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User Manual Extra TV user manual New generation of TV Extra TV user manual Extra TV user manual Extra TV User Manual Exciting home entertainme...
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User Manual

Extra TV user manual

New generation of TV

Extra TV user manual

Extra TV user manual

Extra TV User Manual Exciting home entertainment new generation of enjoying TV


We wish to greet you cordially as a new subscriber of our latest Extra TV service. Please spare a few minutes of your time to introduce yourself with our service by reading this User Manual. We hope that your Extra TV subscription will bring you more hours of quality entertainment.

I Basic Services ����������������������������������������������� 3 II Remote Control���������������������������������������������� 3 III Menu ����������������������������������������������������������� 5 1.Extra TV  5 1.1. Watch TV ������������������������������������������������������� 5 1.2. Guide������������������������������������������������������������� 8 1.3. Favourite Programmes��������������������������������� 9 1.4. Search����������������������������������������������������������10 2. Recording��������������������������������������������������������10 2.1. Shows�����������������������������������������������������������11 2.2. Scheduled Recording��������������������������������11 2.3. Add to Record���������������������������������������������12 3. Movies �������������������������������������������������������������13 3.1. Movie Catalogue�����������������������������������������13 3.2. Video Library�����������������������������������������������14 3.3. Search����������������������������������������������������������15 4. Settings �����������������������������������������������������������16 4.1. General Settings�����������������������������������������16 4.2. TV������������������������������������������������������������������17 4.3. Parental Controls����������������������������������������18 4.4. Bill>�������������������������������������������������������������� 18 4.5. Resetting the System���������������������������������19 5. Mini Information���������������������������������������������19 6. Pausing and rewinding programmes live��20

4 Extra TV user manual

Attention! Images in this brochure are for illustration purposes only. TV screen appearance may vary in some details. Please find more information on our service at the following Internet address:

Extra TV service is available through broadband ADSL connection. TV programme, like other services, arrives on your TV screen through the Extra TV device.

I Basic Services

Extra TV service offers the following features, which are there for your comfort: TV Guide Mini Guide Recording individual and serial programme Managing recorded and programmed shows Selection of favourite TV channels Picture-in-Picture function Searching (programmes, video library, by author) Video Library – renting video Fast forward, rewinding or pausing the show that is being watched Settings, personal settings Parental control and selection according to the age by using the PIN code Extra TV Menu is shown on the TV screen, and selected using the remote control. Remote control is used (also) to navigate through the menu, in the way described below. Options that can be used only by using the remote control: (Options that cannot be used from the menu)

II Remote Control (Basic functions)

Back button

Mini Guide: more on Mini Guide in section 5.  Fast forward, rewinding or pausing, and adjusting and muting the volume of a show currently being watched – more on this in section 6.

Exit menu button

All other functions may be used from the menu also. Basic controls: Back button – return to the previous page. Exit Menu button – close the menu and switch to TV mode. Up/Down directional buttons and OK button - Using directional buttons enables you to move through the menu, while OK button confirms your selection in the menu. Alphanumeric buttons – For entering numbers, or writing text, for example when searching.

Up/down and OK button

Alphanumeric buttons

Extra TV user manual


Remote control buttons: Mode indicator STB (set-top-box) – lights up when Extra TV device is controlled remotely


TV – lights up when TV is controlled remotely Enter numbers and text (STB mode) Direct selection of channels (TV mode) Delete information entered (STB mode) Change AV channel (TV mode)

Confirm Selection (STB mode)

Show quick guide Adjust volume (increase)

Switch channel (up)

Select a menu item Adjust volume (lower)

Switch channel (down)

Show Extra TV menu Back

Video Library

Exit menu


Programme information

Recorded shows


Select previous channel / Change screen


Record show

Skip backward and forward

Fast Forward or Rewind

Toggle sound on/off

Switch from STB mode to TV mode

Tele text (TXT)

Options – Dialogue, titles, picture size ratio according to selection (STB mode) Tele text (TV mode)

In STB (set-top-box) mode, the remote control is used for Extra TV device (STB), and in TV mode for the Television set.

6 Extra TV user manual

When switching the device on, the last viewed channel comes up at the screen.

Extra TV Menu appears when MENU button is pressed on the remote control. Services are shown in this menu. All functions may be selected from this menu, except: Mini guide Fast Forward or Rewind, or pausing the currently viewed programme.

