VENDOR PACKET. April 15 17, Reserving a booth for the HBA Home Show Show Demographics

VENDOR PACKET April 15—17, 2016 Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center 3650 N Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO Reserving a booth for the HBA Hom...
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VENDOR PACKET April 15—17, 2016 Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center 3650 N Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO

Reserving a booth for the HBA Home Show To reserve your booth, simply complete this vendor packet and return pages 6-9. You can log on to for a real time map of which booths are still available and where each company will be located. When filling out your contract or online registration, please list ALL products/services that you will be displaying in your booth. If you fail to list that product/service at the time you send in your contract, you will not be allowed to have that product/service shown or displayed in your booth because another company who has that product/service may be next to you. It is the intent of the HBA not to put you next your competitor. Our goal in 2016 is to have you at least 4 booths away from your competitor in the same row—some exceptions apply. This means that no remodeler can be next to a remodeler, a window company next to a window company, a cabinet company next to a cabinet company. However, an Exhibitor who supplies cabinets, windows, etc. to a remodeler can be next to the remodeler. Exceptions: If you have products and services that cross multiple businesses (i.e. roofing, windows, siding, painting) you may be placed next to a company that offers just painting.

2015 Show Demographics  Gender: 55% female; 45% male  Age: 69% of attendees are 35 - 64 years old; 19% are 65+  Marital status: 81% are married or in a relationship; 19% are single  Income: 43% earn $50,000 - $99,000 per year; 42% earn $100,000+  Home Ownership: 93% of attendees own their own home  Age: 64% are 35 - 64 years old; 18% are 65+  Own Business: 81% of attendees own their own business Information obtained from the April 2015 Home Show via BGV Marketing kiosks located in the lobby

For questions or support contact: Shirley Rouse Director of Member Services O: 719-592-1800 ext. 17 C: 719-440-4171 E: [email protected]

Show Dates & Setup/Tear-down Times PARKING Free parking is available to all exhibitors and their staff on the WEST side of the Expo Center. There will be a $100 per vehicle fee to park your vehicle with logo in the EAST parking lot. The east parking lot is reserved for your prospective customers.

Pipe and Drape will be set up on Thursday, April 14 starting approx. 1 PM.

Exhibits must be completely set up by 2 PM on Friday, April 15.

Due to limited access to unload for set-up please be patient and wait your turn to enter building. When you are in the loading dock, please unload quickly and carefully Please note: then move your vehicle so the next exhibitor can do the It is the intention of HBA to be fair and accommodating same. We suggest that you bring your own push to everyone, the safety of people and property will be our carts and dollies for moving large/heavy items. priority. We will have an information booth at the Please use extra care during move-in and move-out so as east entrance if you need some direction for the not to damage the facility in any way. move-in of your displays.

SHOW HOURS Friday, April 15 Saturday, April 16 Sunday, April 17

3 PM - 7 PM 10 AM - 6 PM 11 AM - 4 PM

MOVE-IN EXHIBITORS (revised 3/8/16)  Thursday, April 14 8-11 AM Truck and trailer must be out of the building by 11 AM.  Thursday, April 14 1-6 PM 10’x20’ booth and larger Vehicles will only be able to enter the overhead doors to the demonstration area and must cart product from there. You will NOT be able to drive your vehicle to your booth. FINISHING MOVE-IN  Friday, April 15 Carts and dollies only.

8:30 AM-2 PM

Booths must be staffed during the hours open to the public.

MOVE-OUT Sunday, April 17 Monday, April 18

4:10 PM-7 PM 8:00 AM - 12 PMr

Booth spaces must be paid in full prior to setup. If you have an outstanding balance on your booth space, your company will not be able to set up your booth space. If you have questions regarding your balance, contact HBA at 719-592-1800 ext. 17 ASAP.

Move-in for trucks, trailers, carts, dollies and pallet jacks is through overhead doors only.

General Show Information Hold Harmless Agreement No exhibit can be moved in without this form completed. See page 8 of this Vendor Packet.

