WELCOME DEAR GUEST, We are looking forward to host you for a while. To make you feel at home starting from the very first beginning you can find some ...
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WELCOME DEAR GUEST, We are looking forward to host you for a while. To make you feel at home starting from the very first beginning you can find some information on our house, our service and the lower-rhine with all its possibilities in this folder. Please do not hesitate to ask us your questions or tell your wishes. We are eager to help you. You can reach us at the reception or just dial the 1. Your family Große Holtforth and the whole team of Landhaus Beckmann.

CONTENT Services A-Z Cycling Sports and Relaxing Cities to See Sights/Places of Interest Lower Rhine Special Room service menu

INFORMATION BY A TO Z Adapter Our reception desk keeps several international adapters for electrical outlets ready.

Advance payment On request we will send you a bill covering your advance payment. Starting with a total sum of 500 € you will automatically receive a bill.

Airports The two airports located next are the International Airport Düsseldorf (DUS) and airport Weeze/Düsseldorf-Niederrhein (NRN) The airports can be reached at following number: International Airport Düsseldorf Airport Weeze Niederrhein

0 21 1 - 42 1 - 0 0 28 37 – 66 61 11

ATM Volksbank Kalkar, Altkalkarer Straße 7-11

ca. 5 km

Sparkasse Kalkar, Markt 21-22

ca. 5 km

Deutsche Bank Kleve, Hoffmannallee 2

ca. 15 km

Postbank Kleve, railway station (Bahnhof)

ca. 18 km

Baby bed On your request we put a baby bed in your room. There is a surcharge of 5.00 € per night.

Bank account For international money transfers: BIC: IBAN:

GENODED1KLL DE35 3246 0422 0019 2520 19

Bath robe Bathrobes, towels, and slippers to be used in our wellness-area are included in the fee. Please use them with care to protect our environment.

Bicycle We are an official rental station for bicycles and offer them for a fee of 9.00 € per day per bike.

Breakfast Breakfast is served as buffet in the breakfast room on the ground floor. Monday to Friday

6.30 a.m.– 10.00 a.m.

Saturday and Sunday

7.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m.

If you have to leave us earlier please read the section “Early bird breakfast”.

Cab We will call you a cab if you ask us. Just call the reception ( 1). Please be reminded that our hotel is located in a rural area and it may take up to 15 minutes until the taxi arrives at our hotel. If you want to call a taxi yourself or to return to the hotel Shuttle Service Fries

0 28 24 – 45 49

Taxi Tünnißen

0 28 24 - 47 07

Taxi Schlitt

0 28 23 – 37 42

Taxi Schlitt is recommended for a longer distance and to the airport Niederrhein Weeze.

Cancelation Individual room bookings can be cancelled out of charge until 24 hours prior to intended arrival. On shorter notice we will charge you the room rate for the first night. Special conditions may apply for group reservations to be arranged at booking.

Car Service We are happy to do time-consuming tasks for you on your car like ice scraping, removing snow or fuelling petrol. Please contact our reception desk employees.

CD player You can rent a CD player at our reception for a fee.

Check-in Your room is ready for you at 2 p.m. If you plan to arrive earlier please inform us at booking time. You can check-in the whole night. If you are going to arrive after 10 p.m. please call our reception before to arrange easy access to our hotel. Otherwise please use – if the

restaurant is not still open – the intercom next to the internal door to contact our night service.

Check-out We kindly ask you to vacate your room on departure day by 11 o’clock. If you depart later please contact our reception desk ( 1). If you would like to check out before 7 o’clock please inform us the preceding evening.

Children For children we can put an additional bed in the room. Children up to the age of 12 years may stay overnight free of charge in the room of their parents. Their breakfast will be charged with 6.00 €.

Church services Catholic St. Hubertus Kehrum Catholic St. Nicolai Kalkar

Sat 6.30 p.m. Wed 7 p.m., Fri 9 a.m., Sun 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Protestant church Neulouisendorf Protestant church Kalkar

Sun 9.30 a.m. Sun 10.45 a.m.

Clothes cleaning For a fee our hotel laundry takes care of your clothes. This takes two days. Ironing can be included at additional charge.

Computer You may use your own computer to access the Internet free of charge via our WLAN/LAN. A PC with Internet access is located next to the reception for your use.

