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Click on ‘student tickets’ Tickets are available online or at the UC Ticket Office



Services @ UC Clermont Advising


Career Services Center


College Success Program


COMPASS Counseling

Public Safety

Disability Services

Veteran Affairs

Advising Select a Major Which classes?

Graduation process & paperwork Transfer pathways Call for an appointment! (513) 732-5319

Exploratory Studies - Clermont Are you undecided about your major?


We offer: •Personalized exploratory advising •Information about all UC majors •Personal career assessment •A course for exploratory students



Call for an appointment! (513) 732-5319

Career Services This year….Next year • Help you decide your career path • Career assessment tools • Your source for jobs, internships, and career advice

Beth Bamber Jones 105 (513) 732-5277

The College Success Program Builds a Bridge to College Success Dr. Michael Vislocky (Dr. V.) Associate Professor Math (513) 732-5307 [email protected] Dr. Victoria Appatova Associate Professor English (513) 558-5361 [email protected] Lesley Dorhout Achievement Coach (513) 732-5316 [email protected]

Achievement Coaching: •Provides strong academic support and personal encouragement •Works with students to build: time management skills note taking strategies study strategies test taking skills •Refers you to additional resources for academic and personal needs both on and off campus •Works with professors, faculty advisors, and staff to eliminate educational barriers

Compass Counseling Center…

…providing students assistance to deal with life’s stressors and


Transitioning to College


Academic Performance/Test Anxiety




Relationship Problems


Student Services Building Room 201 &

Room 217C at UC East Call 513.732.5263

Disability Services Jennifer Radt Disability Services (513) 732-5327 Student Services 101 Stop by to discuss if you’ve had a 504 Plan or I.E.P.

• TLC’s professional staff and peer tutors are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. They can help in nearly all subjects! • With places for individual and group study, computer and printer access, and free coffee, TLC is a great place to do homework.

Free one-on-one and group tutoring! Located in McDonough 100

Library Research Assistance Textbooks on reserve

Welcoming Environment Quiet Study Spaces Located in the Peter-Jones Building

Public Safety Snyder 170 (513) 732-5295 or (513) 732-5200 • Student ID Cards • Keys locked in car • Need a jump start

Public Safety Snyder 170 (513) 732-5295 or (513) 732-5200 • Student ID Cards • Keys locked in car • Need a jump start

• Give a copy of your schedule to parent(s)/family/friends in case of an emergency Contact via Phone, Help Phones or at the Information Desk




Parking Students park in ‘white’ stalls

Faculty/Staff park in ‘yellow’ stalls Handicapped parking is ‘blue’

School Closures During periods of inclement weather The University’s offices and facilities may be closed for part or all of a workday Please visit www.ucclermont.uc.edu or watch your local news for up to date closure information

School Closures During periods of inclement weather The University’s offices and facilities may be closed for part or all of a workday Please visit www.ucclermont.uc.edu or watch your local news for up to date closure information If the University of Cincinnati is closed, UC Clermont College is closed as well. However, there are some occasions when the University is open but UC Clermont College is closed. Please be sure to listen/look for both.

Emergency Text Message What it does: • Notify of imminent threat to the safety and security of the campus community • Announce weather related closings • Test quarterly for quality assurance

What it does not do: • Sell your information • No marketing or advertising messages • Send non-emergency messages • Students with a cell phone number on file are enrolled in the emergency text alerts • Standard text messaging rates apply. • To opt-out visit www.uc.edu/ucit/students/emergency-textmessaging.html

•Student ID Card Public Safety – Snyder 170

•Services where card is required Computer Labs to print Check out library materials

Technology at UC Wireless Campus Open Computer Lab

Discounted Software @ Bookstore 300+ Computers Student ID Card Required

Veteran Affairs Lindsey Hamilton Student Services 100 Lindsey[email protected] http://www.ucclermont.edu/students/mil_vet.html

Clermont College thanks you for your service!

UC East Home to UC Clermont College’s •Allied Health programs •Bachelor in Applied Administration •Other general education courses

Edith Peters-Jones Building Athletics Office Bookstore

Cougar Café Krueger Auditorium Student Lounge Student Life Office

One Stop Student Services www.onestop.uc.edu The one place to go to get everything




- View course offerings - Add/Drop Classes - Get Your Grades - and more …


CLICK ON & LOG-IN - View & Pay your Bill - Set-up a Payment Plan - Waive UC Health Insurance - Set-up Direct Deposit of your refund

Health Insurance Coverage • Automatically billed if enrolled in 6 or more credit hours • May waive health insurance • Must waive by deadline. See OneStop for deadline • Waiver good for current academic year • Submit a waiver every academic year

*If you are covered by VAMC, please go to UC Clermont’s Business Office to waive your University Health coverage.

Registration  Once you register – you are financially responsible  Always print your schedule and verify what you have registered for  Always view your bill View your schedule and bill online at onestop.uc.edu

Payment Payment for the semester is due 5 days before the first day of the semester.

Pay online at onestop.uc.edu or pay by check in Student Services 145 (after-hours drop-box in 1st floor hallway)

Residency Reciprocity (in-state tuition) is not automatic • Go to www.uc.edu and search ‘reciprocity’.

• Fill out the required form or your bill will show higher ‘out-of-state’ charges.



Financial Aid •

What is it? Grants, Loans, Scholarships, other Financial Awards used to pay for some/all of your college bill

Are you eligible? YES!

How do you get Financial Aid? Fill out the FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (determines grants and loans)

Where do I get a FAFSA? Fill out online: www.fafsa.ed.gov or on campus at a UC Clermont FAFSA workshop

What next? You’ll receive an award offer from UC’s Financial Aid Office via UConnect (Student E-mail account).

Get the $$$ Go to www.onestop.uc.edu and click on ‘check my aid’ to accept &/or decline your financial aid award = grants &/or loans.


Full-time/Part-time Status • Full-time: 12-18 credit hours • Advantage is tuition cost is the same • Part-time: 1 - 11 credit hours • Pay per credit hour • May impact amount of financial aid, scholarships, and athletic eligibility •Over 18 credit hours: •Pay per credit hour over 18 •Requires academic advisor approval

CLICK CALENDARS TO: - Review dates/deadlines for Registration, Withdrawals, Fees & Refunds - Early Registration for future terms - Review Holidays and other ‘closed’ dates - Review Exam Schedule

Tuition Refund Schedule 100% Refund Ends: 8th Day of Term

50% Refund Ends: 15th Day of Term 0% Refund Begins: 16th Day of Term Individual classes that do not follow the standard term have a different refund schedule. In some cases there may be no refund once the class has started due to the accelerated nature of the class.

How to Drop/Withdrawal • Drop online at OneStop or at in-person @ Registration • Cannot be done via phone, e-mail or word of mouth • If not formally dropped, you will receive a ‘UW’ (unofficial withdraw) = F. ‘UW’ can have a lasting effect on your financial aid and GPA

We are here to help you succeed! Withdrawal from classes can have an adverse effect on your financial aid. Check with Financial Aid located in Student Services before you drop classes or withdraw from school.

Take what you need…

…and finish what you take

Thank you for choosing UC Clermont College to meet your educational goals!