Student Assignments

Turnitin Assignments A student guide on how to submit assignments in Moodle.



Student Assignments

What are Turnitin assignments? Turnitin assignments are similar to regular assignments in Moodle with the exception that any work you upload will be run through the Turnitin software to check for plagiarism before it is marked. For more information about plagiarism refer to the plagiarism framework at:

How to view my Turnitin assignments Assignments can be viewed in two different ways, either through my home under the relevant module name, or embedded in the module’s site itself.

Figure 1. The my home link

Figure 1.1 Assignments can be viewed from my home. Note each ‘part’ refers to a file you need to submit

To view more details about an assignment and to submit work click on the assignment name. For example, in Figure 1.1 clicking Coursework 1 will direct you to the submission area for that assignment. From my home you can also view other details about the assignment, such as the due date, if you’ve submitted work and whether your work has been graded. Alternatively, assignments are also shown in the module’s site, see below. Again to view more details about an assignment and to submit work click on the assignment name.



Student Assignments

Figure 2. Turnitin assignments can be distinguished by the


Details of the Turnitin assignment When you click on the assignment name you will be shown more detail about it, this next screen includes a summary of the Turnitin assignment and also a tab where you can view your own submissions.

Figure 3. Detailed information about the Turnitin assignment. To view your submissions click on the My Submissions tabs, show in Figure 3. If you haven’t submitted any work the My Submissions tab should look like this:

Figure 4. The view if no work has been submitted.



Student Assignments

How to submit assignments to Turnitin. There are two different submission types you can choose from to submit your assignment, the first is a text submission and the second is a file upload. The most used will be ‘file upload’. We will deal with each case separately in this guide. To choose which type you would like to submit click the drop down box shown in figure 5 and select one of the two options.

Figure 5. Selecting a submission type.

Uploading your assignment Once you select the File Upload option in the previous step a form will appear below.

Figure 6. The File upload form.



Student Assignments

The first two pieces you must fill in is the title of the document you are uploading and what part of the submission it is. This number of parts expected for the submission is set by your tutor when they first create the assignment. To view how many parts the Turnitin assignment has see the assignment description in my home, this is shown in Figure 1.1. The example assignment used in this guide has two submission parts (See Figure 1.1). When uploading a file you must choose which part of the submission it is.

Figure 7. Choosing a submission part. NOTE: a part refers to a file you must submit, set in advance by your tutor Next you must choose which file to upload. Click on the Choose File button, navigate around your computer and select the file you want to upload. The name of this file should now appear beside the Choose File button as in Figure 8.

Figure 8. The file upload NOTE the maximum file size is 20MB Finally, you must read and accept the declaration at the bottom of the form regarding plagiarism. If you are unsure of anything read the university’s plagiarism regulations at . If you are still unsure contact your department. Click Add submission to finalize your submission.

Figure 9. Adding the submission. Assignments


Student Assignments

Uploading a text submission. Uploading a text submission is very similar to a file submission. First, select the submission type to be a text submission. Again a form will appear that is very similar to the file upload form; the only difference is that instead of having a File to Submit option there is now a Text to submit option.

Figure 10. The text submission form. As before fill in a submission title and select a submission part. Next, copy and paste the text of your submission into the text-box (highlighted in Figure 10), read and accept the declaration at the bottom of the page and click Add Submission.

Viewing your submissions Once you have clicked Add Submission your submission will be uploaded to Turnitin. The page will refresh and you will be able to see details about your submissions. You will also be emailed a receipt from Turnitin to your Lancaster University email address. It is important to keep this receipt safe



Student Assignments

Figure 11. Viewing submissions. To the bottom left of Figure 11 is the option to add more submissions.

Figure 12. Viewing your submission in the document viewer.



Student Assignments

Now if you view the assignment details from my home again, the status of part 1 has changed to submitted.

Figure 13. Part 1 has been submitted.

Viewing similarity reports and receiving feedback/ grades If the assignment is credit bearing, you will never receive a grade through Moodle. Marks for all credit bearing assignments will be shown to you via the student portal. Type ‘how do I find my marks in the student portal?’ into LancasterAnswers ( for more details. Some tutors may decide to give feedback using an in-built tool in Turnitin assignment called GradeMark. If you tutor does this, you will see inline comments in figure 12 when ‘GradeMark’ is highlighted. Some departments and tutors have decided to show similarity reports to students. If your Turnitin assignment is configured to work in this way, you will see your similarity score as a % in figure 11 and then in detail in the document viewer (figure 12) when ‘Originality’ is highlighted. Refer back to your departmental regarding how to use this similarity score.