III Menu

Menu – Menu button

1. Extra TV menu In the menu, you can see the full Programme List, programme of your favourite TV channels and search through the shows. Submenus: Watch TV Guide Favourite programmes Search 1.1. Watch TV Watch TV is used to exit this menu and go back to the TV channel 1.2. Guide In default settings view, the Guide is shown chronologically. In this case, the rows show particular channels, while the columns show the time the particular shows start. In Individual Channels setting, only the shows from one channel can be seen at once, while moving from show to show is done by moving vertically. You can set up the Guide is in the menu: Menu>Settings>TV>Guide, or by pressing the button Options in the Guide. By using the remote control, you can move through the Guide (the system shows the programme for the next 14 days; when you skip to any following day, the date is changed), and you can choose individual shows. When the title of the show is displayed with shaded background it means the show is on, so by pressing the OK button you immediately choose the given channel and start watching the selected programme. If you chose a programme that will be shown in the future, you will reach the page Info on Shows.

Guide – Guide button

Extra TV user manual


By choosing the option Recorded Shows you come to the page on the shows (point 2.1.), and option Video Library to the page Video Library (point 3.). Please find more details in sections explaining the mentioned parts of the menu. 1.2.1. Start Recording from the Guide When you press the remote control button Record Show, beside the name of the show you previously selected using the remote control, a magenta coloured dot will appear, which means you set the selected show for recording. At the same time, Recording in Progress message will be displayed at the top of the screen. When you press the button Record Series, three magenta-coloured dots will appear on the screen, one on top of the other, which means the given show/s that would be broadcast at a particular time will be repeatedly recorded by the system. At the same time, at the top of the screen, a system message Serial Recording Set appears. If that is a show broadcast at that moment, the recording starts immediately. If it is a show that will be broadcast in the future, selected show would be placed in the list of programmed recordings. In case of shows to be broadcast in the future, adding to the list is possible also by pressing the button OK twice (first press of the OK: Programme Information, second press of the OK button: Recording an Episode). T hird press of the Record Show button stops the recording. At the same time, the top of the screen shows a system message Recording Cancelled. T he small screen always displays the selected show, and next to it basic information on the show: title, channel, starting time and ending time, genre, etc. If you selected a show that is not being broadcast yet, the small screen displays minutes until broadcast. In case more than one hour is left until broadcast, the exact starting time is displayed. 1.2.2. Programme Information Programme Information displays more details on the current broadcast. This function may be selected by either choosing a channel or reviewing the Guide.

8 Extra TV user manual

It is possible that some channels do not have the Programme Information, in which case this option can not be used. Option Programme Information may be activated by selecting any title in the Guide by pressing the Programme Information button using the remote control. Submenus in Programme Information: Short review Info Short review This submenu contains the following information: Title Title and channel number Start time and end time Description Actors, director, etc. Age limitations This submenu offers selection of the following services: Show – Appears only if the programme is on. Record Episode – Select a show for recording. After the show is selected the screen looks as shown in the image. The page in Programme displays a magenta-coloured dot beside the title of the show selected, indicating your selection. Record Series –this submenu allows you to set the system to record a selected show or record each time a show that is broadcast in particular time. After selecting this submenu the screen looks as in the image in the previous page of this manual. The page in Programme, beside the title of the show selected, displays three magenta-coloured dots, which indicate recording of a show. After selecting Record Episode, a confirmation field is displayed: Record/Quit Setting end of recording In case of repeated recording it is also possible to change the value Time (for example that the system records a show on channel I each day at 18.15, or to record a show broadcast on channel I every Tuesday at 18.15). If you mark a show that you previously programmed for recording, you may select one of the following options:

Extra TV user manual


Stop Recording Information on the Series - Delete Record Series - Record Series settings Recording settings - This episode only - Whole Series In case of setting repeated recording Delete set time Info This submenu offers information on actors in particular shows, or persons related with it, for example the director, supporting roles and similar. Navigate by using up/down button on the remote control. As Realisation matches menu Search (1.4.) by choosing any item (pressing the OK button) will give you details about choice you made. 1.3. Favourite Programmes If you selected the list of favourite channels in the way described in point 4.2.2. – Settings/TV/Set Favourite Channels – this submenu will display your selected TV channels. Options available in Favourite Channels mach the options in Programme Schedule (1.1.). If you have not yet listed any channel as your favourite TV channel, the screen will display the page containing questions.

