We re looking forward to making memories with you for years to come!

Welcome to the 2016 Park City International Film Festival. We’re grateful for your support during our inaugural year and plan to extend an experience...
Author: Jane Rodgers
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Welcome to the 2016 Park City International Film Festival. We’re grateful for your support during our inaugural year and plan to extend an experience you’ll not soon forget. A special thanks goes out to our sponsor, Equity United, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation committed to preserving and building relationships that strengthen society. We hope you enjoy your time with all of us here at the Park City International Film Festival and encourage you to make the festival a valued part of your annual summer plans. We’re looking forward to making memories with you for years to come!

A Message from the Sorbo Family We want to welcome you to the Park City International Film Festival and thank you for supporting a festival dedicated to recognizing family-friendly films. As working actors and devoted parents, we recognize the importance of maintaining the proper perspective in film, not only in keeping our family close during our projects, but also in the media our children are exposed to. All of us are influenced by the images we see on screen. We’re shaped by the stories we engage in and the messages they deliver. That’s why it’s essential for us to provide, and seek, more quality, uplifting messages in film. We’re devoted to identifying those uplifting messages in our careers, and being in films that promote the values we instill in our own home.

Table of Contents Evening Events....................................... 4 Festival Breakfast ................................. 12 Filmmaker Panels.................................. 12 Special Screenings.................................14

You know the saying, “You are what you eat?” You can put that same terminology into entertainment, “You are what you watch.” Everything that goes into us, through our mouths or eyes makes an impact. So we propose ingesting love, not hatred; beauty, as opposed to violence; life, instead of death. Much like in the film industry, there’s a trend in children’s literature that’s causing an ever-increasing threshold for shock-value. There are violence-filled or otherwise abhorrent scenes inserted every few pages of some young fiction, to provide a thrill for the brain that is quite similar to a drug high. How far will we allow this trend to go until we take a stand and make a change?

Grand Jury Judges ................................ 15 Narrative Features ................................ 16 Narrative Finalists ................................ 21 Documentary Features ......................... 23 Documentary Finalists ......................... 26 Narrative Shorts ................................... 28 Narrative Shorts Finalists .................... 34 Documentary Shorts ............................ 36 Documentary Shorts Finalists.............. 40

The world needs more exposure to beauty, more witnesses to love, more signs of hope. These values lead us to stronger families, and family bonds form the strength of societies. Just like great children’s fiction can encourage a young person to value love, life, and hard work in the pursuit of his happiness, film can also offer great encouragement and moral discernment. Motion pictures come in all budgets, and not all are equally experienced. There are, of course, the great blockbuster movies that have thrilled audiences with their messages of joy, tenderness, and truth. Cinderella comes to mind with its admonition to “be kind and have courage.” But there are countless more movies that have instilled their audiences with wonder and offer uplifting entertainment that can be enjoyed by all family members. We want to encourage more of that. This is our goal through the Park City International Film Festival, to uplift and inspire through the cinematic arts. Thank you for supporting this great cause.

Set in the 1950s, Spirit of the Game depicts the true story of a group of young missionaries who journeyed to Australia to spread the gospel only to discover their services were needed in another way. Their calling was to help the country’s fledgling national basketball team as it prepared for the 1956 Olympic Games. In so doing, they united a nation still reeling from the aftermath of World War II. The director, J.D. Scott, discovered the story behind Spirit of the Game while working on his film, The Playbook. “While researching the story, I was touched by how humble, even 50 years later, these men still are, and how they went out on their missions as young, ordinary, humble servants of the Lord and without realizing it, achieved extraordinary things in defeating some of the best basketball teams in the world,” Scott says. Not a day went by that Scott didn’t feel immense pride and honor in being entrusted to tell this story to the world. And now he anticipates its premiere at the Park City International Film Festival. “The name Park City is synonymous with quality film screening,” Scott says. “With this being the inaugural event for the Park City International Film Festival … it really was an exciting opportunity to get some great exposure in what I believe will become a wonderful annual event for quality films that uplift and inspire people to be better.” Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired worldwide distribution rights to Spirit of the Game. The film will be released theatrically in partnership with Purdie Distribution on October 7, 2016. “We could not be more excited about releasing Spirit of the Game with Purdie Distribution,” said Peter Goldwyn, president of Samuel Goldwyn Films. “This is an inspiring sports drama which showcases the compatibility of faith and competition.”

Chonda Pierce - We Should Talk Chonda Pierce has been a stand-up comedian for the last 25 years and she loves it, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. In fact, doing stand-up for the religious community can be daunting. “I don’t get heckled,” Chonda says. “I get notes that I’m going to hell. I’d rather get heckled, you know?” Even with threats of eternal damnation, Chonda stays true to herself every time she performs, and she makes no apologies for herself or her material. That’s what connects Chonda to her audiences so that people line up to laugh through the evening with her. As she makes fun of life and its drama, she’s drawn crowds of women from around the world, audiences of Baptist deacons and even a group of Mennonites. The Mennonites were certainly a new experience for Chonda. “I had these stories about growing up when my mama dressed us all alike and I looked out over the crowd and said, ‘Ya’ll should relate to this. You’re all sitting there dressed alike.’ I grew up in such a strict environment that for the first time, I looked like a little wild thing. It was awesome!” Even as Chonda thrills over the reactions of her audience, she sometimes pauses and wonders when they’ll stop buying tickets. Then something happens in her life that floods her with new material. “Dating now, at over 50, will be new material for the next ten years,” she says. Chonda was married for 31 years to her high school sweetheart, David, but she’s single again after an emergency brain surgery took his life. “He was always going first at everything,” Chonda says, turning another dark time of her life into the laughter that seems to sustain her. But even that loss hasn’t stopped Chonda. She’s decided it’s time to crack jokes at the expense of the dating world. “My shrink is probably going to send me a note if she ever reads this,” she says. “My shrink always hears a new project and says, ‘You know, that’s pretty funny, but we probably need to talk.” And true to Chonda Pierce, she laughs as she says, “That’s so funny because it’s true. That’s why it’s funny!” Now Chonda’s looking for a man who doesn’t live with his mother and knows how to lower the toilet seat. She feels the whole dating over 50 experience will either get her a lot of new material or be the saddest time of her life. “I don’t know how single girls can do it,” she says. “This is awful. There are just so many profile pictures where men are standing in front of their mother’s bathroom mirror and they don’t even shut the lid of the toilet. You’ve got to shut the lid of the toilet if you want me to email you.” Dating aside, how does one get up in front of thousands of people and poke fun at their own life? “It takes a lot of nerve to get up in front of a crowd and make them laugh,” Chonda confides, “especially a room full of evangelicals who are prune-faced already.” But still the crowds come to hear Chonda’s story, to laugh with her and to leave with a fresh, positive outlook on life. “If you live your life so people want to listen to what you’ve got, then you’ve done a good job,” Chonda concludes. Chonda is still doing her comedy tours all over the U.S. In addition, she’s presenting her own show, Stand Up for Families, a family-approved comedy show exclusively on the Dove channel.



Silver Screen Scores Equity United presents a Hollywood movie hits extravaganza with EMMY-nominated Shaun Barrowes, the Unity Gospel Choir, and the SL Pops Orchestra at the Eccles Center for Performing Arts in Park City. Special guest appearances will include female vocalist Jennifer Nicole Marco and renown guitarist and humorist Mike Rayburn. Salt Lake Pops Orchestra: Founded and led by Nathaniel Drew, the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra is a symphony comprised of some of the area's most talented professional musicians. Focusing their attention on popular pieces and the remarkable arrangements of their conductor, the Salt Lake Pops is one of Utah's up-and-coming professional orchestras. You will find them accompanying many of YouTube's most watched and successful musical talents.

With tens of millions of Music Video views on YouTube and Facebook, Shaun "Canon" Barrowes has become an international online sensation. He has performed with Lindsey Stirling, Tiffany Alvord, John Schmidt (The Piano Guys), Mandy Moore, Janelle Monae, Brian McKnight, and many others. Shaun Barrowes was nominated for an Emmy and recently raised and donated $300,000 to music programs in schools.

