We look forward to seeing you on June 16 th and enjoy your summer! Sherri

May 2015 Message From the President Hi Everyone: Circle June 16th on your calendar and plan on attending the Annual General Meeting. Pertinent informa...
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May 2015 Message From the President Hi Everyone: Circle June 16th on your calendar and plan on attending the Annual General Meeting. Pertinent information will be forwarded as per our By-Laws. The Board of Directors have been busy this season and it looks like it will continue through the summer. As example – the Board will continue to monitor the following portfolios during the summer months: Rink in the Park 99 Seagram Drive Waterloo, Ontario, N2L-3B6 Phone: (519) 7424281 Fax: (519) 742-1868 Website: www.kwgranite.com E-Mail: [email protected]

Manager: Jim Uhrig Office: Karen Lowe President: Sherri Helmka Vice President:: Kathy Ryan Sec. Treasurer: Bill Hume Past President: Doug Suerich Directors: Gary Crossley Mark Fisher Melanie Leganchuk Fred Lehmann Pam MacCollum Merlin McRae Marie Pringle Ardith Toogood

“Municipal Taxes” (ongoing) “Hydro”(May 1st , 2015 on-peak price of hydro increased 15% with more increases later this year and into next year) **If you signed the “petition” thank you, if you didn’t and would like to sign it the petition will be available for signature until October. “Ontario Not for Profit Corporations Act” (By-Laws currently are being reviewed and updated to ensure compliance) “Ontario Budget & ORPP(Ontario Registered Pension Plan – at first glance it looks like the Budget includes the "Non-Profit Sector" - as the majority of curling clubs in Ontario are classed as "Non-Profits" the additional financial requirements could be devastating to this sector. The government has been encouraged to "establish a joint task force with the non-profit sector and we will keep you informed.) “Policy & Committee Updates” Spare Policy - work in progress. Registration Forms to be updated - work in progress 2015- 2016 Business Plan - completion TBC (Treasurer recuperating from accident) Strategic Planning Committee - Next meeting May 7th – 7:00pm. Policy & Procedures - ongoing reviews and updated as required Membership Survey - road map for ongoing improvements Sponsorship Policy - work in progress If you saw something that “peaked” your interest and you would like to help out please contact Jim or any Board Member. Deb Salonen has advised that she is bringing in a new supplier to the Proshop Balance Plus. In addition Deb advised that Balance Plus has historically been the most 'requested'. Balance Plus products will be introduced “slowly” and some items will be ordered as needed. If you have any questions please contact Deb. We look forward to seeing you on June 16th and enjoy your summer! Sherri

Club Passings Deepest sympathy is extended to Gisele Cyr and Jeff Grey over the recent death of Gisele’s brother Upcoming Events TAP Pool Tournament May 7-10, 2015 Annual General Meeting June 16, 2015 Congratulations Congratulations to skip Bob MacMillan, vice Ben Shane (throwing last rocks), 2nd Brett Dubrick and lead Kyle Forster (righthander throwing left) for winning the Men’s 2015 Lefthanders World Championships!!

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Summer Leagues Our 12-team summer major league is already more than half full with an eighth entry en route so if you want to be sure you have an entry in please don't delay. You can secure your spot with a cheque covering the ENTIRE team entry. The cheque will not be cashed until August 10th and you are free to withdraw without penalty until that time. If there is enough interest we will look at expanding the league. There's a $100 prize per win paid out immediately following the game! Our social/bantam/junior league is also returning for those who want to get a jump on the season. This is extremely inexpensive working out around $10 per player per game for eight games. (Twice a week for four weeks). For league curlers it's just what you need to get the jump on your divisional opponents and climb the standings! For our bantam/juniors a great way to prepare for the season with the league ending just as Ontario Junior Curling Tour gets underway. Check out our website for rates and schedules Brian Belfry Youth Curling Program – 2014/15 The Youth Curling Program (LRJDP) has enjoyed another very successful season with the Little Rock program over capacity at 53 curlers and the Bantam/Junior ranks down from 2013/14 at 20. The season wound up with a very busy weekend on April 11/12 as the annual Monkeyspiel attracted full draws with waiting lists on both the Little Rock and Bantam sides. Teams came from near and far; including Rochester, New York. With a great day of Curling, an excellent prize table, games, pizza lunch and build your own sundae for dessert; a great day was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Cindy Wright and her committee for an excellent event. The season closing on April 12, saw badges of achievement awarded to those Little Rock curlers who completed their various levels while the Bantam/Junior curlers went through their skills assessments for draws, taps and hits. K-W Granite Club teams also represented the club at OCA events and point spiels across southern Ontario. K-W Granite Club curlers also competed in numerous High School Curling events; including WCSSA, CWOSSA, and GORE SCHOOLBOYS/GIRLS. Convenors are in place for the 2015/16 season and we hope to see all the Youth curlers back, ready to learn and compete. Wishing everyone a great summer – don’t hurry too hard! Martin