10 Extra TV user manual

1.4. Search This submenu enables you to search through the list of TV programme that will be broadcast in the following two weeks, titles of the movies in Video Library, and authors of these movies (Info). Entering the whole word is not necessary: when you enter the initial letters, entries with the same initial letter will appear. The word searched may be entered by using the buttons on the remote control. When you press the button Options, enter the menu and select the submenu Narrow Down Selection, you can choose the appropriate option to change the type of searching.

Options: All results Subtitles Video Library Actors 1.4.1. Searching Programme This submenu enables you to search through titles of all shows in all TV channels currently being broadcast or those that will be broadcast (maximum in the following 14 days). Search Page Entering letters initiates a search of the database: entering more characters reduces the number of hits. Pressing the OK button gives you the page with information on the selected show. The longer list of information may be browsed by pressing the button up or down on the remote control. Information shown on the selected show: Title of the show Starting time Instead of starting time, the line Continue appears if the selected show has more episodes and if the show is broadcast several times at a different time, and information on it exists in the database. When you choose the option Continue, a new window appears in which the programme broadcast today is visibly separated from that to be broadcast tomorrow and on a given date. This page shows also a smaller screen with the show selected, containing short information on it, the same as when searching the Guide. Pressing the OK button gives you the information the show. 1.4.2. Searching the Video Library In this menu, you may search through all available movies and shows, including those that are available for renting. The search starts by entering characters. Entering more characters narrows down the list of hits. Pressing the OK button presents information on the show, giving you an option to rent show/movie immediately by selecting the option Rent. Using the button up or down on the remote control, enables you to browse through a longer list of hits. 1.4.3. Searching the Menu Info In this menu you may search through information on programme (that day and the following 14 days) on all available TV channels, including the information

Extra TV user manual


on all movies that can be found in the Video Library: actors, directors, writers, producers, etc. The search starts by entering characters: entering more characters narrows down the list of hits. The list of names that mach the characters entered appears, in which you can make a selection pressing the button up or down on the remote control. If you select a name by pressing the OK button, the system will show the titles of all shows/movies in which the name appears. 2. Recording Show Menu Recording enables you to record shows, or to view some of the previously recorded shows. Recorded shows Scheduled recording Add for recording Extra TV device enables recording of about 91 hours of programme (80 GB). Recorded material may be ranked. When the hard disk is full, some of the earlier recordings will be automatically deleted according to the rank list defined. 2.1. Shows 2.1.1. According to the Recording Date The list of shows appears chronologically according to the date of recording, with the first show being the latest recorded one. Date of recording is displayed next to the title of the show. From this menu you may also see more detailed information by pressing the INFO or OK buttons. Submenu options: Play Save until – here you should set the option of when you want the show to be deleted: as soon as the hard disk is full or when you allow. Delete 12 Extra TV user manual

2.1.2. According to the Titles This menu displays shows in alphabetical order. 2.2. Scheduled Recording This menu offers several options: Submenu Record Show or Series: - Guide – a show may be selected in the programme of the shows - Search – appropriate show may be selected by using individual parameters

Submenu Manual Recording: - Setting channels and time - This is where the recording is programmed based on individual parameters entered. Here you may enter the channel number on which the show you wish to record will be broadcast. Beside this, you may enter the recording start and end time. Menu on the left offers two options: Record – the programme set for recording will be recorded according to the programmed time Quit – exit the menu 2.3. Add to Record This is where you may review the shows you set for recording in the following period. Individual shows can be grouped according to the recording time: today, tomorrow, on a given day. Using the up or down button on the remote control enables you to move through the menu. This menu displays the title of the given show. You can also see whether the programmed show will be recorded once (one magenta-coloured dot) or repeated (three magenta-coloured dots). Recording starts according to the time of broadcast of the selected show according to the Programme. There is an option to manually set additional time. This is useful in order to make sure the recording is done even if there is a delay in time of broadcast.

Extra TV user manual


2.3.1. Serial Recording This menu displays titles of the shows for which you programmed repeated recording. By pressing the OK button you may see the title, channel, frequency of programmed time, or see the end time of recording. It is possible to programme recording of maximum two shows simultaneously. If you programmed more than two shows to be recorded simultaneously, meaning that the recording time is overlapping, the system will show the following warning on the screen: the system does not support more than two recordings at the same time. In order to continue, stop one of the recordings or cancel one of the shows programmed for recording. In case of overlapping of broadcast time, you have two options: either to cancel the last programmed recording or by choosing to option of resolving conflicts you will chose for which show you want to cancel recording.

