About SOPL Group The Seasons Overseas Group was established in July 2013 to service the growing demand in high quality agricultural products, focusing on pulses, grains, oil seeds and animal feed / meals. We have offices in Singapore, Myanmar, India & Cambodia. We have made significant progress within a short period of time and have executed trades with volumes of over 100,000 metric tons. We have an active buyer & seller network with over 200 corporations around the world. Soon, we will have partnered offices in Canada, Nepal, Australia & other regions.

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Vision Our vision is to become the preferred commodity trading organisation, improving aspects of the business we operate in, promoting fair trade practices and ensuring growth of all involved parties. In the process of doing so, we want to encourage co-ownership within the ecosystem thus building shareholder value.

Mission Our Mission is to bridge the demand for high quality agricultural products around the world, starting with Asia. Once we become a sizeable business, we want to focus on other commodities as well.

Strategy We want to generate a turnover of over USD 50 Million in 3 years and our growth plans are driven by trading capacity in the various markets and the strategy to be integrated across the distribution supply chain – from origination to consumption. This enables control over each stage of its business (commodity movement, transaction timing) creating significant cost efficiencies. Page : 2

Products Beans & Pulses An integral part of the protein diet (especially for the vegetarian population). We source pulses from South-east Asia, Canada, Australia and Africa countries and export into Indian sub-continent & Middle east where market demand outstrips supply. Sales of pulses are usually in smaller tonnage and dollar value and we have a network with more than 300 buyers.

Peas & Lentils They are a part of the Legume Family and have been a part of the human diet for 13,000 years. There are mainly 2 types of Peas – yellow and green. There are also two types of Lentils – Red & Green/ Yellow. Both commodities are sold with and without the skin. Chick peas, also known as Gram Whole, Bengal Gram & Desi Chick Peas and Kabuli Chick Peas, are also known as Garbanzo Bean, are very high in protein.

Oil Seeds Oil seeds are used for various purposes, like for direct consumption, oil extractions, protein for animal feed and various food products. There are various types of oil seeds. Sesame seeds, Soybean, Rapeseed/ Canola and Mustard Seed.

Feed Grain & Protein There are various types of feed grain & protein available worldwide. Soybean Meal, Balanced Soybean Meal, Rape seed meal, Shea Nut Meal and Wheat Feed.

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Products Grains Grains are small, hard, dry seeds harvested for human & animal consumption. There are many different types of Grains which are grown worldwide. Rice, Wheat, Corn/ Maize, Sugar.

Chemicals 2-Ethylhexanol (abbreviated 2-EH) is a fatty alcohol, an organic compound is a branched, eight-carbon chiral alcohol. Dop Chemical, Buy Various High Quality Dop Chemical Products from Global Dop Chemical Suppliers and Dop Chemical Manufacturers.

Construction Material SOPL is a major manufacturer of premium quality granite slabs & tiles. We provide quality granite, marbles, sand stone, slates and precious stone from all over the world. Our wide range of products give you many options to choose from.

Others SOPL also deals with Various ferrous & non-ferrous steel, Umbrella Components, Plywood, Laminates and Organic Products.

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Team Mr Sunil Patwari is the CEO and Managing Director at SOPL Group and is responsible for the growth and success of the business. Mr. Patwari has spent the last 22 years successfully managing and growing commodity trading businesses and lives in Singapore. Prior to founding Seasons Overseas Pte Ltd, Mr. Patwari was the CEO of Export Trading Group for their South East Asia business managing a turnover of over USD400M. He also held leadership positions at Adani Wilmar Pte Ltd, Majuko Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd and other large multi-national companies, based out of Singapore. He has extensive handson trading experience across Asia, Australia, North America and Africa, and is an eminent speaker in this space contributing actively to industry seminars and forums. Mr. Patwari holds a Master of Business Administration from CSM Institute of Graduate Studies, USA and a Bachelor of Commerce (H) degree from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta University, India.

Ms. Thida Zin is the CEO and Managing Director at Golden Sparkles Co Ltd. and is responsible for business development and sales. With extensive experience in the agro-commodity trading business (since 1995), Ms. Zin has held a number of senior management positions, responsible for all aspects of Myanmar operations including finance, logistics, and human resources. She has strong connections in the public and private sectors in Myanmar and is recognized as an expert in the beans and pulses business in Yangon. She also managed the port operation at Myanmar Integrated Port Ltd for seven years. Ms. Zin holds a Master of Arts in Economics from the Institute of Economics, Yangon and Advanced Certificate in Principles of Management from the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Ms. Nilar Htun is the COO at Golden Sparkles Co Ltd. and is responsible for the day to day operations. Ms. Htun has over 17 years in managing operations with a special focus on handling all aspects of shipping and logistics. In the past, she has led and managed all administrative aspects of the business for leading trading houses in Myanmar including shipping, work force management and accounting. Ms. Htun holds a Master of Science and a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from the University of Yangon, Myanmar.

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Achievement Asia TOP Outstanding Enterprise – 2015 is been awarded to Mr. Sunil Patwari (Season Overseas Pte. Ltd.) for achieving outstanding business performance industry prominence and regional recognition.

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