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The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

From Rabbi Lewis

From Rabbi Kerbel

‘Me shenichnas Adar marbim b’simcha—When Adar arrives, we are to rejoice,” taught the sages. They tell us we are to be happy in the month of Adar though, in Adar, we were nearly wiped out as a people. The gallows were built. The date was set. Bribes were made. In fact, we almost perished, were it not for Mordechai, Esther and an insomniac king. Purim is, of course, a festival of great revelry. Parades. Costumes. Shpiels. Carnivals. Demanding that we party is a rather jarring, rabbinic prescription. Telling us to go from gallows to Gallo, from Haman to hamantashen is a whopping, emotional u-turn and yet, that is what tradition says we are to do. Acknowledge the reality but reject it as a disabling pathology of surrender.

Will There Be An Agreement? Today (when I write this column) it is February 3, 2014. Secretary of State John Kerry has been shuttling back and forth to the Middle East and Europe in search of securing a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians for six months. The time-frame of the current negotiations ends on Yom HaShoah, April 28, 2014. Will there be an agreement by then? I am neither a prophet nor a palm reader. We have been hoping and praying for peace for sixty-five and a half years. We have been very close several times. It is clear when we look at the sweep of crises in the Middle East that as much as everyone proclaims that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the key conflict in the Region, we know, after two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our fight against the Taliban, Al Qaida, Hamas and Hezbollah, and the failed presidency of Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi in Egypt that even solving the Arab-Israeli conflict will not end the violence and sense of despair that exists throughout the Arab world.

Though it might appear odd to the outsider who does not understand, we are a people who are not easily broken. We go from Oy to Ah in an instant. Nothing keeps us down. We cry. We mourn. We pour ashes on our head but that expression of sorrow is fleeting. Despite an unenviable legacy of persecution. Despite singled out slaughter and savagery. Despite anti-Semitism as an unimaginably persistent hatred, we dust off the anguish and move on, generation after generation.

Even so, as lead negotiator Tzipi Livni cautions: “the price of not reaching a peace treaty will be higher than not signing one.” And as much as Israel is right to question the intentions of the European Union which tends to be biased toward the Palestinian cause, numerous European leaders and ambassadors have threatened Mahmood Abbas with the cutting off of foreign aid if he does not work out an agreement.

At the ultimate, wrenching nadir of life we return from the cemetery and are told to eat, not to self-pity. We are to deny the Malach Hamavet another notch. We ‘get up’ from shiva after seven days. We affirm God in the Kaddish publicly as we rise from our loss. A personal expression but reflective of our national soul. A neshamah that refuses to acquiesce to despair.

On my last visit to Israel in February 2012, former Mossad Chief, Meir Dagan suggested that the true way to resolve this problem is through Saudi Arabia which presented “The Arab Peace Initiative” in 2002 which called for normalization of relations with Israel (by all Arab League nations) if a peace treaty was signed. In an interesting development today as I write this, the Saudi Prince Turki ibn Feisal, who heads Saudi Arabia’s intelligence division and is a powerful emissary of the King, praised Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and they spoke with each other as part of a question and answer period at meetings in Munich, Germany. Mrs. Livni suggested,“if only you could sit on the same stage as me and talk about it.”

Only thirty-six months after Auschwitz we danced the hora and sang Hatikva. There is an optimism, uncrushable and a joie de vivre, unstoppable, that is a part of our timeless essence. The Psalmist chants “Ba’erev yalin bechi velaboker rina – there are tears in the night but rejoicing in the dawn.” It is how we are to live in the privacy of our shadows and it is how we are to live as a people in history. Sinai is our holy mountain but so too is the Catskills. Jeremiah and Ezekiel and Micah were our prophets but so too are Hackett and Benny and Seinfeld. Our destination is Gan Eden not Gehenom, though there are detours on the way.

Many issues remain to be resolved. It seems though, in early 2014, that even though both Israel and the Palestinians will not like and push back on a variety of the proposals Secretary of State Kerry will present shortly, the efforts of John Kerry, Tony Blair and many allies of Israel to help both sides come to a deal are more powerful than those who will use the obstacles to prevent a deal.

I look at my library and see two shelves of books dedicated to Jewish humor. I am certain my Christian colleagues have no such tomes in their collections. No ‘Some of My Best Jokes are Southern Baptist’. No ‘Old Lutherans Telling Jokes’. No ‘The Big Book of Catholic Humor’. We have survived and thrived because we are a stiff necked people who prefer merriment to mourning and survival to oblivion. And so, along comes Purim, a near catastrophe, instantly transformed into the triumph of a happy, unconquerable soul. Turning Esrogs into lemonade, that is our faith. That is how we endure. We weep, we cope, but then we rise up in glorious celebration.

At the top of the list for Israel and the Jewish people is the security of the State and the West Bank to make sure that it does not become another Lebanon or Gaza. And it is vital that the Palestinians move from fantasy to reality, accept that Israel is the Jewish State and it can only have peace and its own State if it recognizes Israel and realizes that the very fate of the Palestinians depends on normal relations with Israel. I think the time is coming. April 28, the day I will arrive in Israel, is the end of the negotiating period. I will report to you whatever happens, for better or worse, from Israel and Judea and Samaria. May God help us all achieve peace: for our people and our land.

– Rabbi Shalom Lewis

– Rabbi Paul David Kerbel


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

From Our President

From Our Youth Director

Guess what Etz Chaim…. I’M ENGAGED!!! Are you??

Shalom Chaverim, We head into March and leave February behind us, with much to look forward to! From laser tag to conventions, from a hockey game to the Purim Carnival, there is something for everyone! We are so excited for all of the wonderful events we have coming up.

Now just to be clear, I am happily married to my husband David and am a very proud mother to Jessie and Amanda. So why would I tell you that I’m engaged? Because I am engaged at Congregation Etz Chaim and I want to encourage all of you to do the same. I enjoy socializing with my girlfriends at Sisterhood events, taking advantage of the educational opportunities provided by Lilmode, getting a dose of spirituality at minyan or Shabbat services, sharing the holidays with my Etz Chaim family, watching the children learn and grow during preschool and religious school.

Please save the following dates in your calendars: • March 2 – 6th-8th Grade: Join us as we head over to watch the Gwinnett Gladiators, Atlanta’s only hockey team, hit the puck around on the ice! Game starts at 2 p.m.

I specifically chose to tell you that I was engaged, not involved – because engagement is the theme of our current administration. It starts with the change we made in the title of one of our pillars. You will notice that not only have the names of our board members changed but so has one of our VP titles. We have changed the name of the Social Cultural pillar to the Engagement pillar. It still encompasses membership, social action, youth programs, and all our affinity groups but we felt that engagement speaks to what this pillar is all about, getting our membership engaged in the wide variety of activities that are available here at Etz Chaim. I encourage everyone to come get engaged or re-engaged – we have so much to offer. And if there is something you would like to see here, let us know and maybe we can make it happen together. I want to remind everyone to visit our website at www.etzchaim.net for lots of information and up to date activities. And while you are there, click on the link to Facebook and go like our Facebook page. I would also like to tell you about an exciting time coming up for Rabbi Kerbel. It is hard to believe that Rabbi Paul and Melissa Kerbel and their family have been part of Etz Chaim since August, 2003. To recognize Rabbi Kerbel’s years of service and dedication to Etz Chaim, Rabbi Kerbel has been awarded three months of Sabbatical. He will take two of those months in 2014 and one month in 2015.