What’s Included in Booth Package? The booth package includes:  8’ back drape • 3’ side drapes  Wi-Fi

Services Request If you would like to order services from the Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center, please note that if you order your services by Friday, April 8 you will receive the early bird rate. Services requested after this date are at a higher rate. Refer to page 7 for more information on the following services offered:  Electricity  Water  Tables  Chairs  Linens  Parking on the east side (front) of the Expo Center

Use of Display Space 1. In the event an exhibitor fails to set up their display within the set-up time allowed, the HBA shall have the right to take possession of said space and resell same, or any part thereof. All Fees and deposits will be forfeited. 2. When preparing displays for the show, please remember to allow room for booth divider curtain rods on each side of approximately 4 inches per side. 3. All demonstrations, promotional materials, and sales activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibitors booth. 4. All exhibits, back walls and decorations will be limited to eight feet (8') in height, except actual equipment which in normal operations exceeds this height. Written permission from HBA must first be obtained for the display of equipment or articles that do not conform to specifications as set forth in this contract. 5. Exhibits that include the operation of musical equipment, radios, videos, sound motion pictures, or any noise making devices must be operated so that the sound will not annoy or disturb adjacent exhibitors. 6. No exhibit may extend beyond your designated booth space, unless you have formally requested a variance from HBA and that has been approved in writing. 7. Be sure that you are familiar with all terms and conditions that were printed on your contract. 8. Absolutely no use of propane or butane will be permitted as fuel or heat source, any equipment containing gas tanks must be dry, no gas, propane or butane allowed on premises. 9. Helium balloons must be tied down - balloons may not be handed out to the public. 10. Displays must be arranged not to obstruct general view or conceal other exhibits or exit signs. 11. HBA reserves the right to move any exhibitor to accommodate the floorplan of the show. Please call Shirley at 719-592-1800 ext.17 with any questions.

Rules and Regulations 1. LOCATION, DATES, AND in its sole discretion HOURS of the Show: To be determined by Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs (hereinafter referred to as “HBA”). 2. INSTALLATION, EXHIBITING, AND DISMANTLING: The hours and dates for installation, exhibiting, and dismantling shall be those specified by HBA. Exhibitor shall be liable for all storage and handling charges resulting from failure to remove exhibit material from the leased building before the specified conclusion of the dismantling period set by HBA. Each Exhibitor must name at least one person to be its representative with regard to installation, operation, and removal of exhibit. 3. The Exhibitor agrees not to use or permit the premises to be used at any time for the purpose of soliciting participants for shows other than conducted by HBA, including, but not limited to, any recreational vehicle, camping, sporting, van or truck show, or the distribution of related materials including but not limited to advertising of such shows. Conduct in violation of this paragraph will entitle HBA to the remedies set forth in Paragraph Number 10 of this contract and any additional remedies it may have in either law, or equity, or both. 4. REASSIGNMENT OF SPACE: HBA retains the right to reallocate exhibitor space assigned to the Exhibitor in the best interests of the show. 5. SUBLETTING AND ASSIGNMENT: Exhibitor may not sublet or assign his exhibit space, nor any part thereof, nor exhibit, offer for sale or advertise articles not manufactured, or normally sold by the Exhibitor except when such articles are necessary to the proper demonstration or operation of the Exhibitor’s display, in which case the identification shall be limited to the manufacturer’s normal and regular nameplate. The Exhibitor shall not permit representatives of a non-exhibiting company to operate from his/her exhibit space. 