Jen Marco’s voice is a combination of beauty and brilliance that creeps into your mind as you sleep, making you wonder if it’s all just a wonderful dream. Jen’s inspiring performances are vibrant, upbeat, irresistible, and soothing. Her worldly and personal challenges have helped shape her as a person, but also as a performer, inspiring her to help others find strength and healing through music.

Unity Gospel Choir has one goal: to spread the love of Jesus Christ through vibrant gospel music. Their praise is heartfelt, bringing audiences to their feet to celebrate the “joyful noise.” The choir performs classic gospel favorites and custom pieces written specifically for the choir.

Host Mike Rayburn uses world-class guitar and hilarious comedy in speaking engagements and performances throughout the world. He went from playing empty bars to headlining Carnegie Hall (eight times!) and he tours regularly making appearances at corporate events and festivals.

Film festivals are a unique opportunity for filmmakers to gain exposure for their independent films. They’re able to reach audiences and connect with distributors and other filmmakers, establishing valuable relationships that can help lead them to success. “I love film festivals,” says Andrew Ruiz, Writer and Director of Fish. “It's so much fun to be around your fellow filmmakers. When you're in attendance, you have these incredible conversations with other artists. Then there's this terrible moment after spending a few days befriending everyone, when they actually watch your film. And you're just waiting to see if they like it. Winning the respect of other artists means so much.” Film festivals foster a sense of community and allow for opportunities to network with other directors, producers, and actors. “The festival experience is something you cannot really get unless you personally attend the festival along with your film, so I try to stick to Cowboys whenever I can,” says Bernabé Rico, Director of Cowboys. “The best part of it is checking different audience’s reactions to your film as well as meeting very wonderful people who later on have even become part of future projects.” “Festivals are a wonderful way to get a film to an audience, and vice versa,” says Bill Brummel, Director of Selma: Bridge to the Ballot. “I also appreciate the networking that goes on among fellow filmmakers. Festivals are a terrific way for me to see other filmmakers’ work. I’m constantly amazed at the innovations and creativity of festival films.” Whether you’re engaged in film festivals as a filmmaker or as a film enthusiast, you’re supporting an art that allows individuals to express their views of humanity and society, their hopes and their dreams in a real and engaging way. And when it comes to the Park City International Film Festival, it allows an outlet for filmmakers to present films that have the potential to make a difference in society, such as the film, Just Let Go. “We are passionate about telling stories that portray truth and light found in the human experience,” says Patrick H. Parker, Director of Just Let Go.


Christian Center of Park City CCPC is a Christian, humanitarian community resource center that helps improve the lives of people and communities through meeting immediate and basic needs, serving as a leading networker of community resources, offering counseling and care support, and by giving hope to those we serve. In summary, we seek to meet people at their point of need, as an expression of God’s love.

Winning the New Family Home Entertainment Market Wed. Aug. 10th, 3:30 p.m Eccles Blackbox DVD sales are declining and streaming services increasing. This panel will explore the evolving home entertainment market and what models can win the battle for the family movie watching experience.


Panelists include: Bill Sondheim, President of Cinedigm Entertainment; Dick Rolfe, Co-Founder and CEO of the Dove Foundation; David Austin, Executive Vice President of Bridgestone Multimedia Group; Brandon Purdie, President of Purdie Distribution; and Gary Mehlman, Producer of Bridge to Nowhere and The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. (To guarantee your seat at this panel, you must arrive at least 15 minutes early with the QR code from this ticket printed out or downloaded into your smart phone’s email app, otherwise your ticket will be subject to standing-room-only limitations.)

Right Footed National Ability Center Thurs. Aug. 11th, 1:30 p.m Eccles Blackbox This panel will include Right Footed writer/producer/ director Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Nick Spark as well as the star of Right Footed, mentor, motivational speaker and disability advocate, Jessica Cox, who has learned to live a fulfilling life notwithstanding being born without arms. The panel will also include from the National Ability Center (NAC), Kevin Stickelman, COO, along with Tracy Meier, Program and Education Director, with special thanks to Gail Loveland, Executive Director of NAC.


(To guarantee your seat at this panel, you must arrive at least 15 minutes early with the QR code from this ticket printed out or downloaded into your smart phone’s email app, otherwise your ticket will be subject to standing-room-only limitations.)

God in Film Trew Calling Filmmakers Q&A Fri. Aug. 12th, 12:30 p.m. Eccles Blackbox This panel will take a look at how God is portrayed in films today and deal with the challenges of how to entertain a large diverse audience while being respectful to all faiths. This panel will include Greg Robbins, the director of PCIFF finalist Trew Calling, as well as the star of the film, Tracey B. Wilson, and the film's producers--Kimber Eastwood (who grew up in the movie industry under the tutelage of her father, Clint Eastwood) and her husband, Shawn Midkiff.


(To guarantee your seat at this panel, you must arrive at least 15 minutes early with the QR code from this ticket printed out or downloaded into your smart phone’s email app, otherwise your ticket will be subject to standing-room-only limitations.)


THE FLYBOYS Special Screening Film / 118 Minutes / United States / August 2008 On September 28, 2004 two twelve-year-old boys landed a twin-engine airplane on Highway 89 approximately thirty miles east of Cooper, Arizona. The details of how Jason McIntyre and Kyle Barrett came to be alone on the aircraft were never fully confirmed. What happened after the police returned them to their homes is unbelievable…




Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Rocco DeVilliers

TIM TIMMERMAN Special Screening Film / 100 Minutes / United States / July 2016 Tim Timmerman, Hope of America is a high school comedy set in the early 90s about an impeached student body president. Nothing can stop Mount Vista's student body president from making it all the way to the top...except himself. SATURDAY, AUG. 13TH - 3:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL

THE CHRISTMAS PROJECT Special Screening Film / 90 Minutes / United States / 2016 Even with Christmas around the corner, for the Buckley boys, payback almost always wins out over brotherly love. That is until the four brothers join forces against a common adversary – the Hagbarts – the meanest bullies at their school. But now Mom has decided that the Buckley family is going to “Elve” the Hagbarts this year for Christmas. The Christmas Project is a heartwarming comedy the whole family will enjoy. SATURDAY, AUG. 13TH - 6:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL


(Opening for Spirit of the Game)

Special Screening Film / 6 Minutes / United States / April 2016 The Bench is a heartwarming story of what can happen when strangers meet and begin to engage in conversation on an ordinary park bench. But their conversation is far from ordinary. The wonders of everyday life are explored in detail, endearing the viewer to the characters in a touching and intimate way, until finally, the conversation ends and the message of The Bench is fully realized. A short film that’s sure to linger long after it’s over. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 7:30 PM ECCLES THEATER 

Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Cameron Burnett

UNSUNG HERO Special Screening Film / 5 Minutes / South Africa / June 2015 Unsung Hero is a delightful animation that engages the senses with intrigue and delight. It’s the adventure of a brave little knight who’s being tested in strength, wit, and battle. Through his tenacity, he’s rewarded for his bravery with a very special discovery. Unsung Hero is a short film that touches the heart and opens the imagination. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 4:00 PM ECCLES LECTUREHALL


KIETH MERRILL Academy Award Winning Kieth Merrill has written, produced and/or directed over 30 films including The Great American Cowboy (1973 Documentary Academy Award Winner), Windwalker (1980), Mr. Krueger’s Christmas with Jimmy Stewart (1980), Harry’s War with David Ogden Stiers, Edward Herrmann and Geraldine Page (1981), Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets (1984 IMAX), Legacy (1990), The Wild West (1993 Emmy nominated TV miniseries), Amazon (1997 IMAX Academy Award Nomination), and The Testaments (2000). He has also written two novels, The Evolution of Thomas Hall and Saga of Kings: Blood of the Dragon. He is currently working on his third novel, Saga of Kings: Lord of Vengeance.

Joseph Alfuso was the score composer on a number of feature films, including The Oogieloves and the Big Balloon Adventure, working with Cloris Leachman, Christopher Loyd & Chazz Palminteri, Shoot Or Be Shot with William Shatner and Harry Hamlin and the classic western, The Outsider, giving him the chance to write in one of the most favorite genres of any composer. As orchestrator, Joe contributed to a number of successful movies, including The Perfect Storm, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and Premium Rush.

