“We made you a PROMIS we intend to keep.” Current features, further development and potential CRIS*-relations of UH’s research PROject Management Information System. Markku Niemi & Sanna Virtaniemi @ EuroCRIS workshop 11.5.2007 Strategic Planning & Development/Research Affairs * UH’s future CRIS = TUHAT

PROMIS currently @ University of Helsinki (UH) Currently for EU-project administration EU research project administrators in central administration Supports funding applications, negotiations, project opening and project reporting phases Basic information, contact persons within & outside university, project partners, reporting periods, tracking data of documents

Vendor: Solenovo Ltd. This workshop sponsor, a software company from Joensuu, Finland - additional information by the company attached Based on SolePRO information system, tailored for UH’s specific needs but used also by some other Finnish universities SoleTM another product, for worktime reporting SoleCRIS is their CRIS product


PROMIS integrations Contract register Data warehouse


Project opening form


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Further development, for administrators (already decided) To be implemented also for other international & domestic projects Keeping track of reporting periods and other calendar based schedules of projects Electronic project document / links to documents in other IS Sending a new project’s contract documents (& metadata) to university’s contract register electronically Sending a new project’s financial information to university’s financial information system (project opening) Sending application & project information to university’s data warehouse

A vision of further development potential for researchers & research managers, 1 1) When creating a research project proposal/funding application: PROMIS => CRIS*: Look for past & current research in the research field from local & international CRIS Look for potential project partners from PROMIS Create initial project plan with budget in PROMIS -

Templates available for different kinds of projects, based on generic and real/past applications & projects

Documents and research project guidance in university intranet seemlessly available

Send funding application(s) to funder’s application system from within PROMIS

* UH’s future CRIS = TUHAT

A vision of further development potential for researchers & research managers, 2 2) When contracting or initiating a project: Receive funding decision from funder’s IS to PROMIS electronically Status of the application record => approved/disapproved, with related decision information

Updating the project plan in PROMIS, according to decision PROMIS => CRIS: Feeding CRIS’s project, organization & people information when a new project is initiated Trigger contract document creation, recruiting and other project initiation workflows from within PROMIS Save project initiation documents like internal project approvals and kick-off minutes to PROMIS Invite project’s partners to project documents & other information sharing (”extranet area”) in PROMIS or elsewhere

A vision of further development potential for researchers & research managers, 3 3) When executing a project: Offer easy links from PROMIS to university’s data warehouse based reporting services Expenditure & other financials, personnel etc

Maintain changes in project information in PROMIS PROMIS => CRIS: mirror the changes to CRIS also whenever appropriate (people, projects, organizations)

Trigger reporting processes from within PROMIS Trigger deadline reminders to project responsibles with calendar/schedule functionality PROMIS => CRIS: when reporting to someone, feed also CRIS with reported project results - publications, conference presentations & other research activities, societal interactions etc.)

A vision of further development potential for researchers & research managers, 4 4) When closing a project: Trigger IPR management and other project closing processes worksflows from within PROMIS PROMIS => CRIS: Make sure that also CRIS is feeded when reporting finally from a project Project status update Results like publications, patents Research activities like visits abroad, conference presentations etc Societal interaction like memberships, media presence etc

CRIS => PROMIS? should one be able to attach research results to a project by picking them from your CRIS?

Conclusion IF:

1. Projects, people and organizations are the key objects in CRIS 2. These core information parts in CRIS seems to created & maintained in project management processes Processes like planning, applying for funding, contracting, initiating, executing and closing all create or maintain core CRIS information (projects, people, organizations and related results) At least in research funded by external agencies like Academy of Finland, EU Comission

THEN: CRISes should be built around/within project management processes & related information systems like PROMIS? ELSE: Or also vice-versa: should you be able to use CRIS for feeding PROMIS - like attaching reported research results in CRIS to a specific project in PROMIS?