Credit cards We accept following credit cards: 




American Express

Diners Club

Directions Follow the link „Route & Directions“ on our website. Our reception desk is happy to assist you.

Doctors See “Emercency calls”

Dogs Dogs are welcome at our house. The rate for a single dog in your room is 8,00 € per night.

DVD player You can rent a DVD player at our reception for a fee.

Early bird breakfast If you wish to take your breakfast before our regular service hours, you are asked to contact our reception staff. Depending on the requested time and the amount of guests we will start earlier with the breakfast buffet, arrange an individual breakfast for you or prepare a packed lunch to take away.

Emergency calls Please dial an additional “0” to reach the public network when using your room telephone. Medic Kalkar

0 28 23 - 97 77 30

Medic Kleve

0 28 23 - 97 77 45


0 18 0 - 59 86 70

Eye specialist

0 28 23 - 97 70 70


0 28 23 - 97 77 75

St. Nikolaus-Hospital, Kalkar

0 28 24 - 17 - 0

St. Antonius-Hospital, Kleve

0 28 21 - 49 0 - 0

Wilhelm-Anton-Hospital, Goch

0 28 23 - 89 1 - 0

Toxic emergency

0 22 8 - 19 24 0

Entrance We close the front door around 10 p.m. Please take your room key with you if you are going to return later –it will open the front door.

Fax We transmit you faxes for you. Please hand them to the reception desk.

Gas station BFT petrol station in Kehrum (at the B 57)

1200 m

ARAL Autobahn A 3 exit Rees

15 km

ARAL Autobahn A 57 exit Uedem (offers LPG)

10 km

TOTAL B 9 Goch (offers LPG)

18 km

Fitness & Wellness Our hotel has an own Wellness area called “Libertine Spa”. In there you find different types of saunas, infrared-beds, a whirlpool tube and feet basins. Relax in the rest area, the lounge and the terrace. We serve you small meals and drinks at the lounge ( 60). Our reception ( 1) arranges treatments by professional masseurs and cosmeticians. Normally it takes one day in advance to book the treatments. Our fitness room offers modern equipment to be used in sport dress. “Libertine Spa” is open daily from 2 p.m. till 23 p.m. The charge for one day is 5,-€ for hotel guests. See also entry on “Saunas”.

Gift coupon We offer a coupon service. Give away relaxed holidays including a nice bicycle tour or a culinary weekend. Tell us your wish und we send the coupon directly to your dear friend or relative.

Guestbook If we have your email address on file you will automatically receive a message from us after your check out. It features a link to rate us. We would love to get an entry by you. Electronic entries on Facebook are welcome as well.

Hospitals See “Emergency calls”

Ice cubes Ice cubes can be received at our restaurant during its opening times.

Internet See “Computer”.

Invoicing We are happy to send you a bill. For this we need a certificate, that your company will bear all costs and the complete postal address.

Iron Please inform our reception desk if you need an iron or an iron board. The employee there can arrange a fee-based ironing service for you, too.

Jogging At the reception you will find a folder with several jogging trails. Please ask our staff and we will hand it out to you.

LAN A LAN socket is located next to the desk in your room. WLAN is available in the whole building. No password is necessary for this service. Please be informed that all connections are briefly recorded for security reasons.

Libertine Spa See “Fitness & Wellness”

Luggage Courier luggage should be send early enough (within Germany at least two days) before your arrival. It is better that your bag waits on you and not the other way round. The receiving address is: Landhaus Beckmann Roemerstrasse 1 47546 Kalkar Germany We are happy to store your luggage in our compartment after your check out until your departure. Please contact our reception if you need help with your luggage.

Mail You can mail in your letters and postcards at the reception desk. You can purchase postage stamps here, too.

Minibar Each room is equipped with a fridge holding some types of drinks. The pricelist is next to the telephone.

Mobile phone charger We have several different chargers for mobiles available at the reception.

Newspapers Right next to the entrance of our restaurant you will find some German papers.

Packed lunch For your day trips you are invited to prepare a packed lunch at our breakfast buffet. Please ask our servants for bags and similar needs. The packed lunch costs 7.00 € if it is not already included in your special (e.g. bicycle tours or golfing weekends).

Parking In front of our hotel you find a large parking lot free of charge. There is enough space for coaches and trucks, too.

Payment We accept your payment in cash, by credit card or on account. Please find further information at “Credit cards” and “Invoicing”.

Photocopies We prepare your photocopies for 0.15 € each. Please hand the originals to the reception.

Postcards An assortment of postcards with nice Lower Rhine motives can be bought at the reception desk.

Restaurant Our restaurant is located on the ground floor and opened from 12 to 10 p.m. You may reserve a table by calling the restaurant ( 60) or the reception ( 1). In room service is possible, too.

Room cleaning Your room is cleaned daily. The housekeepers begin to work at 8 o’clock. If your room shall not be cleaned, attach the sign "Bitte nicht stören” (Do Not Disturb) (located at your wardrobe) to your door. Shall your room be cleaned at a certain time, please contact our housekeeper.

Sauna Our “Libertine Spa” wellness area has two regular saunas (60°C and 90°C) and a steam sauna. For energy saving the saunas are switched on at 6 p.m. If you want to have a sauna before that time please inform the reception desk ( 1) The employee will switch the sauna on at the time wanted. Using the sauna and the wellness area costs 5,-€ for hotel guests. Please accept and remember that saunas in Germany are “fully nude”. Bathing clothes shall not be worn; but you may cover yourself with a large towel.

Shoes, Cleaning … A shoe shining machine is located on the ground floor next to room 21.

Supermarket The nearest supermarket is located in Kalkar. The “REWE” Market is open Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. Via Goch you can drive to Siebengewald in the Netherlands. The supermarket there is opened on Sunday morning. The one at Nieuw Bergen is opened on Sunday afternoon.

Telephone extension The extension of your room telephone can be found next to your telephone set in the room. You can reach an employee anytime at  1.

Telephone numbers, Important … Local loop








Emergency service



(0)-11 8 33

International Information

(0)-11 8 34

Terms and Conditions The terms and conditions are available in German at our reception desk. Our receptionists are happy to assist you on any questions. The terms and conditions can be also downloaded from the website of the hotel.

Tooth brush, comb, etc. You have forgotten your tooth brush, razor, body care or comb? A button became loose? Please see the reception for help.

Train station Xanten

10 km


12 km


12 km


15 km

You can reach the travel service of “Deutsche Bahn” by public network (0)-11 8 61 or ask the reception staff to assist you.

Umbrella If you need an umbrella please see the reception.

Wakeup call Please tell our service team at the reception ( 1) at what time you want to get up. In the morning we will give you a wakeup call.

Wellness See “Fitness & wellness”

Wireless LAN See “LAN”.

BICYCLE TOURS AT THE LOWER-RHINE There are a lot of different bicycle tours through the Lower-Rhine. We have detailed information and map material for all tours at the reception desk. We can recommend lots of nice bike tours. Just ask us. We enjoy biking, too, and are looking forward to helping you.

Lower-Rhine route The NiederRhein-Route (Lower-Rhine Route) passes next to our hotel and is our favourite. It is the most extended cycling network in Germany and shows you the nicest places of the Lower-Rhine. A fulltime track keeper services the trails. The network is flexible and you are able to choose your own distance.

Via Romana The Via Romana is a 2000-year-old Roman street between Nijmegen and Xanten. It leads you through the different eras of civilization in the Lower-Rhine: from Imperial Roman to the Middle Ages and into modernity. On your way you can see mediaeval city centres, beautiful churches. Museums invite you to explore diverse subjects (such as local cultural history and modern art).

Route to Xanten via Al leenradweg This route will lead you mostly through parkways. You will ride towards the town border of Kalkar through the “alte Bahnstrasse” to the train station and town of Xanten. On your way back you will pass by the “Xantener Süd- und Nordsee” then to Marienbaum and back to Landhaus Beckmann. This route combines beautiful landscapes with historic adventures.

Route to Kalkar and Grieth This tour leads you to Appeldorn and along the rhine to Niedermörmter. A large number of cultural treasures can be visited on this route. You pass through idyllic landscapes dotted with quiet villages, old estates, ans wind mills. You will also ride by the castle of Boetzelaer to the old fisherman´s village of Grieth. On your way back you will pass the Wisseler lake and may consider a stop in the historic town of Kalkar.