DEREK MELLUS Derek Mellus has worked in film and television for nearly 15 years. In 2014, Derek served as the Interim Utah Film Commission (UFC) Commissioner. He has resumed his role as a Producer Services Executive at the UFC and has been instrumental in aiding various productions in the state. Productions Derek has worked on include: Everwood, Benji: Off the Leash, The Flyboys, Daddy Day Camp, and many more.

MICHAEL FLYNN Michael Flynn is a talented Actor/Writer/Director/Producer with over 100 films and TV shows to his credits. Some of Michael’s work includes: The Best Two Years, Halloween 4, Touched by an Angel, 12 Dogs of Christmas 2, Savannah Smiles, and The Lamb of God.

PATRICK MILLSAPS Patrick Millsaps is a film producer and the co-founder & CEO of Londonderry Entertainment, a talent management and production company with offices in Atlanta, Nashville, and Los Angeles. He executive produced I’ll See You in My Dreams that premiered at Sundance, Finding Noah, and the upcoming Kate Upton comedy, Wild Man. Prior to his work in the entertainment business, Millsaps was a practicing attorney in Georgia and, in 2012, served as the Chief of Staff of the Newt Gingrich presidential campaign.





UNDER THE BLOOD RED SUN - FINALIST Narrative Feature Film / 100 Minutes / United States / September 2014


Director: Tim Savage Writer: Graham Salisbury Producer: Dana Hankins Key Cast: Kyler Sakamoto, Kalama Epstein, Dann Seki, Autumn Ogawa, Wil Kahele, Chris Tashima, Mina Kohara


Under the Blood Red Sun isthefilmadaptationofGrahamSalisbury's award-winningnovelofthesamename,whichisrequiredreadingin manymiddleandhighschoolsacrosstheUnitedStates.Itissetin1941 andisthestoryofa13-year-oldJapaneseboy,TomiNakaji,hisfamily andhisbestfriend(acaucasianboy)atthetimeofthebombingofPearl Harbor.Tomi'sidyllicworldinparadiseisforeverchangedwhenJapan launchesasurpriseattackagainsttheU.S.andallJapaneseAmericans aresuddenlyseenasenemiesofthestate.Tomi'sfather,afisherman, isimmediatelytakenprisonerinaninternmentcampandhispartner andfriendisshotandkilled.It'sastoryofcourage,honor,strength, friendship,andloyaltyagainstseeminglyinsurmountableodds.   WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES THEATER Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Tim Savage, Chris Tashima

THE COKEVILLE MIRACLE - FINALIST Narrative Feature Film / 94 Minutes / United States / May 2015 Director: T.C.Christensen  Writer: T.C.Christensen  Producers: RonTanner,T.C.Christensen  Key Cast: JasenWade,NathanStevens  OnMay9,1986,inthesmall,ranchingcommunityofCokeville, Wyoming,DavidandDorisYoungtookanelementaryschoolhostage forseveralhoursbeforedetonatingabombinsideaclassroomthat heldeveryteacherandstudentintheschool.Inthewakeofthemadness, RonHartley,whosechildrenwere insidetheclassroom,mustfighthis skepticismandunbeliefashehearseyewitnessaccountsfromthe studentsaboutmiraculous,heavenlyinterventionduringthecrisis. Whentragedystrikes...whatdoyousee?  THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 10:00 AM ECCLES THEATER  Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: T.C. Christensen


TREW CALLING - FINALIST Narrative Feature Film / 90 Minutes / United States / April 2016 Director: GregRobbins  Writer: CatherineNaomiWilson  Producers: KimberEastwood,KevinSizemore,JimJackson,ShawnMidkiff  Key Cast: KevinSizemore,TraceyB.Wilson,KateArmstrongRoss, BrookeElliott,EddieMekka,LeeMeriweather  

FRIDAY, AUG. 12TH - 4:00 PM ECCLES LECTUREHALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Kimber Eastwood, Shawn Midkiff, Tracey B. Wilson, Greg Robbins

JUST LET GO - FINALIST Narrative Feature Film / 106 Minutes / United States / September 2015 Directors: PatrickHenryParker,ChristopherS.Clark  Writers: VanceMellen,ChristopherS.Clark,PatrickHenryParker  Producers: DanLaPray,ChristopherS.Clark,PatrickHenryParker  Key Cast: HenryIanCusick,BrendaVaccaro,SamSorbo,JacobBuster, LiamBuie,RykaMiller  OnacoldFebruarynightin2007,adevotedfatheroffouranda17-year-old drunkdriverbothreceivedlifesentences.Inoneviolent,devastatinginstant, bothfacedadrasticallydifferentanduncertainfuture.ButasChrisWilliams satinhisdemolishedvehicle,staringatthecarthathadjust causedthedeath of hiswife,hisunbornbaby,hisnine-year-olddaughter,andhis11-year-old son,hecommittedtodosomethingextraordinary:hewouldforgive.Thatdecision launchedChrisonajourneytowardhealingthataffectedhisfamilyandfriends, theyoungmanwhocausedtheaccident,andanentirecommunity;acommunity thatwouldfaceanotherdeadlytragedyjustafewdayslater.Chris’smessage offorgivenessisan empoweringinvitationtoallwhohavesuffered,however unjustly,tolay downtheirburdensandletgo.  SATURDAY, AUG. 13TH - 12:00 PM ECCLES THEATER Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Dan LaPray, Christopher S. Clark, Patrick Henry Parker, Sam Sorbo


MynameisTrew;thisisthestoryofhowIgotavisitfromthealmighty andheasksmetowritedowneverythinghesays.Itssimple,hespoke, Ifreaked,theunbelievablehappened! 



CRIMES AND MISTER MEANORS Narrative Feature Film / 105 Minutes / United States / October 2015


Director: Jason Prisk Writer: Jason Prisk Producer: Sara Foley Prisk Key Cast: Logan Burton, Cassady McClincy, Allen O’Reilly


Crimes and Mister Meanors isanadventurefamilyfilmwithlessons aboutfaithandthefoundingofAmerica.JakeHarvardislessthan thrilledwhenhelearnshehastospendthesummerinthesuburban Washington,D.C.,withUncleBenny,anunmotivated,middle-aged detective.WhenBennyrefusestotakethecaseofawomanwhose husbandhasgonemissing,Jakeandhisnewfoundcompanion,Kat Adams, jumpintohelp.Thetwoquicklyfindthemselvesinthemiddle ofapoliticalconspiracythathasclaimedthelivesofseveralscientists andnowthreatenstheirsaswell.   WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 10:00 AM ECCLES LECTURE HALL

DIFFERENT DRUMMERS Narrative Feature Film / 107 Minutes / United States / May 2013 Directors: DonCaron,LyleHatcher Writers: DonCaron,LyleHatcher  Producer: MarcDahlstrom  Key Cast: BraydenTucker,EthanReedMcKay,ColleenCarey  Basedonaninspiringtruestory,Different Drummers followsthe heartwarmingyetunlikelyfriendshipoftwoboysgrowingupinWashington inthe1960s.WhenDavid,whoisboundtoawheelchairandgrowing weakerfrommusculardystrophy,accuratelyforetellsthedeath ofhisfourthgradeteacher,adoubtfulLyle,whohasanincreasingly highenergylevel,decidestotesttheexistenceofGodbyattempting togetDavidtorunagain.Apactismade,andLylesoonbeginstotwist therulesinadesperateattempttogivehisfriendsomeofhisown excessenergy.Alongtheway,thetwoboyscomeface-to-facewithlife’s mostpainfultruths,andLyle’squestionisultimatelyansweredinaway henevercouldhaveimagined.   THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 10:00 AM ECCLES LECTURE HALL


PITCHING LOVE AND CATCHING FAITH Narrative Feature Film / 90 Minutes / United States / February 2015 Directors: RandyandRebeccaSternberg  Writers: RandyandRebeccaSternberg  Producers: RandolphSternberg  Key Cast: LaurynKent,DerekBoone,ChristieLangendorf,ShawnCarter  