6. GENERAL REGULATIONS: A. Loud speakers and sound displays are not permitted, and HBA shall have the right to reject any exhibit which does not, in its sole discretion, conform to the general tenor of the show. B. All exhibits, back walls and decorations will be limited to eight feet (8') in height, except actual equipment which in normal operations exceeds this height. Written permission from HBA must first be obtained for the display of equipment or articles that do not conform to specifications as set forth in this contract. C. Under no circumstances may the weight of any equipment or exhibit material exceed the specified floor load limit of the leased building. The Exhibitor accepts full and sole responsibility for injury or damage to property or person resulting from failure, knowingly or otherwise, to distribute the exhibit material and products in conformity with the maximum floor load specifications. D. The dispensing, distribution, or use of alcoholic beverages or food, or both, by Exhibitors in any part of the show premises is prohibited without the express prior written approval of HBA. E. FLAMMABLE FLUIDS OR MATERIALS OF ANY NATURE, INCLUDING DECORATIVE MATERIALS, USE OF WHICH IS PROHIBITED BY FEDERAL, STATE OR MUNICIPAL LAWS OR REGULATIONS, ARE PROHIBITED FROM USE IN ANY AND ALL EXHIBITS. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO PROPANE PERMITTED IN THE LEASED BUILDING. F. The operation of any games of chance or lottery devices, or the actual or simulated pursuit of any recreational pastime, is only permitted by the prior written approval of HBA. G. No noisy or obstructive work will be permitted during the hours that the show is open to the public, nor will exhibits producing objectionable odors be allowed. HBA shall have sole discretion in determining what is noisy, obstructive and objectionable. H. Any demonstration or activity that results in excessive obstruction of aisles or that prevents ready access to nearby Exhibitors’ space shall be suspended for a period of time that will be determined by HBA. I. No soliciting of business shall be permitted in aisles or in other Exhibitors’ space. Samples, catalogs, pamphlets, & publications may only be distributed by Exhibitors strictly within the confines of their own exhibit space. No Exhibitor will be permitted to conduct any promotional stunts or demonstrations without prior written approval from HBA. All exhibitors agree to confine selling and exhibit activities to their own specific and contracted space as assigned by HBA and not in adjacent parking lots and public streets in violation of municipal ordinances or state. J. Photography of exhibit space will be limited to closed hours or candid shots only. Exhibitors and photographers may not disrupt, redirect, or in any manner hamper visitor traffic by clearing exhibit space or any aisles for photography during regular show hours. K. In their own best interests, Exhibitors must maintain an attendant at their exhibit space during all open hours. All Exhibitors and their assistants, representatives, employees, servants and agents must register with HBA daily upon arrival to the show premises. L. Exhibitors shall comply with all federal, state, and municipal laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances and shall comply with any and all regulations promulgated with respect to event premises. 7. LIABILITY: Exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and hold harmless

