Using to manage your hockey team

Using to manage your hockey team Signup Step 1: Register you as an Individual Visit in your favourite internet browser an...
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Using to manage your hockey team Signup Step 1: Register you as an Individual Visit in your favourite internet browser and click on signup

Complete the registration form with your details and click “Signup”

Step 2: Create the team

Give the team a full description within the 15 character limit (suggest you include division, gender and team colour) Enter Hockey and you can select Field from the drop down Select all the other fields as applicable for your team

Step 3: Invite team members You can invite people individually, or via spreadsheet or via your address book. When starting the team, a spreadsheet is probably easiest but it depends how your team data is currently stored. If you click on Import spreadsheet then it gives a detailed set of instructions on how to do this.


TeamPage You can view recent activity, edit the team details, change the team photo and manage team availability. From here you can also create new events (i.e. games, trainings etc)

Members You can add further members; edit existing members and so on. But if you click on the highlighted icon below you can set an individual’s availability. Useful when someone is away for a scheduled break. When you combine this across individuals, you can view the team availability back on the TeamPage above.

For an individual; it’s pretty straight forward. Note individuals can opt out of receiving notifications via text if they wish to only receive email notification.

Events This is the heart of the site and the main reason for using teamer. Here you can create new events, each game would be an individual event, you may wish to use the notifications for trainings if you wanted to a) record attendance over the season and b) need to know precisely how many people will be at training in any given week. Create Event:

On the next page there is an example event. It’s most self-explanatory in terms of completing it. You select your team, the event type (this changes the fields that appear), the opposition, game time (note you can select a different meeting time and location further down), recurring event is useful for setting up trainings for the season, and lastly down the bottom you can choose to disable the player of the match poll if you don’t want to use this feature. (This feature allows each player to vote discreetly on their choice for player of the day and teamer selects based on highest number of votes). Also you can disable the email reminders which are automatically sent closer to the day to remind people of the game time.

Once you save the event you need to invite team members. Either add all of the players to the lineup and remove anyone who you know can’t make the event or you can add them individually

Then click Send Now and everyone will receive an email notification and/or a text notification. If you are creating these late at night, you might want to click Send Later and choose a time to send out the reminders!

The text notification is great because then they just reply to the text with a Y or N and teamer will record the responses automatically for you.

As your team responds you can see very easily who is playing or not and whether you have enough players for the weekend’s game! An example over the page…

Post-Game: You can view the Player of the Match (it only shows votes once you make your own vote first!)

An organiser can write a match report and you can a record of the result.

Message Board There is no need to use this. Photos / Documents You can upload photos from games and social events to share with the team and you can also upload team documents to share with the team. Attendance You can view how many games everyone has played over the season.

Tips and Tricks You can use the player of the match results to decide some of the end of season awards. I have given out 3pts 2pts 1pt each week for MVP and player with the highest points at the end of the season won the season MVP. You can cancel events and teamer will send a text/email notification, useful for cancelling training due to bad weather or lack of attendance.