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n old-west movies, often we would see a poster saying, “Wanted: Dead or Alive.” The meaning was it didn’t matter; the reward would be given either way. Some, likewise, are saying it makes no difference if we have a Bible that is dead or alive. To say the KJV is not inspired is to say that it is dead. When Paul told Timothy, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God,” he was saying it had God’s Spiritlife in it. Job 32:8 speaks of God’s Spirit connecting with man’s spirit. This is also what Webster’s 1828 says: The infusion of ideas into the mind by the Holy Spirit…or the communication of the Divine Will to the understanding by suggestions or impressions on the mind, which leaves no room to doubt the reality of their supernatural origin. Webster then lists the reference of II Timothy 3:16. Hebrews 4:12 tells how the “quick (alive), two-edged sword of the word” gets inside man’s being to the place it divides asunder soul and spirit and discerns thoughts and intents of the heart. It takes a spiritually alive word from God to do that. In fact, Ephesians 6 speaks of God’s word being the “sword of the Spirit.” Jesus said in John 6:63, “…the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” We preachers would be fools to expect live results if we were preaching from a dead book. To have preservation without inspiration is missing the life.


Inspiration speaks of “life.” Notice how the word spirit is sounded within the word itself. The false label of “double inspiration” is used by enemies of the KJ Bible. Truth is, God’s inspiration is continuous on His word. If it was lost or died off, to preserve it would be as worthless as a dead Egyptian mummy, which is well-preserved but dead. We all know and claim the promise that His word will not return void. One may say, “I saw souls saved when another version other than the KJV was being preached from.” True, even the worst version contains a high percentage of God’s truth, but why would I want to go into the spiritual battle for souls with less than the perfect sword? I certainly choose to use the sword God Himself has pointed out by His exclusive and foremost use of it for nearly four hundred years. It still proves itself alive today. I read the story somewhere of two little servant boys standing outside the tent overhearing an eastern missionary and an Arab guide discussing Jesus and Muhammad. The missionary told of Jesus rising from the dead. The Arab admitted he had no such information on Muhammad. One little boy said to the other, “What do you think?” The other little boy replied, “I believe I will take the live one.” I agree and will choose the live (inspired) one. Amen.


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Dr. Gail Riplinger, well-known Bible researcher, commentator, and author will also be attending the conference. Dr. Carter will be interviewing her during some of the sessions.

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In March of 1996, Dr. Jack Hyles presented Gail Riplinger with an Honorary Doctorate due to her research and defense of the King James Bible. Now, because of the attack upon Dr. Riplinger at the “Bible Summit” this summer at Hyles-Anderson College, I am enclosing this article in which she answered back - speaking to the subject of “inspiration” - as it was much misrepresented. – Dr. Mickey Carter



By Dr. G. A. Riplinger

o to hylesanderson.com and watch the end of Phil Pins’s ‘Summit’ presentation and Schaap’s deceiving conclusion regarding Pins’s chart. In Schaap’s efforts to divest your Holy Bible of its inspiration, he has chosen the secular definition (breath) of pneuma, instead of the spiritual and Biblical definition (spirit). His definition sets up a straw man to prove that the King James Bible is not inspired. Once erected, he logically contends that God did not speak (with speech’s component ‘breath’) to the KJB translators. If the Biblical definition ‘spirit’ is retained, no such audible ‘breathproducing’ speech is required for God to lead the translators by his indwelling Spirit. The new book, Hazardous Materials (http://www.avpublications.com) shows that pneuma (theopneustos) is never translated as ‘breath’ or ‘breathe,’ except of course in the corrupt NIV and Calvinist-produced ESV. On July 14, 2009, at the so-called ‘KJV Summit’, Hyles-Anderson College Greek professor Phil Pins presented this chart to garner support for Schaap’s definition (and the modern version rendering) of theopneustos as ‘Godbreathed.’ Pins listed corrupt lexicographers from the 20th century who define theopneustos as ‘God-breathed.’ Pins interspersed these men with good historic translators who used the Biblical root ‘spir’ for ‘Spirit,’ as does the KJB. Note from the chart on the next page that the lexicographers generally say ‘God-breathed’ and the old translators never say it. I have added color to distinguish the old translators (yellow background) from the lexicographers (orange background) and included background and date information on the authors. When Pins sat down, Jack Schaap got up and said, “He just showed you how Tyndale, Wycliffe, Coverdale. He just showed you how all the English Bibles, the ones the King James Bible translators used, all say God-breathed, God-breathed, God-breathed, breathed by God, Godbreathed, breathed by God, God-breathed…You start building your theology on a woman telling you that these men didn’t know what they were talking about. I gotta give you a brand new translation, new words. Fellows why don’t you just start your own cult…?”