• March 7 – 9 – 6th-12th Grade: Join us for Spring Sub-regional Convention at Camp Ramah Darom. Get away from the real world at a weekend getaway filled with friends, food, fun, memories, and magic! • March 15 – All Ages Welcome: Join us for the classic story of good conquering bad in our annual Megillah Reading. Find out what happens and join us for a fun variety show! • March 16 – All Ages Welcome: Join us for our County Fair Purim Carnival, featuring a mechanical bull, human hamster balls, a Petting Zoo, and much, much, more! Music from the Cohen Brothers Band. $10 advanced tickets/$15 at the door, from 12:15-2:15 p.m. in the social hall and outside the social hall. • March 22 – K-2nd Grade: Join us for our Kids Night Out! Come watch movies, eat dinner, play games, and much more! Cost is $5, from 7-10 p.m. Pay when you pick up. • March 22 – 6th-8th Grade: Want to earn community service hours? Come help us keep an eye on our K-2nd Graders at our Kids Night Out. 6:45-10:15 p.m.

Rabbi Kerbel will be on sabbatical from April 27 - June 30. He will be in Israel during this period attending lectures, working on several essays for publication, and focusing on his own personal study. Rabbi Kerbel’s volunteer activities in the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and the Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel will lead him to spend time in Atlanta’s partnership community, Yokneam, and visit several Masorti congregations. Rabbi Kerbel will be a participant and presenter in our Federation’s Israel mission in midJune and visit programs of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Jewish National Fund, Jewish Agency and Joint Distribution Committee, which focuses on relief and rescue work in Jewish communities around the world and many social service projects in Israel. We wish Rabbi Kerbel many meaningful experiences and know that he will have an amazing journey and bring back new ideas and resources for our programs and services. Don’t forget, come like us on Facebook and get ENGAGED! – Cheryl Cohen-Miller


• March 23 – 3rd-5th Grade: Join us as we skate the afternoon away, followed by laser tag fun at Sparkles in Kennesaw. Cost is $10/$15 for non-members and includes laser tag, skating, and lunch, from 2-4 p.m. • March 30 – 6th-12th Grade: Home during spring break? Join us for some paintball fun! Time and location TBD. We hope to see you at all of these amazing events, and that you have a wonderful month of March! Todah Rabah, – Perry Birbrager [email protected] 770-833-3227

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

spaces d e t i Lim lable! i a v a l stil


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014 Save the Date: Monday, March 3

Rosh Chodesh Women’s Minyan at 7:00 am

Friday, March 7 Sunday, March 9

Scholar in Residence Michael Bar-Zohar

Monday, March 10

Shalom in the Home 12:00 -1:30 pm at the home of Ellen Spandorfer

Wednesday, March 12 Bingo Night at the WIlliam Breman Home

Our Etz Chaim Community

Mazal Tov to…

Welcome! We are

pleased to introduce these new members…

Courtney and Brian Froy on the birth of son, Tanner Ashton, on February 1, 2014 and to grandmother, Marsha Kummins

Riva and Clark Goldband 1084 Soaring Way Marietta, GA 30062 770-675-3578 [email protected] [email protected]

Thank You to Our Volunteers Helen Rosengarten Lou Rosengarten Linda Weinroth

New Emails… Helen Bell [email protected] Stefan Pollack s[email protected] Larisa Pearlman [email protected]

Members on the Move… Esther Bigel 931 East Lake Drive Marietta, GA 30062

Sunday, March 16 Purim Carnival 12:15 - 2:15 pm

Thursday, March 27 Chocolate Seder 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Questions about purchasing a cemetery plot??? Call Bob Bachrach 770.973.0137 7

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

A hearty Mazal Tov to these students celebrating their B’nai Mitzvah! Michael David Landon will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on March 1, 2014 – 30 Adar I 5774. He is the son of Shari Zinsenheim Landon and the late Wayne Landon. Michael’s Bar Mitzvah parasha is Vayikra. Michael is a 7th grader at Dodgen Middle School and has been a student in Etz Chaim’s Religious School for 8 years. His hobbies and interests include hanging out with friends, reading and playing video games. Michael’s D’var Torah quote is “The word Vayikra ends with a small aleph to whisper ‘get over yourself’.” Moses was more humble than any other person and with that humility, he overcame fear of failure.” For his mitzvah project, Michael has participated in various mitzvah projects with his class.

Upcoming B’nai Mitzvah The Voice of Chaim is featuring photos and biographical information on upcoming B’nai Mitzvah. If your child has a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the coming months, VOC would like to feature your child’s: • Biographical information • School information • Photo

Andrew Harrison Liban will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on March 15, 2014 – 13 Adar II 5774. He is the son of Lisa and Jay Liban. Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah parasha is Tzav. Andrew is a 7th grader at Mill Springs Academy and has been a student in Etz Chaim’s Religious School for 2 years. He also attended our Preschool 4 years. Andrew’s hobbies and interests include hanging out with friends and family, listening to music and playing computer games.

• D’var Torah Quote

Andrew’s D’var Torah quote is “We sacrifice for the people that we love”. For his mitzvah project, Andrew is participating in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Please join him on May 18th at Atlantic Station.

All materials must be received no later than the 1st of the preceding month. We will gladly accept material earlier.

To have your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah information included, please email the material and a photo (if available) to Bernice at [email protected].

Leah Rachel Schultz will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on March 22, 2014 – 20 Adar II 5774. She is the daughter of Lauren and Joey Schultz. Leah’s Bat Mitzvah parasha is Shabbat Parah/Shemini. Leah is a 7th grader at Dickerson Middle School and has been a student in Etz Chaim’s Religious School for 5 years. Her hobbies and interests include tumbling, cheer and drama/theater. Leah’s D’var Torah quote is “Sometimes we do things to help others even though we know we won’t benefit from it and may even put ourselves in danger.” For her mitzvah project, Leah is volunteering with Atlanta Literacy. Hailey Ilana Figur will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on March 29, 2014 – 27 Adar II 5774. She is the daughter of Adrienne and Randy Figur. Hailey’s Bat Mitzvah parasha is Tazria. Hailey is a 7th grader at Dickerson Middle School and has been a student in Etz Chaim’s Religious School for 6 years. Hailey’s D’var Torah quote is “When you see fault in someone else, ask whether you have that fault yourself.” For her mitzvah project, Hailey made designer beaded bracelets in memory of her Aunt Dale, who passed away from uterine cancer. She has raised over $1200 for The American Cancer Society in support of gynecological and other female cancers.

The 2014 Gala Advertising Contract honoring Men’s Club Past Presidents is on pages 33 and 34.


In respect of the Sabbath, we ask that if you must have your cell phone during services, it be turned off and not visible.

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Minyan Makers – if you are available to help make minyan on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm, even if it is just once per year, please let us know. Contact Janice Levine for our schedule – [email protected].

The Sisterhood Scoop This has been such a crazy winter! We hope the cold temps and nasty weather are behind us and we look forward to a beautiful Spring. Thanks to Cindee Sapoznik, we are very excited to welcome back Sisterhood members who have not been as active as of late (and even some new members) to the newly formed Ya-Yas! The Ya-Yas are best defined as women whose children are grown and/or out of the house and are looking for activities and kinship among their own demographic. The first meeting of the Ya-Yas was in January (where there were 35 in attendance – see photo), and on February 17th they had their first Game Night in the Social Hall. If you’d like to get on the email list to receive information about upcoming events, please contact Cindee Sapoznik at [email protected].

Centerpiece Rental Consider using our beautiful new topiary centerpieces for your Friday night dinner, Kiddush luncheon or Saturday evening affair. For more information, contact the Gift Shop.

Please join us for these upcoming March events… JNF Trees for Israel Honor someone special by purchasing a tree in the Etz Chaim Sisterhood grove. Contact the Judaica and Gift

Shop, 770-973-0137 ext. 124 for more information. For more information about Sisterhood please contact: Lisa Flagel 678-591-7950 [email protected] Erica Driver 678-643-1991 [email protected] Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook or at etzchaim.net

Anyone wishing an Aliyah should contact Lou Rosengarten at [email protected] or 770-509-0026 ATTENTION ETZ CHAIM MEMBERS If you are planning to be away for an extended amount of time, please inform the office.

Make plans to attend morning minyan at 7:00 am on Rosh Chodesh Adar II, Monday, March 3, in support of women of the wall, followed by a light breakfast. In response to the women who want to learn how to lead the beautiful Hallel service that is recited on Rosh Chodesh, Nancy Gorod has offered to stay after breakfast to teach it at approximately 8:15 am. If you can’t make it then, Miriam Rosenbaum has volunteered to teach it some evening. She has also offered to make podcasts of the Hallel melodies and send them to whoever sends her their e-mail address. To take Miriam up on either of her offers, please contact her directly at [email protected]. Rabbi Lewis will conclude his Shalom in the Home series on Monday, March 10, 12:00-1:30 pm, at the home of Ellen Spandorfer (1902 Denton Walk Court, Marietta). Please bring a dairy lunch. Drinks and dessert will be provided by the hostess. For questions or to RSVP, please contact Shari Judenberg at [email protected]. If you haven’t signed up to volunteer for Bingo Night at the William Breman Home, please do! It will be held on Wednesday, March 12, at 7:30 pm. If you are interested and available, please contact Susan Eckert at [email protected]. Save the Dates! Sunday, March 23, at 3:00 pm at Congregation B’nai Torah and Monday, March 24, 2014 at 10:30 am at Ahavath Achim. The Sisterhoods of Ahavath Achim Synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom, Congregation B’nai Torah, Congregation Etz Chaim and Congregation Shearith Israel will sponsor a Joint Atlanta Torah Fund event this year. Be on the lookout for details on programs. Everyone is welcome and we hope you will plan to join us for one or both events! For questions or more information, contact Sandy Bailey (770-953-2244 or jbsandy@ bellsouth.net). Time is running out until Purim (March 16). If you haven’t ordered a Misloach Manot “bag-o-goodies” for your kids, your friends, your kids’ friends or their teachers/staff, order them today. There is a limited supply (and last year they sold out), so get them before they’re gone! See page 19 for order information. In honor of Passover, Sisterhood and Lilmode invite you to our spectacular 2nd Annual Dessert Chocolate Seder to help us remember the sweetness of freedom on Thursday, March 27. See page 12 for more details. Speaking of Purim and Passover, please stop by our Judaica & Gifts Shop for all your Purim and Passover needs. We’ve got some beautiful new Seder plates by Michael Aram and lovely embroidered matzah covers you must come in and see! The shop is open during Religious School hours, Tuesday 4:30-6:30 p.m. and Sundays 10:30-12:30 p.m. or by appointment. We Want YOU… If you are interested in getting involved in Sisterhood please contact Lisa Flagel (678-560-5820, [email protected]). Come make new friends, have fun, and feel more connected to Etz Chaim. Volunteers are needed for Tuesday night minyan and the Judaica shop. Your time is welcomed and appreciated!


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Men’s Club Notes It’s March and winter is almost over! I know everyone is looking forward to the warmer weather and being able to be outside. We celebrated the 15th Annual Anshei Darom Retreat last month. A wonderful time was had by all. A special thank you goes out to all the committee members who helped make it a great weekend. We also held our Annual World Wide Wrap to teach our youth the importance of putting on Tefillin. The Hebrew School and parents were involved in the event with approximately 70 youth and adults in attendance. It was, as always, a great learning experience for everyone. A light breakfast was served afterwards.

MEN’S CLUB is a vital part of our congregation. Our ongoing programs include: • Supporting the synagogue’s daily minyan • Sponsoring the annual Lag B’Omer Picnic and the Labor Day cookout • Laying tefillin for the World Wide Wrap with our Hebrew School kids

As we move through Adar and Nisan we will all focus on the special Shabbatot leading up to Purim and Pesach: • Shabbat Zachor, where we consider the values and principles of Judaism.

• Providing scholarships to Etz Chaim teens through the Bob Goldman Fund

• Shabbat Parah, where we focus on redemption.

• Men’s Club Shabbat

• Shabbat HaChodesh, where we focus on plans for bringing “redemption” and dreams of a more perfect world; and then

• Sponsoring the Anshei Darom weekend retreat for members at Camp Ramah

• Shabbat HaGadol, the great Shabbat. On Shabbat HaGadol, which proceeds Passover, the Haftarah speaks of the “great day” of G-d on which the Messiah will appear.

• Greater Atlanta Synagogue Softball League

As Men’s Club co-presidents, Andy and I along with our families wish you all a happy Purim. Upcoming Events: Please join us on Tuesday, March 25, at 6:30 pm for a Spaghetti and Meatball Family Dinner. On April 5th we celebrate Men’s Club Shabbat with the Oneg sponsored by Men’s Club! April 6th is our Family Gardening Day at Etz Chaim. We are planning our Yom HaShoah and Yellow Candle Program for April 27th along with an outing to a Braves Game to be announced shortly. Shalom! Jeff Frankel, Co-President Andy Becker, Co-President [email protected] [email protected] Come out and enjoy Your Men’s Club!

• Set-up and usher for High Holiday Services • Supports the Holocaust Memorial Garden Our goals are to provide our members with opportunities to meet other members and make new and lasting friendships, support our community, and have some fun in the process. JOIN MEN’S CLUB and make a difference in our Etz Chaim community! GET ON THE LIST! Contact Andy Becker at [email protected] or Jeff Frankel at [email protected], or for information

Family Member in Hospital Our Rabbis have asked that you notify the office in the event of a family member’s hospital stay or serious illness.

