Thursday - Adult Dinner in the Dining Hall 5:30 - 7:30pm Kids under 8 meet at the craft house for dinner Youth 8 and up meet at the bus for Hobo dinners down at the Land Friday Ice Cream Social 7:30pm in the Dining Hall 8:00pm Final puppet show in the chapel 8:30pm Campfire by the benches

Activity Suggestions Swimming Boating Canoeing Sailing

Box Hockey Nature Hikes Fishing Ping Pong Foosball

Board Games Volleyball Basketball Bocci Ball Tetherball Horseshoes

Northern Grace Youth Camp 7

Area Activities Let us know if we can help you with any of the following optional activities Cheese Factory - 7989 Arndt Road, Oconto Falls Family tours and fresh curds and cheese available. Call 920-829-6395 / 1-800-956-6395 Horseback Riding Mountain Meadows Ranch in the Nicolet National Forest - $25 for 1 hour (715) 276-3860 Silhoutte Stables - Just south of Shawano $20 715-526-8225 The Cotton Patch - Located at the corner of HH and H Penned goats, geese, ducks, peacocks and chickens that will eat from your hand (corn sold there) Golf - Golden Sands located at Hwy R and Hwy 22. Call (715) 745-2189 for tee time Discount rates for games before 9am and after 5pm Shawano Lake Golf Club on H across from County campground. Call (715) 524-4890 Black Bear Trail Golf 10 miles North in Suring - 9 holes of bent grass 842-4653 White Water Rafting - Several places along the Wolf River on Hwy 55. approx. $15-20 Big Smokey Falls (715) 799-3359 Shotgun Eddy's (920) 855-1550 River Forest (715) 882-3351 Packer Hall of Fame - Daily Tours of the stadium and Hall of Fame in Green Bay Adults $10, Seniors $8, Youth (6-11) $5, 5 and under free. Call (920) 499-4281 Heritage Hill State Historical Park - Interactive historic village in Green Bay off 172 by the river Adults $6, Seniors $5, Youth $4, Children $3, Call (920) 448-5150 NorthEast Wisconsin Zoo - 8 miles North of Green Bay Includes special children's Exhibits where you can feed and touch the animals $4 adults, $2 kids, $12 family rate - ask for directions or call 920-434-7841 Bay Beach Amusement Park - Carnival rides for young children and teens in Green Bay All rides are 25 or 50 cents. Nicolet National Forest - North of us in Oconto County about 30 miles Visit and climb a fire tower NE of the town of Mountain Go Kart and Mini Golf - Shawano Sports Park next to AutoZone. - $3.50 per ride, $3.50 for golf (as a group with NGYC) Walmart in Shawano for all your last minute needs (715) 524-5980 Now open 24 hours! Doc's Harley-Davidson of Bonduel - a few minutes East of Bonduel on Hwy 29 - Car Museum, alligators, buffalo, explore a pirate ship.


Northern Grace Youth Camp

Swimming and Boating Rules The swim area will be open with the lifeguard present at designated times. At all other times children must be observed while swimming. If you wish to go boating during the free time when swimming is not open please inform the lifeguard. Swimming 1. All children 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult even when the lifeguard is on duty. 2. There is no diving anywhere in the swim area. It is too shallow. 3. You must stay within the roped off area. 4. There is no running on either dock. They are slippery when wet. 5. One whistle means the lifeguard would like to speak to a swimmer, so please look up. Two whistles means that the swim area is closing. Three whistles means exit the swim area immediately for an emergency. 6. There is a maximum of 10 people on the raft at any time. Please do not exceed the limit. 7. Only jump off the docks and rafts into the swim area. 8. There is no fishing in the swim area. You must fish out of the boats or to the left off the white pier or right of the brown pier. 9. Please be aware and careful of those around you in the swim area. 10. Return all equipment to its proper place. Boating 1. All children 12 and under must wear life jackets in boats. Everyone must have a life jacket with them in a boat. 2. All children 10 and under must be accompanied by someone 15 or over. 3. There is a maximum of four people in the smaller paddle boats and five people in the larger ones. 4. When the white paddle boards are taken outside of the swim area they are considered boats. You must wear or have a life jacket according to your age. If outside the swim area, stay on your board. 5. There is a maximum of four people per canoe and two paddles per canoe. 6. Only people 14 and over may take out the sailboats without an adult. If your sailboat tips work quickly to right it by pushing on the centerboard. If you cannot right it, a staff member will come to help you. 7. Boats should stay within visibility of the camp 8. You may not get out of a boat anywhere except on NGYC property. 9. The motor boat must be available for emergency use.

Northern Grace Youth Camp 9

Memory Verses

Monday- Salvation “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace” (Eph 1:7 NKJV) Tuesday- God’s Word “The law of Your mouth is better to me than thousands of coins of gold and silver.” (Psalm 119:72 NKJV) Wednesday- Heart “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Mt 6:21 NKJV) Thursday- Good name “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold.” (Pr 22:1 NKJV) Friday - Materialism “For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.” (1 Timothy 6:7 NKJV)


Northern Grace Youth Camp

Important Information Equipment:

All athletic and boating equipment belonging to NGYC are for your use. Please return it to its proper place when you are done. Remember that all of the camp property belongs to God and should be treated as such.

First Aid:

The first aid station is in the lodge. If you need some supplies out of there please see a staff member. A hospital with 24 hour emergency room and a clinic are located in Shawano if needed.


Please contact David Green or a staff member


Your family can use cash or a canteen card payable at the end of the week. Please let the canteen manager know how you would like your children's purchases limited. Place all canteen wrappers in trash cans. Return soda bottles to the cases behind the canteen. Place all other glass and aluminum in the marked can for recycling


Phones are located throughout the camp and may be used with a calling card. Please limit your calls to those which are necessary. We cannot accept any collect calls.


Wireless interent access is available in the Dining Hall if you brought a laptop. It uses WPATKIP encryption. The key is "thebestcampintheland". We encourage you to limit your computer time and enjoy God's creation and fellowship with others. Please monitor all child use.


Put all outgoing mail in the box in the Love seat by 11am. The staff will take it out to the roadside box. Incoming mail will be given out at meals.


Please remind your family members to keep the music in good Christian taste and refrain from using the piano when others are using the dining hall since it is so loud.


Please ask before starting a fire in the campfire ring


Parents are responsible for their children except during class time. Please make sure they are properly supervised and obeying all rules. Please help to observe quiet times after 8:30pm so young children and families can sleep.


There are fine laundry mats in all nearby towns. The camp laundry facilities are limited and therefore reserved for camp use only.

Baby Sitting: This service is available through our Scrubs, or you may want to ask other camping children. Rate of pay is up to you. Restrooms:

Please cooperate with others in the use and cleanliness of restrooms. Do not leave clothes or other items in the main restrooms.


You are asked to help by cleaning your cabin or room before leaving.

Northern Grace Youth Camp 11

Camp Standards 1. No Smoking is permitted on the Grounds. 2. No alcoholic beverages are to be brought onto the Grounds. 3. No illegal drugs are to be brought onto the Grounds. 4. No pets are to be brought to Camp. 5. Shoes are required in the Chapel and Dining Hall by state law. 6. Appropriate dress should be worn by all in respect of the Christian Camping atmosphere. GIRLS A. Swimwear—no suits with high cut legs modest one piece suits are required. B. Tops no half shirts no halter tops or tube tops, stomach must be covered no braless tops or dresses or string straps no t-shirts with alcohol , rock groups or tobacco C. Pants/shorts—cannot be tight shorts must have at least a 3 inch inseam no nylon running shorts no spandex BOYS A. Swimwear—no bikini type suits B. Tops no half shirts shirts must be worn except while swimming or participating in an activity that calls for “shirts and skins.” no t-shirts with alcohol, rock groups or tobacco C. Pants/shorts—cannot be tight shorts must have at least a 3 inch inseam no nylon running shorts no spandex “We give no offense in anything, that our ministry may not be blamed.” II Corinthians 6.

Northern Grace Youth Camp

Map of the Grounds

Berry Lake

Rec room Craft House


Director’s House

Workshop Patio


Dining Hall

ng rki Pa ive Dr Shed e c rvi Cooks Se Trailer


New Chapel


Cabin 5 & 6

First Aid

Staff House


Cabin 7 & 8 Loveseat

Cabin 1 & 2


Main Restrooms

Activity Shed Outhouse

Cabin 3 & 4 Brown Cabin

Office Barracks

Basketball Court

Sand Volleyball Court Playground




Main Entrance

Hig hwa yV

Scrub Hut

Parkin g


Northern Grace Youth Camp 13

Map of the Area



Northern Grace Youth Camp

About Family Devotion Time God has commanded parents to instruct their children and bring them up in the way of the Lord. One way to do this is to set aside time for family devotions. This includes the reading of God's Word, sharing blessings and requests, and time in prayer. We are offering 30 minutes of time in our evening schedule for a family devotional time. We know this is important for a family to grow stronger in the Lord, as we have seen it in our lives when we were children. We suggest that you use this time while you are at N.G.Y.C. to set up a regular family devotional time that you will continue with your family through the years ahead. We know that this may be completely new to many of your families and it will be difficult to begin. But, we know that your family needs this time and should use it to discuss the family and the Lord. We will be happy to offer assistance to your family in beginning this time if you wish. During this week have your family agree to get together as a whole family for a time of discussion and devotional time from the Word of God. End in prayer for specific prayer requests. Your Devotional Time could include: God's Word: Read the Bible and a good family devotional book or other material. We have some of this material in the bookstore or lodge if you should need some. Keep the discussion on a level with all family members, so even the smallest of children can learn about God. We have devotional sheets from the summer based on the memory verses that you can use for both younger and older children. Talk: Spend time rejoicing and reflecting on the blessings and challenges of the day. Give everyone a chance to talk and make sure you all listen when someone else is talking. Prayer: Everyone in your family should pray, as God wants us to talk to Him. Have each person pray about one item that they are thankful for. You may want to keep a prayer diary during the week, and this could be continued at home.

Northern Grace Youth Camp 15

Family Camp Evaluation Please fill out and return at the end of the week or mail back Family Name_______________________ How were your accommodations?






How was the food this week?






How were the grounds and equipment?






How was the schedule?





What suggestions would you make in changing the schedule or activities?

How was the preparation of the staff?










How was your treatment by the staff? Comments:

Do you have any suggestions for future family camp speakers?

Additional comments: