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Dear New Resident, On behalf of the City Council and our City and County Manager, Charles Ozaki, I wish to welcome you to our community! We take pride in our beautiful city and all it has to offer and we’re glad you’re here. Broomfield is a city with a strong sense of unity, pride and identity. Our city is planned with a balance of residential and commercial land use, with generous open space, parks and natural areas. Our residents enjoy a full array of employment, recreational opportunities and human services. As your Mayor, I work very hard with the City Council and City staff to meet the community’s needs. Our mission is “to work in partnership with the community to provide excellent services in an efficient, respectful, and courteous manner to enhance and protect the environment and quality of life of Broomfield citizens.” Broomfield County is the newest city and county in Colorado and one of the newest in the nation. It has been 100 years since the only other city and county in Colorado was formed – and that was Denver! With this new government designation, we’re pioneering new ways of providing city and county services. As part of our new approach to County government, we are especially proud of our one-stop-shopping approach to the delivery of state, municipal and county services, and district court services. To that end, our Community Assistance Center was formed as a point of contact for citizens. Carla, Jane, Laura, Kelli and Erica, the dedicated staff of the Center, assist in problem solving and a variety of other services - including water bill payments, dog licenses, and even passports! They are also here to provide information on practically anything to do with the City and County of Broomfield. Please stop by, if you need assistance, or feel free to call them directly at 303-438-6390. Again, welcome to the City and County of Broomfield. We look forward to serving you! Sincerely,

Randal E. Ahrens Mayor


Founded - 1877 Incorporated - 1961 Home Rule Charter Adopted - 1974 Became a City and County - November 15, 2001 Population - 55,889


Size - 34 square miles Elevation - 5,344 feet Miles of Streets - 200 Miles of bike and walking trails - 258 Number of Parks - 63


Residents of the City and County of Broomfield elect a mayor, to serve at-large, and ten city council members, two to serve each of five wards. Regular City Council meetings are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at the George Di Ciero City and County Building, One DesCombes Drive. Citizens are welcome to attend. Agendas and other information can be found on our website at www.broomfield.org

Mayor Randy Ahrens [email protected] Home: 303-469-1498


Councilmembers Stan Jezierski

Elizabeth "Liz" Law-Evans [email protected]

Home: 303-460-1295

Ward 1

Home: 720-272-2158

Mike Shelton [email protected]

Sharon Tessier

Ward 2

Cell: 303-269-1946

Sam Taylor

Ward 3

Kevin Kreeger

Greg Stokes

Ward 4

Cell: 720-982-3751

David Beacom

[email protected] Ward

Cell: 303-453-9420

[email protected]

Home: 303-931-6477

Home: 303-466-3255

[email protected]

[email protected]

Home: 303-641-5433

Bette Erickson [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Home: 303-466-6710


Martha Derda [email protected]

Home: 303-466-6624


A New Form of Government…

The Amendment to the Colorado Constitution creating the City and County of Broomfield is based on the principles of modern day public management: policy makers should be elected and administrators should be hired. The Mayor and City Council appoints the City and County Manager, and the Manager hires qualified staff to perform duties traditionally performed by elected county positions (e.g., sheriff, treasurer, assessor). These functions were easily integrated into combined City/County functions, eliminating fiscal and political conflicts which may exist among elected officers. The City and County Manager serves as the chief administrator, coordinating all phases of operations.

Broomfield City and County Government Broomfield is a home rule government with a council – manager form of government – it is basically a city that also operates county services and facilities. The City and County of Broomfield was established in November 2001, as Colorado’s 64th County. Previously, Broomfield residents resided in four different counties: Adams County, Boulder County, Jefferson County, and Weld County. Residents in need of various county or court services had to travel outside of Broomfield to Brighton, Boulder, Golden, or Greeley to obtain these services. With the support of the Mayor and City Council along with the City’s management staff, a grass roots citizens’ organization was formed to promote and educate citizens on the possibility of Broomfield becoming its own city and county. The ballot question was favorably decided by voters in November of 1998, giving the city a three-year transition period in which to organize before becoming Colorado’s newest County. With the transition to a combined city and county government, Broomfield offers “one-stop-shopping” to residents for city and county services – water bills; municipal, county and district court services; marriage licenses; birth and death certificates, health and human services programs; license plates – all of these services are now centrally located in Broomfield. The City and County of Broomfield values a strong sense of identity and pride created by a self-supporting community with proactive citizens of all ages. Broomfield residents take pride in the hometown values they have worked to create. George Di Ciero City and County Building One DesCombes Drive Broomfield, Colorado 80020 303-469-3301 www.broomfield.org 303-465-5411 – TDD


City and County Manager

Broomfield’s City and County Manager is appointed by the City Council and serves as Broomfield’s chief administrative officer. The Manager assists the Council in matters of policy and legislative decisions, coordinates municipal administration, and supervises departments and employees. Hired in 1982 as Assistant City Manager, Charles Ozaki was later promoted to Deputy Assistant City and County Manager in 2002. He was appointed City and County Manager in 2011, replacing Broomfield’s long-time manager of 43 years. Charles is a resident with strong ties to Broomfield and a dedication to the well-being and future sustainability of the City and County.

Broomfield City and County’s Administration Deputy City and County Manager - Kevin Standbridge Assistant City and County Manager - Jim Becklenberg Executive Office Manager - Eileen Albrecht Assessor - Sandy Herbison City and County Attorney - Bill Tuthill Chief Building Official – Tim Pate City Engineer – Katie Allen Clerk and Recorder - Jim Candelarie Code Compliance Manager – Kirk Oglesby Combined Courts Administrator – Julie McCarthy Communications and Governmental Affairs - Jennifer Hoffman Community Development Director - Dave Shinneman Cultural Affairs Manager - Karen Gerrity Detention Center Commander - Jay Johnson Economic Development Director - Bo Martinez Finance Director – Pat Soderberg Health and Human Services Director – Debra Oldenettel Human Resources Director – Suzanne Smith Chief Technology Officer – Ernesto Chavez Internal Audit Director - Bernie Block Library Director of Services and Cultural Affairs - Roberta Depp Open Space & Trails Director – Kristan Pritz Planning Director - John Hilgers Police Chief – Gary Creager Public Works Director - David Allen Recreational Services Director - Nancy Harrold Senior Center Supervisor - Erica Hamilton

Charles Ozaki City and County Manager 303-438-6300

303-438-6384 303-464-5153 303-438-6382 303-438-6217 303-438-6353 303-438-6373 303-438-6250 303-464-5899 303-438-6303 720-887-2114 303-438-6355 303-438-6389 303-464-5835 303-438-6449 303-464-5579 303-438-6368 720-887-2222 303-438-6325 303-438-6202 303-464-5821 720-887-2355 303-438-6335 303-438-6399 303-438-6406 303-438-6362 303-460-6905 303-464-5528



Broomfield has 14 Boards and Commissions and over 100 volunteer citizens who advise the city council on various matters. Citizens interested in serving on a board or committee should contact their City Council representatives.  Board of Equalization  Broadlands Golf Course Advisory Board  Brunner Farmhouse Citizen Advisory Committee

 Cemetery Committee  Cultural Council  Health and Human Services

Advisory Committee

Assessor The Assessor department is responsible for discovering, listing, classifying and valuing all property in accordance with Colorado state law in the City and County of Broomfield for property tax purposes. The Assessor's office lists and values approximately 24,000 parcels in Broomfield. The market approach to value must be used to value residential properties. The market value of a residence is determined by the sales price of comparable residences within a time period set by the state. The assessed value is used by taxing authorities within Broomfield's boundaries, such as school districts, fire districts and special districts. For residential property, the assessed value is a calculation of the market value multiplied by the residential assessment rate which is set by the State of Colorado. The current residential assessment rate is 7.96%. The assessed value of all other property is a calculation of the value multiplied by 29%. The assessed value is then multiplied by the mill levy to determine the property tax due. For example, the property taxes of a home valued at $300,000 in a sample tax area would be figured as follows: $300,000 x .0796 = $23,880 (the assessed value). Then to estimate the tax on the property, multiply the assessed value by the various mill levies for your tax area: Sample Tax Area:

City & County of Broomfield School District North Metro Fire District XYZ Metro District Urban Drainage & Flood Control Dist. Total Mill Levy for Sample Area

28.968 mills 50.369 mills 11.246 mills 35.000 mills 00.608 mills 126.191 mills

Assessed Value x Mill Levy = Estimated Property Tax 23,880 x .126191 = $3,013.44 The calculation above is just an example. Your property taxes will depend on where you live and the taxing authorities in your area. Maps and a list of tax areas can be found on our website at http://www.broomfield.org and go to the Assessor’s page or by calling the Assessor’s office. City and County Assessor: Sandy Herbison Ph: 303-464-5819


BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS cont.  Historic Landmark Board  Library Board  Local Licensing Authority  Open Space and Trails Advisory


 Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee  Personnel Merit Commission  Planning and Zoning Commission  Public Art Committee

Broomfield Cemeteries The City and County of Broomfield has three cemeteries. Two cemeteries are operated by the city and county and are centrally located. Both are peaceful retreats where loved ones can be commemorated and honored. The Broomfield County Commons Cemetery, at 9th & Sheridan provides spectacular views and tasteful landscaping. Full casket burials as well as cremation interment options are available.The Lakeview Cemetery, located one block west of Main Street on 10th Avenue, is an historic cemetery, with the earliest recorded burial in 1888. Lakeview Cemetery accommodates cremated remains only. Phone 303-460-6912. The third cemetery, Evergreen Memorial Park, 720-890-5963, is a full service, privately owned cemetery located west of I-25 and Hwy 7.

City and County Attorney The City & County Attorney is responsible for providing legal representation to the City Council and to City officials in matters relating to the performance of their duties. The City & County Attorney’s Office handles the prosecution of municipal offenses in the Broomfield Municipal Court and represents the Department of Health and Human Services in matters such as child welfare, adult protection, and child support enforcement. City and County Attorney: Bill Tuthill 303-438-6353

Clerk and Recorder The City and County Clerk and Recorder serves as the chief election official for Broomfield, the agent of the state for motor vehicle titles and licensing, marriage licenses and document recording. This office also serves as the clerk to the City Council for preparation of agenda packets and minutes, and provides official duties for Broomfield’s Local Licensing Authority and Board of Equalization. The Clerk and Recorder’s office issues a variety of licenses, and assists the Health and Human Services Department by issuing birth certificates. Clerk and Recorder: Jim Candelarie 303-464-5819 7


The Field is the first open space property that was purchased with open space sales tax monies provided by Broomfield citizens. Situated in the heart of Broomfield (east of Main Street and south of East 10th Avenue), this property was originally slated for housing development. Broomfield citizens and the City Council rallied to the call to “Keep the Field in Broomfield” and purchased the 115-acre property in 1994. The Brunner Farmhouse, located at the southwest corner of The Field, provides a reminder of Broomfield’s agricultural history and serves as a meeting place for local community groups.

Code Compliance Code Compliance is a division of the Community Development department and is responsible for enforcement of the City’s municipal ordinances that protect the basic character of residential and business districts through the investigation of items such as junk vehicles, weed and rubbish complaints, and zoning violations. Code Compliance Manager: Kirk Oglesby 303-464-5551

Combined Courts Th Broomfield Combined Courts provides a single service location for Municipal, County and District level judicial services for the community. Broomfield Combined Courts works in conjunction with the Police Department and Health and Human Services to provide the public with a variety of services available throughout the City and County. The City and County of Broomfield is part of the 17th Judicial District. Municipal Court Administrator: Juie McCarthy 720-887-2114 Clerk of Court: Dina Jones 720-887-2113 Jury Commissioner: Kim Troudt 720-887-2101 Jury Line: 720-887-2165

Community Assistance Center The Community Assistance Center is an extension of the City and County Manager’s Office, providing a variety of services and information. Services offered at the center include payment of water bills, dog licenses, and processing of passport applications. You can also pay property taxes, receive property assessment and tax information, register to vote, and obtain marriage licenses. The Citizen Assistants are trained to provide comprehensive, personal assistance in a variety of situations and provide information about the City and County, in general. Citizens should feel free to communicate any comments, problems, or suggestions to this office and be assured that they will receive immediate, personal attention. The Community Assistance Center is dedicated to providing courteous, personal attention to our customers. Citizen Assistants: Barbara, Carla, Kelli, Laura, and Jane 303-438-6390 8


Animal Control is a function of the Police Department. Broomfield’s animal control ordinances encourage responsible pet ownership, protect the public health and safety, and keep owners from allowing their animals to be a nuisance to their neighbors. These ordinances also protect the animal from cruel treatment, neglect and injury. For a complete listing of the animal control ordinances visit www.broomfieldpolice.com and go to Animal Services. For animal related questions or to report a lost or found animal, please call 303-438-6400.

Community Development The Department of Community Development provides one-stop services for all planning, engineering, and building activities in the City and County of Broomfield. Services provided include enforcement of building codes, issuing of building permits, zoning regulations, and construction standards. The department is also responsible for traffic engineering, current and long-range planning, mapping, and administration of the City and County’s capital improvement program. Community Development Director: Dave Shinneman 303-438-6398

Finance Department The Finance Department is responsible for the collection of City and County revenues, controlling the City and County’s financial assets, disbursement of City and County expenditures, purchasing, and employee payroll. A break down of the City and County sales tax as of January 1, 2014, is as follows:


Inside Flatiron Improvement District (FID)

Inside Arista Improvement District (ALID)

State RTD/CD City and County FID ALID

2.90% 1.10% 4.15% N/A N/A

2.90% 1.10% 4.15% .01% N/A

2.90% 1.10% 4.15% N/A 0.20%





Utility Billing is also a function of the Finance Department and processes payments for water and sewer use. For information about water and sewer rates, please call 303-438-6319. Finance Director: Pat Soderberg 303-438-6368



Be sure to visit Broomfield’s website at www.broomfield.org for a calendar of Broomfield events, City Council agendas, parks and recreation information, maps, department information, and current items of interest.

Health and Human Services The Health and Human Services Department is located at #6 Garden Center. The staff is responsible for the administration of all human services programs including Elderly Disabled and Medical Services, Families and Children, Self-Sufficiency, Public Health, Environmental Health, Consumer Protection, Vocational Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Food Stamps, Refugee Assistance, Intervention/Prevention, and Vital Statistics. The Work Force Center and CSU Extension Office are a part of the Health and Human Services Department. The Workforce Center, located at 6550 W. 120th Ave., provides assistance with job referral/placement, updating resumes, unemployment insurance claims and many other job-seeking services. The CSU Extension office, located in the George Di Ciero City and County Building at One DesCombes Drive, offers 4-H youth development and Master Gardeners. Director: Debra Oldenettel Health and Human Services: 720-887-2295 Workforce Center: 303-464-5894 CSU Extension Office: 720-887-2286

Human Resources The Human Resources Department administers personnel policies and procedures in accordance with the established personnel merit system assuring competitive and equal employment opportunities in order to recruit and retain a dynamic and innovative work force. Specific programs include recruitment (employees and volunteers), leave administration, compensation programs, performance management, employee recognition, wellness, employee training and development, employee benefits, safety awareness and workers’ compensation programs. Director: Suzanne Smith Human Resources Department: 303-438-6320 Job Line: 303-438-6475 www.agency.governmentjobs.com/broomfield/default.cfm



“A Home for the Arts”, the Broomfield Auditorium is a state-of-the-art cultural event facility with an acoustically designed stage and seating area. The 295-seat auditorium is host to a wide variety of music, drama, dance, and visual arts programs. Visit www.broomfieldauditorium.com for a calendar of upcoming events and information. 720-887-2371

Housing Authority The Broomfield Housing Authority serves as a clearinghouse for housing-related matters for Broomfield residents with low to moderate income. Services are available in the areas of basic needs referrals, rental assistance, home buying opportunities, foreclosure prevention and housing rehabilitation and weatherization services. 303-438-6396

Motor Vehicle Motor Vehicle, a division of the Clerk and Recorder’s Department, provides titles, registrations, temporary permits and handicap parking placards. Driver’s licenses are provided by the state. The Colorado Department of Revenue office is located at 11900 N. Washington, Northglenn, 720-929-8696.


Mamie Doud Eisenhower Library/Broomfield Auditorium Broomfield’s library was named after First Lady Mamie Doud Eisenhower. President and Mrs. Eisenhower visited Broomfield in 1963 for the dedication and presented a collection of books to the library. In 1995 the library moved to One DesCombes Drive as part of the new municipal center. The beautiful, state-of-the-art building in Community Park opened in November 2001. It contains a collection of approximately 144,000 volumes, 250 periodicals, over 13,000 audio-visual items, and high speed Internet access. The library also offers reading and cultural programs for all ages. The Broomfield Auditorium adjoins the library. This 295 seat venue offers excellent acoustics, state-ofthe-art lighting and sound systems, an art gallery and a beautiful Sauter Concert Grand Piano, purchased with community donations, city funding and an SCFD grant. The City and County of Broomfield Cultural Affairs Division oversees development of the performing and visual arts in Broomfield, and programming for the Auditorium’s year-round events. Director: Roberta Depp Mamie Doud Eisenhower Library: 720-887-2300 Broomfield Auditorium: 303-464-5835 11


The award-winning Paul Derda Recreation Center opened in November 2003 and boasts 85,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, family-oriented recreation opportunities. The Center was designed primarily for drop-in use and is the region’s premier play place with amenities such as the indoor aquatic park, lap pool, indoor track, gymnasium, gymnastics center, climbing wall, cardio and strength training areas, fitness rooms, Kid’s Zone with indoor playground and game room.

Police Department/Detention Division/Civil Unit The Police Department, located at 7 DesCombes Drive, has developed a community-oriented approach in the delivery of police services. The services include problem solving in the Broomfield neighborhoods, an extensive public education program designed to prevent crime, a neighborhood traffic unit to focus on residential speeding problems, and animal control. The Detention Division, 11600 Ridge Parkway, is responsible for housing and transporting inmates and providing courthouse security. Additionally, the Civil Unit is responsible for serving civil papers received for process from citizens and from the courts. Police Chief: Gary Creager Police (non-emergency): 303-438-6400 Fingerprinting: 303-464-5722 Animal Control: 303-438-6400

Public Works Department The Public Works Department programs protect the environment and safeguard, operate and maintain Broomfield’s infrastructure. In addition to operating and maintaining the water, sewer and reuse utility systems, the department maintains buildings, parks, streets, and fleet vehicles and equipment. The department also enforces industrial pretreatment and stormwater regulations, acquires and manages water supplies, conducts water quality testing to assure compliance with various federal standards, and provides environmental programs including mosquito control and recycling. Public Works Director: David Allen Ph: 303-438-6334

Recreation Services Recreation Services includes special events, athletic fitness and wellness activities at the Broomfield Community Center, the award-winning Paul Derda Recreation Center, the Broomfield County Commons, The Bay, and various ball fields and park areas throughout the city. Recreation Services Director: Nancy Harrold 303-464-5501 To reserve a park or meeting room call 303-464-5509 12

Lakeshore Café

Broomfield Senior Services offers lunch at the Lakeshore Café, 280 Spader Way. Lakeshore Cafe is open to the public. Nutritious, delicious, and fresh lunches are served from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 303-464-5526 or by signing up in the lunch book at the front counter.

Open Space & Trails An abundance of open space, wildlife, and a comprehensive trail system are important to the quality of life for Broomfield residents. Citizens have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Broomfield’s natural environment and to walk or bike to a variety of destinations. The City and County of Broomfield has preserved a total of 5,173 acres in open space and conservation easements. When different types of park and open space lands are combined, Broomfield has a total of 7,809 acres of open lands within our planning boundary. In addition, residents can enjoy 80 miles of concrete trails, 23 miles of soft surface trails, 110 miles of 8-foot detached sidewalks, and 45 miles of on-street bike lanes for a total of 258 miles of various walking/ biking experiences. Open Space Director: Kristan Pritz 303-438-6335 Wildlife Masters 303-464-5554

Senior Center The Senior Center provides services, recreational activities, transportation, lunch program, meals on wheels, volunteer opportunities, socialization and support for our seniors and working adults. The Lakeshore Café is located in the Senior Center and serves lunch from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday and is open to the public. We value our seniors and also welcome anyone over the age of 18. Senior Services Supervisor: Erica Hamilton 303-464-5526.

Teen Council The Broomfield Teen Council was established in 2013 on a basis of involvement and interest in the community around us. Critical thinking is valued by us, as well as dedication. As Broomfield Teen Council, we meet to organize community activities, talk with community leaders, discuss and debate local issues, and learn about our government and city. We also may meet other times throughout the year to attend community events, visit community centers, and attend council events. 303-464-5156 13


The Broomfield County Commons Park opened in 2004. This prized athletic facility and park boasts 4 pods, each pod is home to 4-5 full sized soccer/ football fields. A championship field with artificial turf sits in the middle of the park and is used year-round. Over 1,000 trees were planted and the park has 6 picnic shelters, 2 playgrounds and 240 acres of open space. The park is also the temporary home to Broomfield's first dog park.

Handy Numbers Animal Control Auditorium Events Bay Aquatic Park Broomfield Community Center Cemeteries Central Records (Assessor, Public Trustee) City Clerk Code Compliance Comcast Cable Community Assistance Center (Information) Courts CSU Extension Office District Attorney Drivers License Fire Department, non-emergency 4-H Youth Programs Health and Human Services Human Resources Jail/Detention Center Job Line Jury Duty License Plates Locates (Call before you dig!) Library Master Gardeners Meals on Wheels Mosquito Hotline Open Space and Trails Paul Derda Recreation Center Police Department Post Office Recycling Center Senior Center Street Light Outages Unemployment/Workforce Center United Power Company Veterans Services Water/sewer Billing Xcel Energy 14

303-438-6400 720-887-2371 303-464-5520 303-464-5501 303-460-6903 303-464-5819 303-438-6332 303-464-5551 303-930-2000 303-438-6390 720-887-2100 720-887-2286 720-887-2199 720-929-8636 303-452-9910 720-887-2286 720-887-2295 303-438-6320 720-887-2000 303-438-6475 720-887-2165 303-464-5888 1-800-922-1987 720-887-2300 303-464-5554 303-464-5532 303-558-8730 303-438-6335 303-460-6900 303-438-6400 1-800-275-8777 303-438-6334 303-464-5526 303-571-3608 303-464-5894 303-659-0551 720-887-2243 303-438-6319 1-800-895-4999

1STBANK CENTER The 1STBANK Center is your friendly neighborhood arena for major music concerts, sporting events, family shows and much more. Ph: 303-410-0700 or www.1stbankcenter.com

Emergency – 911 Non-Emergency Police Department (non-emergency) North Metro Fire & Rescue (non-emergency)

303-438-6400 303-452-9910

Cable Television Comcast Cable Services


Churches 1st Southern Baptist Church of Broomfield Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Broomfield Assembly of God Broomfield United Methodist Church Calvary Evangelical Free Church Christian Church of Broomfield Christian Family Fellowship Church Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Church Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Cross of Christ Lutheran Church Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter Faith Bible Chapel North Good News Baptist Church Heritage Baptist Church Jehovah’s Witness

303-466-8317 303-469-1785 303-466-2632 303-466-1719 303-466-9750 303-469-2314 303-469-7224 303-466-3782 303-452-5149 303-469-4004 303-466-2667 303-460-8383 303-469-4457 303-469-5984 303-469-2812

Joy In Christ Korean Trinity Fellowship Lighthouse Foursquare Fellowship Lutheran Church of Hope Nativity of Our Lord Catholic New Heights Christian Fellowship North Point Presbyterian Church of Broomfield Rocky Mountain Presbyterian Risen Savior Lutheran Church Shepherd of Love Sovereign Grace Fellowship Summitview Church United Church of Broomfield Victory Church

303-815-4773 720-324-3797 303-466-1503 303-466-4823 303-469-5171 303-438-7071 303-439-2620 303-466-4433 303-404-3200 303-469-3521 303-460-8640 303-438-6647 303-439-7296 303-466-8355 303-426-8888

Colleges Front Range Community College Regis University University of Colorado at Boulder

303-404-5000 1-800-388-2366 303-492-1411



After two successful years of displaying the Healing Field flags in Northglenn and Broomfield, sufficient funds were raised to build a permanent memorial to the victims of 9/11. On the five-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks, the 9/11 Memorial was dedicated as a place of honor, healing and reflection. The memorial incorporates a 300 pound piece of metal from one of the World Trade Center towers and three life-sized bronze sculptures and wall inserts depicting each site of the attacks. The memorial is situated near the community pond, between the George Di Ciero City and County Building and the library and auditorium.

Driver’s License State of Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles General Information Full Service Offices: - 28th & Iris, Boulder - 11900 N. Washington St., Northglenn - 917 Main St., Longmont

303-205-5600 303-442-3006 720-929-8636 303-776-4073

Vehicle Registration County Department of Motor Vehicles Broomfield City and County


Electricity/Gas/Street Lights Xcel Energy Xcel Energy - Street light outages and complaints United Power (rural areas)

1-800-895-4999 303-571-3608 303-659-0551

Grocery Stores King Soopers - 120th & Sheridan King Soopers - Hwy 287 & Miramonte King Soopers - 136th & Zuni Pacific Ocean Marketplace Safeway - 120th & Main Street Safeway - 144th & Lowell Walmart - Flatiron Crossing Mall on Summit Blvd. Walmart - 120th Avenue east of Sheridan Blvd.


303-439-0113 303-439-2610 303-920-3040 303-410-8168 303-466-7969 303-209-2405 303-466-3928 303-217-9374


Channel 8 is the City and County of Broomfield's municipal government access cable channel and a service of the City and County Manager's Office. Channel 8 provides live televised coverage of the Broomfield City Council meetings in addition to a variety of original programming including: local news briefs, public service announcements, informative shows about city services, special event coverage, documentaries and greater metro television consortium programming. Through our programming, we hope to inform and entertain the citizens of the City and County of Broomfield.

Hospitals/Medical Centers Ask-A-Nurse (Medical advice & referrals) Boulder Community Hospital Centura Health Avista Adventist Hospital Children’s Hospital - North Extension Columbia North Suburban Medical Center Exempla Health Care Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center Lutheran Medical Center St. Anthony’s North

303-777-6877 303-440-2273 303-673-1000 720-777-1340 303-451-7800 303-403-7800 303-689-4000 303-425-2064 303-426-2151

Hotels Aloft Hotel Hilltop Inn at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport Hyatt Summerfield Suites The Omni Interlocken Resort Townplace Suites by Marriott Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel

303-635-2000 303-469-3900 720-890-4811 303-438-6600 303-466-2200 303-464-8400

Libraries Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library 720-887-2300 Front Range Community College Library 303-404-5555


VOLUNTEERING IN BROOMFIELD “Volunteers are the backbone of our community. Their passion and dedication is what makes Broomfield exceptional. Broomfield is fortunate to have many, many volunteers that serve on our various boards and commissions, or within the local non-profit service community, or just by being good neighbors. Service to your community is a fulfilling endeavor which is beneficial to all of us.” Mayor Patrick Quinn For volunteer opportunities, please visit www.broomfield.org, go to Human Resources/Volunteer or call 303-438-6320

Schools Serving Broomfield Adams County School District #12


Centennial Elementary School Coyote Ridge Elementary School Meridian Elementary School Mountain View Elementary School Westlake Middle School Silver Hills Middle School Legacy High School Mountain Range High School

720-972-5280 720-972-5780 720-972-7880 720-972-5520 720-972-5200 720-972-5000 720-972-6700 720-972-6300

Boulder Valley School District


Aspen Creek K-8 Birch Elementary School Emerald Elementary School Kohl Elementary School Broomfield Heights Middle School Broomfield High School