PLEASE JOIN US FOR EVENING MINYAN – Sunday through Thursday at 6:30 p.m.


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

by sored Spon ode Lilm hood ister and S

For additional information, please contact Rabbi Brian Glusman, [email protected], or Bernice Isaac, 770.973.1037


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Prime Timers – A USCJ Chapter of Hazak

Something fun for everyone!

Friday, March 7 - Shabbat dinner, Scholar-in-Residence. Join other Prime Timers at ‘Reserved for Prime Timers’ tables for Shabbat dinner. Saturday, March 22, 8:15 p.m., Trivia Night and snacks/dessert, Etz Chaim Social Hall Sunday, May 4, 1:30 p.m., Breman Museum with docent for exhibit: Return to Rich’s, The Story Behind the Store Monday, June 2, Dinner 5:30 p.m., Chateau Saigon (Thai restaurant on Buford Highway) followed by Ballroom Dancing instruction (7:00 - 8:00 p.m.), practice (8:00 – 8:30 p.m.) at Knights of Columbus Hall, 2620 Buford Highway Let’s get together before/after Etz Chaim Lilmode or Social Action Events

• Dinner after Sunday Movies at the Etz: March 2 and April 10 • Dinner before 92nd Street Y: May 1

Questions about PrimeTimers: Roz Reiss at [email protected] 770-685-1217 Get the PrimeTimers E-vites: Norman Marinoff [email protected] 678-560-8430

ETZ CHAIM LIBRARY NEWS The 2014 Sydney Taylor Book Award Winners are now available at the Etz Chaim library!

The Blessing Cup by Patricia Polacco. The miraculous journey from the shtetl to America of the remaining teacup from a china tea set will strike an emotional chord with readers. Award Winner for Older Readers

The Sydney Taylor Book Award honors new books for children and teens that exemplify the highest literary standard while authentically portraying the Jewish experience.

The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the Impossible Became Possible…on Schindler’s List by Leon Leyson with Marilyn Harran and Elisabeth Leyson. The author was only ten years old when the Nazis invaded Poland and his family was forced to relocate to the Krakow ghetto. Oscar Schindler saved Leyson’s life and the lives of his parents and two of his four siblings by adding their names to his list of workers in his factory. This memoir perfectly captures the innocence of a small boy who goes through the unthinkable. Honor Book

For Younger Readers (ages 5 – 9), the following award winning books can be checked out from the Library: The Longest Night: A Passover Story by Laurel Snyder. This gorgeous picture book in verse follows the actual story of the Exodus as told though the eyes of a young slave girl. It’s worthwhile for all Jewish families to read this picture book while celebrating Passover. Award Winner for Younger Readers

For Teen Readers:

Rifka Takes a Bow by Betty Rosenberg Perlov. Rifka’s parents are actors in the Yiddish Theatre in New York, but one day Rifka finds herself center stage in a special role! The Yiddish theater in the early 20th century comes alive by the telling of the true life story of the author as a little girl. Honor Book Stones for Grandpa by Renee Londner. A little boy and his family gather at the cemetery for the unveiling of his grandpa’s gravestone, bringing stones to place on the grave. Stories are recounted that help the boy deal with his loss. A perfect story to share with children coping with grief. Honor Book For Older Readers (ages 9 to 14), these books are available from our library:


The Nazi Hunters: How a Team of Spies and Survivors Captured the World’s Most Notorious Nazi by Neal Bascomb. A stunning account of the mission to capture Adolf Eichmann by an elite team of Israeli spies is dramatically brought to life by the author. This is a thrilling spy mission, a moving Holocaust story and a first-class work of narrative nonfiction. Award Winner for Teen Readers (For Grade 8 and up) You may self-check out books from the library at any time. Directions for check out are on the library wall next to the book return basket. Someone is usually on duty in the library on Sunday mornings when there is Religious School to assist you in finding books and with book check out. The library has many new books for your reading pleasure so stop by and browse at your leisure!

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Bart and Rosalie Agrow Judith Algranati Linda Ames David and Nanci Aronstein Marty and Lauren Austin Ron and Iris Bachenheimer Bob and Reba Bachrach Sandy Bailey Billy and Ellen Balser Tanah and Allison Barchichat Beverly Barnhard Seth and Susan Baron David and Alison Barrack Marat and Galina Barshay Allan and Judy Bart Andy and Jayne Becker Mordechai and Sophia Becker Herschel and Jennifer Beker Sheldon and Linda Berch Staci Berch Charlie and Sheri Berke Irwin and Debbie Berman Warren and Felicia Berne Gary Bernes Stan and Linda Bernknopf Artie and Nina Bernstein Chuck and Marsha Bernstein Jerry and Selma Bernstein Rick and Peggy Bernstein Marty and Donna Bierman Esther Bigel Perry Birbrager Aram Blankenship Herb and Sheila Blatt Cecile Bock Steve Bodenstein Bernie and Brenda Bookman Penny Bowman Michael and Caryn Boxer Russ and Rita Breier Lori Brickman Irv and Linda Briks Yaron and Robin Brill

Susan Eckert Amir and Stacy Efrat Steve and Helen Ehrlich Scott and Sugar Eisenberg Lee and Debbie Elfenbein Mindy Elkan Lance and Tamar England David and Cheryl Eppsteiner Barney and Ellen Epstein Richard and Janice Etscovitz Dave and Toby Fagin Steve Fairchild Ron and Karen Feibel Gary and JoAnn Feinberg Ron and Wendy Feinberg Bob and Elaine Feldberg Adam Feldser Ellen Feldser Sam and Anna Ferder Bruce and Raya Feuer Randy and Adrienne Figur Myra Fineman Stan and Judy Fineman Karen Finger Ed and Lynn Fischler Scott Fisher and Marcy Bass Steve and Susan Flack John and Lisa Flagel Joe and Amanda Flaks Rob and Stephanie Foster Spencer and Vicki Fox Jeff and Debbie Frankel Sidney and Anita Freedman Steve and Peggy Freedman Wayne and Nancy Freedman Alan and Lisa Freeman Alex Freeman Joe Freeman Stephen and Annette Friedman Brian and Courtney Froy Barry and Stephanie Gang David and Myrna Garron

Bob and Sandra Brindle Bob and Shelley Brodsky Jay and Robin Brodsky Jeffrey and Jessica Brown Larry and Arlene Brown Seth and Donna Bruckner Lenora Buchalter Steve and Sandy Budow Wylie and Miriam Burgess Adam and Lisa Buxbaum Steven and Janet Cadranel Michael and Ellen Chalef Evan and Amy Charles Randy and Debbi Chartash Marc and Lauren Chernau Marvin and Lois Chesin Art and Liz Cohen Beverly Cohen Dalan and Amy Cohen Doug and Eileen Cohen Jeffrey and Tammy Cohen Jeremy and Penney Cohen Jerry and Andrea Cohen Joe and Karen Cohen Lawrence Cohen Alan Cohn and Susan Kaufman Cohn Steven Cook and Carla Engel-Cook David and Paula Coplon Ken and Jodi Danis Fred Davis Mark and Ellen Davison Jack and Esther Deino Stu and Susan Dermer Gary and Debbie Deutsch Andy and Patrice Diamond Mike and Linda Diamond Steve and Debbie Dix Barry and Barbara Dolin Hannah Dombrowski Darin and Lisa Dubovy Lewis and Janet Duncan