Our Service for your biking tour For 9,00 € per day you can rent a bicycle directly at the hotel. Also larger amounts of bikes can be arranged on short notice. For your own bike we have a garage where you can store it secure. A workshop is available for small repairs. If your bicycle breaks down while you are touring don’t hesitate to call us. We will come and replace your bike.

SPORTS AND RELAXING Jogging and Hiking Around the hotel there are many possibilities for hiking and jogging. We have prepared a map with some suggestions. The marked paths described below are suitable for hiking and jogging. We wish you a lot of fun!

WELLNESS If you do not only to stay within our wellness area “Libertine Spa” the vicinity offers you more wellness opportunities.

Libertine SPA Our hotel has an own Wellness area called “Libertine Spa”. In there you find different types of saunas (60° C und 90° C), infrared-beds, a whirlpool tube and feet basins. Relax in the rest area, the lounge and the terrace. We serve you small meals and drinks at the lounge ( 60). Our reception ( 1) arranges treatments by professional masseurs and cosmeticians. Normally it takes one day in advance to book the treatments. Our fitness room offers modern equipment to be used in sport dress. “Libertine Spa” is open daily from 2 p.m. till 23 p.m. The charge for one day is 5,-€ for hotel guests.

The Thermal bath Nijmegen This sauna is a combination of unique atmosphere and high standards of hospitality enable visitors to become deeply relaxed. The thermal bath has 7 saunas and steam baths, all set at different temperatures. There are Whirlpools, an herbal bath, a cold bath, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a salt peeling room, a roof deck and quiet rooms for smokers and non-smokers. On the first floor they offer many different massage treatments, special face and leg treatments, mud and alga masks, make-up treatments and sunbeds. It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach the thermal bath from our hotel. Address: Telephone:

Panovenlaan 3, 6525 DZ Nijmegen 00 31 – 24 – 36 00 30 3

GochNess Not so far away lies GochNess, an adventure bath with a 65 meter long slide and other water games and a sport pool with 25m track length. In summertime you may swim in a lake. GochNess has also a sauna facility. This sauna's unique feature is its blockhouse, which is built on a nature lake. Remember that Saunas in Germany are “full nudity facilities”. Address:

Kranenburger Strasse 20, 47574 Goch-Kessel


0 28 27 – 92 00-0

GOLF Golf specials We have prepared arrangements with eight different golf clubs in the vicinity. See our golf special folder for all the details of your perfect opportunity to spend a weekend golfing at the Lower-Rhine and enjoying the comfort of our hotel.

Golf clubs In the vicinity of our hotel, embedded in the enchanting landscape of the Lower Rhine, are several golf clubs with different characters. We have arranged flexible packages and invite you to experience this variety of golfing opportunities.    

  

Mühlenhof Golf & Country Club in Niedermörmter - www.muehlenhof.net 18 holes golf course located at the historic Düffelsmühle Land-Golf-Club Schloss Moyland - www.landgolfclub.de 18 holes championship course on top of a wooded moraine area Golf International Moyland 18 holes championship course Golfclub Wasserburg Anholt - www.golfclub-anholt.de 18 holes championship course for professionals in the park of Wasserburg Anholt (castle surrounded by moats) Golfclub Borghees - www.golfclub-borghees.de 18 holes championship course at the foot of Eltener Mountain, right before the Dutch border Golfbaan Bleijenbeek - www.golfbaanbleijenbeek.nl 18 holes championship course in the Netherlands Golfclub Schloss Haag in Geldern - www.gc-schloss-haag.de 18 holes golf course built around the the historic Castle of Haag Golfbaan Het Rijk van Nimegen in Groesbeek - www.golfenophetrijk.nl 18 holes golf course

CITIES TO VISIT IN THE VICINITY Kalkar More than any other city at the Lower-Rhine, Kalkar offers architecture, art and culture. Kalkar was founded in 1230 by the Earl of Kleve. In the 11th or 12th century there was already a town called "Kalkar" north of the Monre Mountain (behind the castle). You can visit the historical city of Kalkar. It shows for example the Nikolai church, the biggest gothic city hall in the Rhineland and the big wind mill at the Hanselaer gate.