Thursday Night Men The Thursday night men's 2014 - 2015 curling season concluded on April 9, 2015. The team of Gary Crossley, Chris Pearcey, Tim Morrison and Jamie Howieson defeated the team of Randy Metzloff, Pat Pringle, Brian Walker and Dave Watson to win the A side. On the B side the team of Ray Wright, Chris Lesperance, Steve Krupicz and Chris Yong-Set defeated David Mather, Tam Nguyen, Martin Rombout and Patrick Schnarr. Brad Fournier defeated Brian Hatton in the consolation round. In the bragging rights category, Art Frensch and Lew Ayers tied, Bryan Woodisse and Mark Mallet tied and Bill Ralph defeated David Dougall. Pizza was served and curlers received their prize after the games. I would like to thank Carl Hoffman, Rick Ritzel, Frank VanderGriendt, and Marcus Baker for their continuous work on cleaning the ice for the Thursday night curling. Their work is truly appreciated in getting the curlers on the ice on time. Also we would like to sincerely thank Dave Horne and Guy Schmidt for their generosity in providing prizes for Thursday night curling. It is truly appreciated by the curlers. We will be losing one of our long term skips, Richard Slaughter. Richard will be retiring and relocating to the Bruce. We wish Richard all the best. It seems like yesterday that we were filling our lockers with curling equipment and now we are shining up our golf clubs. The season certainly passed quickly. I would like to wish the Thursday night curlers a safe summer season and see you all back at the Granite Club in the fall. Brian Hatton Stantec Tuesday Night Mixed Thanks to our sponsor, Stantec; it was nice to have a sponsor this year. Congratulations to the overall League Aggregate Winner and the Playoff Event Trophy Winner: Team Forster - Kyle Forster, Brenda Holloway, Matt Hallahan, Emma Malfara Other significant winners from the Playoff Event: Cup Winners: Kurt Rahnenfuehrer, Melanie Leganchuk, Jason Sadler, Tonya Zborowski Trophy Runnersup: James Millar, Erin Leach, Rob Lanteigne, Carol Weber Cup Runnersup: Sandra Earl, John Price, Sabina Simons, Daryl McMillan Trophy Consolation Winners: John Scott, Emilt Vaduca, Chris Wilk, Kelly Fischer Cup Consolation Winners: Michael/Shannon Tatlock, Matthew Ronan, Deborah Baxter Trophy 2nd Event Winners: Derek Babcock, Laura Neil, Steve/Katie Hitchman Cup 2nd Event Winners: Dave Bain, Susan Schaffner, Brad/Barb Tucker The Trophy Runnerup was Team Millar - a new team that started the year in D level and finished up playing in a closely contested Trophy final! We would like to thank Marbles Restaurant and Abe Erb for their generosity and Twin Cities Pizza (500 Glen Forrest Blvd, Waterloo) for their excellent service. We liked the pizza too! We would like to thank Richard Slaughter and Jim Uhrig for their valuable support during our first year of convening. Have a great summer and we hope to see you in September. Steve & Katie Hitchman

