Using Business as a Force for Good

Using Business as a Force for Good! Our  Vision     Serve  a  global  movement  of  entrepreneurs,  business  leaders,   invest...
Author: Griffin Norman
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Using Business as a Force for Good!

Our  Vision     Serve  a  global  movement  of  entrepreneurs,  business  leaders,   investors,  consumers,  and  policy  makers     with  one  unifying  goal  .  .  .    

Redefine  success  in  business     So  that  all  companies  compete  to  be     not  only  the  best  in  the  world,     but  the  best  for  the  world  

And  society  enjoys  a     shared  and  durable  prosperity  

Big Trend & Opportunity

Why? Today’s Consumers are Demanding Better!



– and Trusting Less!

< 1% of consumers trust what companies say about themselves


The B Corporation! Certified B Corporations are using the business as a force for good.! •  B Corps meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability! ! !


•  B Corp is like Fair Trade, Organic, or LEED certification but for the whole company, not just a bag of coffee, a jug of milk or a building ! •  B Corps are Better Companies!

Business  are  the  engine  of   change.   Give  them  the  tools  to  Measure   What  Ma9ers,  and  then…   Shine  a     Light  on  Be9er   Businesses  

Remove  Legal  Impediments   for  the  Business  

Drive  Capital  to  the  Business  

It’s about community!


The World is Noticing







How Does a Company Become Certified?! Step 1: Meet Performance Requirement ! Complete the B Impact Assessment and earn a reviewed minimum score of 80 out ! of 200 points! ! Step 2: Meet Legal Requirement Determine the path for your corporate structure and state of incorporation by clicking here.! ! Step 3: Make it Official Sign the Declaration of Interdependence, pay certification fees and and put a profile up on Learn more here.!

To make it easy for all businesses to participate… The B Impact Assessment provides:

Benchmark Performance!

Resources to Help Improve Performance

B  [email protected]:  Giving  Investors  Tools  to  Measure  Impact     Flexible Platform to Measure, Benchmark and Report on Impact Leverages B Impact Assessment

Largest database of social and environmental impact data for private companies and funds

G8  Global  Social  Impact  [email protected]  Taskforce  

Prudential announces $1 billion commitment to impact investing, requiring companies to take BIA Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) now use BIA to analyze investments The Small Business Administration (SBA) announced an extended $1 billion commitment to impact investing, 17

Who  is  using  B  [email protected]?

B  Corp  Legal  Standards     B Corps adopt legal standards that reflect the way they operate, and protect their mission over time Why is this necessary? •  Traditional corporate structure wasn’t designed to meet the needs of mission-driven companies •  By law, businesses must maximize profits – this has been demonstrated time and again in US courts

“Directors cannot defend a business strategy

that openly eschews stockholder wealth maximization.”

-- craigslist v ebay decision, Sept. 2010

Benefit  [email protected]:  Changing  the  rules  of  the  game  

24 unanimous votes for benefit corporation legislation:

Higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency

What’s Next?

Deploy campaign with partners 150,000

15,000 Businesses


+ B Lab Local and International Partners + Supply Chains

+ Business Networks + Industry Associations + Academia + Governments

+ B Analytics


Thank  you!    

Visit  us  online:     [email protected]   b-­‐[email protected]    

Kara  Peck  –  [email protected]    

B  Corp  vs.  Benefit  [email protected]     [email protected]fied  B  Corps   LLC’s, LLP’s, Sole Proprietors

Corporations in states w/o Benefit Corp Legislation

Benefit  [email protected]  

Certified B Corps that are C or S Corps in States with Benefit Corporation Legislation*

Companies that elect Benefit Corporation status but are not Certified B Corps May be: •  Too young for certification •  Not aware •  Not meet Certified B Corp standards, or •  Simply choose not to certify

* Depending on the state, Certified B Corps taxed as C or S Corps may or may not have to elect benefit corporation status to meet the requirements for certification. Please visit for details based on your state of incorporation *