THE MESSENGER’S BOx Narrative Feature Film / 91 Minutes / United States / November 2015 Director: GaryBosek  Writer: JanieSmith Producers: BobSmith,BrianChambers Key Cast: LukeHodgson,AnthonyWilliams,TiffanyBurns WhenhighschoolstudentJakeCasperfindsasmallwoodenboxintheattic ofhisgrandpa'santiquestore,hislifeisforeverchanged,especiallywhen hediscoversasecretcompartmentthatappearstocontainanailusedduring Christ’scrucifixion.Now,themoreJakelearnsofthepowerwithinthebox anditspurpose,themoreobstacleshemustovercometogettheboxtoa strangerbeforeit’stoolate.Apowerfulfaith-basedfilm,The Messenger’s Box demonstrateswhyweshouldneverunderestimatethepowerwithinourhearts.  FRIDAY, AUG. 12TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTUREHALL


Heatherisanattractive,competitive,softballplayer,sweetandsassy– usedtowinning–butwithguysshetendstostrikeoutoncetheyfindout she'snottheirtype.He'sacompetitivebaseballplayer,charmingand saintly,whohasn'tkissed.SowhathappenswhenHeathertriestogethis firstkissandTylertriestowinherhearttohelplaunchhisbaseballcareer? Itresultsinahead-oncompetition,ignitingaseriesoflight-heartedploys andcat-and-mousechase.Fallinginlovewasn'tapartoftheirplanbutnow TylermustchoosebetweenhisdreamandHeather.Andshemustchoose betweenloveandloneliness.



NOWHERE SAFE Narrative Feature Film / 62 Minutes / United States / September 2014


Director: Brian Brough Writer: Brittany Wiscombe Producer: Brian Brough Key Cast: Natasha Henstridge, Jamie Kennedy, Danielle Chuchran


Aftertwoteengirlscruellyimpersonateheronlineina“reversecyber bullying”plot,Ashley’sreputationisruinedandsheandhermotherJulie (ahighschoolteacher)fleeanescalatingthreattotheirlives.Starting overatanewschool,romanticinterestsandthepoignantlessonsfrom aneccentrichistoryteacherdrawthemoutofseclusionuntiltheyrealize confrontingahurtfulpastisessentialtoensureabrighterfuture.  FRIDAY, AUG. 12TH - 10:00 AM ECCLES THEATER Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Brian Brough

SINGING WITH ANGELS Narrative Feature Film/ 94 Minutes / United States / April 2016 Director: BrianBrough Writer: BrittanyWiscombe  Producers: BrianBrough,BrittanyWiscombe,AnthonyStraga Key Cast: SarahKent,AnneSward,ScottChristopher  Asshedecideshowtohelpherdifficultbutailingmother-in-law, Aubreyrecallsexperiencesinherlifewhichsheandherfamilyhave endured.Shedrawsstrengthfromtherealizationthatshehasnever beenalonethroughherfamily’supsanddowns,andthatGodwill helpthemthroughanycircumstance.  FRIDAY, AUG. 12TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES THEATER Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Brian Brough




Insight from Tim Savage Adapting popular books into movies is challenging, especially when the book has been read by more than 3-million people. A fictional account of true events, Under the Blood Red Sun is historical fiction, but it’s based on actual events, so the filmmakers made every attempt to be accurate and believable in every way. They also wanted readers to be pleased with the integrity of the story, so the producer actually brought the author of the book into the filmmaking process. The author, Graham Salisbury wrote the screenplay and worked closely with the film crew throughout the entire project. That simplified the process, but it also added some complexity. “Whenever I had any question about a character’s motivation or a plot point he was right there to give insight, but I was also bringing my art, filmmaking, to the book, which is, of course, different than words on a page,” says Savage. Ultimately, Graham was gracious enough to allow the team to be as creative, or as practical as needed to bring the story to the screen. That included making sure the film felt authentic with the correct period pieces: the wardrobe, hairstyles, props, vehicles and locations, all on a very tight budget. “When adapting a book for a movie I would recommend understanding the strengths of the book and why people liked it. You want to capture and leverage those strengths while bringing all that a movie has to offer to bring it to life,” Savage says. “Our author Graham Salisbury put it best when he said that books and movies are two different art forms and each should be utilized to their fullest to best tell the story.”

Q: Cokeville Miracle is based on a true story – how close were you able to stay to the actual story? A: We made a big effort to tell what really happened to those great people from Cokeville. I made up a few jokes and combined a few of the characters but it’s pretty much all taken from interviews with the people who were there. Q: How did filming a true story create any unique challenges or struggles? A: It’s easier to do a true story-based on pioneers that have been dead for 100 years. There were lots of opinions, and people to try to please, with the Cokeville film, but nothing was a struggle. They were all great. Q: Did this story affect you, personally, while you were filming? A: I was, and still am, very touched by the story of these people being protected and all getting out of Room 4 alive. Q: What advice would you give to others who are considering making a film based on actual events? A: I have this quote hanging above my desk, “There is great power in telling a true, faith-based story.” Even though one of these stories may not fit perfectly with the current ideas of film structure...if you can make people care about the characters, go for it. Continued next page...







moVING moUNTAINS wITh GoD TREW CALLING Kimber Eastwood, Greg Robbins, and Shawn Midkiff The crew of Trew Calling is putting God back into film because, for many, it’s the only way they’ll receive that connection. “Millions of people will never step into a church because most churches in America, overall, are failing,” they explain. “We have strayed away from religion and it’s sad to see people embarrassed to even pray in public. This nation was based on Christianity!” To get the message out that it’s okay to bring God back, they’ve begun to tell faith-based stories that enhance lives. They believe that when they create a plot line that leaves people speaking of the film long after it’s over, it will continue to make a positive impact on them and others around them. In this way, they can build society up through entertainment instead of bringing them down. They live by the verse in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 that says, “Encourage one another, and build each other up.” “If we followed these seven simple words, how much healthier would we all be?” they ask. Of course, God can’t be forced, so Kimber Eastwood, Greg Robbins, and Shawn Midkiff are handling the subject in a gentle, humorous and entertaining way. “When we watch a movie, we want to be entertained,” they say. So they’re entertaining their audiences while allowing God to work within them. They want their audiences to understand that God is always with us, so it’s important to be kind and love one another. And while this one film may not change the industry, they feel it can influence other filmmakers to step forward and profess their faith through film. “Many films with strong stories, well done, can move mountains!”

STAYING TRUE To ThE SToRY JUST LET GO Q&A with Patrick H. Parker and Christopher S. Clark Q: How close were you able to stay to the true story behind Just Let Go? A: We stayed as close as we could, drawing upon interviews, journals, and previous documentary footage shot with Chris Williams. We had very little to add to be able to deliver a truly powerful story. Q: Did this story affect you, personally? A: This story has affected me since I heard it in 2007. One thing Chris said once was that God allows tragedies to happen so that he can make wonder out of darkness. That really impacted my view of life. We are here to learn things we couldn't learn otherwise. Q: What’s the most challenging part of making a full-length feature about a true event? A: Doing the story justice. These are real people's lives we were putting on screen and we didn't want to let anyone down or portray something unfairly. It felt like handling sacred material which Chris Williams and his family entrusted to us. We just wanted the power of the story to shine through our feeble attempt. Q: He was extremely great to work with and trusted our vision. We consulted closely with Chris Williams to tell his story in a way he would approve. A: Work closely with the subject you are portraying. You have to have their trust. I've heard stories about others trying to tell true stories and getting tangled in a crossfire of those people on different sides of the event.