Sid and Michele Gelernter Spencer and Denise Gelernter Rich and Sheila Gerstin Jay and Mimi Givarz Gary and Faye Glancz Tom and Connie Glaser Richard and Betty Gluckman Jeanne Goldman Jon and Nancy Goldman Bruce Goldstein and Debbie Minkin Jay and Laurie Goldstein Rick and Julie Golsen Jeff and Melissa Goodman Kent and Julia Goodman Marin Goodman Edward Gordon and Nancy Gardner Rabbi Pamela Gottfried Anonymous Ken and Grace Graiser Marcy Graiser Gordon and Eva Green Ari and Dana Greenberg Irv and Adele Greenspon Sally Greenstein Mitchell and Michelle Grey Charlie and Esther Harrison Richard and Fern Hartnig Lou and Fern Heller Bill and Laura Hendrick Mark and Sherry Hersh Ed and Leslie Himot Richard and Alyse Hirsekorn David and Eleanor Hochberg Stan and Bobbie Hollander Noel and Carol Holtz Steve and Linda Horovitz Jim and Mindy Intner Perla Izsak Phil and Helene Jacoby John and Ellen Jarrett Jerry and Lynne Johannesen

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Ron and Shari Judenberg Herschel and Jody Kahn Jay and Natalie Kaiman Louis and Mindy Kandel Jean Kaner Ed Kanner Barry and Bev Kaplan Mark and Renee Kaplan Sally Kaplan Warren and Amy Kaplan Randy and Debbie Karesh Rich Karol John and Marylan Karp Steve and Shari Kasten Adam and Jen Katz Marc and Jennifer Kaufman Stan and Fran Kaufman Sharon Kavanagh Don and Judith Kaye Michael and Susan Kaye Karen Keeter Paul and Melissa Kerbel Steve and Joanie King Danny and Julie Kleinman Jeff and Stephanie Knauer Anne Koenig Jay and Sandra Kohlenberg Steve and Eydie Koonin Mitchell and Stacey Kopelman Mark and Karen Krasner Steve and Donna Krodman Marsha Kummins Glenn and Arlene La Vine Shari Landon Mark and Laurie Lavinsky Allen and Delores Lazerson Craig and Faye Lebish Joe and Judy Lebow Don and Sally Ledbetter Bob and Barbara Lehman Larry and Nancy Lemer Jay and Betsy Lessans Josh and Lauren Levetan

David and Ilene Levin Allan and Vivian Levine Henry and Janice Levine Noah and Berna Levine Alan and Jo Ellen Levy Michael and Betsy Levy David Lewis and Nikki Fisher Ken and Ruth Lewis Shalom and Cindy Lewis Harry and Natasha Liberman Bill and Jenifer Lieberbaum David Lieberman and Suzanne Rivchun Alan and Sharon Lightstone Steven and Esther Low David and Leslie Lubell David and Myrna Lyons Jonathan and Jamie Lyons Arlene Manning Norman and Simone Marinoff Lisa and Helaine Mark Jacob and Charlene Markowitz Kevin and Robin McGrath Billy and Alli Medof Steve and Fern Meharg Bruce and Bernice Mellman Toby and Risa Mendelson David and Cheryl Miller Norman and Nancy Miller Sid and Debbie Milstein Steve and Beth Mintz Frank and Bonnie Mobilio Mark and Barb Moskowitz Brian and Marnie Nadolne Lawrence and Michelle Nathan Hank and Karen Needle Mark and Stephanie Needle Neil and Bonnie Negrin Rhea Negrin Shahrokh and Safa Nooromid Sam and Lisa Olens Paul and Vickie Olson


Karen Orkin Kenny Orkin Randy and Hedy Padawer Paul Pattek Reid and Larisa Pearlman Steve and Ellen Perlow Steve and Jackie Pierce Ian Platt and Laura Blaskett Stefan and Pam Pollack Ken and Linda Pollock Betsy Popkin Gary Prager Daniel Pransky and Sandy Rosenberg Pransky Dan and Joan Rabin Norman Radow Glenn and Lynn Rainbow Rob and Terri Rakusin Jon and Stacy Regitsky John and Joanne Reicher Michael and Shelly Reiner Roz Reiss Dennis and Deborah Renyi Barry and Malka Riesenberg Scott and Terri Rittenberg Ian and Roni Robbins Marley Rogers Robert and Miriam Rosenbaum Mark and Karen Rosenberg Bruce and Sheri Rosenblum Lou and Helen Rosengarten Phil and Peri Rosner Sam and Bonnie Roth Alan and Sue Rothstein Frank and Elyse Rubin Alan and Raye Sabel Brian and Carol Sacks Scott and Allison Saffran Fred and Carol Salmons John Sampson and Brenda Paulen Jeff and Amy Samuels

Chelo Saruk Michael and Karen Saul Frank and Stacey Schaffer Joel and Judy Schancupp Jonathan and Maxine Schein Nathan and Carol Schemo Mark and Lynn Schimmel Ken and Eileen Schlenker Mark and Julie Schlosberg Bob and Karen Schultz Herb and Kathy Schwartz Jay and Elaine Schwartz Mark and Sheri Schwartz Bill and Anne Schwartz Sherry Seidman Marc and Sharon Seltman Marvin and Bobbi Shams Adam and Saundi Shapiro Elaine Shapiro Mike and Elaine Shapow Howard and Faith Shatzman David and Elyse Shaw Michael and Ilysa Shneibaum Marsha Shrago Frank and Nancy Shuster Garry and Beth Siegel David and Barbara Siegelman Irwin and Sydelle Silberman Sam and Margot Silbiger Jerry and Iris Silver Alan and Bonnie Silverman Bob and Eileen Silverman Lenny and Jane Simon Warren and Roberta Sirzyk Donald and Melissa Sklar Albie and Gail Slomovitz Richard and Sandy Smith Bebe Smith Jason and Lora Sommer Margie Sonshein Ray and Laurie Sonshein Albert Sopher Scott and Lesli Sopher

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Markus and Rochelle Spandorfer Pip and Ellen Spandorfer Steve and Sharon Spelfogel Mark and Robin Spiegel Art and Bonnie Steinfeld Bob and Marni Steinhardt Joe and Carole Sterling Harry and Aviva Stern Miri Sternberg Allan and Lori Struletz Leila Sultzer Stan and Luci Sunshine Aaron and Amy Surasky

Ramie and Joyce Tritt Eve Turner Stanley and Carole Turner Stuart and Gail Turner Bryan and Jill Ullman Daniel and Abby Vines Daryl and Beth Walter Steven and Beth Warres David and Ellen Weinberger Michael and Linda Weinroth Scott and Debbie Weinstein Michael and Jane Weiss Mike and Beth Weiss Irwin and Ava Weitz

