WANT TO RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION? FUNDRAISERS ARE THE KEY!! The cost of running an organization can be very expensive. Holding a fundraiser c...
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WANT TO RAISE MONEY FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION? FUNDRAISERS ARE THE KEY!! The cost of running an organization can be very expensive. Holding a fundraiser can be a very easy, cost effective way to raise money for your organization. Fundraisers also provide a great team environment for all involved. Everyone can participate in raising funds and work together to help the organization to grow and be successful. SELL A HOT PRODUCT! Let's face it. Fundraisers such as candy, popcorn and overpriced wrapping paper are worn out. People are tired of the same old thing and want value for their money. As a parent, I know I am tired of the same old stuff! It is my pleasure to offer your organization an extremely successful and universally appealing fundraising item – BED SHEET SETS! But, not just any old bed sheet set – Brand New, Luxuriously Soft as 1200 Thread Count, Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Sets that include a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases!! The Luxuriously Soft Bed Sheet Sets are great products that are a cut above the rest. The Luxuriously Soft Bed Sheet Sets come in twelve different colors and are available in sizes Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Every organization wants to choose successful fundraisers for their group. In an effort to help you understand the power of Luxurious Linen’s Fundraising we would like to answer any questions that you may have. Simply call us at (430)-200-1911 to ask any questions about this fundraising opportunity or to request your FREE fundraising information packet. We know that once you understand the benefits to our unique program and product, you will be excited about offering our “Luxurious Linens” to everyone you know!

Together we can help your organization succeed!

Fundraising & Your Organization Luxurious Linen fundraisers are perfect for: Church Groups, 4-H Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cheer leading Squads, Gymnastic Teams, Youth Sports Teams, Competitive Dance teams, Pre-School, Day Care Centers, School and Marching Bands, Booster Clubs, Drill Teams and many other clubs, schools, community groups and organizations. We gladly serve all types of groups. As your consultants, we will support your group every step of the way and we are committed to giving you a first class fundraiser. The fundraising flyer features all of the colors and sizes available for purchase. Helping your group meet their fundraising goals is our number one priority.

Fundraising Made Easy... TAKING ORDERS - We will supply order forms and information for all participants in the fundraiser. Participants simply take orders, collect $35 per set ordered and turn the orders and collected funds into the organization. PLACING ORDERS - After the orders are collected, and tallied, they will be turned into us. The order is placed and you have your profits ($10 per set ordered) right away. DELIVERY - Once the sheets come in (2 weeks or less), they are delivered to you, ready to give to the participants. GREAT PROFITABILITY! The Luxurious Linen Fundraiser is designed to be easy and profitable for your organization. If you have any questions regarding Luxurious Linen’s Sheet Fundraiser, please call us at (430)-200-1911. We look forward to assisting you in helping your organization to raise money and to grow.

Example of your organization’s possible profit: Amount of sheet sets sold:

Amount of your organization’s profit:











A flyer and order form from a previous fundraiser is attached as an example. The flyers and order forms are customized for each individual organization.


CUSTOMER’S  NAME:    _____________________                                                                    PHONE  #:    (                  )  -­‐  _____  -­‐  _______                                                                     ORDER  TAKER  (Student)-­‐      _________________  __                                                                            DATE:  ______/  ______/  _______                                                             1st  Color   Choice   Example:    Rust   Eggplant          

*Alternative   Color  Choice     Gray   Chocolate          


Quantity  of   Sets  and   Amount  Paid     Queen   1            -­‐          $35.00   California  King   1            -­‐          $35.00                  

Total  Amount   Paid     $70.00          

*  To  avoid  from  having  your  order  delayed,  please  select  a  second  color  choice  (in  case  your   first  color  choice  is  out  of  stock).   SETS  INCLUDE:  FLAT  SHEET,  FITTED  SHEET,  &  2  PILLOW  CASES.   Colors  Available:    

Rust  (Burnt  Orange)     Mocha  (Light  Brown)     Chocolate  (Dark  Brown)    

Camel  (Gold)     Aqua  (Light  Blue)       Navy  (Dark  Blue)     Gray      


Sage  (Light  Green)     Eggplant  (Dark  Purple)   Cream  (Tan  /  Neutral)     White    

  Sizes  Available:    





California  King  

Liberty  Eylau  High  School  Junior  Class  Fundraiser  

Treat  yourself  or  someone  special  to  some  wonderful  wrinkle  free  bed   sheets  that  are  Brand  New  with  Deep  Pockets  and  luxuriously  soft  as:  

1200 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets for only $35.00 per set. Each Set includes: Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet & 2 Pillowcases. Colors available are:

Chocolate (Dark Brown) Burgundy White Rust (Burnt Orange)

Mocha (Light Brown) Eggplant (Dark Purple) Cream Gray

Sage (Light Green) Camel (Gold) Aqua (Light Blue) Navy (Dark Blue)

Sizes available are:





California King

These sheet sets also make GREAT GIFTS!!! You may email [email protected] or call ext. 2337 to place an order.