THANK YOU FOR PLAYING - FINALIST Documentary Feature Film / 80 Minutes / United States / March 2015 Directors: MaikaZouhali-Worrall,DavidOsit Writers: MalikaZouhali-Worrall,DavidOsit  Producers: MalikaZouhali-Worrall,DavidOsit 


MANY BEAUTIFUL THINGS - FINALIST Documentary Feature Film / 70 Minutes / United States / March 2015 Director: LauraWatersHinson  Writer: LauraWatersHinson Producers: HisaoKurosawa,BrianOxley,SallyOxley, MiriamHuffmanRockness Key Cast: MichelleDockery,JohnRhys-Davies,AshleyLaneAdams,JerryEisley FromExecutiveProducerHisaoKurosawa,(Dreams, Ran),comestheuntold storyofoneoftheworld’sgreatestwomenartistsandwhyhernamewasnearly losttohistory.Many Beautiful Things plungesviewersintothecomplexage ofVictorianEnglandtomeetLiliasTrotter,adaringyoungwomanwhodefied allnormsbywinningthefavorofEngland’stopartcritic,JohnRuskin.Inanera whenwomenwerethoughtincapableofproducinghighart,Ruskinpromised thatherworkcouldbe“immortal.”Butwithherlegacyontheline,Liliasmade astunningdecisionthatbidsustoquestionthelimitsofsacrifice.AsLilias journeystoFrenchAlgeriainthelate1800stopioneerworkwithwomenand children,viewersarelefttowonder,“Couldyouabandonadreamtopursue yourtruecalling?” FeaturingthevoicesofMichelleDockery(Downton Abbey) andJohnRhys-Davies(Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones). FRIDAY, AUG. 12TH - 10:00 AM ECCLES LECTUREHALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Brian Oxley


Whenone-year-oldJoelisdiagnosedwithterminalcancer,hisfatherRyan beginsworkingonanunusualandpoeticvideogametohonorJoel'slife. FollowingRyan'sfamilythroughthecreationofthegameandtheday-to-day realitiesofJoel’streatment,Thank You for Playing isathought-provoking testimonytotheempatheticpowerofart,examininghowweprocess griefthroughtechnologyinthetwenty-firstcentury,andtheimplications ofdocumentingprofoundhumanexperiencesinanewartisticmedium: thevideogame. 



RIGHT FOOTED - FINALIST Documentary Feature Film / 80 Minutes / United States / March 2015


Director: Nick Spark Writer: Nick Spark Producers: Nick Spark, Mona Lisa Yuchengco Cast: Jessica Cox, Patrick Chamberlain


JessicaCoxwasbornwithoutarmsasaresultofabirthdefect,but managedtoovercomemanyphysicalandemotionalchallengestobecome fullyindependent.Shelearnedtotypewithhertoes,driveacarwithher feet,andamazingly– flyanairplanewithherfeet.Right Footed follows Jessicaasshetransformsfromamotivationalspeakertoamentor, andeventuallyintoaleadingadvocateforpeoplewithdisability. SATURDAY, AUG. 13TH - 10:00 AM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Nick Spark, Jessica Cox, Patrick Chamberlain

LAUGHING IN THE DARK - FINALIST Documentary Feature Film / 83 Minutes / United States / October 2015 Director: RickAltizer Writers: RickAltizer,ChondaPierce Producers: ChondaPierce,KentSonger,AndrewTenenbaum  Key Cast: ChondaPierce Thestoryofonewoman'sjourneythroughdepression,grief,hope, andvictorytoldwiththeemotionalintensityandhumorthatonlyChonda Piercecandeliver.Asthefilmunfolds,manywomenwillrealizethat it'stheirstorytoo.Apowerfulandrelationalmovieforanyonewhohas sufferedlossorseparation...andlikestolaugh. SATURDAY, AUG. 13TH - 12:30 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Rick Altizer, Chonda Pierce, Andrew Tenenbaum


THE EVANESCENCE OF HOPE Documentary Feature Film / 75 Minutes / United States / July 2015 Director: LorenM.Lambert  Producers: LorenM.Lambert  Cast: MansourAriazand,SuzanneJansen,Werner(Rod)Huck, JillCareeAnderson,BrynnMudliar,MahdisAdams  

WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 10:00 AM ECCLES THEATER Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Loren M. Lambert


ThisisadocumentarythattellsthestoryofMansourAriazand,husband, fatherofthree,communityleader,Iranianimmigrant,andBYUgraduate. OnFather'sDay2010hewassweptoverseveralwaterfallsinBellsCanyon andsufferedsevereinjuries.Thisfilmtellsthestoryofthemanysmall miraclesthatconvergedtosaveMansour'slife.







Ryan Green Thank you for Playing is a documentary about life, death, and the artistic capture of all the related emotions through a video game of the same name. USA Today says, “Video game movies aren’t always successful, though this one will definitely and undoubtedly reach one’s heart.” “Most of the time reaction to our game has been an exchange of stories,” says Ryan Green, one of the creators of the film. “I think those who see the film or experience the game realize we’re about sharing our hearts and we find others share their hearts in return. “Both by experiencing losing my son and through talking to others, I realize what we’ve done isn’t for everyone. It may even open some wounds that we didn’t have permission to open. We want people to know that we acknowledge that and understand if it provokes anger or sadness,” he continues. The intention of Thank you for Playing was not to drag people down with the story. It was done with the hope that people who’ve experienced similar loss would feel that the game added to their life in a way. It was an expression of the beauty found in suffering. “It’s really scary to be vulnerable,” Green continues, “and this experience mourning Joel publicly has allowed others to show us love; and allowed us to show love to others. So often what we believe about life and death and God and love can be used to divide us. I’m grateful that Joel’s life has served to bring us closer to so many people from such diverse life experiences.”

Q&A with Miriam Rockness, Narrator & Biographer Q: You were the biographer for Many Beautiful Things. Can you explain what that means? A: My work as a “biographer” preceded the role of adviser to the filmmaker. I had written both a biography of the subject, Lilias Trotter (A Passion for the Impossible), and a compilation of her art/writings (A Blossom in the Desert). Once the filming began, the filmmaker and I worked collaboratively, Laura being committed to “getting it right” when it came to the facts of her life, while I, and others, provided her with resources. Q: How do you ensure the right “voice” when narrating? A: I was able to correspond with several individuals who did know Lilias – or were close to someone who had known her … this put the burden of truth on my becoming acquainted with every possible source that could shed light on her person: her appearance, her voice, her tone, her ideas, her paintings, her publications, and everything else that could lead to the quiddity of my subject. Q: How close were you able to stay to the true story? A: There was total fidelity to the “true story” in the storyline of the film. This, of course, must be qualified by “truth as we understood it.” If I failed to express fully my sense of her person, it was because I chose to fail on the side of fidelity to what I knew, or thought I knew. The visual re-enactments were more symbolic, poetic, in character, to give a sense of biographical facts. It brought an intimacy to the film which a factual documentary alone could not have accomplished.



Nick Spark

Q&A with Rick Altizer

When asked to name five influential females, Nick Spark was embarrassed when he could only come up with three. The idea that women have been overlooked for their tremendous achievements wore at him until he decided to do something about it, filming one, then another documentary about women who’d left their mark on the world.

Chonda Pierce and Rick Altizer have been close friends for years, so when the idea to film Laughing in the Dark emerged, Pierce said Altizer was the one who had to make it happen. “She knew I would tell the real story,” Altizer says. “That’s what she wanted, something real and authentic.”



Trust in Altizer made the film a reality, and even thought Altizer says another filmmaker could have made a better edit, they couldn’t have made the movie he and Pierce made because of the relationship they have.




His second documentary, Right Footed, was especially emotional as he witnessed time and again the influence of Jessica Cox on all who came into contact with her throughout the two years of filming her story. Jessica was born without arms, but she knew a truth many overlook: We determine our own limitations. “Few women get recognized,” Spark says. “The ones who seem to get all the attention are singers, actors, and entertainers.” He wanted to change that, so when he heard about Jessica he immediately sent her a message stating he’d like to meet with her. She responded almost instantly and within a few weeks they were chatting in the church where she and her fiancé would soon be married. “Jessica wasn’t like other brides,” Spark says. “All she could talk about was how she was going to invite these three girls to her wedding who were born without arms.” This give-back attitude was something real that Spark was able to capture on film, it was also life-altering for him. “It’s been very emotional to take the movie out into the world and be able to share it with people with disabilities and their families,” Spark says. “It’s very impactful, especially for parents who can see the potential for their children.” Jessica’s own perseverance pushed Nick to create the best story he could for her. After all she’s been able to accomplish in her life, and all the effort she put into the documentary, he wanted to do it justice, and he has.