Xanten At Xanten you enter an archaeological park where you can explore the lifestyle of the Romans. You can also visit the romantic-gothic style cathedral of St. Victor, the evangelic church at the market place and a former Carthusian monastery. If you want to know something about the Lower-Rhine's 2000 year old history, you definitely should visit the museum at Xanten.

Kevelaer This small city is known as a place of pilgrimage because it contains a revered picture of Virgin Mary that is believed to have miraculous powers. It is the most visited place of pilgrimage in Germany. Every year 800.000 people visit the five chapels, two churches and the cloisters. The pilgrimage season starts on the 1st of May and ends on the 1st of November. You can also visit the museum for Lower-Rhine folklore. For a culinary treat, try the Kevelaer honey cakes.

Nijmegen The city of Nijmegen is located immediately opposite the border in the Netherlands. It is a student city with lots of cafes and a beautiful pedestrian area. Nijmegen has an openair museum which explores the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and close by an African museum. In the Het Valkhof Museum, you can find an important collection of Roman antiquities and an extraordinarily collection modern art.

PLACES OF INTERESTS Castle Moyland 250 years ago Friedrich the Great met the French poet Voltaire in this castle. Today Castle Moyland possess the private art collections of the van der Grinten brothers. It also contains the world‘s largest selection of works by Joseph Beuys. On the 24th of May 1997, it reopened as a museum for modern art. The museum’s respected collection of modern and classical artworks is surrounded by Castle Moyland’s distinctive architecture and gardens. The art exhibitions are always changing. Telephone:

0 28 24 - 95 10 - 0

St. Nikolai Church Kalkar Constructed in 1450, this church contains many special artistic treasures. You can visit nine wood altars that were built between the 15th-17th centuries. At that time Kalkar was a centre for sculpture. The altars possess impressive glass windows. Please be respectful as the church is still used for religious services. Telephone:

0 28 24 – 23 80

Archaeological Park Xanten Approximately 100 A.D. the Roman emperor Trajan built a city wall, temple, thermal springs and amphitheatre at this location. More than ten thousand people lived in this city. When you enter the park you can see experts excavating the city’s remains. You can visit a large thermal bath complex which once served the entire city. The main pool was approximately 10m² large and the complex was equipped with a whirlpool, a cold water pool, a steam bath and a sports area. Telephone:

0 28 01 – 98 30 - 0

St. Viktor Dom Xanten People refer to the holy St. Viktor and his companions as martyrs. According to legend, they belonged to the Praetorian Guard and died in the 4th century for keeping their faith. Their tomb was located in the Roman necropolis. Believers built churches above the memorial site. This area is called “to the hallow”, “ad sanctos” or Xanten. In1263 Friedrich and Konrad from Hochstaden began construction of the Xanten cathedral. After almost 300 years the construction finished and it became the biggest cathedral at the Rhine between Cologne and the sea. The cathedral contains fifteen altars, a carving of St. Victor, unique glass pictures and valuably cathedral treasures. All these items were survived the wars. Telephone:

0 28 01-71 31 34

Biblical open air Ni jmegen The biblical open air museum shows the development and the background of the three Abrahamic religions. The museum’s beautiful park, the villages, the streets of the city, the marketplace and the fields guide you through a forgotten time. In the synagogue you can learn about the Jewish religious worship. You can also go for a walk through the “Via Orientalis”, a roman City where salespersons, priests, soldiers, thieves and adventurer meet. Telephone:

00 31 – 24 - 38 23 11 0

LOWER-RHINE SPECIAL We would like to advise you on a special event.

Wild geese at the Lower-Rhine Every year you can watch an impressive nature spectacle: 200.000 wild geese from Scandinavia and Siberia spend the winter months at the picturesque Lower-Rhine. From mid of November to end of February you can see the wild geese at different locations. It is especially impressive when the sun goes down and thousands of geese fly to their open water sleeping places. You will never forget such a spectacle. Since Geese don’t like to be disturbed you have to be careful when you observe them and should use the official observations posts and guided tours. The biological station in Wesel leads you to the rest areas used by the wild geese. Biological station

02 81 - 96 25 2 - 0

Visitor centre Kranenburg

0 28 26 - 91 86 00