HBA against and from any and all claims, loss, cost, damage, liability or expense arising from, or out of, or by reason of (1) Any accident or other occurrence to anyone, including but not limited to the Exhibitor, its employees, representatives, agents, servants and business invitees, which arises from, or out of, or by reason of said Exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the leased building premises or any part thereof; (2) any damage to the leased building caused by Exhibitor, its employees, representatives, agents, servants, and business invitees; and (3) breach by Exhibitor of its obligations hereunder. Under no circumstances will HBA be liable for any injuries to any persons as aforesaid in paragraph 7 and under no circumstances will HBA be liable for lost profits and/or any other incidental or consequential damages. EACH EXHIBITOR MUST OBTAIN SUFFICIENT INSURANCE COVERAGE TO COVER EXHIBIT MATERIALS AGAINST DAMAGE AND LOSS AS WELL AS PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE AGAINST INJURY TO THE PERSON OR PROPERTY OF OTHERS IN AMOUNTS SATISFACTORY TO HBA. EXHIBITOR SHALL PROVICE HBA WITH A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE AS ISSUED BY THE INSURER. Exhibitor shall be responsible for its property at all times. Should the Exhibitor desire to hire security guards, HBA must approve such security guards in writing. IF THE LEASED BUILDING OR ANY PORTION THERE OF, ARE DAMAGED BY THE ACT, OMISSION OR NEGLIGENCE OF AN EXHIBITOR, ITS EMPLOYEES, REPRESENTATIVES, AGENTS OR SERVANTS, EXHIBITOR SHALL PAY TO HBA UPON DEMAND SUCH SUM AS SHALL BE NECESSARY TO RESTORE SAID SHOW PREMISES TO THEIR FORMER CONDITION. In the event the leased building or any part thereof are unavailable, whether for the entire show or a portion thereof, as a result of terrorist attack(s), threat of terrorist attack(s), war, fire, flood, strikes, riots, acts of God, or any other cause beyond HBA’s reasonable control, or should HBA decide that because of any such cause it is necessary to cancel, postpone or resite the show, or reduce the installation time, the show hours, or dismantling time, HBA shall not be liable to Exhibitor or any third party for any loss, cost, damage, liability, expense, or claim direct or indirect incidental, consequential, or otherwise arising as a result thereof. Refunds in the case of termination shall be made to Exhibitor(s) in the amount based on the original exhibit fee less a prorated adjustment based on the costs incurred by HBA from staging the show. If an exhibit fails to arrive, Exhibitor will be, nevertheless, responsible for exhibit space and no refund shall be made. If the exhibit space is not occupied by the time set for completion of the installation of the exhibit, such exhibit space may be taken by HBA and reallocated or reassigned for whatever purposes or uses as HBA may see fit. 8. CANCELLATION: In the event of cancellation by an Exhibitor, THE FOLLOWING SHALL APPLY: A. If the Exhibitor cancels 120 days or more before the start of the show, he will owe HBA nothing; B. If the Exhibitor cancels between 91 and 119 days before the start of the show, Exhibitor shall be liable to pay HBA 50% of the space rental fee; C. If the Exhibitor cancels between 61 and 90 days before the start of the show, Exhibitor shall be liable to pay HBA 75% of the space rental fee; D. If the Exhibitor cancels 60 days or less prior to the start of the show, Exhibitor shall be liable to pay HBA 100% of the space rental fee. HBA must receive written notification of cancellation by registered or certified mail. The date upon which notification is received by HBA will determine the above assessment charges. In the event of either full or partial cancellation of exhibit space by an Exhibitor, HBA reserves the right to reassign the cancelled exhibit space regardless of cancellation assessment. Subsequent reassignment of cancelled space does not relieve the canceling Exhibitor of the obligation to pay the cancellation assessment. 9. INTERPRETATION OF CONTRACT: HBA shall have the full power in the interpretation, contraction and enforcement of all contract terms, rules, regulations and agreements set forth herein. Any alteration or modification of this contract shall be in writing and signed by the parties hereto. This contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Colorado. If HBA must institute legal proceedings against an Exhibitor for his breech of this Contract, HBA, if successful, shall be entitled to court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees in connection with such actions. 10. REMEDIES: In the event an Exhibitor breaches this agreement or if an Exhibitor, its employees, agents, representatives, servants, or business invitees, engage in any conduct which HBA IN ITS SOLE DISCRETION DEEMS OBJECTIONABLE, HBA shall have the right to close the Exhibitor’s space and remove Exhibitor’s property. The Exhibitor hereby waives any right to or claims for damages against HBA or any of its officers or agents, and shall hold HBA harmless and exempt from any such rights of claims. HBA also reserves the right to eject or bar persons and to close an exhibit space or parts of an exhibit, which are in violation of any paragraph of this contract. This provision applies to displays, literature, advertising, novelties, souvenirs, Exhibitor’s conduct, etc. MATTERS NOT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED HEREIN: Any and all matters or questions not specifically addressed or covered by the foregoing paragraphs shall be solely subject to the reasonable decision and discretion of HBA.

Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs—November 2011

Floor Map Check booth availability at

Contract and Exhibit Space Reservation April 15–17, 2016 Company Name ____________________________________ Mailing Address ____________________________________ City/State/Zip _____________________________________ Office # ________________ Cell # ___________________ E-mail ___________________________________________ Web Address _____________________________________

Exhibit Space Preference (please indicate top three choices): (1) ______________________________________________ (2) ______________________________________________ (3) ______________________________________________

List ALL products and/or services to be exhibited.

Contact Name _____________________________________ _________________________________________________ Signed By:________________________________________


Title: _____________________________________________

We prefer not to be located near the following companies Date _____________________________________________ and/or products: ___________________________________

$ _______ $625.00 HBA Member / $725.00 Non-Member (per 10’x10’ booth space, add $75 for each corner) $ _______ Requested Services from Page 7 $ _______ TOTAL COST OF EXHIBIT SPACE $ _______ DEPOSIT (minimum of 50% deposit is due with contract to reserve exhibit space) $ _______ BALANCE DUE (7 days prior to show or exhibitor forfeits any deposits and exhibit location) We acknowledge the rules and regulations printed on page 4 of this contract and agree to the terms and conditions set forth. Please send your check with ALL SIGNED COPIES to: HBA, 4585 Hilton Pkwy. # 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. Make checks payable to “HBA of Colorado Springs”

If paying with a credit card, please fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form on page 8 of this packet. Your form of payment MUST be submitted with this Contract or your booth space will not be reserved until it is received. PLEASE SUBMIT PAGES 6—9. Please list ALL products/services that you will be displaying in your booth. If you fail to list that product/service at the time you send in your contract, you will not be allowed to have that product/service displayed in your booth.

FAX THIS FORM TO 719-260-8398 OR EMAIL [email protected]


The undersigned wishes to make application for exhibit space in this show, upon acceptance of this application, which then becomes a contract subject to the rules and regulations governing the show and subject to final approval and acceptance by the HBA. SEE RULES AND REGULATIONS ON PAGE 4 OF THIS VENDOR PACKET.

Booth(s) assigned Date Received ___________________ Amount ____________________ Payment Type __________________ Date Received ___________________ Amount ____________________ Payment Type ______________________

___________________ Authorized by ___________________

Services Request These services must be ordered from the facilities via Colorado Springs Expo Management. The HBA will pay CSEM on your behalf so you only need to write one check or pay one credit card bill.

On/Before 4/8/16

4/9/16 and later



208V 3 Phase - 20AMP



50 AMP



Do you require 24 hour power?

 Yes

 No

Up to 2,000 gallons



2,000 - 4,000 gallons




Service Charge

POWER 120 - 20AMP Outlet

$ Upon request


OTHER - these items will be checked out to you at the registration table. You will be responsible for taking these items to your booth. 8' table - NOT DRAPED



60 x 102-Inch Rectangular Tablecloth—White



90-Inch Round Polyester Tablecloth - White





Parking—east parking lot

Total Services Ordered





Release of Liability/ Hold Harmless Agreement This agreement is entered into by and between the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs., a not-for-profit Colorado Corporation and Exhibitor.

In consideration of renting booth space or participating in any fashion in the HBA Home Show this April 1517, 2016, the undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify; the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs and any and all other sponsors of the Home Show and their officers, directors, trustees, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers and servants, and anyone else connected with the management or presentation of the Home Show and will hold and save each of them harmless from any and all actions, damages, and claims, to persons or property, penalties, obligations, liabilities or attorney’s fees that may be asserted or claims by any person, firm, entity, corporation, political subdivision or other organization arising out of any errors or omissions of vendor, its agents, employees, sub-contractors, or invitees, provided for herein and arising out of the performance of this agreement.

By execution of the release I agree to hold and save the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs and all listed parties above and any sponsors not listed harmless from and against any liability, loss or damage to the full extent thereof and from and against all costs and expenses including attorneys fees, hereafter incurred or suffered by vendor by reason of the existence of any claim, liability, loss or damage of any kind or nature arising out of my participation as a vendor/exhibitor at the Home Show.

I hereby acknowledge that I have received, read and understand the contents of the entire package that has been provided as part of the application and do hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions contained therein. I understand and agree that I am not to sell or attempt to sell items or provide services other than those listed herein or that are within a limited category not included in this agreement.

By signing below, Vendor/Exhibitor/Entertainer agrees to comply with and accept all rules and regulations contained herein.

Print Business Name: _____________________________________ Print Name:_____________________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________________ Date:______________

Credit Card Authorization We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Payment terms: 50% of your registration fees and service fees are due upon receipt of your agreement; the balance is due 7 days before the Show and will automatically be billed to this credit card.

Credit Card Number Expiration Date Amount Security Code

Name on credit card: Company Billing Address 1 Billing Address 2 Billing City Billing State Billing ZIP Please email receipt to: