VBS. Picking the Right. Ideas and advice on choosing the theme that s right for your church

Picking the Right VBS Ideas and advice on choosing the theme that’s right for your church Adaptability – With any of these courses you can’t go real...
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Picking the Right


Ideas and advice on choosing the theme that’s right for your church Adaptability – With any of these courses you can’t go really can’t wrong. You can usually adapt a course to fit your church’s need (bible versions, format, decorating, etc) Doctrine – Typically VBS courses are intentionally designed to be used across denominations. That being said, there are subtle differences between each program. We provide the publisher name for you and feel free to research more about their doctrinal statements. Regardless of publisher, the content is very easy to adapt for most churches to use. Daily Bible Lessons – A particular set of bible lessons may be just perfect for your church. We have provided the daily bible lessons and the Bible verses used each day in each course section. Your Community – Look for a program that caters to your community. Realize that different VBS programs are effective with different churches or areas of the country (or world). We have VBS programs that are designed specifically for sports, urban communities, spanish speaking communities, and programs that are mroe family oriented. For example, “Wilderness Escape” seeks to involve the entire family for all ages, while “Weird Animals” is geared more specifically to children. Again, remember that any program can be adapted and altered for your exact needs.


Format – The main formats used in VBS are rotational and classroom. The way a program combines or separates age groups is something to look at as well. Group is a rotational style, while CPH and Gospel Light can be a classroom or rotational format. Music – The music is often the most memorable part of a VBS and many kids (and parents) will tell you that is sticks with the kids long after the program is over. Therefore, make sure the program has music appropriate for the age and style of your church’s youth. You can sample the all the VBS music at ConcordiaSupply. com/vbsmusic Videos/Media – Some programs have videos integrated with their programs. Marketing – Every course offers some marketing materials, banners, flyers, postcards, posters, etc. If you are a do it yourself person than look for a course with a media or clip art CD. Most courses have this in the starter kit. Ease of Use – We have found that most programs get better each year at making their VBS programs more user friendly. With more guides, checklists, and step-by-step instructions, VBS has never been easier. Cost – Do no let price be the main thing in your decision. Don’t regret spending a little more for the program that works best for your church! Look for the order forms at the end of each section to get a quick idea of what the items might cost.

VBS 2014 THEME overviewS Wilderness Escape

Weird Animals Group Publishing “Where Jesus’ Love is One-of-a-Kind” Theme Overview: God filled the world with a lot of crazy creatures...including you! When kids feel weird, different, or even lost in a crowd—nothing compares to the extraordinary love of Jesus. Key Lesson: “Where Jesus’ Love is One-of-a-Kind”

Group Publishing “Where God Guides & Provides” Theme Overview: A whole new adventure where you will learn straight from a Bible hero…Moses! Discover what it was like to live in the Israelite camp. Join one of the 12 tribes of Israel for games, music, crafts, and manna.

Bible Version: Verse references, use your own version

Key Lesson: Where God Guides and Provides so…. Trust God.

Age Level: Preschool–Adult

Bible Version: Verse references, use your own version

Style/Format: Rotaional, Combined Ages, Groups of 5 called Crews.

Age level: Preschool – Adult

Key Student Items: Buddies, Music CD, Banduras, Bible Bands, God Sightings, Imagination Station, T-shirts, Buddy App is now FREE!

More Info on Page 20

Style/Format: Rotational, Combined Ages. Grouped into “Tribes”. Key Student Items: Banduras, Bring It Home: Family Faith-Builders (Family Devotions), Tribe Time Resources, God’s Sightings, Crafts in Israelite Camp.

More Info on Page 54

Workshop of Wonder

Jungle Safari Standard Publishing “Where Kids Explore the Nature of God” Theme Overview: Explore the nature of God as Creator, Provider, Protector, Savior, and King. Learn that we can all count on Him through Bible stories that start in Genesis and lead you to Revelation. Key Lesson: Where kids explore the Nature of God Key Verse: Psalm 86: 9-12


Cokesbury Publishing “Imagine & Build With God” Theme Overview: Discover how the ordinary becomes extraordinary with God. Meet people from the Bible who used what they had to produce something amazing with God. Use your heart, mind, and imagination to participate in the creative life of God, the one who works wonders. Key Lesson: Imagine and Build with God.

Bible Version: Verse References, use your own

Key Verse: “You are the God who works wonders.” – Psalm 77:14a (CEB)

Age Level: Preschool – Adult

Bible Version: CEB with verse References

Style/Format: Rotational

Age Level: Pre-School – Adult

Key Student Items: Student Books, Pass-Along Music CD, Jungle Bible Pals by Floppets, Lanyards.

Style/Format: Rotational or Classroom

More Info on Page 112

Key Student Items: Student Books, crafts, T-shirts, and Music CD, Scripture Treasure Cards & Free App.

