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Prof. Manoj Pant


Manoj Pant Professor , Centre for International Trade and Development, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi-110067,INDIA.


162 Uttarakhand, Jawaharlal Nehru University,

New Delhi -110067. INDIA. Ph: 91-11-26704095(O) ,91-11-26741288 (R), 9811227753 (M), . E-Mail No: [email protected] Fax. No. 91-11-26741288.

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: High School--- 1970, Indian Schools Certificate examination. Bachelor of Arts(Hon.),Economics---1973,St. Stephens College, Delhi University Master Of Arts,Economics --1975,Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, Master


Arts,Economics --1981,Southern

Methodist University, Dallas, Texas,

U.S.A. Ph.D.(Economics)--1982, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Teaching Economics for the last 37 years at Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. Visiting faculty at IIM, Lucknow; IIT, Delhi;MIM programme of IIFT, Delhi and Southern Methodist University, USA. Fields of Expertise: Econometrics, International Trade Theory, International Investment and Finance, Development Economics Research Guidance: 14 M.Phil students, Eight Ph.D. students since 1986.

PUBLICATIONS AND PAPERS: 1. Terms of Trade, Welfare and Growth in an Open Monetary Economy-- Economic Record, June 1982. 2. Investment Behaviour of the Multinational Corporation -- School of Economics,March,1986. 3. India's


Trade,1950-1980--with A.Barua,Mar.1986.Discussion Paper

No. 8,International Trade and Development Division, School Of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India. 4. Some Aspects of India's Trade Concentration-- School of Economics,June,1986. 5. A Generalised Model of Repatriated Dividends of Multinational Corporations: A Crosssectional


Discussion Paper


11, International



Development Division, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India. 6. India's Trade Concentration: An Econometric Study - with S.K. Das and M. Aggarwal, Aug.1986, Discussion paper no. 12, International Trade



Division, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India. 7. Trade Theories and Their Relevance to South-South Trade-- Dec. 1987, Presented at a faculty Seminar, National University of Singapore, Feb. 1988. 8. A





Multinational Corporation--Indian Economic

Review,Dec.1989. 9. On Export Diversification and Earnings Instability: Theory and Evidence---with S.K.Das, Indian Economic Journal, Jan-Mar,1989. 10. Technical Progress, Tariffs and Welfare in a Model of Monopolistic Competition--- with S.K.Das,presented at a seminar at the University of Sussex, May,1988. Indian Economic Review,Vol.XXVI, Jan-Jun,1991. 11. The Green Revolution and Agricultural Growth: S.K.Das, Sept.1988. Presented

at a


A Micro-Theoretic Approach -- with Seminar





Calcutta,India in Mar.1989, Journal of Quantitative Economics,Vol.7,No.1,1991. 12. Foreign Collaborations, Foreign Investment and Taxation of Foreign Companies in India- Working paper no.11, 1991,National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi, India. 13. Trade Liberalisation, Intra-industry Trade and the Indian Experience-- Working Paper, No. 23 International Trade and Development Division, School of International Studies, JNU, India, Feb,1992.

14. Foreign Direct Investment in LDCs : The Issues Involved -- paper presented at the National Seminar on `Strategies of Economic Reform ', School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, Jan.11-13, 1993. 15. Export performance, Transnational Corporations


the Manufacturing Sector: A

Case Study of India-- Indian Economic Review, v.XXVIII,no.1, Jan-June,1993. 16. "Liberalisation of India's Trade Policies: An Analytical Study", presented at


Hungary Seminar on Economic Reforms, JNU, March,1995. 17. "TRIPS,TRIMS and presented at an







Threat Perceptions," Paper

on Challenges of Development, Cairo

University, Cairo, Egypt, April 17-18, 1995. 18. Internal Liberalisation and Entry in a General Equilibrium Model with Oligopoly, Vol.32,No.2, Kieo Economic Studies, 1996 19. "Setting Priorities in Forest Research ", with J.C. Nautiyal and William Gamble, World Bank-Indian Council of Forestry Research and Extension,

Forest Research Institute,

Dehradun, India, July, 1996. 20. "India’s Rupee Devaluation, Trade Balance and Unemployment : A Producer Theory Approach", with Prof. S.K.Das, Journal of Asian Economics, v8, No. 1,1996, pp. 51-66. 21. “Forecasting Exchange Rates: A Times Series Analysis”, paper presented at the Conference of the International Statistical Association, India International Centre, Dec 30— Jan 2, 2001. 22. “Millenium Round of Trade Negotiations: A Developing Country Perspective”, Journal of International Studies, July-Sept,2002. 23. “South Korean FDI in India: A Behavioural Analysis”, paper presented at the NCAER-KIEP Seminar, Seoul, South Korea, July 30-31,2003 24. "Financial Intermediation and Employment", with P. Raychaudhri and G.Singh, June 2004, working paper, Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. 25. “A Study of India’s Foreign Direct Investment Policy—1950-2003”, paper prepared for KIEP, South Korea, July,2004. 26. “Does Openness Promote Competition—A

Case Study of Indian Manufacturing”,

Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XL, NO. 39, Sept. 24, 2005. 27. “Incentives for Attracting FDI in South Asia: A Survey”, with Prof. S.K.Das, International Studies, V. 43, no.1, Jan-Mar, 2006.

28. Measuring Market Imperfection in the Manufacturing Sector: A Case Study of India” (with S.K.Das), Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, vol. 15, No.1., March 2006. 29. “India and the WTO: Time to Identify Offensive Interests”, Foreign Affairs Journal, Vol. 1, NO.4, Oct-Dec,2006. 30. “Report on Competition in Indian Manufacturing Sector:

Pesticides and Cement

Industries”, Competition Research Studies Series, Competition Commission of India, New Delhi, March, 2007. 31. “Insider Ownership and Firm value: Evidence from the Indian Corporate Sector”, Economic and Political Weekly” ,Vol. XLII, No. 16, April2007. 32. “Connectivity, Northeast and Its Neighbours: Economic and Security Issues”—presented at seminar of the Asian institute of Transport and Development, India International Centre, New Delhi, India, May 20, 2008. 33. “North Eastern Region: Vision 2020”, (co-author), Ministry for the Development of the North East Region, Government of India, May, 2008. 34. Financial Intermediation and Employment--- with P. Roy Chowdhury and Gurbachan Singh--- Review of Market Integration, vol. 1. ,no. 1, Jan-April, 2009. 35. “Does Regionalism Hinder Multilateralism: A Case Study of India”, with Amit Sadhukhan, Journal of Economic Integration, v.24, no.2, June, 2009. 36. “Should South Africa Join the SADC-EPA?”, Trade Negotiating Insights, Vol.9, No.1, Feb. 2010, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Brusells. 37. “Corporate Governance, Competition and Firm Performance: Evidence from India”,


M. Pattanayak, Journal of Emerging market Finance, v.9,no.3, December, 2010. 38. “Regional








Phenomena”, International Studies, v.47 (2-4), April-Oct.,2010. 39. District Human Development Reports for eight districts of Nagaland—, Govt. of Nagaland, January, 2014. 40. Barua A. and Pant, M., “Trade and wage inequality: A Specific Factor Model with Intermediate Goods, International Review of Economics and Finance 33 ,pp.172–185, Sept. 2014.

WORK IN PROGRESS 1. “Economic Development: Do Governments Matter ?” .