Todd and Lauren Surden Anonymous Steve and Susan Szczupak Fay Szeftel Marty Taffel Bubba and Gerry Taratoot Fred and Judie Taylor Bob and Georgia Teal Anonymous Ellen Thalhimer Jay Tinter Ricky and Pam Tinter Anonymous Ina Travis


Jordan and Sherrie Wetstone Anonymous David and Rachel Wilson David and Regina Mike and Lois Wittenstein Herb and Leora Wollner Jo Worley Tom Zack and Sandi Keiser Glenn and Marla Zimmerman Joe and Pam Ziskend

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Dear CONGREGATION ETZ CHAIM, For more than 130 years, Kroger has been committed to supporting the communities we serve. We know how economic challenges have impacted local schools and non-profit organizations. That’s why Kroger is donating $750,000 to assist local charitable organizations and schools of all sizes through the Kroger Community Rewards Program. As your neighborhood grocery store, we deeply value our communities and our ability to serve them. Your enrolled members (90 households) who shopped at Kroger between 09/01/2013 and 11/30/2013 (Cycle 1, Qtr 1) have helped your organization earn $530.88 through the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Your organization will be receiving your $530.88 Kroger Reward check via the US mail or personal delivery before the end of January. Bob Bachrach with Jack Boyd, Store Manager of the Parkaire Kroger, presents a check to Congregation Etz Chaim for $530.88.

The more your enrolled members shop with us, the more money your organization can earn! The Kroger Community Rewards Program was designed to be the easiest fund-raising program in town – simply sign up, link up and swipe your Kroger Plus card. Thank you, Community Rewards Staff

Remember to Sign Up for the Kroger Community Rewards Program. See page 35 for instructions on how to sign up. Enter Etz Chaim’s NPO# 80318.


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Bob Goldman Scholarship Fund Application Information This time of year, young members of Etz Chaim like you are considering Jewish-based learning experiences in Israel as well as other countries in Europe. Did you know that scholarships may be available for you? Review the criteria below to see if you qualify. If so, apply soon!

5. The program must take place in Israel or in the United States. Exceptions of program locale will be handled on a case by case basis with the Men’s Club Board.

A scholarship fund was established in honor of Bob Goldman, a dear member of Etz Chaim’s Men’s Club, to be used for the youth of our congregation. He felt it was important to help the young members travel to Israel to study and take part in every-day Jewish life. Now may be the right time for you. If so, the deadline to apply is May 1 and scholarships are limited. Here are the criteria to be considered for the scholarship:

6. The applicant must provide a short essay that describes what he/she expects to gain from the program they will be attending. When providing the essay in the online form, be sure to save a copy of your essay on your local device before submitting your application. 7. Notice of acceptance from the program, including the program name and address, must accompany the application. 8. Scholarship applications can be obtained in the Administrative Office, Voice of Chaim newsletter, monthly mailings, or on the Congregation Etz Chaim website. NOTE: The preferred method is to apply online via the link below.

1. Parent(s) of the applicant must be in good standing of Congregation Etz Chaim in the year the application is received. 2. Applicant must be older than 15 years of age and younger than 23 years of age at the start time of the program they plan to attend. 3. To sustain the Scholarship fund endowment a student will not be permitted more than one lifetime award. 4. The applicant must be on a formal program, at least 28 days in length that is sponsored by one of the following organizations: a. Congregation Etz Chaim b. A recognized youth movement c. A Jewish School d. An Israeli University


9. The applicant must provide an email address to facilitate timely communication. So, here is the important website you need to go to for complete details and the application form. Remember to apply early. Please visit our website at http://tinyurl.com/goldmanscholarship to apply and for additional information. IF you have any questions about the program, contact Sam Roth at 404-317-5282.

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Save the Date! The Sisterhoods of Ahavath Achim Synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom, Congregation B’nai Torah, Congregation Etz Chaim and Congregation Shearith Israel will sponsor a Joint Atlanta Torah Fund effort this year.

Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. at Congregation B’nai Torah and Monday, March 24, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. at Ahavath Achim

More details on programs coming soon. Everyone is welcome and we hope you will plan to join us for one or both events!

We are here for you! Have a great idea? A question to ask?

Your Board of Trustee liaison is available to point you in the right direction or answer your questions. Feel free to call or email him/her with your suggestions and concerns! Not sure of the contact information? Call the office 770.973.0137 to find that out.


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Tzedakah | vesm Contributions received from January 9, 2014 through February 7, 2014 General Fund In memory of William Galin on his yahrzeit

Arlene Manning To Judith Swartz in memory of your beloved mother, Betty Singer

Barbara Gorod To Cheryl and David Eppsteiner and family in memory of Albert Gelb. I am so sorry for your loss. May all your wonderful memories sustain you in your grief.

Cecile Bock To Mimi Fagin in memory of Richard Fagin

Dave and Toby Fagin Thanks to Debbie Berman and Pip Spandorfer, great Lilmode chairs. You guys have done a great job! To Scott Rittenberg, thank you for your dedication and commitment to our shul! To Cheryl Miller and new inductees, congratulations, President! Best wishes for an enjoyable, enriching and fulfilling term.

David Lieberman and Suzanne Rivchun In memory of Abe Kanner on his yahrzeit

Ed Kanner In loving memory of Karen Needle’s father, Charles Jassen

Ellen Feldser In memory of Dr. Harvey Cohen

Jeremy and Penney Cohen

Rabbi Lewis Discretionary Fund Lee and Debbie Elfenbein In memory of our mom, Frieda Mintz

Alan and Roni Mintz In memory of Eve Greenstein

Barney Coltman

Chelo Saruk Rabbi Lewis, thank you for your constant and comforting support upon the death of our father, Albert Gelb, and during our sad time of shiva

Cheryl Eppsteiner, Debbie Katz and Nanci Gelb In appreciation for the comfort and support that Rabbi Lewis provided after the passing of our father, Albert Gelb In honor of our sister and brother‑in‑law, Cheryl and David Eppsteiner, in appreciation for their incredible love, caring and support of our parents, Albert and Adeline Gelb

Debbie & Ari Katz and Nanci Gelb & Dr. Stuart Snyder In memory of Anne Rose Leibowitz on her yahrzeit. We miss you and love you.

Judith L. Bart In memory of my father, Bernard Bierman

Martyn Bierman In honor of Gary Feinberg on his retirement

To Rhea Negrin in honor of the baby naming of your great granddaughter, Ruby Antoinette

In memory of Julius Miller

In loving memory of Lillian Cohen on her yahrzeit

Martin Cohen To Cheryl Miller, Mazal Tov on your appointment as President of Etz Chaim.We know you will do a great job as our leader! Love, Adrienne and Randy

Randy and Adrienne Figur To Ava and Irwin Weitz with appreciation for the birthday wishes In loving memory of my sister, Leah Bodner, on her yahrzeit

Sam Silbiger In memory of Betty Singer, mother of Judith Swartz. We are very sorry to hear of the recent passing of your mother, Betty. We wish you the best in this time of sadness.

