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April 2006

DIXIE - Member of the Snohomish Police Department K-9 Unit

John Bruce, March 20, 2006

We were treated to a super show for our March 20th Club program, thanks to Dixie, the city’s narcotics sniffing dog and her handler Officer Jeff Shelton. She is a passive response dog which means she assumes a sitting position facing the spot where she finds a drug. Officer Shelton reports she then tells him “It’s right in front of you, dummy! Now let me play with the ball that you have in your hand”. That ball is all the reward that she wants - what a dog! She is a beautiful specimen of the canine world and it is hard to believe she is a rescue dog from the Walla Walla Humane Society - their loss is our gain! As a demonstration, we had hidden drugs in various locations in the room after Officer Shelton had discreetly made sure our area was “clean”. Sure enough, Dixie found them all - she also was really good at finding and eating our doughnuts!! She may be a passive response dog but she is certainly enthusiastic and aggressive in her search. The team of Officer Shelton and Dixie finished with the highest class average at the end of their 240 hours of training at the Washington State Department of Corrections on McNeil Island. The SPD K-9 Unit provides community service by conducting public demonstrations for schools, churches, and other civic organizations. These public demonstrations help educate our community and promote trust and goodwill between the police and the community.

Breaking News from the Zone Conference Jim Rahm, March 18,2006

Lt. Governor Larry Merwin Division 22 finds a replacement for himself at the 11th hour avoiding serving the dreaded two consecutive terms as Lt. Governor Stan Jones former Division 22 Lt. Governor from the Tillicum club stood up to the plate and said he would serve a second year in 2006-2007 as Lt. Governor Wally Walsh, also from the Tillicum, became the Lt. Governor nominee for 2007-2008. Six members of the Tillicum club attended the annual Zone “E” Conference held at the Cotton Tree Convention Center in Mt Vernon.

Quote of the Day

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.

MEETING TIME: Mondays 10:00 AM St. Michael Catholic Church 1512 Pine Avenue Snohomish, WA

Please give John Bruce, Jim Rahm or Wally Walsh any corrections to these lists you observe need to be made. Also any articles for the newsletter are gladly accepted. Thank you!

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April 2006

Adventures in service

From the Kiwanis International website

Ambassadors for Children (AFC) announces three new opportunities for Kiwanis members to experience the discoveries and rewards of “voluntourism.” Voluntourism combines the personal fulfillment of volunteer service with the adventure of tourism New travel opportunities include: •

El Salvador, June 17-24, 2006—Working with fellow Kiwanians in Villa Kiwanis, participants will deliver supplies and help feed, rock, and care for infants at a rehabilitation center for malnourished and abandoned children. Volunteers also will have time to shop at a handicraft market, dine on typical Salvadorian fare, visit a beach on the Pacific Ocean, trek through the mountains, and explore archeological sites.

Serbia, August 5-12, 2006—AFC has partnered with the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, which is headed by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine. Staying in Belgrade, the group will spend time at children’s organizations and a refugee camp. Volunteer activities may include teaching English, leading craft projects, delivering supplies, and assisting at an orphanage with more than 300 babies under three years old. Included in the itinerary will be tea at the royal Palace with HRH Princess Katherine and sightseeing trips to the Belgrade Fortress.

Jordan, October 21-28, 2006—While exploring ruins that date to Biblical times, volunteers will spend two days at a Palestinian refugee camp. The trip includes a drive through pine forests and olive groves to the Greco-Roman city of Jerash, which the Jordanian government has restored to the period when the land was ruled by the Roman Empire. Following a tour of the rose-colored city of Petra, the group will descend to the Dead Sea to relax at a world-class spa.

April Programs

2005-2006 Committee Chairpersons Club Meeting: Bob Heirman Community Service/Ferguson Cr: Cliff Bailey Senior Center Bob Heirman Adopt-a-Park Bill Blake Battery Sales John Diel Sportsman Club Bob Heirman Chamber of Commerce Wally Walsh Public Liaison to City, County, State Cliff Bailey Feed the Hungry in Snohomish Wally/Cliff Preservation of Tillicum History Bob Heirman Food Bank Beth Greenlee Finance: Wally Walsh Human & Spiritual Values: Doris Wentworth Membership Growth & Education & New members: Art Langdon Newsletter Website & Publications: John Bruce Youth Services/Mentoring/Scholarships Young Children Priority One: Doris Wentworth Salmon BBQ/Silent Auction: Jack King Absent, Fallen Members Stan Jones

April 3 April 10 April 17 April 24

Tristan Klesick - Farmer Don Bailey - Farmer Bill Mester - Superindent School District 201 Aaron Reardon - Snohomish County Executive

April Interclubs April 13

Division 22 Council meeting

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Bill Blake Stan Jones John Bruce Bill Blake (Chair) Jack King Stanley Innes

