UPVC Windows and Doors Choosing windows and doors to suit your home couldn t be easier... High Quality Energy Saving Windows and Doors

High Quality Energy Saving Windows and Doors with ‘Secured by Design’ the Police preferred security specification double glazing UPVC Windows and Do...
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High Quality Energy Saving Windows and Doors with ‘Secured by Design’ the Police preferred security specification

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UPVC Windows and Doors Choosing windows and doors to suit your home couldn’t be easier...

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors



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Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Ecovue Windows & Doors With so much choice, you will find high security, energy saving, high quality Windows and Doors to perfectly complement your home. Ecovue promises to give you a first class service, starting with a free survey, detailed advice and a noobligation quotation. When you choose Ecovue UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors, we promise to treat your home as if it were our own throughout the complete installation process. As one of the most renowned European Window Manufacturers, our suplier in the UK holds every major official Australian and European Quality Accreditation, including Secured by Design, the police preferred enhanced security specification. Since 1979, our supplier in the UK has successfully completed over 50,000 installations in Europe and Australia , and were proud to win the prestigious G12 International Window Installer of the Year Award. You can trust Ecovue.


Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

The Benefits Of Ecovue UPVC Over Aluminium And Wood For sheer thermal efficiency, superb looks and excellent performance, nothing beats Ecovue double glazed UPVC Windows and Doors. They are virtually maintenance free and will last far longer than wood or aluminium. Before Timber Windows Thermal Image (Red shows heat loss)


After Ecovue Double Glazed Windows Thermal Image (Energy saving)

Wood will rot, split, crack and its colours fade, whereas UPVC will withstand rain, wind, sun, UV, ice and snow and will continue to look good without regular maintenance. Timber framed windows are naturally susceptible to rotting over time and regular, expensive maintenance is essential. "MVNJOJVNXJOEPXTXJUIPVUBUIFSNBMCSFBL IBWFQPPSTPVOEBOEFOFSHZJOTVMBUJPO QSPQFSUJFTBOEGBEFXJUISFHVMBSFYQPTVSFUPUIF TVO



Unlike UPVC, aluminium and timber windows and doors are not thermally efficient. Nothing beats UPVC for energy efficiency, which is why UPVC windows account for more than 80% of installations into private homes in the UK.

More Than Just Noise Reduction We do live in increasingly noisy communities, and not only in the major towns and cities, but across all of NSW. Noise from cars & motorbikes, buses and trucks, trains , trams, and planes, dogs barking and noisy neighbours can be intrusive and irritating. For many people, the simple pleasure of a quiet evening at home no longer exists. The majority of intrusive noise enters a building through the windows & doors. With Ecovue Double Glazing, it is possible to reduce external noise by up to 80% - now wouldn’t that make for a quieter life!

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Ecovue Features & How You Benefit Rust Proof Hardware

Advanced Thermal Efficiency

Marine-Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel Hardware

Argon-Filled, Energy Rated Sealed Unit

No Discolouration Police Approved Security

3mm Wall Thickness To Prevent Any Degredation

6 - Point Locking System On Windows 9 - Point Locking System On Doors

Keeps You Warmer In Winter

No More Painting

4mm Interior Pane With Low-e Coating To Reflect Heat Back Into Your Room

Maintenance - Free UPVC Window Frame

Keeps You Cooler In Summer

High Security

4mm Exterior Pane To Deflect Heat From The Sun Coming Inside

Internally Glazed Bead - To Keep Out Unwanted Visitors

Optimum Thermal Performance & Noise Reduction

No More Draughts Co-Extruded Tight Fitting Weatherseals

20mm Warm Edge Spacer Bar For Optimal Sealed Unit Properties

Hot country Mix UPVC Profile

The Best Energy Performance

Your Ecovue UPVC Windows and Doors will not suffer from solar degradation.

