We re proud of our network and committed to making sure that it delivers for you

O2’s network story We’re proud of our network and committed to making sure that it delivers for you Experience and expertise Continued investment ...
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O2’s network story

We’re proud of our network and committed to making sure that it delivers for you

Experience and expertise

Continued investment

Honesty and transparency

Delivering innovation

• Proven track record carrying 125m calls & 17m texts per day

• Over the last few years we’ve invested over £1 billion in our network

• We are open about network speeds and coverage

• O2 Wifi – over 14,000 UK hotspots by the end of 2013

• Our online tools let you check coverage and see any unexpected network issues or planned work in your area

• HSPA+ – rolling out from the end of the year & delivering faster speeds

• A network collaboration with Vodafone • Part of the global Telefónica family across 25 countries

• We spend £1.5 million per day • Focusing on areas that are important to our customers

• The first UK operator to run a 4G trial

Always investing We spend the equivalent of £1.5m a day investing in our network in the areas where our customers tell us they need it most. Throughout 2012, our network investment has included the following: • Continued roll-out of U900 to improve 3G coverage and speeds • Addition of HSPA and HSPA+ dual cell across our network – the latest technology delivering increased speed • Roll-out of our own wifi network • Our comprehensive LTE trial across London

• £50m alone in preparation for London 2012

…in the areas that matter most to our customers.

Delivering for you We are committed to maintaining, growing and future-proofing all of our networks. • We are thought leaders and technical innovators in the network space • We have a targeted multi-faceted approach to meeting our customers needs re coverage and capacity • We continue to expand our range of seamless network solutions to enhance our customers experience

Going large… and small! Combining big nationwide developments, like LTE with smaller cells in cities to deliver increased capacity.

4G LTE •

In the UK, LTE technology is generally considered to be the standard for our 4G networks

4G is a data only network, it doesn’t carry standard voice

There’s a government auction of 4G frequencies scheduled for January 2013. The spectrum will then be made available in May 2013. We can’t launch until this has happened

Subject to the outcome of the auction, we expect to launch our 4G network soon after the airwaves become available

In the background we’ve been trialling 4G for over a year now and are busy preparing our business for the launch

4G LTE – what does it mean for you? •

In overseas countries, business adoption has been slow as customers wait to see tangible business benefits

We can work together to decide if LTE is right for your business and determine how we can make it work for you

LTE is just one technology amongst many we offer

There’s lots to consider and we’re happy to talk it through with you

The most important thing to consider is what business outcomes you’re looking to achieve, rather than the technology used to deliver these

Delivering innovation – Seamless, fast and free internet for everyone, in venues across the country • A UK wide wifi network with thousands of hotspots • Free of charge. For everyone • Simple to use • A one-time sign-up then you auto-connect

• Over 14,000 hotspots by the end of 2013 • Fast and reliable connectivity

One grid – two operators • In June we announced our proposed plans to strengthen our network collaboration deal with Vodafone • We have now had approval from the relevant authorities and will start the UK-wide rollout at the end of 2012 • We are pooling our basic network infrastructure to create one national grid of 18,500 sites

• Both companies will be running independent spectrum and competing services • Both companies pledge to close the digital divide between rural and urban areas targeting 98% indoor population coverage across 2G and 3G by 2015 • Agreement will lay the foundations for two competing 4G networks to deliver the capability for a nationwide 4G service faster than could be achieved independently

Being honest & transparent – our online tools All the information you need, at your fingertips Coverage checker • Lets you see predicted coverage anywhere in the UK • Covers voice, data and wifi hotspots • Visit o2.co.uk/coveragechecker

Live status • Shows planned work and unexpected issues on our mobile network • Search for any UK postcode

• Go to o2.co.uk/livestatus

Our commitment to you • We will never knowingly mislead about coverage or network speeds

• We have robust processes in place to continually support you – Network Management Centre – manages and monitors the network around the clock – We categorise incidents dependent upon their severity – Over 200 local engineers working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep our network running • If things go wrong, we’ll do everything we can to get things up and running as quickly as we can

Final thoughts • We remain committed to giving customers a consistent seamless experience across fixed and mobile – voice and data networks • 3G at 900MHz (U900) continues to change the way our customers experience high-speed data and HSPA+ will make things even faster

• Our wifi rollout delivers another layer of network technology for a great seamless experience • LTE is the next step – we’re busy preparing for it and can help you get ready too • We’re thinking innovatively and building a nationwide network with Vodafone that will be fit for our customers in the future and support the products and services that will truly make Britain digital

And don’t forget, there’s lot of reasons to choose and stay with O2 Best for business Our business customers can talk as much as they like: • Unlimited calls to O2 mobiles • Unlimited calls to 10 UK landlines

One supplier, one account, one bill We’ll help you join up all your communications. Mobiles. Landlines. Broadband.

Redefining support Our UK-based Business Customer Service teams are here to help 24/7. Our dedicated UK based business advisors and account managers are specifically trained to help you with any queries; and it’s free of charge.

There’s also • 24-hour handset replacement

• Keep control of your communications – keep on top of your O2 services online with My O2 Business • Treats all round – Priority Moments, O2 Open, Priority Access

• Making good things happen with O2 recycle, eco rated phones, our Think Big initiative, cash for your old phone

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