They started by imagining a woman who would be affected by the film, a woman they called Jean. They gave her similar struggles to Chonda, including a husband with addiction and a child who refused to speak with her. They even gave her God, but Jean also felt she was making God unhappy because she was so unhappy. “We made the movie for Jean,” Altizer says. “We would ask, will this help Jean? If so, we kept it in. Having an imagined character for our intended audience helped us stay focused and ministry-minded.” Altizer encourages others to tell their stories. In doing so, people realize they’re not alone. “When you tell something that is true on film others will connect with that story. It’s so important for us to know that we’re not alone. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Christ, not by being preachy, but by being honest, vulnerable and real.” He explains that all you need to do is make what you can make and focus on the story. There’s no need to get sidetracked by “a nice aerial shot.”


FISH - FINALIST Narrative Short Film / 30 Minutes / United States / November 2015 Director: Andrew Ruiz Writer: Andrew Ruiz Producer: Tina Braz Key Cast: Gerardo Rodriguez, Jaiden Clark


Ayoungboyputshisfatherinadifficultpositionwhenhetries tosmugglehispetBettafishpastairportsecurity. 



THE COUP - FINALIST Narrative Short Film / 2 Minutes / Germany / March 2015 Directors: FabianDriehorst,FrédéricSchuld Writers: FabianDriehorst,FrédéricSchuld,DennisStoecker  Producers: DennisStoecker,FabianDriehorst  Mr.CaptainCleptowantstosmugglehisfriendsontheflighttoLodato Beach,soheusestheircustommadeshrinkingmachinetofitthemin casesbutofcoursetheywillbefoundbytheairportsecurityandhave torunfortheirlives.    THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL


PLAY DATE - FINALIST Narrative Short Film / 15 Minutes / United States / February 2015 Director: PaigeMorrowKimball  Writer: PaigeMorrowKimball  Producers: PaigeMorrowKimball,TerryWalters,TobyLawless, KristinaKondrath  Key Cast: TerryWalters,TamiRoman,IsabellaSpencer,MarcuisHarris  

THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: PaigeMorrowKimball

COWBOYS - FINALIST Narrative Short Film / 20 Minutes / Spain / November 2014 Director: BernabéRico  Writer: BernabéRico Producers: OlmoFigueredo,BernabéRico Key Cast: CliveArrindell,RodrigoMartínezRico,RichardCollinsMoore, MaríaAdánez Martinisafinishedactor,bothprofessionallyandpersonally.He'sdivorced, hasnofriendsandasonhehasn’ttalkedtoformorethanayear.Butonefine dayhe’llgetaworkingofferhisagentwillnotlethimpass:tobecompanion ofafive-year-oldboyinacostumecontestattheAmusementPark. WEDNESDAY AUG. 10TH - 4:00 PM ECCLES LECTUREHALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Bernabé Rico


Whenalittlegirldiscoversahomelesswomaninherbackyardsheinvites herinsideforaplaydate,whichgoesunnoticedbyherdistractedparents. Play Date invitesustotakeadeeperlookatourselvesandexploreswhat being'homeless'reallymeans.  



THE ARCHITECT Narrative Short Film / 28 Minutes / United States / August 2015 Director: Chad Gravallese Writer: Chad Gravallese Producer: Tira Gravallese Key Cast: Landon Henneman, Elizabeth Parson


Anarchitectwhodesignshislifejustasmeticulouslyashedesigns buildingsconfrontsmisfortunewhenthingsdon'tgoaccordingtoplan. 


THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Chad Gravallese

THE TUTOR Narrative Short Film / 15 Minutes / United States / May 2015 Director: GrantJohnson  Writer: GrantJohnson     Producers: GrantJohnson,DamonBrady,JennyKropel,EmilyAnnRoth Awomanwholostherfiancéinacaraccidentstrugglesinhercollege courses.Sheisgivenachancetokeepherscholarshipifshetutorsa dyslexicstudent.Herdepressedoutlookonlifeischallengedbythestudent whotriestohelpherseethereisstillbeautyintheworld.   THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: GrantJohnson 


FATHER, SON AND HOLY MOSES Narrative Short Film / 30 Minutes / United States / November 2015 Director: WilliamMiddleton Writer: MitchEmoff  Producer: MitchEmoff  Key Cast: JeremyChilds 

THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 4:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: MitchEmoff

BELITTER Narrative Short Film / 9 Minutes / Singapore / January 2015 Director: Mathankumaran Writer: Mathankumaran Producer: Mathankumaran, Avimen Balasubramaniam Key Cast: Charlene Kiew Charlenehasmovedtoanewsharinghouse.Whilegettingusedtoher newhome,sheexperiencessomethinguncannythatshewillremember lifelong.Belitter isasupernaturalthemedshortfilmthatadvocates ameaningfulmessagetoeveryone.  THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL


Inordertoreceiveaportionofhisfather’sloftyinheritance,arenounced HebrewmustreturntohisrootsandcompletehisBarMitzvah–allagainst thewishesofhisolderbrother,theperfectsonandTemplePresident,who gainsalloftheinheritanceifhefails. 



THE SURFACE Narrative Short Film / 20 Minutes / United States / February 2015


Director: Willem Kampenhout Writer: Willem Kampenhout Producer: Kirsten Anderson Key Cast: Liz Christensen, Aiden Beagley, David Webb, Karli Hall


Inapost-apocalypticworldwheremankindlivesunderground,Liz'sson isdyingfromlungfailure.Afterallotheroptionsfail,heronlyhopeis toventuretothedesolatesurfaceandfacethemonstersthatdrove mankindbelow. THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Willem Kampenhout

THORNS Narrative Short Film / 22 Minutes / United States Director: MichaelFlynn Writers: ShelleyBinghamHusk Producers: ShelleyBinghamHusk,MichaelFlynn Key Cast: MelanieNelson,HeidiHarrison   Devastatedbysomeoflife’strials,Catherineentersalocalflowershop hopingtofindsomethingthatwillhelpfillthevoid.Whatshefindsinstead issomethingmuchmorebeautifulthanflowers.Duringhershortinteraction withtheshopowner,Grace,andtheotherswhovisittheshop,Catherine learnslessonsaboutunconditionalloveandfaith.Thorns isaheart-warming, inspirationalstoryaboutwhathappenswhenordinarypeopleovercome trialsbylearningtotrustinGod’shealingpower.AsGraceputsintowords sobeautifully,“Ratherthancomplainingthatroseshavethorns,letusbe gratefulthatthornshaveroses.”  WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 4:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: MichaelFlynn,ShelleyBinghamHusk


WORTH THE WAIT Narrative Short Film / 11 Minutes / United States / January 2016 Directors: JohnSinclair,JoelP.Berry   Writers: JoelP.Berry Producers: TroyLamberth,JoelP.Berry  Key Cast: RichardDoyle,LauraBellBundy,JoelP.Berry   He'smovedon.Sohasshe.Buttheannualjellymakingcompetition revealstheybothstillhavesomethingtoprove. 

Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: JoelP.Berry

101 CUPCAKES Narrative Short Film / 14 Minutes / Australia / January 2016 Director: JaneEakin  Writer: JaneEakin Producers: HeadTurnerProductions Key Cast: ShondellePratt,DianeCraig,TaraMorice  Healingcomesinmanyflavors.Anupliftingstoryaboutlove, death,andthehealingpowerofcooking. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 4:00 PM ECCLES LECTUREHALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: JaneEakin,ShondellePratt








FISH Andrew Ruiz on Short Filmmaking Andrew Ruiz wrote Fish while his father was in the last stages of a terrible illness. When his father passed, he realized something significant about both life and death. Losing someone isn’t just about that one tragic moment. It’s about a thousand little moments. “Fish is the story of one of those moments,” Ruiz says.