Let us look at Pins’s chart again. Observe: • Tyndale, Wycliffe, [and] Coverdale did not say “God-breathed.” • All the English Bibles, the ones the King James Bible translators used [Great, Tyndale, Coverdale, and Wycliffe] did not say “Godbreathed.” Go back and read Schaap’s statement. Go back and read Pins’s chart. The only people who said “God-breathed” are 20th century authors and lexicographers. The early translators and translations do not use “Godbreathed,” as Schaap states. Schaap has just pulled the wool over the eyes of his audience, with nary a peep. (Or is he so unfamiliar with the subject that he thinks Geisler, Nix and the others are early translators!) Since Schaap mentioned ‘cults,’ let’s look at the main characteristics of a cult. • Their members unquestionably accept what the leader says as truth. • They are held in sway by the emotion-laden oratorical powers of the leader. Schaap dishonestly built his case, that he and his definition ‘God-breathed,’ follows “all the English Bibles,” when it follows none of them! He holds, moves and convinces his audience with this fabrication, coupled with mind-manipulating and emotion-eliciting words (e.g. cult, Mary Baker Eddie, etc.). And by the way, if you actually check all of these old Bibles, you will find that Phil Pins himself actually misquoted all of them.  The Coverdale, Tyndale, and the Great Bible actually say, “given by inspiration of God” not Pins’s “inspired of God.” Wycliffe said, “God ynspyrid,” not “inspired of God.” Both Schaap and Pins have misrepresented the facts. Schaap’s ‘Summit’ promised to give the “Historic Baptist Position.” Eight non-Baptists or new version proponents and only one good Baptist are used to generate support for his definition, ‘God-breathed.’ All of Pins’s lexicographers are corrupt (See Hazardous Materials for documentation).

Pins’s Chart (expanded)


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The Spanish Bible Versions


n my college ministry a few years back, I discovered that the old 1602 & 1903 Valera had been replaced by a so-called new version done in 1960. It caused quite a fuss when I pointed out that this 1960 version was done by the same liberals that did the RSV which no Independent Baptist would ever use, as it took out the “virgin birth,” etc. However, the 1960 Spanish took Jesus out of the “fiery furnace” in Daniel 3 and changed hell to hades, much more in line with the RSV than the KJV. In answer to my complaint, so-called Fundamental brethren said the old Spanish “Valera” had archaic words (Where have we heard that before?). My answer was and is to take the old Valera and the old King James and match them up. Missionaries have translated from the KJV for years. In this computer age, this is not as hard to do as in ages past. I see no need of going back to the original languages and choosing some other scholar’s work when we can never improve on what the King James translators have been used of God to do. You will only disagree with this if you don’t believe that God used them to give His perfect word and that it cannot be improved upon. Remember, no one has the “originals” to go back to anyhow. However, we do have what God has set

His approval on for nearly four hundred years in the KJ Bible. Several good, Spanish brethren have now produced some editions of the old Valera with some updated words that are very much in line with the KJ Bible. I applaud their work and am personally recommending the Gomez Bible, done by Humberto Gomez, with many Spanish brethren contributing. This Bible is so much in demand now, that keeping up in printing is difficult. Many good, Spanish preachers always preached the doctrinal truth of the KJV while knowing that the 1960 they were holding did not agree with what they were preaching. Now they can have it right with the truth they preach. Every preacher that honestly checks out this issue can quickly see what I am saying is true. I do know of some whose pride and “preacher politics” have caused them to put their head in the sand and not take an honest look. This also happens with English preachers who fear the brethren and in some cases become more menfollowers than followers of God’s word. The Scripture says, “...let God be true, but every man a liar” and that should be our position on God’s word, no matter who the man or old “alma mater” is. Amen.


e are recommending the Reina Valera Gomez as it matches the King James Version. For more information on the RVG and the Spanish Bible issue visit www.reinavaleragomez.com or www.humbertogomez. com. You can order the RVG by going to www.victorybaptistpress.com and clicking on the “Spanish Bibles” link on the right or by calling the Landmark Christian Bookstore at (863) 422-7753. Dr. Carter’s book on the Spanish Bible issue “The Elephant in the Living Room” is also available, in either English or Spanish, from the bookstore. 6


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