Stefan and Pam Pollack In loving memory of our grandmother and great grandmother, Pia Crystal

Susan and Craig Adair and Family

Debbie & Ari Katz and Nanci Gelb & Stuart Snyder In loving memory of my mother, Lillian Walter

To Gary Feinberg, Mazal Tov on your retirement. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful life ahead! Love you, Chelo

To Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Baumohl in honor of your granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah

Jerry and Selma Bernstein

In honor of our sister and brother‑in‑law, Cheryl and David Eppsteiner, in appreciation for their incredible love, caring and support of our parents, Albert and Adeline Gelb

Renie and David Geller Rob and Terri Rakusin

Fern Hartnig To Rabbi Kerbel in appreciation for the beautiful baby naming of our granddaughter Ruby Antoinette. So glad you were part of another Negrin simcha.

Neil and Bonnie Negrin In memory of Gitla Welt on her yahrzeit

Sophia Becker

Linda H. Weinroth Education Fund To the Lyons Family, Mazal Tov on the Bat Mitzvah of your daughter, Tali

Chuck and Marsha Bernstein In memory of my beloved father, John H. Pransky, on the occasion of his 3rd yahrzeit

Daniel Pransky To Karen Needle and Family in loving memory of your dear father, Charlie Jassen. The memories, stories and hugs live forever in your heart. Our thoughts are with you. To Scott Rittenberg, Mazal Tov on a job well done. You have been a wonderful leader and role model for us all.

David and Elyse Shaw To Karen Needle in memory of Charles Jassen. We are so sorry for your loss.

Rabbi Kerbel Discretionary Fund

In loving memory of our mother and grandmother, Clara Beker

To Rabbi and Melissa Kerbel, Mazal Tov on Judah’s graduation! We know how proud you are of him.

In memory of Eli Reich on his yahrzeit

Andy and Jayne Becker In memory of Eve Greenstein

Barney Coltman Rabbi Kerbel, thank you for your constant and comforting support upon the death of our father, Albert Gelb, and during our sad time of shiva

Cheryl Eppsteiner, Debbie Katz and Nanci Gelb To Rabbi and Melissa Kerbel on Judah’s graduation from college and his continuing education in Israel and Yeshiva. We know how proud you must be.

David and Elyse Shaw To Rabbi and Melissa Kerbel, congratulations on Judah’s graduation. Here’s to an exciting journey ahead.

David Lieberman and Suzanne Rivchun In appreciation for the comfort and support that Rabbi Kerbel provided after the passing of our father, Albert Gelb

Debbie & Ari Katz and Nanci Gelb & Dr. Stuart Snyder


David and Ronni Beker John and Joanne Reicher Mazal Tov to Wendy and Ron Feinberg on the naming of your granddaughter, Bailey Rebecca. Thankful our families could share this simcha.

Neil and Bonnie Negrin To Andrea Cohen on the loss of her father, Ralph Schwab To Adrienne and Randy Figur on the loss of their sister, Dale Fisher To Lauren Eisenman on the loss of her sister, Dale Fisher To Scott Fisher and Marcy Bass on the loss of their sister, Dale Fisher To Donna Krodman on the loss of her stepfather, David Canter To Judith Swartz on the loss of her mother, Betty Singer

Noah and Berna Levine In loving memory of Rose Etscovitz

Richard and Janice Etscovitz (continues on page 29)

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Tzedakah | vesm Contributions received from January 9, 2014 through February 7, 2014 (continued from page 28)

Robert Klein Memorial Chesed Fund In memory of my beloved father, Christopher Hassey

Joyce Teitelman In loving memory of our beloved father, Perry Schulberg

Ken and Grace Graiser To Judith Swartz in memory of your beloved mother, Betty Singer To Karen Needle in memory of your beloved father, Charlie Jassen To Cheryl Eppsteiner in memory of your beloved father, Albert Gelb In memory of our beloved mother and grandmother, Grace King

Steve and Joanie King

Youth Fund In memory of my grandfather, Pincus Gruber, on his yahrzeit

Paul Pattek

Youth Scholarship Fund In memory of Ruth Richman, our grandma and “GG”. You are forever in our hearts! Til we see each other again...

To Karen Needle in memory of your dad, Charlie Jassen. May his memory always be a comfort to you.

David Lieberman and Suzanne Rivchun To Cheryl and David Eppsteiner and Family in memory of Albert Gelb. We are so sorry about the loss of your dear dad and grampa. May you cherish your memories and be comforted by all of your friends who care so much. With sincere condolences, Karen and Hank To Judith Swartz and Family in loving memory of your mother and grandmother, Betty Singer. May your memories comfort you and bring you smiles.

Hank and Karen Needle In memory of Larry Travis, beloved husband, grandfather and son

Ina Travis To Rabbi Lewis and Rabbi Kerbel for your warmth and caring during my father’s shiva and beyond. Your friendship and true menschlichkeit mean the world to me and my whole family. It was so good to come “home” to you and Etz Chaim.

Karen Needle and Family To Karen Needle in memory of your father, Charlie Jassen

Lynn and Glenn Hirsch In memory of my loving dad and grandfather of Scott and Michelle. You will always be missed.

PreSchool Fund

In memory of Karen Needle’s father, Charlie Jassen. He was an amazing dad, grandfather and mentor to all.

To Cheryl Eppsteiner in memory of Albert Gelb. Cheryl, your father was such a sweet man and he loved his family. We will always remember his smile, wit and kindness. May you always remember the good times. Sending lots of love, Caren, Larry, Molly, Becca and Michael

To Karen and Hank Needle in memory of your father, Charlie. He will be missed by his many grandchildren and great grandchildren. We will all miss his big smiles and his rich sense of humor. Lots of love, David and Penny

The Meharg Family

Caren and Larry Appel In loving memory of my sister Pearl Kent on her yahrzeit To Marian Palant, wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. I miss you. Love, Chelo. To Lois Schwartz, my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery! Miss you! Come back soon. Chelo

Chelo Saruk To Karen Needle on the loss of her father, Charles Jassen To Mindy Elkan on the loss of her father‑in‑law, Kurt Elkan

Noah and Berna Levine In memory of Rowena Fox

The Fox Family

PreSchool Playground fund To Karen Needle in memory of Charles Jassen. Our hearts are saddened by the loss of your wonderful dad. He will be missed by all of us.

Mindy Elkan

Penny Isop and David Needle To Judith Swartz in loving memory of Betty Singer. May your fond memories of your mother sustain you and your family during this difficult period. To Karen Needle in memory of Charlie Jassen. May your fond memories of your father sustain you and your family during this difficult period. In honor of my grandchildren and the wonderful Preschool staff

Roz Reiss Happy Birthday to Barbara Wilensky Wishing the Bachrachs a Happy 2014 Wishing the Sustaks a Happy 2014

Steve and Joanie King

College Connection Fund To Cheryl Eppsteiner and family in memory of your dear father, Albert Gelb. May the emptiness in your heart be filled with wonderful and loving memories of him.

David and Elyse Shaw

Phillip Michael Silverman Memorial Endowment In honor of Scott Rittenberg. Thank you so much for serving as Etz Chaim president. Your outstanding job has NOT gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated! Warmly, The Silvermans

Alan and Bonnie Silverman To Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cobb and Family in memory of Lottie Davidoff. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Bob and Eileen Silverman To Cheryl Eppsteiner in memory of your beloved father, Albert Gelb. May your memories be a comfort to you always. To Karen Needle in memory of your beloved father, Charles “Charlie” Jassen. May your memories be a comfort to you always. To Ron and Theresa and Family in memory of your loving daughter and sister, Hannah Peck. In time may her memories bring more smiles and warmth and less tears. Warmly, Bonnie, Alan and Laura In honor of Kathi and Rick Silverman, sending you love on your 30th wedding anniversary. Mazal Tov. Love, Bonnie, Alan and Laura To David Eppsteiner in memory of your beloved mother, Geri Eppsteiner. May your memories be a comfort to you always. In honor of Cheryl Miller. Mazal Tov, President. We are so proud and appreciative of all that you do for Etz Chaim. We love you, Bonnie, Alan and Laura To Don and Jill Peck in memory of your loving niece, Hannah Peck. In time, may her memories bring more smiles and warmth and less tears. Warmly, Bonnie, Alan and Laura

Bonnie and Alan Silverman and Family To Judith Swartz in memory of your beloved mother, Betty Singer. Sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts are with you at this time. Denise, Steve and Family

Denise Tischler and Family In loving memory of Arnold Safran In loving memory of Scott Safran In loving memory of Mitchell Safran

Shelley Brodsky

Cynthia R. Freeman Memorial Endowment fund In memory of Cynthia Freeman. It is hard to believe that four years have gone by since we lost you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and wish I could tell you of my successes or failures or even just to talk. You are always on my mind and in my heart. I love and miss you every day.

Alisa Freeman In memory of Cynthia Freeman, a wonderful wife, mother and friend. We miss you.

Joe Freeman

David and Paula Coplon (continues on page 30)


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Tzedakah | vesm Contributions received from January 9, 2014 through February 7, 2014 (continued from page 29) In memory of Mom (Cynthia Freeman). It has been 4 years. We love and miss you. You would be so proud

Sarah Freeman

Morris Frank Sacred Text Fund In honor of Gary Feinberg, congratulations on your retirement

Candy Frank and Family In memory of Geraldine “Geri” Eppsteiner, beloved mother of David Eppsteiner and in memory of Albert Jerome Gelb, beloved father of Cheryl Eppsteiner

David and Cheryl Eppsteiner To Karen Needle in memory of your beloved father, Charlie Jassen

Irwin and Ava Weitz To Ken Graiser, wishing you a complete and speedy recovery

Marsha Shrago

Kazer‑Lipson Library Fund To Karen Needle, in memory of your beloved father, Charlie Jassen. We are so sorry for your loss.

Brian and Carol Sacks In loving memory of my beloved father, Leon Epstein

Ellen Feldser

Building Enhancement Fund In memory of Charlie Jassen, beloved father of Karen Needle

Donna and Steve Krodman

Wilensky Memorial Endowment Fund Happy Anniversary to Terri and Scott Rittenberg Happy Birthday to Ann Tepper Happy Birthday to Lauren Chernau Happy Birthday to Eric Wilensky Happy Birthday to Cara Traub In loving memory of our father, Sam Scopp In loving memory of our mother, Gertrude Wilensky Wishes for a speedy recovery for Allan Levine

Frank and Barbara Wilensky

Social Action Fund Arlene and Glenn La Vine Maxine and Jonathan Schein Sheri and Bob Frohlich Berna and Noah Levine Adele and Irv Greenspon Paul Pattek Cheryl and David Eppsteiner To Karen Needle in memory of Charlie Jassen. We were sorry to hear of your recent loss. May the memories sustain you and the whole family.

Bob and Sheri Frohlich Remembering Harry on his yahrzeit. With love, Marsha.

Marsha Shrago

Bob Goldman Scholarship Fund In memory of Mae Bander, loving wife, mother and grandmother

Ina Travis In memory of Ruth Needle

Hank and Karen Needle In loving memory of Max Nesselroth

Bart and Rosalie Agrow To Karen Needle in memory of Charles Jassen. We are very sorry to hear of the recent passing of your father, Charles. He was a very sweet man. We wish you the best for you and your family in this time of sadness.

Stefan and Pam Pollack

Sisterhood fund In memory of Debby J. Cohen. Be at peace.

Cindee and Al Sapoznik In honor of Cheryl Miller. Congratulations and best wishes for this exciting next chapter in your life and ours. You’re going to be terrific! We love you!

Andy and Jayne Becker In memory of Harry Lutzky. Missing you always. Love, Paula, David, Cheryl and Jonathan

David and Paula Coplon In memory of David Canter, stepfather of Donna Krodman. We are very sorry to hear of the recent passing of your stepfather. We wish you the best in this time of sadness.

Stefan and Pam Pollack

Sisterhood Endowment Fund To Cheryl Miller, Mazel Tov, Cheryl! We know we are in good hands.

David and Elyse Shaw In honor of Cheryl Miller. Mazal Tov to you on your assumption of the Presidency of Etz Chaim. We know you will have a successful tenure and Etz Chaim will benefit from your enthusiasm, wisdom and giving nature.

Susan Miller, Marty Gorfinkel, Hannah and Ali Gorfinkel


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Trauma Related Stress Disorders Experiencing something traumatic like an assault, accident or disaster can have a significant impact on one’s day-to-day life and overall sense of personal security. It can cause emotional symptoms like fear, anxiety and sadness as well as physical symptoms like insomnia, racing heartbeats and becoming easily startled. Many people will experience forms of trauma in their lifetime, and most of them will be able to process it and get back to their normal level of functioning within a few days. But about 10 percent will develop either Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The symptoms of a trauma related stress disorder often are intense. Individuals may experience intrusive memories, flashbacks


and nightmares that cause them to relive the experience and anxiety that is so intense their lives are disrupted. They will try to avoid anything that reminds them of what has happened. Both ASD and PTSD are treatable conditions. With proper counseling and treatment, it is possible to make a full recovery. Someone who suspects he or she is experiencing a traumarelated disorder should seek help immediately. The sooner that happens, the shorter the recovery period could be. For more information about ASD or PTSD counseling, please call 770.677.9474 or visit www. ytfl.or/counseling.

The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014

Interior & Exterior Painting • Hardieplank® Siding Seamless Gutters & Gutter Helmet • Carpentry Window Replacement • Deck/Fence Refinishing

Quick, Personal Response • Free Estimates Licensed & Insured • Written Warranty Free Color Consulting on Complete Paint Job

For more information about advertising in this space, please contact Bernice Isaac in the office at 770.973.0137 or [email protected]

James Hardie® Siding Products Simonton Windows

770-642-7170 www.superiorpro.com Irwin Weitz


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


The Voice of Chaim | March 2014


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