The idea for Fish came about after a friend told Ruiz about her goldfish when she moved from her dorm room back in college. When he returned home, he realized he hadn’t heard the end of the story, so he wrote his own ending. Like most filmmakers, however, he always considers budget and resources before beginning a project. “This may seem antithetical to art,” Ruiz says, “but I don’t think that’s true. Some of my favorite films originated because the filmmaker had access to a certain location, talent, etc., and wanted to craft a story that featured that something.” As Ruiz moved forward with Fish, he still had a few loose ends, and he wondered how they would pull off the more complicated pieces of the film, but they lucked out, met the right people and got the support they needed to pull it all together. As Ruiz has learned, when a touching story meets the right resources, filmmaking becomes something special. “I love a strong story told well. Shorts have to be efficient by nature, and in the hands of a talented writer, they can be these wonderful little packages waiting to be unwrapped. I love longer narratives, of course, but there's something so satisfying in the ‘completeness’ of a good short,” Ruiz concludes..

Q&A with Fabian and Fred Q: The Coup is only 1:40 minutes long. How do you overcome the challenges of such a short film to create immediate engagement? A: The idea of the story came pretty fast. What was much more challenging was how to produce a film like this, because we had almost no budget but so many ideas. In the end, the production took us six months of our time, around ten days of shooting and ten days for music and sound. The rest was post-production, animation, and compositing. So, I think the most challenging is to find the right style for the story and the challenge of time vs. budget as we tried to make the film as nice as possible. In the end, we mostly had to jump in with more time, as our own investments, to fulfill our vision. Q: What vision were you trying to capture? A: We like to tell stories that take place in different worlds or films that combine animation and fiction. In The Coup we wanted to mix the 70s with a contemporary style. The decision on the style was part of the script writing process and concept, so that story and style merged together. Q: What's the most rewarding thing about creating short narratives? A: The festivals and community is the most rewarding. It’s amazing to see the film selected for festivals and invited to so many places on earth.




Q&A with Paige Morrow Kimball In her short film, Play Date, Paige Morrow Kimball uses the issue of homelessness to engage the heart through tender and humorous interactions. In the process, she brings up other issues such as giving into distractions and the power of the human spirit. Q: What impact were you hoping to make? A: My goal is to raise awareness about homelessness, that every one of us has a story and we all have value as human beings. I hope the film will open the hearts of people of all ages and that it will spark a conversation in families about kindness to others. Homelessness is only getting worse. It’s not going away. If we can teach our children not to blindly step over people in the street, then maybe they will create policy change that will change the world for the better …. Q: How did you portray this idea? A: The main character, the homeless woman, is voiceless throughout most of the film. She represents the voicelessness of the 600,000 people living on the streets of the U.S. today. The mother character becomes mindful as the story unfolds and she learns to experience the present through her five senses, with the final sense being the touch of her daughter’s hand in the car. It’s the story of coming back into our humanity – and into the essence of what “home” truly means. Q: How did this film affect you personally? A: I gained a whole new understanding of homelessness and the power of the human spirit. I learned that each one of us can make a difference in the lives of others, no matter how seemingly small. Everything is possible when we use our gifts for the greater good.

Challenges in Filmmaking with Bernabé Rico “Hitchcock said you should never film with kids, animals, and outdoors, so this film actually challenges him because ninety percent is outdoors. It has a kid as a main character and there is a horse race,” says Rico. Cowboys is a film about a man’s self-discovering journey through the experiences he lives alongside a five year old boy. It was conceived after Rico went through a shocking experience that made him want to reshape the way he was living his life. “I didn’t want to make a cathartic film for myself but instead I wanted to share a touching story, self-contained in everything I like in films: tension, adventure, comedy and drama,” Rico says. With all of these elements, Rico still advises potential filmmakers to focus and keep filmmaking simple. “Don’t try to hit the jackpot in filmmaking history,” he says. Rico explains that the story is the most difficult part of creating a great, short film. Once you’ve got the right story, you’ve got to make sure you haven’t lost any of the meaning due to time restrictions. Rico does this by playing with the cinematography, ellipsis, and editing. When done correctly, he says the film can be kept short without compromising any emotion. As far as the challenges Rico is willing to take on? He says, “If I picture the story in my head and I think I’d enjoy watching it on the big screen, I give it a go.”





GIOVANNI AND THE WATER BALLET - FINALIST Documentary Short Film / 17 Minutes / Netherlands


Director: Astrid Bussink Producers: Hasse van Nunen, Renko Douze


Ten-year-oldGiovannihasadream:hewantstobethefirstboytocompete intheDutchSynchronizedSwimmingChampionships.Becausehischosen fieldisviewedastypicallyoneforgirls,noteverybodyisasunderstanding astheycouldbe.ButGiovannirunshisownraceandKim,hisgirlfriend doesgetwhatheistryingtodo.Whentheyarealonetheychataboutthe future.WillGiovannibeabletotakeadvantageofKim’ssupportandmake ittotheChampionships?  (NOT SCREENING)

THE 100 YEARS SHOW - FINALIST Documentary Short Film / 30 Minutes / United States / April 2015 Director: AlisonKlayman Writer: AlisonKlayman Producers: JulieGoldman,BrettRatner  Key Cast: CarmenHerrera,TonyBechara,ManuelBelduma,DanaMiller, OlgaViso   100-year-oldCarmenHerreraisoneoftheoldestworkingartiststoday. Apioneeringabstractpainterinthe'40sand'50s,thespunkyCubanAmericanonlyrecentlyfoundtherecognitionthateludedherformost ofhercareer.  WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL


TODAY, I ACKNOWLEDGE - FINALIST Documentary Short Film / 6 Minutes / Germany / June 2015 Director: JessicaHahner   Writer: JessicaHahner  Producer: JessicaHahner   Key Cast: Pedestriansonthestreet  

WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: JessicaHahner

SELMA: THE BRIDGE TO THE BALLOT - FINALIST Documentary Short Film / 40 Minutes / United States / January 2015 Director: BillBrummel  Writers: BillBrummel,RichardCohen Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot isthestoryofacourageousgroup ofAlabamastudentsandteachers,who,alongwithotheractivists,fight anonviolentbattletowinvotingrightsforAfrican-AmericansintheSouth. Standingintheirway–acenturyofJimCrow,aresistantandsegregationist state,andafederalgovernmentslowtofullyembraceequality.Theywould faceintimidation, violence,jailandevenmurder,toachieveoneofthemost significantvictoriesofthecivilrightsera. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 10TH - 1:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: BillBrummel 


OnaSaturdayafternoonatthevictorygateinMunichIaskedstrangersto acknowledgeeachother.ImetamanfromKazakhstan,agirlfromMunich, amotherandadaughter,acoupleandtwoguysfromTurkey.Ialsometa musicianwhocomposedasongformethatafternoon.Itallhappenedfor thecinematicsportcup"Kurzundknappkaliber35"inMunich,Germany– yougetthreethemesand35hourstomakeamoviethatincludesthe themes.Thethemeswerevictorygate,asparagus,andsuspicion.Iused asparagusandsuspicioninthesongRaphaelcomposedthatafternoon– closetothevictorygate–inabuildingwhereIfilmeditdirectly.Imetthe pedestriansonthestreetandaskedthemiftheywouldliketobepart ofanexperiment.Iwontheprizeforbestengagement.



THE MAN BEHIND 55,000 DRESSES Documentary Short Film / 17 Minutes / United States / January 2015


Director: Stacey Stone Writers: Diane Mellen, Stacey Stone Producers: Diane Mellen


ThiscandiddocumentaryexploresthelifeofcollectorPaulBrockmann, themanwhocollected55,000dresses.BrockmanngrewupinWorldWarII Germany,hislifefilledwithdeprivationandloss.Thedocumentarydepicts GermancitizenswhoknewnothingofthedirectionHitlerwastaking theircountry.Itisastoryofamanwholefthislifeandfamilybehind andventuredtoAmericatobewithhistruelove.Thisdocumentaryattempts todelveintothereasonforBrockmann’sobsessivecollectionthrough presentdayinterviews,archivalfootage,publicsalesandprivate appointments tosellthecollection;andhisbiggestaccomplishmentof beingacceptedinGuinnessWorldRecordsforthe“LargestCollection ofClothingLabels.”Atitscore,The Man Behind 55,000 Dresses isa filmthatrevealstheaftermathofoneman’spainfulchildhoodandhow thatinfluencedhisdetermination,passionandimagination. THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 4:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: Diane Mellen

OUR LOCAL EPIC Documentary Short Film / 47 Minutes / United States / January 2016 Director: WilliamTaggart  Writer: JamesACrowley Producer: AaronPruzan Key Cast: YvonChouinard,LamarEmpey,RobLesser,MickHopkinson, AaronPruzan Winner-BestProfessionalDocumentary,NationalPaddlingFilm Festival.FlowingthroughoneofNorthAmerica’sdeepestcanyons,filledwith dangerous whitewater,theClarksForkoftheYellowstone’ssheergranite wallsareaperfectplaceforamassivedam.Followthestoryofthisamazing riverfromtheflightoftheNezPercetotheadventuresofmodernday explorers,askayakingledtoconservationandtheClarksForkwassaved fromdamnationasWyoming’sfirstWild&ScenicRiver. THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 4:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL


A FACELESS FAITH Documentary Short Film / 31 Minutes / United States / January 2016 Director: RezaSafa   Writer: RezaSafa Producer: RezaSafa

THURSDAY, AUG. 11TH - 4:00 PM ECCLES LECTURE HALL Filmmakers and Cast Members Scheduled to Attend: RezaSafa 


The1979IranianIslamicRevolutionoftheAyatollahKhomeinichanged everyaspectoftheIraniansociety,turningIranintoapureIslamicstate. In1988theIraniangovernmentbeganacampaignagainsttheChristian faith.In1994,themainwaveofpersecutionbeganwhenseveralpastors andleadersofmajorevangelicaldenominationsweremurderedbythe Islamicregime’sdeathsquad.Otherchurchmembersandchurchleaders werearrested,imprisoned,andtortured.Today,theUnitedNationsSpecial RepresentativereportedthatChristiansareleavingIranatanestimatedrate of15,000to20,000peryear.TheHumanRightsWatchestimatesthenumber ofChristianslivinginIrantodaytotal10,000to15,000.Thatisa95%reduction ofChristianityinIran.A Faceless Faith isadocumentationoftheIranian Regime’satrocitiesagainstChristiansandtheChristianfaithinIran. 





PASSIoNATE PRoDUCERS GIOVANNI AND THE WATER BALLET Hasse van Nunen and Astrid Bussink Producer Hasse van Nunen (1985) is the founderBreaking Ground, a platform for European student films when she was in her third year of her studies. After Hasse graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2008, she wrote a screenplay for the television drama series One Night Stand. At the same time she worked as assistant-producer and later development executive and script editor for production company KeyFilm. Next to her job at Een van de jongens, she also works for broadcaster Human. For them she produced a.o. the 50-min. documentary Among Women (director: Kim Brand), I expect everything (director: Gülsah Dogan). For KeyDocs Hasse produced the short documentary What the Cat Sees that was nominated for a Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival. Astrid Bussink (born 1975 in Eibergen, Gelderland) is a Dutch filmmaker. Her debut film is the documentary Angelmakers. She studied fine art at the Academy of fine Arts, AKI, Enschede (BA) in the Netherlands and her Master in film at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. During this Master she shot her award-winning documentary 'The Angelmakers' (First Appearance Award IDFA, Little Stamp award, ZagrebDOX, Best short Documentary, Dokufest, nomination Grierson Award and more). After this she made the short films Rückenlage / Upside Down (Best Short Experimental film at Vermont International Film Festival, nominated Silver Cub, IDFA 2006), The 9 Lives of My Car (a.o. Dutch Filmfestival 2007) and I Shot the Mayor (Or: Plan B) (a.o. nominated Silver Cub IDFA 2007, official selection Zagrebdox and HOTDOCS).

SmALL FooTPRINT - BIG SUCCESS THE 100 YEARS SHOW Alison Klayman Alison Klayman began a journey just out of college that would lead her to filming documentaries. ”I went to China on a trip meant to last five months. I hoped to find adventure, learn a new language and uncover storytelling opportunities to hone my skills as a radio journalist and documentary filmmaker,” Klayman says. “After those first few months in China, I canceled my ticket home, and moved to Beijing.” Klayman worked several odd jobs until she met the subject of her first documentary, which eventually led to her introduction to Carmen Herrera. “I was really interested in following someone for a longer period of time, allowing events to unfold in front of the camera and making a work that let people experience the vérité experience as much as they can,” Klayman explains. “I love that with documentaries I have to learn a lot along the way each time, from the process itself and from the people I'm focusing on.” One thing she’s learned well is that when you’re introducing yourself and your equipment into someone’s personal life you need to remain as unobtrusive as possible. Often Klayman would film with just her camera in tow to reduce her overall presence in Herrera’s space. She explains, “Although Carmen was a bit overwhelmed by my camera setup always being pointed at her, she warmed up to me quickly and welcomed me into her home …” A year and a half of filming captured a great success: a story of dreams and talents finally being realized and embraced by the art world. Klayman captured the depth she longed for when she said, “As someone who was doing a lot of journalism, I craved the depth I imagined a documentary could provide, the time to tell a story with more nuance.”




A Conversation with Director Jessica Hahner

Bill Brummel

People in Germany aren’t taking time to acknowledge those closest to them, at least that’s what Jessica Hahner concluded before making Today, I acknowledge.

“Film has great power to influence society,” says Bill Brummel, a producer of Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot. “It can inform and inspire.”

Hahner conducted the social experiment as part of a film competition, and she completed the entire film in just 35 hours. Hahner says there was no challenge in the experiment itself. “The challenge,” she says, “is more the film industry. I would love to extend this experiment to a feature documentary, meeting strangers all around the world. How touching would that be seeing humans in areas of crises and war connecting through acknowledgement?”

Inspiring and educating is just what Brummel had in mind when he made the film for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the most respected civil rights organizations in the country. But Brummel also knew there was one more important element in making a political difference with film. The viewers would have to hold lawmakers accountable. “But,” he says, “there is no doubt that a well-made film can spark activism.” Selma is definitely on its way to making a difference. Hundreds of thousands of students across the country are learning this great story of the civil rights movement through Selma. The documentary, along with a teaching guide, is being made available free of charge to schools and community organizations. To date, more than 50,000 films have already been distributed.

Hahner captured the raw impact of honest acknowledgement, without script, in this short, five-minute documentary. But it wasn’t just the people in the film who were affected. Hahner explains, “I met the pedestrians on the street and asked them if they would like to be part of an experiment. I didn´t prepare them.” Their responses were so authentic, they affected Hahner in a way she hadn’t anticipated. “Afterwards we shared something that was so intimate and honest,” Hahner says. “It was the moment right after the pedestrians acknowledged each other. It deeply touched them and I was blown away.” Hahner has been making films for sixteen years now. She says, “I love my work. It´s an intriguing journey for me that I am deeply grateful for.”

“I hope this film inspires a new generation of young people to get out and vote,” says Brummel. “I remember when I turned 18 and voted in my first presidential election. I was genuinely thrilled to go to the polls and cast my vote. It was a rush ... I want young people to feel that same enthusiasm, and to feel pride in taking part in democracy. Additionally, I hope the film makes viewers appreciate the sacrifices endured by so many people to guarantee that every person has the right to vote.” Brummel hopes one takeaway from this film for young people is that they don’t have to wait to grow up to get involved in politics. “In Selma, there were teens working every day for just a little bit of justice. I find that so inspiring,” he concludes.




CommUNITY PARTNERS My mother, Beverley Taylor Sorenson, praised the "precious upbringing" that her mother gave her which included the finer arts in music and media. That example "held out a beacon ... to hold fast and continue on." She desired that she "might not ever be the cause of breaking this eternal chain" of stellar example. She encouraged her children: If you are going to spend any effort in creating something and would like to share that art with another individual, why not create something uplifting? The Sorenson Legacy Foundation is proud to support and endorse the Park City International Film Festival, as it espouses the values she believed in.





Gail Sorenson Williamsen


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