The recorded material may be arranged according to the dates or in another way by modifying settings, and when the hard disk of the receiver is full, deleting will be done according to this ranking list. There is an option of simultaneous recording of one show and watching another. In case of simultaneous recording of two shows, one of the two can be watched, but then you may chose to watch only one of the two shows that are currently being recorded. Video Library Button

14 Extra TV user manual

3. Video Library Menu Video Library enables you to rent movies without leaving your home. The essence of this service is that it enables you to watch movies being broadcast online on your TV set. By pressing several buttons within a few minutes you will be able to rent the selected movie, which you will be able to watch for the following 24 hours whenever you chose. Menu items: Video catalogue Rented movies Search 3.1. Renting Videos In Video Library you can search according to the genres: Action Documentary Drama Historic Horror Adult Family Cult-Scandal Comedy Melodrama Thriller Biographic

You can move through the menu by using the up or down buttons. Press the OK button to enter the list of movies. When a genre is selected, a thumbnail picture from the movies in the selected genre appears. By choosing a specific genre you will be able to see the titles of the movies from that genre available in the Video Library, in alphabetical order. This page also shows a thumbnail picture from a movie you selected (for example a poster), and the price to rent. By choosing a movie you enter the submenu Movie Information. 3.1.1. Movie Information This submenu shows all existing information about the selected movie on one side: Title Age limitations Description, content Actors Director Rental price Rental period (24 hours) Other options of the menu on this side: Rent – by choosing this option you start the buying procedure (3.1.2.) Additional content – starts playing the additional content of the movie. This option appears only when the move has additional content. 3.1.2. Procedure for Renting a Movie Choose a movie you are interested in, following the procedure described below. To rent a movie on the page containing information about the movies, select the option Rent in the menu from the left side. System message will then be shown at the bottom of the screen, informing you about the amount that will appear on your next monthly bill as the fee for renting the selected movie should you choose the option Rent. Extra TV user manual


Please note that by pressing the button Rent you start the buying procedure. The fee for renting the movie will appear on your bill the next month.

3.2. Rented Movies In this menu you can see the list of movies that are rented and those which you can rent for viewing. Movies from the video library can be watched within the time limit (24 hours). After selecting one of the items the list, you come to the page that offers information on the movie, in which instead of the option Rent, option Play appears. Please be aware that the movies you rent from the Video Library may not be recorded by using a video recording device, as renting is used only for purposes of watching the rented movie during the following 24 hours period. The movies may also not be recorded to the internal hard disk of the EXTRA TV set-top box.

3.2.1. Play The movie you rented by pressing the button Rent can be watched within the next 24 hours. Play begins automatically, but off course it is not necessary to watch the movie immediately, as it is at your disposal any time during the given time period, and you can find it among the rented videos. When watching a movie, you may use the controls on the remote control common for a video playback device: Play/Pause/Stop/Back/Forward/Skip forward/Skip backward. When the button Stop is pressed, the film stops and the following menu appear: Continue – if you choose this option, playing will be resumed from the moment it was stopped. Exit – if you choose this option, play is ended and the system goes back to menu Rented Movies. Play – in this case the movie is played from the beginning. 16 Extra TV user manual

3.3. Search To search chose submenu Search. Please find more information on using options that appear on this page in section 1.4. Guide/Search. The list can be browsed by pressing the up or down buttons on the remote control. Pressing the OK button will display the Information on the show related to the selected movie, along with the rental price. Pressing the button Rent on the left side of the screen the renting procedure is initiated. If additional content is offered with the movie, you may choose to watch it by selecting the option Additional Content which is located also on the left side of the screen.

Extra TV user manual


4. Settings Menu Settings enables you to choose language, display options and other system settings. These settings are divided into four main categories. Any of the four main categories can also be selected directly by opening any of them (horizontal menu). After choosing items from the menu, new screens in which the horizontal menu is no longer displayed, are opened. The submenus are: General Settings TV Parental Controls Bill System Reset 4.1. General Settings 4.1.1. Dialogue Languages Certain channels enable you to choose an alternative language, in which case the programme will be broadcast in that selected language. The option is selected using buttons Save – Do Not Save.

4.1.2 Menu Language In this menu you can choose the language in which you wish to see system information. The option is selected using buttons Save – Do Not Save. 4.1.3. System Information Here you can find technical information about the system. In case of a problem, customer support service will ask you for information from this menu (MAC ID, Clients ID).

