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Discover MAPFRE WARRANTY Your life. Our world A dedication to serving people worldwide is the philosophy on which MAPFRE WARRANTY’s operational approach is based. We have been working with our partners in the automotive industry for more than 25 years, helping them boost their turnover, profile and profits. We offer our partners innovative products and services to achieve a better quality of life for both them and their clients. That is our world. Rafael Senén Chairman

Market leader in warranty programmes, and credit protection, such as PPI, GAP products and other speciality risks insurances for vehicles Own network of agents and dealership support worldwide Complete, simple integration within your company

automotive warranty

w More than 25 years working with companies in the automotive industry


Offering tailored and turnkey products fully aligned with the needs of each and every one of our clients, making us their key partner for the sale of complementary motor services. We motivate our partners’ sales networks and teams, taking on the role which best suits our client. Depending on their needs, we provide anything from competitive services, products and training to motivation plans for the channel and the sales force. We also work with our partners to coordinate and implement marketing and telesales campaigns. Integrated into each local market with a qualified, and specialist, professional and technical team. We can provide partners with products that are either offered under our own brand name or integrated within the brand of the manufacturer, importer or dealership. We belong to the industry. Our active involvement in the automotive industry, in the shape of CESVIMAP, makes us a global leader in the field. Our MAPFRE Road Safety and Experimentation Centre (CESVIMAP) has been researching every aspect of the motoring world since 1983. CESVIMAP is a centre for study, development, training, causal analysis of breakdowns, repair techniques and parts management. All the know-how built up in this research is utilised in our initiatives and publications. The Centre allows us to offer our partners in the automotive industry the very best service and is present in Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is already benefiting numerous companies in the industry, from manufacturers to garages, importers and dealerships. automotive warranty


Increase the revenue and profits of your business. MAPFRE WARRANTY generates new business lines, contributes value and distinction, and only deals with Win-Win situations. Extend your product offering. MAPFRE WARRANTY provides a broad spectrum of products and cover which appeal to vehicle buyers and users. Improve your brand image. The services provided by MAPFRE WARRANTY allow you to increase positive interactions with your clients after the point of purchase, improving customer loyalty. Increased trust. MAPFRE WARRANTY offers peace of mind, delivers the very best warranty programmes and operational reporting to clients, avoiding fraud and achieving integration with our partners’ systems.

MAPFRE WARRANTY strikes the perfect balance between a strong international presence and sound knowledge and experience of local markets.


w Turnkey solutions Training. For your sales networks and teams. We are involved at the industry’s leading specialist forums, international trade fairs and seminars... enabling us to pass on best practice to all those we work with in the automotive industry. Advice. Our experience and knowledge of the market allow us to plan and define the best strategy for each partner. Sales and after-sales support. We work with our partners to find and implement effective methods to motivate their sales force as well as generating additional revenue for the after-sales areas. Technology. Our bespoke systems effectively support partners in their business operations and reporting requirements. Tools which facilitate sales, provide detailed statistics, increase transparency and optimise effort can be easily integrated into our partners’ technology infrastructure. Quality control. Guaranteeing professionalism at point of sale and compliance with the most demanding standards.

We provide our partners in each country with a network of advisers, offering support at the point of sale, alongside our multilingual telesales platforms with their considerable capacity for call handling and sales activation. In short, we offer a turnkey solution which drives business results from the very outset.

automotive warranty



w Product lines focused on your business At MAPFRE WARRANTY we focus and adapt our warranty programmes and our range of cover to the specific needs of the automotive industry, contributing value to every type of company in the sector. We provide solutions which supplement your offering, either as automatic inclusions or optional purchases.


Entidades Financieras Finance Companies

Lease/Rental Companies Your vehicle.Our world

Concesionarios Oficiales Official Dealerships

Independent Distributors

Repair Shop Network

automotive warranty



w Your vehicle. Our world A world where MAPFRE WARRANTY offers the most complete range of products and types of cover for the new and second-hand motor market. New, profitable business lines and bespoke solutions make us the global leader in the industry.

Technical and business support for your sales network. From training to implementation of coordinated telesales campaigns.

Your company can benefit directly from the CESVIMAP Research Centre, with expert mechanics and loss adjusters specialising in all aspects of the motor world and your brand in particular.

automotive warranty

Products Your vehicle. Our world Used Vehicle Mechanical Warranty: service covering any mechanical, electrical or electronic fault which may be suffered by your customer’s second-hand vehicle. This cover offers the owner peace of mind and stimulates the second-hand vehicle market. Extended Warranty: cover against any mechanical, electrical or electronic fault suffered by your customer’s vehicle after expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. Allows you to make your vehicles stand out through the best warranty products available on the market.


PPI – Payment Protection Insurance: payment protection covering your customers’ repayments of the loans on their vehicles in the event of disability, illness or unemployment for reasons outside their control. The perfect match for financed vehicle sales services. GAP – Guaranteed Asset Protection: cover which provides protection against depreciation or any credit pending repayment on a vehicle when it is written off as a result of fire, accident or theft. Tyre Protection: cover for the cost of replacing or repairing all or any of your customer’s vehicle tyres in the event of puncture and accidental damage caused by risks on the road. Driving Licence Insurance: guaranteed payment of compensation if your customer has their driving licence revoked by an official ruling or binding court judgement. MOT Insurance: cover for the repairs needed to your customer’s vehicle if it fails to pass the corresponding technical inspection.

what is more, We also custom design other types of cover which may be of interest to our partner´s customers.



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