Wintek Wednesday Club Championship With the exception of an extra long playoff schedule due to taking a one week break with the CIS champs, things went well with the Wintek Wednesdays post-season, our very own version of March Madness. The Club Championship went true to form with the No. 1 and No. 2 teams from the regular season meeting in the final. The Club Consolation finals were another story with several upsets including the lower seed of the two finalists emerging the winner in every division! This is why we play the games. I thank everyone for the patience with a shortened schedule this year and promise a full slate of games in 2015-16 season. Please keep me informed of your plans of returning next season so I can pass on that information to the club's board. Here are the winners for the 2014-15 season. Grand Aggregate: Aaron Squires, Richard Krell, Spencer Nuttall and Fraser Reid Club champion: Aaron Squires, Richard Krell, Spencer Nuttall, Fraser Reid Runner-up- Peter Mellor, Brett Mellor, Glen Rotteveel, Chris Colliver A consolation champ: Doug Suerich, Allan Stahl, James Millar, Russ Arrell Runner-up: Bruce McConnell, Tim Morrison, Ron Schirm, John McDonald B consolation champ: John Scott, Bob Lichti, Jeff Renwick, Dennis Pink Runner-up: Scott Allen, David Mather, Robert Anderson, David Harnock C consolation champ: David Lynn, Brian Pattinson, Graham Singer, Spiro Karigiannis Runner-up: David Leitch, Scott McRae, Ken Nethercott and Carl Hoffman D consolation champ: Ted Spicer, David Rumpel, John Svartsjo, John Miller Runner-up: Mike Turos, Dave Wong, John Leclair Once again a heartfelt thank you to our sponsor Wintek Engineering, represented by David Windley. Enjoy the warm weather, our summer leagues begin in the final week of August. Brian Belfry Parkway Lincoln Friday Night Mixed Another Parkway Lincoln Friday Night Mixed League season has come to a successful end with playoff finals and closing festivities held this past Friday. A big thanks to Carolyn Zenger for dropping by and showing off that beautiful new shiny red Lincoln MKZ! Eight event finals were held with the winners listed below, with several of the games, including the 1st event, coming down to the wire with Team McConnell squeaking out a narrow win against the league overall season aggregate winner - Team Campbell. Thanks to many for their contributions to the closing banquet and/or prize table including Boston Pizza, Marbles Restaurant, Audri's Chocolates, Suds-Jiffy Lube (Allan McNeil), John McDonald, and Rick & Willie Haywood. 1st Event Bruce McConnell

Tracey Renaud

2nd Event Dave Leitch

Sandy Nethercott Ken Nethercott

John McDonald

Diane Paquette

Sue Kerrigan

Parkway Lincoln Friday Night Mixed continued 3rd Event Brad Tucker

Barb Tucker

Dave Bain

Susan Schaffner

4rth Event Greg McKinty

Lianne Franklin

Gene Franklin

Tonya Zborowski

5th event Derek Babcock

Pat Babcock

6th Event Karen Loughborough 7th Event Gord Maxwell 8th Event Fred Ludolph

Matt Charters

Hugh Loughborough

Pat Fennessy

Renita McLeod

Rob Kuenzig

Debbie Lou Ludolph

Jen Vasic

Mark Gedke

Scott McLeod

Susan McLaren

Anne Wright-Gedke

Have a great summer everyone! Bruce Monday Night Open MNO concluded with a lot of excitement and mixed feelings this year. Excitement as people from all divisions were still vying for position within each of their division, and mixed feelings as all the curlers came to the confirmed realization that the curling season is over for most of them. After a very competitive year, the winners in each division are: Overall: Skip John Gabel, vice Robert Wright, second Russell Cuddie, lead Matt Allan/Jordan Visser B Division: Skip Derek Babcock, vice Pat Babcock, second Thomas Beckett, lead Adam McPhee C Divison: Skip John Scott, vice Stephen Foster, second Bob Lichti, lead Dennis Pink D Division: Skip Carl Jorgensen, vice Colin McMillan, second Dan Olden, lead Mary Ann Burke E Division: Skip Lorna Allen, vice Wendy Simpson, second Beverly Houston, lead Isle Hoffman F Division: Skip Doug Suerich, vice Tracy Suerich, second Laurene Dong, lead Russ Arrell G Division: Skip Glen Rotteveel, vice Kevin Derousie, second Norm Kuntz, lead Nick Dilworth