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April 2006

The Tillicum Serve In Many Ways Jim Rahm , March 18, 2006

Over a year ago, three members got together, “the fisherman”, Sir Robert of Snohomish, “the computer hack, carpetbagger”, bumbling Jim of Walden, and the “brain master”, Sire Wally of Snohomish at the request of the Snohomish Historical Society, to put on a historical railroad program of Snohomish County. This program developed from information found in Sir Robert’s basement, then dusted off by the “computer hack” without a way to present it. Arriving to the rescue, the “brain master” made it possible with all the tools needed to show all of the lost history or junk, depending on ones viewpoint. This show has been presented in the Snohomish County area many times, and has now been shown in several fundraisers. The latest and largest attended showing being the March 15th fundraiser for the new Senior Center in Snohomish. There was over $500.00 raised for the center to date. The Maltby food bank reports over $2000.00 raised from the 10/08/2005 Early Steam Railroading showing. So it just goes to show us, you do not have to spend a lot of money or do a lot of heavy work to service and benefit our community. Below see a few Photos from the latest Senior Center showing.

Sir Robert with his Boxcar Willie hat.

And the show goes on the Poet at the helm.

VA Warns of Telephone Prescription Scam Our thanks to Honey Langdon for submitting this article

WASHINGTON - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is warning veterans not to give credit card numbers over the phone to callers claiming to update VA prescription information. "Some unscrupulous scammers have targeted America' s veterans, especially our older veterans." said the Honorable R. James Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. “VA does not call veterans and ask them to disclose personal financial information over the phone:' The latest scam, currently centered in the Midwest, comes from callers who identify themselves as working for the "Patient Care Group." They say VA recently changed procedures for dispensing prescriptions and ask for the veteran' s credit card number. "VA has not changed its processes for dispensing prescription medicines:'Nicholson said. "And we' ve definitely not changed our long-standing commitment to protect the personal information of our veterans:" Veterans with questions about VA services should contact the nearest VA medical center or call, toll-free, (877) 222-8387

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April 2006

A Dissertation on Bob Heirman & the Darrington Line By Stanley J. Innes

His name is Bob Heirman, his background’s Dutch, not German. A local fisherman of note, the paper’s full, of things he wrote. He follows in the steps, of Izaac Walton, With fishing stories, only he, could’ve thought on. You’ll find him, by yon tiny creek, Under bluffs & rocks, he’ll peek. Looking for signs of fry, and fish, Who’s presence, makes him really wish, For the “Good Old Days”. You see, he was “King” of The Darrington Line, On the footplate, of old number 69. With skill, he stoked the fire with coal, But that’s not what was in his deepest soul. Fishing for trout, was always his dream, Thinking, he came up with a wonderful scheme.

North of 530 the engine did chug, Past Boulder & French Creeks & Fortson Ponds too, The fish on the boiler, were ready for stew. The water in the boiler, was now very hot, So water & fish, were thrown into the pot. Local people all knew, That their lunch would be stew. From all directions they ran, to the old millpond, From here & there, & the back of beyond. They sat by the pond. at the luncheon site, Times were hard, & money was tight.

He rigged up a pole, that stuck out of the stack, It was 60 feet high, with a curve in the back. A line in the “Stilly”, at Frank Beach Road, Was trolled up the river, from the pole so bold.

But, Bob, who was much aware of their plight, With a pot of fish stew, he came into sight.

Thru the curves at Oso, till Brooks Creek, Where the railroad goes over the river.

The people all cheered, as he ladled out stew, For both young & old, all people he knew.

Up from the footplate, jumps Bob with glee, Retrieving the pole, from the stack, you see. Pulls in the line, & glory be, Four big trout, on their way back from the sea!

When they’d all finished, he came round with a plate, For nickels & dimes, for Robert their mate. AND THAT’S HOW HE BECAME SO BLOODY RICH!!! - 2006 -

Division 21 Joins up with our website

From the Home page of Division 22 website

Lt. Governor Charlotte Peiffer Division 21 has accepted offers from the sponsor “the Delta Foundation” of this http://snohomishkiwanis.org web server to host Division 21 and its 9 clubs websites side by side with the Division 22. Division 22 webmasters Jim Rahm and John Bruce along with Site Administrator Wally Walsh will meet with Division 21 leaders March 30th at their council meeting to get the ball rolling. Welcome Division 21 and all your clubs therein to the Snohomish Kiwanis website space and thank you Delta for your generous grant making all this possible for the now 15 clubs and two divisions of PNW Kiwanis.

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April 2006


Daylight Time Howard Averill Birthday Gary Maxfield

" #$ % & ' ' "" Gary Maxfield

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- ' 1#& #


April 2006

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