4.2. TV This menu enables you to set up Guide according to your preferences.

18 Extra TV user manual

4.2.1. TV Guide Settings This menu enables you to set which of the available channels is going to be in your Guide. Beside individually checking and un checking channels, in this menu you can choose among the following options: Save Do Not Save Check All See Unchecked

4.2.2. Set Favourite Channels Similarly to the function Personal Channel Settings (4.2.1.) here you mark the channels that you wish to include in the category Favourite Channels (1.3.). Apart from individually checking and un checking channels, in this menu you can choose among the following options: Save Do Not Save Uncheck All See Checked

4.2.3. Programme Guide Appearance You may choose whether you wish to see the Guide for one or more TV channels. 4.2.4. Wide-Screen Ratio and HD Resolution Here you can set dimensions needed for watching Extra TV. 4.3. Parental Controls (PIN Code protection.) In this menu you may choose to assign channels to be protected by your fourdigit PIN code. Protection applies to the small screen as well, so your children will not be able to inform themselves about the shows on channels that are not accessible to them.

Extra TV user manual


Closed padlock icon marks an existing PIN code, which denies access to certain channels. Although open padlock means a PIN code exists, access is not disabled for any channel. For activating protection it is necessary to enter a PIN code. If there is no padlock icon, no protection is on. Pressing the OK button opens Set PIN Code menu.

4.3.1. Setting and Changing PIN code Choose a four-digit code, and enter it in the appropriate field. Here you can use the PIN code to protect all channels you wish to protect with your own four-digit PIN code.

4.3.2. First Page of Parental Protection Menu (PIN code protection) In this page you may choose the channels, which you will protect, so that the persons who do not know the four-digit code will not be able to watch them. Here you can also decide which categories of the movies according to age limitations you wish to make unavailable. You may also decide whether to allow access to Video Library to others.

Please note that if you or anyone from your surroundings even accidentally pressed the button Rent, the purchase will take place, so that the fee would appear on your next month’s bill as an expense.

In this menu you can do the following: Lock – by choosing this option locking is done according to the options listed above (buying from the Video Library, movies for certain age, watching particular channels, etc.) Remove Lock – submenu offers the option to remove a previous lock. 20 Extra TV user manual

PIN Code Change– here you can change the code. To record protected shows it is not necessary to enter the PIN code, but in order to watch it, it is necessary to enter the PIN Code. Using the left-right button on the remote control you can choose from the options listed on the right side, if you wish to protect them with a code. The following options are found in the menu on the left side: Save – confirm selection Do Not Save – Discard Changes 4.4. Bill 4.4.1. Pricing Information This menu shows how much you will need to pay with your next T-Com monthly bill for movies rented in Video Library – displayed chronologically.

4.5. System Reset By choosing this option you re-activate your Extra TV device.

5. MINI GUIDE This function in the menu system is available only when using the remote control. If, when watching a show, you press any of the directional buttons on the remote control (up, down, left, right) Mini Guide shows up at the bottom of the screen, enabling you to watch the shows on other channels being broadcast at the same time, without interrupting the show you are currently watching. The small screen displays the show being broadcast on that selected channel, including the minute of the broadcast. If you choose a show that did not yet start, information on how much time is left will appear in the small screen: day/hour/ minute – until broadcast of the show you are interested in.

Extra TV user manual


Within Mini Guide the remote control has the following functions: Up – changing channels according to a smaller number. After arriving at the first channel, the system goes back to the last. Down - changing channels according to a larger number. After arriving at the last channel, the system goes back to the first. Right – skip to the next show on the selected channel. Left – skip to the first earlier show on the selected channel. While using the Mini Guide there is no change on the TV screen. Pressing OK button starts the selected show.

6. STOP AND REWIND THE CURRENT SHOW This function in the menu can be used only with the remote control. EXTRA TV set-top box starts recording a show on the channel you are currently watching from the moment you switch to that channel, and recording continues until you switch to another channel. From that moment the recorded part of the previously watched show is no longer available. When watching a show currently being broadcast, using the buttons Play/Pause on the remote control, you will be able to stop or rewind a programme currently being broadcast. A horizontal time-line will then appear at the bottom of the screen displaying where the show has come to, in comparison to total time: End of the blue line shows where the broadcast of the current show is now, while the thin vertical blue line shows where from you are watching. Using buttons Play/Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward (fast forward is possible only up to the show currently being broadcast on the given channel)/Skip forward and Skip back; you can watch a movie in the way common for video devices.

TV user manual Extra TV 22 Extra Uputstvo za upotrebu

Extra TV user manual

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Extra TV user manual