720-561-8000 720-561-8800 720-561-8500 720-561-8600 720-561-8400 720-561-8100

Jefferson County School District


Ryan Elementary School Sheridan Green Elementary School Mandalay Middle School Standley Lake High School

303-982-3105 303-982-3182 303-982-9802 303-982-3311

Other/Private Holy Family High School Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School Prospect Ridge Academy


303-410-1411 303-466-4177 720-399-0300


CSU Extension in Broomfield offers residents help and information on a variety of topics. With Colorado Master Gardener volunteers available to answer yard and gardening questions and a web site full of information on many other topics, your local Extension office is here to help. In addition, the 4-H youth development program offers a safe and fun way for kids to learn valuable life skills that will last a life time. For more information about CSU Extension programs in Broomfield, be sure to call 720-887-2286 or contact the Master Gardeners at 303-464-5554. Visit us on the web at www.ext.colostate.edu

Newspapers Boulder Daily Camera (daily) Broomfield Enterprise (local-biweekly) Broomfielder Magazine Denver Post (daily)

303-444-3444 303-466-3636 720-889-3300 303-832-3232

Social Services City and County of Broomfield General Information-State of Colorado Licensed Day Care (State)

720-887-2200 1-800-970-3468 303-866-5958

Social Security Office Boulder - 4949 Pearl East Circle

1-800-772-1213 www.socialsecurity.gov

Swimming & Recreation The Bay Aquatic Center Broadlands Golf Course Paul Derda Recreation Center Broomfield Community Center Broomfield Senior Center Broomfield Swim & Tennis Club Eagle Golf Course Omni Interlocken Golf Club

303-464-5520 303-466-8285 303-460-6900 303-464-5500 303-464-5526 303-466-5100 303-466-3322 303-464-9000



Broomfield Days… Broomfield’s premier annual community event held in September, brings together young and old alike. Fun, food and activities highlight the event, including the Broomfield Optimists’ Club Broomfield Days Parade, the Lions’ Club pancake breakfast, classic car show, contests, craft booths, and lots of entertainment. Watch for details in late summer.

Trash Service/Landfills/Recycling Trash Service: Allied Waste Systems Alpine Waste & Recycling Environmental Waste Curbside Elite Hauling Services GarbageMan of Arvada Home Builders Services, Inc. Packman Disposal Sam's Hauling, Inc. Total Disposal, LLC Waste Connections of Colorado Waste Management Western Disposal

303-286-1200 303-744-9881 303-920-9722 303-343-7096 303-287-7800 720-222-0692 303-460-1001 303-288-5279 303-984-7200 303-374-0234 303-288-2100 303-797-1600 303-444-2037

Landfills/Recycling: Boulder/Broomfield Household Hazardous Waste Broomfield Recycling Center Broomfield Waste Oil Collection Program B.F.I. Landfill – Golden Front Range Landfill – Erie

303-441-4800 303-438-6334 303-438-6336 303-279-2344 303-440-9601

Water & Sewer City and County of Broomfield Utility Billing Department


Other City and County of Broomfield Job Line On-Line Applications City and County General e-mail Address City and County Web Site Depot Museum A Precious Child Veterans Museum U.S. Post Office FISH (local food bank) Volunteering 20

303-438-6475 www.broomfield.org/jobs [email protected] www.broomfield.org 303-460-6824 303-466-4272 303-460-6801 1-800-275-8777 303-465-1600 303-438-6320

VETERANS MUSEUM Located at 12 Garden Center, the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum contains information about military campaigns from the Civil War to modern day with memorabilia from and about Broomfield residents. For hours of operation and additional information call 303-460-6801 or visit www.broomfieldveterans.wordpress.com

Colorado General Assembly State Capitol Building – Denver, CO 80203

State Senate - District 23 Information: 303-866-4876 Vicki Marble 200 East Colfax Denver, CO 80203 [email protected]

House of Representatives - District 33 Information: 303-866-4667 Dianne Primavera 200 East Colfax Denver, CO 80203 [email protected]


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