Unit Extra Credit Assignments

Unit Extra Credit Assignments Unit 1 – Introduction to Health Project:  On a piece of paper, draw the floor plan of your home. In each room draw a sy...
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Unit Extra Credit Assignments Unit 1 – Introduction to Health Project:  On a piece of paper, draw the floor plan of your home. In each room draw a symbol or make a list of the things you do related to physical health. For example: in the bathroom you can draw a picture of toothbrush. Somewhere outside the drawing list or draw things you do related the physical health. Essay:  Research your family tree. You must go back to your grandparents. Remember to add in your uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, and sisters. Draw or make a flow chart to show the relationships to you. At the bottom of your family tree, list five traits you have and where you think they came from.

Unit 2 – Healthy Self Essay (pick one) 

Interview two people from different age groups. Ask each person what the top three stressors are and how they manage them. Write an essay of your interview and the results. How different are the age groups?

Make a list of six major goals you want to achieve in your life *Make sure all the goals are measurable *Write down at least three smaller stepping goals for each major goal

Project (pick one)  Interview 10 students (both male and female). Have them tell you their top 3 stressors. Tally their answers and write a short explanation of your results. 

Create a visual representation of their values and the people or events which help form their values. o You can use a power point or poster to illustrate your values. o You must have at least 10 things that you value and/or people and event s that help form your values.

Unit 3 – Mental and Emotional Health Essay (pick one)   

Imagine that every Thursday, you come home from school feeling angry. You realize that your after school band rehearsal make you angry each week. How can you use this realization to help you deal with your anger? Hands on Activity Pg. 80 Find a piece of music that makes you feel a certain emotion. Explain what emotion the song causes, and why you think this music makes you feel that way.

Project (pick one)  

Make a poster showing different emotions. You should have 15 different emotion pictured and labeled. You can draw the pictures or clip photographs from a magazine. Draw a situation where a person is stuck in a rut of negative thinking. Use cartoon thought bubbles to show how that person could use positive self-talk to change the negative attitude.

Unit 4 – Nutrition and Diets Essay Type a six paragraph essay describing each nutrient:      

Carbohydrates Proteins Fats Vitamins Minerals Water

Project (choose one)  

Make a colleague poster using pictures of food from magazines to create a food guide pyramid Make a power point presentation or brochure describing each of the 6 essential nutrients

Unit 5 – Body Composition and Body Image No extra credit currently posted for this unit

Unit 6 – Diseases Essay (pick one)  Research one of the three major outbreaks of the bubonic plague. Explain how this disease was spread from person to person.  Juan has been studying for several days for a major test. The night before the test Juan becomes ill with the flu. Juan wants to take the test and get it over with. He thinks that he will just ask his mom for some aspirin and go to school anyway. Is Juan making a good decision? Explain your answer.  Complete hands-on activity on page 458  Some noninfectious diseases are caused by harmful lifestyle behaviors. List four unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, and then list the alternative healthy lifestyle choices. Project (pick one)  Complete the hands-on activity on page 432  You have the flu, but attend school anyway. Make a flow chart showing whom you would infect during the course of a regular school day and how you spread the viral infection. (Examples: coughing, sneezing, or shaking hands?  Create a poster about ways a person can prevent getting a noninfectious disease. Include risk factors, pictures, and text.  Select a type of cancer to study. Create a poster which describes the warning signs or symptoms, treatment, and possible causes.

Unit 7 – Healthy Relationships Project (Pick One)  Copy onto a poster board the flow chart from your text book page 308. Draw your own illustrations for each step in the flowchart.  Make a poster illustrating different ways to control anger. Use speech balloons or dialog boxes to explain what is going on in the different scenes.  Create a cartoon drawing that shows the difference between good communication skills and poor communication skills. Essay (Pick One)  Brad is a musician and needs to practice several hours every day. Jared lived in the apartment next to Brad, and doesn’t care for the music Brad plays. Jared is particularly bothers by the music late at night when he is trying to sleep. o Answer the following questions using complete sentences and restating the question in the answer  How can Jared show tolerance?  How can communication help?  What compromise can be made?  Write about a situation in which you did not give into peer pressure. What refusal skills did you use? How did they experience make you feel? Di d you keep those friends after the incident?  TV news shows are a very popular source of entertainment and information today. Examine different news personalities and evaluate their communication skills. What communication techniques do these people have in common? Are these strategies effective or ineffective? Do new personalities rely solely on verbal communication, or do they use nonverbal communication too?

Unit 8 – Sex Education: Anatomy and Physiology Essay:   

Write a story in which you describe what a fetus experiences through the nine months of pregnancy to birth. Include information about the fetus’s changing size and increasing complexity. Write a paragraph describing how we get a bellybutton. Include where it came from and the purpose of the bellybutton before birth. Create a diagram that illustrates the path the ovum travels through the body. Label all the anatomical structures and indicate with arrows, the direction that the ovum travels. Provide labels that describe what happens to the ovum as it travels through each structure of the female reproductive system.

Project: 

Make a timeline showing the three different trimesters of pregnancy. Include major growth events. See page 228 for an example. You need to have at least 5 pictures of the fetus at different stages.

Make a power point presentation about Problems with the male and reproductive system. Include the description of the disease, symptoms, and cure/treatment. You must have 5 problems for each the male and female reproductive system.

Unit 9 – Sex Education: Relationships No extra credit currently posted for this unit

Unit 10 – Substance Abuse and Prevention No extra credit currently posted for this unit

Unit 11 – Safety No extra credit currently posted for this unit