Vermont Holstein Show Results

Vermont Holstein Show Results Sept. 1, 2013, Champlain Valley Expo Adam Liddle-Judge, Arglye, NY Spring Calf (10) 1-Lylehaven Fever Leah (Crackholm Fe...
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Vermont Holstein Show Results Sept. 1, 2013, Champlain Valley Expo Adam Liddle-Judge, Arglye, NY Spring Calf (10) 1-Lylehaven Fever Leah (Crackholm Fever), Lylehaven; 2-St.Jacobs Ashock Hezzie, Isabel Hall (1st Jr.); 3Oakfield Bro Firefox-Red-ET, St.Jacobs ABC & Gene Iager Winter Calf (4) 1-Four-Hills RB Jess-Red-ET (Lookout P Redburst-Red-ET), Britney Hill (1st Jr.); 2-Fairmont Braxton 1246, Maggie Kirby (2nd Jr.); 3-Don-Sim Dundee Champion, Katelyn Blake Fall Calf (9) 1-Lylehaven GWD Langley-ET ( Braedale Goldwyn), Lylehaven; 2-Eastriver Goldwyn Falcon 83-ET, St.Jacobs ABC & Michael Heath; 3-Lylehaven Alx Lashasta-ET, Lylehaven Summer Yearling (1) 1-Lylehaven Advt Chars-Red-ET (KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET), Lylehaven Spring Yearling (5) 1-Liliees Alexander Lyla-ET (Golden-Oaks ST Alexander-ET), Isabel Hall (1st Jr.); 2-Four-Hills Dst. Juna 3927-ET, Elizabeth Hill (2nd Jr.); 3-St.Jacobs Goldwyn Aimee-ET, Maggie Kirby. Winter Yearling (4) 1-Four-Hills GC Rhyme 3846-ET (Mr. Chasity Gold Chip), Britney HJill (1st Jr.); 2-St.Jacob Destry AbrielleET, Chelsea & Caitlyn Abbott; 3-VT-Pond-View Atwood Lady-ET, Fairmont Farm Fall Yearling-none Junior Champion Junior Show-Four-Hills RB Jess-Red-ET (Winter Calf)-Britney Hill Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show-Lilees Alexander Lyla-ET (Spring Yearling), Isabel Hall Honorable Mention-Four-Hills GC Rhyme-3846-ET (Winter Yrlg.), Britney Hill Junior Champion Open Show-Lylehaven GWD Langley-ET (Fall Calf), Lylehaven Reserve Junior Champion Open Show-Lylehaven Fever Leah (Spring Calf), Lylehaven Honorable Mention-Eastriver Goldwyn Falcon 83-ET (2nd Fall Calf)-St.Jacobs ABC & Michael Heath

Junior Best Three Females (4) 1-Lylehaven; 2-Four Hills; 3-St.Jacobs ABC Dry Aged Cow (1) 1-Arbutusland Phouse Jenny (Windy-Knoll-View Powerhouse), Martha Seifert Northeast Ag Green Mountain Futurity (3) 1-Don-Sim Debonair Gipper (Scientific Debonair-Red), Don-Sim Farm; 2-Kingsmill Bolivia Anna-ET, Isabel Hall Yearlings in Milk (3) 1-Lylehaven Lissette-ET (Crackholm Fever), Lylehaven; 2-Eastriver Goldwyn Lily-1106-ET, Lylehaven Jr. Two-Year-Olds (6) 1-Cameron Ridge Jas Luxury (Wilcox Jasper), St.Jacobs ABC & Clark Woodmansee; 2-Cowtown A Twisted Tea, Cowtown Holsteins; 3-Don-Sim Sanchez Gokey, Don-Sim Farm Sr. Two-Year-Old (4) 1-Lylehaven-KK Alexander Pinky (Golden Oaks ST Alexander-ET), Lylehaven; 2-Four-Hills Gold Jaslene-ET, Elizabeth Hill; 3-Don-Sim Debonair Gipper, Don-Sim Farm. Jr. Three-Year-Old (7) 1-Four-Hills Adv Cait 3122-Red (KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET), Elizabeth Hill (1st Jr.); 2-Four-Hills Redman Ash 3071, Elizabeth Hill; 3-Cowtown Goldwyn Tahoe, CowTown Sr. Three-Year-Olds (5) 1-Kingsmill Ashlyons Annisa-ET (Scientific Destry-ET), Chelsea & Caitlyn Abbott; 2-Cowtown Advent Synergy, Sloan Nelson; 3-Four-Hills Adv Kalie-Red, Elizabeth Hill (1st Jr.) Intermediate Champion Open Show-Kingsmill Ashlyons Annisa-ET (Sr. Three), Chelsea & Caitlyn Abbott; Reserve Intermediate Champion Open Show-Cameron Ridge Jas Luxury-ET (Jr. Two), St.Jacobs ABC & Clark Woodmansee Honorable Mention-Four-Hills adv Cait 3122-Red (Jr. Three), Elizabeth Hill Four-Year-Old (2) 1-Cowtown Durham Lightning-ET (Regancrest Elton Durham), Cowtown Holsteins; 2-Four-Hills Jasper Jazz-ET, Elizabeth & Britney Hill (1st Jr.)

