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VEER-MYN DOSSIER The Veer-myn are the newest addition to the Mantic range and can be found battling the Corporation in Project Pandora: Grim Cargo or ...
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VEER-MYN DOSSIER The Veer-myn are the newest addition to the Mantic range and can be found battling the Corporation in Project Pandora: Grim Cargo or as a full army release for Warpath in May. This Dossier – exclusive to the Mantic Games Newsletter - is your go-to guide for the Veer-myn, containing background, army list, unit descriptions, photos of the new models and more! We hope you enjoy the read!

CREDITS Artwork: Jonas Springborg, Roberto Cirillo Photography: Warwick Kinrade Writers: Guy Haley, Alessio Cavatore Painters: Golem Painting Studio, Chris Straw All rights in the design, texts, graphics and other material in this document and its selection or arrangement is copyright of Mantic Entertainment Ltd and has been granted for use by other third parties. This includes images, text, graphics, corporate logos and emblems. - Mantic Entertainment, Mantic House, Greasley Street, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8NG - 0115 933 8448

The Veer-myn by GUY HALEY Wherever mankind has gone, rats have shortly followed. The Veer-myn are the latest manifestation of this unwitting partnership. The bulk haulers of the Corporation are vast, gigantic vessels made from hollowed out asteroids that are pulled slowly across the cosmos by tug craft. A haulers’ carrying capacity is often in the hundreds of thousands of megatonnes. Each one is the size of a city; a maze of endless holds and storage bays connected by innumerbale lift shafts, corridors, and conduits. A tug’s crew rarely ventures back into the hauler, but on occasion inspections are required, and so haulers all possess sections where basic life support and an atmosphere are maintained.

At some point in history, the rat crept into these cold, dark and inhospitable places, and it is here that it evolved. Who knows when the first Veer-myn stood upright and blinked eyes ablaze with newly minted intelligence? The transition from rat to Veer-myn took place phenomenally quickly; at most, so Corporation science personnel have it, just under one thousand years. Perhaps this huge evolutionary jump occurred because of radiation leaks from poorly shielded reactors, or because of cosmic ray bombardment, or perhaps their race was born from some chemical cocktail, spilled in the transport caverns of a forgotten ship. More troubling is the idea that their emergence was no accident at all, that the Veer-myn were deliberately made…

Whatever caused the change, it forced the common brown rat to walk upright and grow many times in size. It gained opposable thumbs, and a mind to use them. Language and a vicious society came quickly, both crude mirrors of mankind’s own. A new race of space scavengers was born. With an intelligence close to that of a man married with the survival instincts and astounding reproductive rate of the rat, they quickly spread. There are Veer-myn everywhere in the galaxy today. They live deep within the settlements of many races, from airless colony moons to continentspanning mega-cities, and infest the depths of spacecraft. Wherever they are, they cause serious problems. Veer-myn steal whatever they can. They have a rudimentary understanding of technology, and an enthusiastic, if somewhat haphazard approach, to experimentation. They strip the machines of others to get to the raw materials they require for their devices, crippling city sectors or ships, sometimes with fatal results. To prevent these mishaps, Corporation spacecraft are routinely scoured for Veer-myn nests, and there are certain units of Corporation troopers who spend entire tours of duty as “rat catchers” aboard those warships large enough to warrant it. There are rare cases of Veer-myn tribes being bought off to watch over “their” ship, but in the main they are regarded as unsophisticated pests.

This attitude greatly underestimates the complexity of Veer-myn society. They are naturally secretive and appear to possess a great deal of native cunning, so much so that rumours of hidden cities of Veer-myn are just about credible. Less believable are stories of worlds overwhelmed by masses of verminous warriors boiling up out of the ground, armed with bizarre weapons that spit fire and searing chemicals, or those tales told of the giant, mutant monsters that fight beside them. These, however, are just stories, furthermore stories that are likely to earn their teller a late-night call from Corporation Intelligence.

VEER-MYN NIGHT CRAWLERS Armed with chemical ray-guns and fearsome chem-throwers, the Night-crawlers are the most ubiquitous type of Veer-myn warriors. They often operate in stealthy small groups, infiltrating an enemy spaceship through its air ducts and ventilation shafts, ready to spring deadly ambushes in its dark corridors. However, when the Veer-myn decide that the time has come to take over another world, they are massed into huge hordes of rat-warriors, which overwhelm planetary defense forces through sheer weight of numbers.

STALKERS Some Night-crawlers are too ferocious to be relied on to keep their distance from the enemy and shoot at them with a ray-gun. Known as Stalkers, these vicious fighters simply follow their primal predatory instincts, tearing into the enemy in a spray of gore with short ranged ray-pistols, serrated combat blades, or even their sharp claws and lethal fangs.

Veer-myn NIGHTMARES Chosen amongst the largest and most cunning warriors, the Nightmares are equipped with combat drills, lethal melee weapons that literally drill into their enemies’ armour, flesh and bones, resulting in a spectacular fountain of blood or alien ichor. And that’s not all, each Nighmare also carries a devastating chem-thrower, which makes these elite rat-men one of the most feared assault troops in the galaxy!

GOUGERS The Gougers are a specialized type of Nightmares unit. They replace the combat drill and chem-thrower with a buzzing super-drill powered by the combustion unit in their backpacks. Designed to pierce the hardened bulkheads of spaceships, the Gougers’ super-drills can quickly and efficiently turn the heaviest of enemy battle tanks and other fighting vehicles into a pile of scrap metal.

VEER-MYN NIGHT SPAWN Only the most brutal and cunning of the Veer-myn manage to claw their way up from the ranks of normal warriors to become leaders of a horde of rat-men. They inevitably become corpulent and bloated, as they take advantage of their position to slake their voracious appetites. This, however, dos not make them any less dangerous, as they are equipped with the best weapons their minions can scavenge.

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DESIGN BRIEF by Alessio Cavatore When we go about creating a new range of miniatures, particularly from such a new concept as the Veer-myn, Alessio provides us with a Design Brief document to accompany Roberto’s concept art. We thought we’d share some of the Design Brief with you, as well as some of the concepts behind the Veer-myn: Veer-myn is what they call themselves. Other races have different ways to refer to them (‘pests’ being a recurring term). The army is low-armoured, low quality, numerous. They have no aircraft. Their ranged weaponry is of two types: • chemical rayguns, of which they have hand-held versions and heavier field gun-level versions (which they use to melt their way through tunnels). • chemical projectors, a bit like flame throwers fueled by canisters of chemical/caustic/acidic liquids that they squirt on the enemy. Their close combat weapons are rusty blades scavenged from many different races. Occasionally powered blades (and only for elite infiltration units), but most often just conventional ones. Mutated larger beasts also rumored to exist – they don’t need weapons. Their vehicles tend to be digging machines, drillers or in any case stuff that would fit into a tunnel, so very long/narrow and armed to the front. They would rely on digging/burning their way onto the gaming table.

WANT MORE VEER-MYN? The Veer-myn are released in May and there are more model previews, artwork and background to come. To keep up to date with all of the latest: - Keep watching the Newsletter - Like us on Facebook - Bookmark the Mantic Blog


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