Vegetable Oil. from the region - for the region. VWP

Vegetable Oil from the region - for the region VWP Ing. Er...
Author: Berthold Pohl
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Vegetable Oil from the region - for the region VWP Ing. Erik Ferchau

End of the fossil oil age Turn point

Oil mining

Iron age

Middle age

New age


Fossil oil age is ending because of the leck of the oil new situation in 8000 year mankind history end not in 2100, it will at the turn point source: Dr. M. Haustein

Sun Oil of the future

Oil not from inside the earth ---- it is growing on it !

Pure Plant Oil - PPO

Vegetable Oil: Triglycerid

C60 H120 O6

Natural Energy storage for the seed

50 different species in Europe

theoretical potential to replace the world crude oil demand: 2,6 % of fields world-wide whit oil crops

Conversion of standart engines

VW Touran 2,0 TDI PD, 100 kW, 4 valves technology, 190 g/kWh specific consumption

source: VWP

100 tractor demonstration programme 2001-2005

• • •

• • • •

VWP done 56 tractors– mostly with Deutz-engines 39 VWP tractors with no problems Emissions limits comply with Deutz-Fahr, John Deere und Fendt - tractors suitability for daily use proved PPO quality is very important and must be improved savings starting after 12 months in average 2300 running hours

Tractors on PPO – co-operation VWP- JD

John Deere 7720 und John Deere 6910 S

Made your oil yourself childishly simple !

« Cars with plant oil are very cool »

Car Sharing with local fuel

First PPO-car sharing started in 2005 in Freiberg/ saxony initiated by tanklust

Biofuels in comparision

Energy density kWh/l BTL, biomass to liquid


Efficiency I/O- ratio 0,1 - 0,2

costs €/l



0,8 - 1,1

(> 2,5)









RME (bio-diesel)




PPO (rape seed oil)




False flax oil from mix croping


> 20

(< 0,3)


in (): values not yet reality source: Prof. E. Schrimpff

Low Input Fuel ? PPO

Requirements: 1. Resources: environmental/ soil friendly cultivation from the region 2. Fuel production: lowest effort as possible and decentral 3. CO2 - emissions: to aim at absolute neutral in the whole way 4. Efficiency: low raw material use – biggest energy Input/ Output ratio 5. Costs: low raw material// Market costs

source: BV Pflanzenöle

Mix croping (mixed cultivation)

Pea and false flax source: VWP

Mix croping discovered again

- Low need for fertiliser and phytosanitary - Yields more stabile and higher - Harvesting the energy what is needed for the cultivation simultaneously - 4000 ha in germany and austria - e.g. barley and false flax, pea and false flax

Co-generation with PPO

Several companies (most known and Senertec with VWP)

Units from 5 to 40 kW

References with running time above 12.000 operation hours

Feed in law recompense: appr. 19 ct/kWhel for PPO in CHP