2. “ FDI, Technology Transfer and Spillover —A Case Study of India”, with Sanghita Mondal, , Working Paper, Centre for International Trade and Development, SIS, JNU, March, 2012. 3. Trade and Wage Inequality: A Specific Factor Model with Intermediate Goods”—Working Paper, Centre for International Trade and Development, School of International Studies, JNU, February, 2013. 4. FDI and Firm Competitiveness: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Sector- with Sanghita Mondal, CITD, Feb., 2013 5. Trade and Wage Inequality in Developing Countries: A Theoretical Study- with Alokesh Barua, Working Paper, Centre for International Trade and Development, SIS, JNU, Feb. 2014

SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS 1. " Exchange Rate, Trade Balance and Employment in India, 1960-93: A Micro-theoretic Approach ", Feb. 1996, presented at

an International Seminar



Liberalisation,and Economic Development, sponsored by Asian Conference on Asian Economic Studies, JNU and USAID, New Delhi, Mar.1996. 2. "Japanese FDI in India: A Behavioural Study", paper presented in an International seminar on Japan-South Asia Cooperation During the Cold War Period", India International Centre, New Delhi, 8-10 March, 1999. 3. “Forecasting Exchange Rates: A Times Series Analysis”, paper presented at the Conference of the International Statistical Association, India International Centre, New Delhi, India, Dec 30—Jan 2, 2001. 4. “Millenium Round of Trade Negotiations: A Developing Country’s Perspective”, paper presented at International Conference on Concerns of the developing Countries in the WTO Regime, ICAI-UNCTAD Conference, Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, August 2001, New Delhi, India. 5. "FDI and International Business: States, TNCs and International Organisation", paper presented at Intensive Training Session for International Investment Agreements, UNCTAD-IIFT, Delhi, 19-30 Nov. 2001. 6. "Investment and the WTO", Lecture at the International seminar on


Regulation and Investment: Role in Economic Growth, Jaipur, 11-12 Jan., 2002, DFIDNCAER-CUTS. 7. "GATT to WTO: An Overview", Lecture at the Training Seminar on Competitiveness of Indian Industry in the WTO Era", Jan. 17-19, 2002, ASCI, Hyderabad, India.

8. Seminars on EU-India Trade Network In Brussels, Geneva and Washington sponsored by CUTS and European Commission, Feb. 2002, Feb. 2003 and March,2003. 9. “Services and the WTO: Case of Higher Education”, World Bank sponsored seminar, Bangalore, Mar, 2003. 10. South Korean FDI in India: A Behavioural Study”, presented at International Seminar in Seoul. South Korea sponsored by Korean Institute for Economic Policy, South Korea and NCAER, India, July 29-31, 2003. 11. “ India’s Post Cancun Concerns”, lecture at a Conference in London, U,K., Feb. 19,2004 sponsored by the Consumer Association of the UK, 12. “India’s Competition Policy: An Exploratory Study”, paper presented at a Conference sponsored by TRALAC and IDRC, Cape Town, South Africa, Mar. 16-17, 2004. 13. “The Multilateral Investment Agreement: Relevance for Developing Countries”, paper presented at the Administrative Staff College of India”, May,30,2004. Sponsored by the ASCI and the European Delegation to South Asia. 14. “The Role of Universities for Policy Advice and their capacity to Relate Academic Research to Political Needs”, presented at UNCTAD XI Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 17, 2004. 15. “Millenium Round of Trade Negotiations: A Developing Country Perspective”, lecture at the Cotton College, Guwahati, seminar sponsored by JNU as part of Outreach Program, August, 2004. 16. “FDI in South Asia: Understanding the Issues”, paper presented at a workshop of the Virtual Institute, UNCTAD, Geneva, July 10-16, 2005. 17. “GATS: The Case of Education in India”, UNCTAD-Government of India conference on “Pre-Hong Kong Ministerial Consultations”, New Delhi, India, Aug 8-9, 2005. 18. “FDI in India: AN Indo-Vietnam Perspective”, lecture presented at a conference on the “India-Vietnam Economic Relations: Potentials and Prospects”, CII-JNU Conference, CII headquarters, New Delhi, India, Aug 31, 2005. 19. “Measuring Market Imperfection in Manufacturing Sector: Theory and Evidence from India”, with S.K.Das presented at the ASSA Conference in Boston, USA, Jan. 6, 2006. 20. “Alternative Sources of Funding the Millenium Development Goals”, presented at UN Secy. General Colloquium, Princeton University,USA, Feb. 14-16, 2006. 21. Multilateral Trade Negotiations:Coalitions and Developing Countries”, delivered at UNCTAD Training Course on Key Issues on the International Economic Agenda, Institute for International Trade and Development, Bangkok, Thailand, Nov 12-Dec 1,2006.

22. Keynote address at Workshop on “Globalisation and Its Impact on North East India”, Press institute of India, NEHU, Meghalaya, Nov. 4-5, 2007. 23. “Economic Development: Do Governments Matter?”, presented at International Seminar on Emerging Economies: Trends and prospects”, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India, Feb. 24-26, 2008. 24. “Promoting Competitiveness in India’s Manufacturing Sector: A Case Study of the Steel and Tyre Sectors”, Competition Commission of India, New Delhi, 2008. 25. “ Global Recession and its Impact on the Real estate Sector”, International Seminar, organized by Iskan Investment Company and Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Feb. 28, 2009, Muscat, Oman. 26. “Should South Africa join the SADC EPA?”, Brussels, Mar 3-4, 2010, seminar for the European Commission organized by DFID, London. 27. “Why Do Developing Countries Contract RTAs?”, Conference of UNCTAD and University of Jordan, Nov. 2-4, 2010. 28. “ Anti Trust and the Civil Aviation Industry in India”, Chair and presenter at Second International Conference on Current Developments in Air & Space Law, National Law University, New Delhi, India, Nov. 13-14,2010. 29. “ Understanding RTAs and the Indian Context: An Analytical Study”, Special Address at Conference on Korea-South Asia Cooperation in an Era of Rising South Asia, organized by Korea Institute of Economic Policy, Seoul, South Korea, Nov. 25, 2010. 30. “Indian Economic Reforms: Second Stage Imperatives”, Hangkuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea, Dec.9-10, 2011. 31. “Understanding FDI: The Case of Multibrand Retail”, Valedictory Address, School of Economics, Symbiosis International University, Pune, Feb. 4th, 2013 32. “FDI in Retail Sector—Understanding the Implications”, Annual Economic Conference, Matreyee College, Delhi University, March. 6, 2013. 33. Ïndo-Pakistan Trade Relations”—Panel Speaker, International Conference, ICRIER, New Delhi, March 15, 2013. 34. “Global Trade, Institutions and Economic Development: Role of Foreign Policy”- SIS-ICWA Conference, School of International Studies, JNU, New Delhi, Oct. 8, 2013 35. “RTAs: IS BRICS Trade Sustainable? “, National Conference, Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research, Mumbai, Oct. 23, 2013 36. Ëconomic Development: Do Governments Matter?”, IIT, Madras, January 5, 2014.

37. “Indo-Pakistan Trade: An Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Sector”, paper presented at the 2nd Annual Conference on “Normalizing India-Pakistan Trade”,

21-22 January

2014,ICRIER, New Delhi. 38. “Why do Developing Countries contract FTAs?”, paper presented at an international conference on

“Indo-Japan Economic Partnership Amidst the Trend for Mega FTAs”,

Tokyo, Japan, March 27, 2014 organised by ICRIER, India and Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance, Japan.

BOOKS 1. Foreign Direct Investment in India: The Issues Involved, Lancer Books, New Delhi, India, 1995. 2. Indian Economy in Transition: Environment and Development Issues (ed.) with, M. Agarwal, S.K.Das and A.Barua. Har-Anand Publications, New Dehi, India, 1998. 3. India’s Foreign Economic Policy and the Way of Reinforcing Economic Cooperation Between Korea and India (ed), with Tae Hwan Yoo, Yoon Jung Choi and V. Balaji, Korea Institute of Economics and Policy, South Korea, 2005. 4. Evolution of the Indian Economy since 1991: Parrot Reads Publishers, New Delhi, 2010

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7. ”,with Manoranjan Pattanayak, in Readings in Indian Agriculture and Industry (ed), K.L.Krishna and Uma Kapila, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2009. 8. “The Developing Countries and Trade Negotiations: A Developing Country Perspective”, in The WTO and India: Issues and Negotiating Strategies,(ed.) A.Barua and Rbert M.Stern, Orient Blackswan Pvt. Ltd, India, 2010. 9. Trade








Liberalisation,Industrial Structure and Growth (ed) by Ashok Guha,Oxford University Press,Delhi,1990. 10. “India and the BRICS countries: Issues of Trade and Technology”, in BRICS: Trade Policies, Institutions and Areas of Deepening Cooperation, Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, IIFT Bhavan, New Delhi, March 2013.

CONSULTANCIES AND PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN: 1. 1982-84--- India's exports of Non-traditional Items-- sponsored by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 2. 1988-89.India's Trade Policies:Theory and Practice. Sponsored by Ford Foundation and The Indian Council for Research in International Economic Relations. 3. 1990-91--- Consultant (Senior Fellow),



of Public Finance and

Policy,New Delhi. Project relating to a study of Taxation of Foreign Companies. 4. Fall 1993-- Fulbright Scholar, USA and



Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, 75275,

University, New York, USA. August to November,1993.Project

relating to U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in India. 5. Jan- June 1994-- Project on "FDI in India: A Comparative Study", prepared for a USAID sponsored project. 6. June-Dec.1995-- Project on " An Alternative Strategy of Development for North-East India",



International Development Research Council for India (IDRC),

Canada. 7. May, 1996-May, 1997. Project on " Research Priority Setting in Forestry Research", World Bank-ICFRE, India. 8. Oct.- Nov. 1997, Project on " Social and Educational Impact of Zoos in North India", for Central Zoo Authority, Government of India, New Delhi. 9. Project Director, SBI Project, Forecasting Financial variables, March 2000 onwards. 10. April-May,2001— Socio-Economic Evaluation of Forestry Projects, ICFRE-World Bank, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India

11. The MAI and the WTO: The Prospects of Multilateralism",Aug. 2002-April,2003.Funded by CUTS, Jaipur, India and Institute for Development Studies,Sussex, UK. 12. Promoting Competition in the manufacturing Sector—sponsored by the Competition Commission of India, 2006-2008. 13. “Should South Africa join the SADC-EPA?”—study conducted for DFID-London, March, 2010 14. District Human Development Reports for three districts of Nagaland—, Govt. of Nagaland, May 2011. 15. India and the BRICS Countries: Issues of Trade and Technology, Aug-Dec,2011, for CWTOS and Ministry of Commerce, Govt. Of India. 16. Normalizing India-Pakistan Trade

- Case Study of The Pharmaceutical Industry- Aug

2013-March, 2013, ICRIER, New Delhi. 17. District Human Development Reports for eight districts of Nagaland—, Govt. of Nagaland, January, 2014.

ASSOCIATION WITH JOURNALS Member, Editorial Board, Journal of International Studies, Published by Sage Publications, India, 2001-2003. Associate Editor, Indian Growth and Development Review, Emerald Publishers. Referee for Indian Economic Journal, Indian Economic Review, Journal of Quantitative Economics, Journal of International Trade and Development, Kieo Economic Studies.

ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES Chairman, CITD,SIS, Member of Board of Studies, SIS, JNU. Chairman, Campus Development Committee, 2008-2009. Provost, Dakshinapuram Hostels, JNU, 2005-07. Member, Building and Works Committee, JNU. Director, Internal Quality Assessment Cell, JNU, 2012Member, Board of Studies, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi. Member, Finance Committee, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi

ASSOCIATION WITH GOVT. BODIES Economic Advisor to Govt. of Nagaland, 2001-2003, 2010- the present

Expert, Committee on Trade and Environment, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, 2002-03 Consultant, Competition Commission of India. Member, Consultative Committee on External Sector, Planning Commission, Government of India, 2004. Member, Technical Committee of the Ministry of Human Resource Development for WTO and Trade in Educational Services Chairman, Project Review Committee of Department For Scientific and Industrial Research for Centre for International Trade in Technology, IIFT, New Delhi, 2005-2007. Economic Consultant, Government of Nagaland, 2009-.

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