Five-Year-Old (1) 1-Walhowdon Lliam Ola (Walhowdon O Man Liam), Don-Sim Farm Aged Cow (2) 1-Welk-Shade Goldwyn Kleo (Braedale Goldwyn), Lylehaven; 2-Robeth Pixie, Robeth Holsteins 150,000 Pound Cow (3) 1-VT-Pond-View Ruben Lilyana (STBVG Rubens-ET), Scott & Laurie Langmaid; 2-Lylehaven Lassie-ET, Lylehaven. Dam/Daughter (3) 1-Lylehaven; 2-Four-Hills Farm Produce of Dam (4) 1-Lylehaven; 2-Elizabeth Hill; 3-Martha Seifert Breeders Herd (3) 1-Lylehaven; 2-Four-Hills Senior Best Three Females (5) 1-Cowtown Holsteins; 2-Lylehaven; 3- Four-Hills Farm Junior Show Sr. & Grand Champion, Best Udder of Show & Best Bred by Exhibitor: Four-Hills Jasper Jazz-ET, Elizabeth & Britney Hill Junior Show Res. Sr. & Res. Grand Champion: Four-Hills Adv Cait 3122-Red, Elizabeth Hill. Junior Show Honorable Mention Grand Champion: Eastriver JRM Jewel-ET, Elizabeth Hill Junior Show Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor: Elizabeth Hill Open Show Sr. & Grand Champion, Best Bred by Exhibitor: VT-Pond-View Rubens Lilyana, Scott & Laurie Langmaid. Open Show Res. Sr. & Res. Grand Champion: Lylehaven Lassie-ET, Lylehaven Open Show Honorable Mention Sr. & Grand Champion: Cowtown Durham Lightning-ET, Cowtown Holsteins Open Show Production Champion: Walhowdon Lliam Ola, Don-Sim Farm Open Show Premier Breeder & Exhibitor: Lylehaven


Junior Show Jr. Champions: Isabel Hall with Reserve, Lilees Alexander Lyla-ET; Britney Hill with Jrunior Champion, Four-Hills RB Jess-Red-ET, Judge Adam Liddle & Ribbon Girls Hannah Dolloff & Sara Hill.

Junior Champions Open Show: Sharyn Abbott with Honorable Mention, Eastriver Goldwyn Falcon 83-ET, Annick Michaud with Reserve, Lyldehaven Fever Leah, Francis Bilideau with Junior Champion, Lylehaven GWD Langley-ET, Judge Adam Liddle and Ribbon Girls Hannah Dolloff & Sara Hill.

Sloan Nelson helping Dad, Cy, show her cow, Cowtown Advent Synergy, to second place.

Intermediate Champions: Bob Fitzsimmons with the Reserve, Cameron Ridge Jas Luxury-ET, and Sharyn Abbott with the Intermediate Champion, KIngsmill Ashlyons Annisa-ET, Judge Liddle.

Production Winner Walhowdon Lliam Ola, Seth & Bethany Carpenter, Don-Sim Farm.

Junior Show Senior & Grand Champion, Best Udder of Jr. Show & Best Bred by Exhibitor on right Elizabeth Hill with Four-Hills Jasper Jazz-ET, Britney Hill with Reserve, Four-Hills Adv Cait 3122-Red, Judge Liddle & Hannah & Sara doing the presentations.

Open Show Grand Champions In center Bob Fitzsimmons with VT-Pond-View Rubens Lilyana, Senior, Grand & Best Bred by Exhibitor, on right Sue Brown & Francis Bilideau with Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand, Lylehaven Lassie-ET, on left Sharyn Abbott with Honorable Mention, Kingsmill Ashlyons Annisa-ET.

Lucy Howe, Howvale Farm, presents their award to Bob Fitzsimmons for Best Bred & Owned of Show.

Hugh Langmaid, breeder of the champion joins Bob and Lilyana.

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor Lylehaven’s crew get a smile from Sue Brown.