The Environment’s Choice For Optimum Thermal Performance RCM Reinforcement The Greener & Stronger Option

Exceeds 6-Star Energy Rating

Be Safe From Bushfires

BAL 40

The Highest Energy Efficiency


1.4 Peace Of Mind

Australian Standards Approved


An energy efficiency Star Rating is a measure of how much energy escapes from your home over the course of a year. It also measures how much artificial heating and cooling energy will be required to keep the inside temperature within a ‘comfortable range.’ Compared to other materials in a building, ordinary single glazed windows are poor insulators and let a lot of radiant heat from the sun into your home. Therefore, the selection of windows can have a significant impact on the Star Rating. Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC European quality windows significantly exceed the official 6-Star Energy Rating standard. Your Ecovue Windows & Doors have very low U-Values too. Ecovue Windows have a U-Value of 1.4W/m2k with Ecovue Doors at 1.8W/m2k, which are the lowest currently available in the market.


Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Ecovue Casement & Awning Windows So Much Choice…


Casement & Awning Windows are very popular with Sydney homeowners as they allow full control over the level of ventilation you may require. You can take advantage of the unique Ecovue drop hinge, or safety lock on the night vent position, or use a Restrictor too. All Ecovue customers receive a free upgrade to “Grade A Energy Rated Windows”, the highest official energy saving rating, and Ecovue Windows and Doors hold a host of official Australian and European Quality Accreditations and Kitemarks. And for added peace of mind, Ecovue UPVC windows all come with the highest official security ratings, with Secured by Design, the Police-preferred high security specification. In addition, there are several British Standard Kitemarks for security, and a multitude of high security features as standard.


Our house now looks fantastic. People walk through the house and cannot believe how much warmer the house has become. The 80% noise reduction has blown me away KR, Armidale (Source: email)

Beautiful looking windows

to keep your home draught-free, and due to the high levels of security, they keep out intruders too.


We achieved a 9 star rating with Ecovue windows in Canberra. Very happy customers SG (Source: Email)

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Ecovue Shaped Windows Bespoke Shapes to Complement your Home


Whatever the design or shape, Ecovue can provide you with a high quality, high security double glazed UPVC Window or Door. Square, oblong, triangular, arched or circular, Ecovue will give you a bespoke product to enhance your home and make it stand out from your neighbours.

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Ecovue Tilt Before Turn & Double Hung Vertical Sliders Combining Traditional Design With Modern Technology

10 Tilt



Double hung

Ecovue energy saving Tilt Before Turn Windows and Double Hung Vertical Sliders are virtually maintenance-free and will provide you with improved insulation and the highest levels of security. And, as with all Ecovue windows, you have a wide selection of glass designs and options to choose from too. Tilt Before Turn UPVC Windows utilise large glass panels to create a flood lit environment that brightens up any home. The windows are easy to clean, thanks to the innovative tilt before turn operation that allows windows to be opened wide and cleaned from the inside of your home, as well as providing high levels of ventilation. Hailing from the Georgian era, Double Hung Vertical Sliders today are elegant and practical, combining the classic design details of the past with the latest UPVC and hardware technology. The windows simply slide up and down, or you can bring the outside in by using the unique double vortex system.


From the very first meeting it was clear thatEcovue were very professional. We were also pleased to discover that the UK business also has an excellent reputation. N P, Blue Mountains (Source: Letter)

Beautiful & Practical UPVC Windows and Doors add a beautiful look to your home, with quality that is built to last.

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Bay Windows & Corner Windows Adds Masses of Light To Any Room


Ecovue UPVC Bay Windows & Corner Windows let the sun right into your home. With our huge range of stunning UPVC Bay Windows & Corner Windows, they will add elegance to your home and create extra space. And as with all Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors, you will receive a full no quibble 10 Year Guarantee. You also have the peace of mind from knowing that Ecovue fully employ their own skilled installation teams.


They say its not cold in Sydney!! Ecovue windows and doors with venetians between the glass was the solution for us in the Blue Mountains. Why people still have single glazing in Aluminum frames is beyond belief. Wake up Sydney.... seriously!!! DS Blue Mountains (Source: Direct quote)


Close to the ocean uPVC with hi grade stainless steel hardware was the best choice for us. PB (Source: Direct quote)

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

UPVC Front Doors & Back Doors High Security, High Quality Ecovue UPVC Doors will grace any home. They are virtually maintenance-free and possess insulation figures up to six times better than timber doors. They come armed with a multitude of security features and Security Accreditations, including Secured by Design, the official Police-preferred high security specification. Ecovue doors also carry PAS 024 Accreditation for “Doors of Enhanced Security” which proves that the doors have withstood a series of physical tests based on the most common methods of aggravated burglary. There is also an anti-jemmy security bolt fitted, as well as anti-drill cylinder guards to the main lock, as this is one of the most common forms of criminal entry used by burglars.


You can choose from a wide variety of styles ranging from classical looks to modern contemporary designs, together with a stunning choice of colours and glass options. Toughened glass is also a standard feature, and stainless steel hinges eliminate unsightly rust.

You Have So Much Choice With all EcovueDoors, you can choose from a vast range of colours and glazing options

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Composite Front Doors & Back Doors You Never Get a Second Chance To Make A First Impression

16 Ecovue’s range of high security Composite Front Doors and Back Doors look and feel like traditional timber doors and are available in a huge range of colours, styles and glazing options. These doors do not require painting or varnishing because they are manufactured from high-density foam and thermoplastic door skins, designed to resist denting, warping, cracking or discolouration. Composite Doors not only provide excellent weather-tightness, but also ensure the highest level of security with Secured by Design, the official Police-preferred security specification.


Ecovue strives to provide not only the best product and level of service, but absolute customer satisfaction.  We now have a truly magnificent home with beautiful UPVC windows and doors, thanks to Ecovue P&P Dewan, Templestowe (Source: Facebook)

High Security Secured by Design, the Police-preferred security specification


We were after double glazing that wouldn't deteriorate close to the salt water. Ecovue uPVC windows and doors with micro-venetians were the ideal fit for us DJ, Melrose Park (Source: Direct quote)

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Ecovue Patio Doors & French Doors Adds Masses Of Light To Any Room Ecovue’s range of internally glazed, high security UPVC Patio Doors and French Doors will make a real difference to your home, allowing the sunlight to flood in and brighten up any room. They not only look good but also provide the highest level of security and insulation against the elements. At Ecovue, the highest security specification comes as standard, with multiple locking points, built in anti-jacking system, reinforced UPVC profile and high performance hardware. Options such as low thresholds or mid-rails make Ecovue Patio Doors and French Doors suitable for any setting. The whole range comes in a variety of styles and is manufactured to the highest standards possible using the best quality components.


Classic and Timeless Designs Combined with unbeatable levels of security

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Ecovue Bi-Folding Doors Brings The Outside Indoors Contemporary, architecturally designed Bi−Folding Doors create a stunning feature for your home and they are an attractive alternative to French Doors or Patio Doors. These elegant, concertina doors add a real “wow” factor to your home, and seamlessly connect your outdoor and indoor spaces.


We now have the perfect room to entertain our family and friends W Slater, Southbank

These Doors will give a whole new feel to your living space as you will open up panoramic views and bring the warmth and light of the outside indoors. They are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Ecovue Bi−Folding Doors boast highly sophisticated folding and sliding technology to give many years of trouble free use.

Ranging from one door sets to eight door sets. and with a choice of individual door widths from 400mm up to 1200mm, Ecovue•s Bi-Fold Doors will fit most openings, however big or

Where rooms have a more unconventional layout, Ecovue can manufacture bay and 90"

ts with or without corner be turned into the light-filled


Micro-Venetians Between Glass Our Blinds Between Glass (BBGTM ) technology installs honeycomb or Venetian blinds in a secure environment between the glass. BBGTM allows you to control the amount of sunlight and heat entering the room, either electronically or by hand, making outstanding energy savings possible.



Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

angeYour options for a

perfect match

Foilexpress Standard Range Range

Foilexpress Range

standard range is available from This range of foil finishes available on white only. Deliv This range of foilOur finishes isdelivery available on stock white only. Delivery will isbe 20 working available from stock days and incur a 20% premium on your standard foiled p on your normal terms. Depending The Perfect Finish For Your Windows And Doors your system these foils on are available on . days and incur aon20% foiled prices y terms. Depending premium your standard a white caramel or brown substrate. oils are available on . Option One Choose the colour you prefer for your window and doors n substrate.


Premium Range

Smooth White

White Woodgrain

Warm Magnolia


Dark Red White (PX)

Option Two

Irish Oak Woodgrain

Antique Oak Steel Blue Cream (PX)

Choose your handle colour

Rosewood Woodgrain

Chartwell Green Woodgrain

Dark Green

Option Three

Chartwell Green

Black Brown

Anthracite Grey Agate Grey


Choose your glass option

23 White

Irish Oak



Anthracite Grey (Flat) Siena PR


Option Four

Diamond Lead

Square Lead

Choose your preference of glass opacity


Black Brown



Option Five Lamb Tongue


Slate Grey



* Available as a Foilexpress option for F

Georgian Bars Gun Metal Grey

Hazy Grey



Single Edge Bull Nose

Choose the perfect finishing trim

Ecovue Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Why Choose Ecovue? Ecovue Double Glazing has been installing quality European double glazed windows and doors for over 6 years. Our supplier in the UK has over 35 years experience and has invested over $4 million on the latest production machinery at its UK manufacturing plant over the last three years to ensure that product quality remains the best that money can buy. And it is not just superb product quality that makes Ecovue so special. We promise to give you a first class service, from your initial contact with us all the way through to a professional installation by Ecovue’s own company employed skilled craftsmen. We take great pride in looking after our customers and their homes.  Save money on your energy bills with the most thermally efficient windows and doors available in Australia. Reduces intrusive external noise & dust by up to 80%. Tried and tested European products which exceed current legislation. Quality award winning installations from company employed craftsmen.  High quality, high security, maintenance-free European UPVC windows & doors.  Technologically advanced window & door hardware, exceeding every security standard. Quotations carried out by company employed representatives. No quibble 10 Year Guarantee. Award winning after sales service.



10 - YE RA NT

Our supplier has more than 50,000 successful installations since 1979, so you can trust their 10 year guarantee, which covers all parts, materials and workmanship.


A Full 10 Year Guarantee





European Quality Accreditations & Australian Standards Approved

Visit The Ecovue Showroom

As members of the Australian Window Association, our products have been tested to Australian Standard AS2047. You can be confident that products are made to withstand Australian conditions. The Housing Industry Association’s mission is to promote policies and provide services consistent with the highest standards of professional and commercial conduct. HIA members agree to conduct their business to a National Code of Ethics. By using a Registered Building Practitioner, you are engaging a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professional.

You can see the complete product range at the Ecovue Showroom.

The Window Energy Rating Scheme enables windows to be rated and labeled for their annual energy impact on a whole house, in any climate of Australia. Window manufacturers must obtain energy ratings for their products from a rating organisation that is accredited by the Australian Fenestration Rating Council. Ecovue supports Neighbourhood Watch Australasia with the Police-preferred high security specification, Secured by Design, as well as a multitude of security features and Acceditations.


Secured by Design is the official Police-preferred high security specification for windows and doors. PAS 24

Enhanced Security PVC-U Doors

Awarded by the British Standards Institute, these Kitemarks prove that Ecovue Windows and Doors have withstood a series of physical attacks and tests based on the most common methods of aggravated burglary.

PAS 24

Enhanced Security Windows

Our fabricator operates a formal Quality Management System which conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001. This scheme stipulates that systems must be in place to ensure that product quality, service quality and customer satisfaction remain at constant high levels. Ecovue Greenline has eliminated all lead stabilisers making it the most environmentally friendly UPVC profile available.

Showroom Opening Times: 10am – 5pm Weekdays by appontment Saturday

you might be surprised that Ecovue does so much...


2/26 Day Street | Silverwater | NSW 2128 Call: 1300 326 883 | email: [email protected] | web: www.ecovue.com.au

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