Monday Night Open continued For most of us, the end of the season only means a temporary interruption with golf or another summer activity, knowing full well that we’ll see the ice in a few months time. For others, this is the end of their Monday Night Open. Some curlers that have been a part of our league (and club) for many years will not be with us next year as they either retire (from the hardship of 9 pm starts) or move entirely out of the area. I know of two such curlers, but will not mention them by name as they are modest individuals and not to take away from the stories of the others. One is sticking to day time curling; the other will be moving to another city to pick up a broom on different ice. I mention these two, not only to acknowledge them, but to thank them for introducing me to the game and making it a fun experience at the same time. I will miss you both, but will forever be indebted to you. Having said that, I encourage all curlers to invite a friend to take up the sport no matter what the age. It is this simple invitation that keeps our sport going and as great as it is. You never know what friendships can develop. Keep an eye out for news from the club regarding next year’s registration. You will want to get your confirmation in early as there have been lots of inquiries already from new teams wanting to join next year. Space is limited; don’t be disappointed. We’ll see you next year. Again, I want to thank our convenor David Wong for all his work during the year keeping the records up to date and getting the results out as fast as he did. I know I personally looked forward to his standings email to see how our team was doing. A thank you is also due for organizing all the prizes for the prize night as well as the pizza social afterwards. In closing, on behalf of the KW Granite Club and all the MNO curlers, we would like to thank Paul “Sonny” Mount and Heffner Toyota for their generous support of our league during the year. Paul has been curling with the club for many years and Heffner Toyota has been a community partner of many things since the 1960s. It is community partners like Heffner Toyota that help make our league strong. We couldn’t have done it without you. Matt Schumacher Business Ladies And with that, the season is over. Winners for each division: A = Team Jacklin B = Team McCutcheon C = Team Slaughter D = Team Dong

Second place in each division: A = Team Greenwood B = Team Ryan C = Team Leganchuk D = Team Roth

Third place in each division: A = Team McLean B = Team Chisamore-Johnston C = Team Simpson D = Team Leggett Continued....

Business Ladies continued Our Sportsmanship award winner, as voted on by the members of our league, is Deb Salonen. Deb spent many Thursday nights sparing for many teams, often resulting in the fact that she would play back to back games weeks in a row. Respecting the game, her teammates and opponents, Deb displayed the very essence of Sportsmanship. Congratulations Deb! This season we were able to come up with some fantastic prizes, and awarded the top 3 teams in each division, as well as giving out 19 door prizes in total. It was a banner year for our league! This has been a good year for curling. I want to thank Laurene Dong for handling our schedule this year. I also want to thank each and every one of you ladies for coming out and making the evening fun-filled. I welcome your feedback on any and all of the pieces I’ve written this curling season. If any of you have an idea to improve these writings, or suggestions for other items you’d like to see included here, please make sure to pass those along, directly to me [email protected]. Pam MacCollum Women’s Daytime Well, the coldest winter ever recorded in the KW area finally ended officially in March, and along with it, the curling season!! It was another successful season. The Closing dinner was held April 6 at the club with 61 in attendence including 4 sponors (Betty Eccles, Janice MacIntosh, Adventure Guide and Winston Park). As per usual, it was a great evening with lovely decorations. The Sandy Horton award, in a close contest this year, went to a very deserving Brenda Kropf. You will see her below as she also won the Davenport Catering event. The Davenport Catering Event ended March 31 and was won by: Dixie Anderson, Brenda Kropf, Anne Patterson and Laura Green. Harald not only catered our delicious closing dinner, he also was able to hand out prizes as well. (It was convened by Joyce Bell and Pam Krokoszynski)

The Granite Classic Event (sponsored by Bette Eccles) ended Thurs Apr 10. The winning team was: Marge Meyer, Glad O’Hara, Lynda McKillop (absent) and Carrie Speers. The event was convened by Val Rotar and Bonnie Ladano sorry Bonnie,,, only ½ of you made the photo! Continued...

Women’s Daytime continued The Doubles Event ended March 31. The event was sponsored by Wendy Williston, and convened by Wanda Bauer and Carrie Speers. Carrie Speers and Sandy Elliot won the event.

Our Golf Date I hope to see some of you out Thurs May 28 for some golf at Merry Hill. I wish everyone a safe and happy summer! Oh,,, my camera finally appeared 2 weeks after my move!

Submitted by Anne Patterson Men's Daytime. Another successful year has been wrapped up, as we had 12 full teams for our final skins game. Many thanks to Dave Anderson of Red & White Realty for sponsoring the pizza lunch. Thanks also to my fellow convenors for all their help: Paul Carter, Bill Hume and John Martin. The third round winners were: Tuesday: - First: 7-0 Bob Lichti, Brian Gleiser, Marcus Baker, Ernie Trompke - Second: 6-1 Tom Powell, Howard Jones, Keith McKenzie, Paul Carter Thurs - First: 7-0 Tom Powell, David Masters, Bill Hess, David Zenger - Second: 6-1 Bob Toogood, Graham Macdonald, Ted DeYoung, Bruce Lumsden (Bob Lichti had 6-1 as well but lost to Bob Toogood) Cheers, Dave Cain

The Granite Club thanks our sponsors:

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