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VILLA ON THE ISLAND OF PAG CROATIA ADRIATIC SEA Croatia’s stunning coastline of the Adriatic Sea, blessed with a large number of islands, is an impr...
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ADRIATIC SEA Croatia’s stunning coastline of the Adriatic Sea, blessed with a large number of islands, is an impressive natural environment. With 1185 islands, rocks and reefs – of which 66 are inhabited – nature has endowed Croatia to such an extend that this country is also known as »the land of a thousand islands«. The blue, warm and clear sea offers peace and security. The coast is mostly covered in luscious Mediterranean vegetation and pine underbrush where the sweet fragrance of aromatic herbs like rosemary, myrtle, bay leaf, Spanish broom, thyme and sage lavender unite with the salty smell of the sea. Plentiful sunshine and a mild climate, together with Mediterranean colours and sounds, make the landscape of the Adriatic coast attractive and unforgettable. Source: Croatian National Tourist Board THE ISLAND OF PAG The island of Pag is one of the biggest Adriatic islands: it is the fifth largest island with 284.50 square kilometres. Its 270 kilometres of the indented coastline make the island with the longest coastline on the Adriatic rich with coves, bays, beaches and capes. The biggest bay, the bay of Pag, is rounded by 20 km of the gravel beaches. Pag is unique due to its vegetation, which does not include many trees. Therefore, Pag is the largest kingdom of rocky ground on the Adriatic, where thin grass and aromatic herb cover of sage and immortelle grow. They represent the nourishment of the island’s sheep grazing on the rocky ground, intersected by long dry stonewalls, giving a special flavour to the well known cheese of Pag. Source: Tourist Boart of Pag POTO NICA BAY Poto nica is a wonderful green oasis of piece and silence. There is a restaurant and a store, as well as berths for boats. It is peacefully located between the small town Novalja and the most northern village Lun, on the southern side of the island. In the vicinity of the Poto nica bay, there are numerous beautiful bays offering piece and crystal clear water. The Poto nica bay is only 4 km away from the small town Novalja. THE HOUSE The house was built on a piece of land, where there were no trees. During the construction not a single tree was cut and when looking at the house one might think that the house has been there since ever. On all sides it is surrounded by big, old trees like olive, oak, bay trees and rosemary. Underneath them grass has been planted. The charming bay Kukurina is only 130m (426 ft) away from the house. The house has been designed as a big roof providing shadow and protection from rain. The ground floor comprises all the rooms used during the day, with a living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, small apartment, toilette and shower – all connected with the garden and the swimming pool. The upper floor is dedicated to the sleeping areas: two bedrooms with bathrooms. Every bedroom has its own access to the terrace from which one has a magnificent view of the sea and neighbouring islands. The house also has a garage and a basement. The building is additionally air-conditioned, however the design of the house itself provides such a special microclimate that artificial cooling is not necessary. In the house there is a phone, Internet access and satellite TV. YEAR OF CONSTRUCTION New building – June 2004 HOUSE DIMENSIONS PROPERTY HOUSE / GARDEN BASEMENT GROUND FLOOR living room dining room kitchen pantry swimming pool / terrace

630 m2 281 m2 / 355 m2 8 m2 201 m2 50 m2 40 m2 20 m2 3 m2 32 m2 / 10 m2

garage apartment toilette / shower terrace

23 m2 9 m2 3 m2 11 m2


72 m2

bedroom toilette, bathroom bedroom toilette, bathroom corridor terrace

16 m2 5 m2 12 m2 4 m2 5 m2 30 m2

CAR-PARKING 2 parking places

32 m2

ADDITIONAL FACILITIES In the bay there is also a private boat berth and a private beach. Cycling, walking, fishing, diving and boat excursions are only a few possibilities of how you can spend your holiday in Poto nica. Of course you can also enjoy the tranquillity by the pool, where you can do some reading or writing. CONNECTIONS BY CAR Examples of some distances from Novalja and bigger cities: Vienna Munich Budapest Milano Prague -

Novalja Novalja Novalja Novalja Novalja

580 km 595 km 545 km 595 km 895 km

BY PLANE Examples of some distances from Novalja and nearest airports: Zadar Rijeka Zagreb


Novalja Novalja Novalja

86 km 117 km 203 km

PRICE 700.000 EUR CONTACT Crotia: Sotovento d.o.o. Kanzinar 14 51513 Omisalj Croatia Denmark: Sotovento d.o.o. Søndervej 13a 4050 Skibby Fax: 4752 4736 Tlf.: 4752 4725 Email: [email protected]

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