Until We Encounter Barriers. Creative Solutions to Overcoming Barriers. High Tech Devices are Fantastic. Barriers to Technology

Creative Solutions to Overcoming Barriers Jill E. Senner, PhD, CCC-SLP Shelley Harris, Family Member & Librarian High Tech Devices are Fantastic… Un...
Author: Tabitha Miller
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Creative Solutions to Overcoming Barriers Jill E. Senner, PhD, CCC-SLP Shelley Harris, Family Member & Librarian

High Tech Devices are Fantastic…

Until We Encounter Barriers… •  Barriers to Technology –  Water –  Sunlight –  Positioning –  Noise


Water •  •  •  •  •  • 

Rain Pool Beach Water Play Cooking/Eating Bath

Sunlight •  The great outdoors…

Positioning •  Restaurant •  Playground •  Gym (Health Club)


Noise •  Bowling Alley •  Zoo •  Mall

Communication Happens Everywhere… There are solutions! •  •  •  • 

Home School Community Everywhere!

Josh Harris •  Josh is 24 years old. He has Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, which resulted in cognitive impairment, mobility challenges, hearing impairment and various medical challenges.


Community •  Portable solution for outdoors communication. •  Like walking in a Halloween parade •  ‘96 *Attainment company, Pocket Talker 15

Recreation •  Josh’s talker was programmed to command his horse. •  “Walk on.”

Wearable Solutions LITTLEmack by Ablenet

TalkTrac by Ablenet


Wearable Solutions Hip Talk by Enabling Devices

Super Wrist Talker by Enabling Devices

GoTalk Pocket by Attainment

In the pool! •  Iron-on communication boards on white T-shirts or tanks

Guy chatting with Matt at

Activities And Camp for Families - Aug.04

and more swimming . . . •  Float a board on a styrofoam tray


and even more swimming . . . •  Laminated boards glued to kick boards with plumber’s glue

Alternate Pointing Options •  Pointing –  –  –  –  –  –  –  – 

Feet/toe(s) Manual Pointer Chinstick Headpointer Mouthstick Adapted Splints Optical Pointer Light Pointer

Eye-Talk by Enabling Devices

•  Eye Gaze

Eye Gaze


Partner Assisted Scanning •  During partner assisted scanning the “partner” lists or “scans” through the individual’s choices visually and/or auditorily. The individual indicates when their desired choice is being presented.

Partner Assisted Scanning

At the Beach


At the Beach

Trendy Digital pouches

Handy headphone jack available!

Laminated boards IN THE GARDEN

Glad Pad •  Communication board on a garden pad. •  Complete instructions at www.aacintervention .com


More gardening… •  Glad pad with garden symbols.

Water Play •  Weatherproof Canvas Tote with velcro receptive material and laminated symbols.

Pillow Talk •  No, not “Pillow Talk,”


Pillow talkers •  Are perfect when the device is charging and you’re in bed •  Pillow talkers can be ironed on or embroidered •  Avery now makes glow in the dark iron on sheets!

When snuggling on the couch

On long road trips


Or in the hospital

In the kitchen •  Spills? Splashes? No problem! •  Plastic, disposable and inexpensive . . . SHOWER CAPS

In the kitchen •  Bowl covers work too.


In the Kitchen •  Magnetic Symbols for the Fridge

In the kitchen…

Positioning and Materials •  Placemat •  Wall Mounted Boards •  Velcro-Receptive Material


In the bathroom •  Motion sensor call button and laminated communication boards

In the bathroom •  This green board has lasted over a decade in our bathrooms!

In the shower •  Forgot your very cool apricot face scrub? •  Printed window decals on the shower door


In the shower •  Have a shower curtain? Laminate a board and keep it in arm’s reach.

or the bath… •  Floating 2 liter pop bottle with communication board inside.

Cafepress.com •  Can upload any image to be printed on a variety of objects including: –  –  –  –  –  –  – 

Pillows Magnets Clothing Posters Stickers Tote Bags And…


Cafepress.com •  Mousepads!

Talking photo albums •  Josh enjoys creating talking scrapbooks. •  He shares his experiences with others. •  This led to . . .

A new hobby - digital photography •  Josh began to tell us when he wanted a picture taken. •  We purchased a digital camera with an LED screen and now Josh takes the pictures!


Accessible photography… •  Switch-adapted digital camera by Orcca Technology

Location, Location, Location •  Sometimes the biggest barrier of all is location. Laminated communication boards in every room means communication whenever and wherever, even when the device is in another room or charging.

Resources •  Attainment, www.attainmentcompany.com •  Ablenet, www.ablenetinc.com •  Augmentative Resources, http://www.augresources.com/ •  Avery® T-shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers 8938 •  Enabling Devices, www.enablingdevices.com •  JAC’s Custom Sewn Embroidery 708/579.5494 •  Oak Park Public Library, [email protected] •  Office Depot® Brand Inkjet Window Decals, Item # 212881 •  ORCCA Technology, Inc., http://www.orcca.com/photo.htm •  Talking Photo Album, http://www.difflearn.com •  Technology & Language Center, Inc., www.talcaac.com •  Trendy Digital Waterpoof Cases, http://trendydigital.com