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VBS 2014 THEME overviewS SonTreasure Island

Gangway to Galilee

Gospel Light “Where Kids Discover God’s Love”

CPH “Amazing Grace Adventures” Theme Overview: Set Sail! Explore the Sea of Galilee and experience an adventure filled with God’s Amazing Grace. Even the wind and the waves cannot keep kids from this voyage! Key Lesson: Jesus Gives Amazing Grace Key Verse: “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.” Ephesians 2:8

Theme Overview: There’s treasure on the island. More precious than gold, more lasting then diamonds, it’s the greatest treasure of all – God’s love! Each day your kids will learn how Jesus’ life illustrates God’s love as described in 1 Corinthians 13 Key Lesson/Verse: Where kids discover God’s Love. 1 Corinthians 13 Bible Version: Verse References, use your own

Bible Version: ESV with verse references

Age Level: Preschool – Adult

Age Level: Pre-School – Adults

Style/Format: Classroom

Style/Format: Rotational or Classroom

Key Student Items: Connection Cards, Treasure Coins, Bookmarks, Island Silly Bands, Island Stickers

Key Student Items: SOS Collectibles, Jesus Loves Me Buffs, Set Sail Passalong CD/DVD, Preschool & Elementary Leaflets, & Crafts

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More Info on Page 94

Arrow Island

International Spy Academy

Regular Baptist Press “Choosing God’s Way”

Theme Overview: Arrow Island shows students the importance of choosing obedience, godly friends, kindness, courage, and active faith. Key Lesson: Choosing God’s Way Key Verse: They word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105 Bible Version: KJV or NKJV Age Level: 2 yrs old – Adult Style/Format: Classroom Key Student Items: Student Activity Sheets, Crafts, Gifts, and Awards


More Info on Page 142

Answers in Genesis “Agents for the One True God” Theme Overview: Your mission is to instill in your children an understanding of the one true God and His Son, Jesus. They’ll uncover the clues that led to the one true God – the Creator of all – who calls people from every tribe and nation to come to know the one true way of salvation, and to share it with those around them. Key Lesson: Where kids train to become “special agents” for the one true God. Bible Version: KJV or NKJV Age Level: Preschool – Junior High Style/Format: Classroom Key Student Items: Student Guides, T-Shirts, Iron on Patches, Gifts, and Awards

More Info on Page 158

VBS 2014 THEME Overviews Blast Off

Game Plan

Group Publishing “Countdown to the funnest Weekend in the Universe. Theme Overview: Countdown to the funnest weekend in the universe! As kids explore God’s infinite love, they’ll practice down-to-earth ways to love each other. This is a 3 Day VBS, with one primary bible lesson. Key Lesson: Launching kids on a mission of God’s love.

Mega Sports Camp “Where God Guides & Provides” Theme Overview: Mega Sports Camp shows kids that Church is a place to learn and do what they love – running, jumping, kicking, and singing. In Game Plan, kids discover that God has a special and unique plan just for them!

Age Level: Preschool – Upper Elementary

Key Verse: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:11-12 (NIV)

Style/Format: Rotational/Combined Ages

Bible Version: NIV

Key Student Items: Bible Memory Buddy, Wristbands

Age Level: Elementary Age

Bible Version: Verse References, use your own

Style/Format: Rotational

More Info on Page 208

Key Student Items: Evangelism Keepers, Game Plan Sports Flash, Mega Sports Water Bottle, Theme Keepers, and Gospel Balls

More Info on Page 174

Praise Break

Spanish VBS

Abingdon Press “Celebrating the Works of God”

CPH Editorial “El Rey Que Viene”

Theme Overview: Looking for exciting adventures, you will follow Luis and Paolo who go in search of dead kings and their tombs, and they make a wonderful discovery: they find Jesus himself, who will be the King of their lives. The story takes place in Jerusalem in New Testament Times.

Theme Overview: God has brought us a might long way, and it is always good to pause and praise the Lord! In many churches, there are points in worship where in a testimony, a song, or a sermon is just so good that it calls for a “Praise Break”

Bible Version: ESV

Key Verse: “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so…” Psalm 107:2a,

Age Level: Preschool – Adult

Bible Version: New Revised Standard Version

Style/Format: Classroom

Age Level: Preschool – Adult

Key Student Items: Student Books and Crafts

Style/Format: Classroom Key Student Items: Student Books and Crafts


More Info on Page 192

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VBS IMpacts

The World

VBS Mission Projects Romania

o Mexic



VBS is an incredible outreach to children, parents, & volunteers in your church, neighborhoods and communities. Integrating an international mission component is a great way to expand awareness of international issues and needs.



Concordia Supply supports mission minded ministries around the world. These are some organizations we support and trust. We encourage your church to consider doing a mission fundraiser during VBS. www.ConcordiaSupply.com/missions

Empowering Lives International If your church is looking to partner with an organization that is making an impact for Christ in Africa, then check out this opportunity to partner with Empowering Lives International.

Back-2-Back Ministries Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian nonprofit organization that is dedicated to being a voice for orphans. Includes every-

The Project Goal: Raise awareness and money for the orphans and needy children in Africa. Donations go directly to the schools & orphages the Empowering Lives operates in Sudan, Congo, & Kenya. Help us educate, feed, and clothe over 1,000 children! For more info visit: ConcordiaSupply.com/missions Empoweringives.org

*Free Download Pack*


• • • •

Powerpoint Slides Coloring Sheets Online Project Page Info Sheet for Leaders

thing you need to get kids involved in serving kids in Mexico.

Mission Kit 025610913


Operation Kid-to-Kid™ This year OK2K has partnered with World Vision & Group Cares, and churches like yours with a goal of bringing drinking water to India. Go the Mission section for either Group programs to see more details on how to help.


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