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Put your foot down with confidence Choose your perfect braking solution online at or

Bendix Disc Pads

Disc Pads for new generation vehicles

Superior Disc Surface Protection

Bendix have the latest generation of disc brake pads for a new generation of heavier trucks, prime movers and trailers. Only a braking specialist like Bendix can develop superior pads designed for harsh road conditions and operating demands. As more trucks and trailers switch to disc brakes, Bendix Protrans disc pads will bring fleet operators advanced levels of reliability, reduced noise and will offer competitive value on a cost per kilometre basis.

Bendix Protrans disc pads reduce thermal damage to rotors, which can cause micro and radial cracking, Protrans has a high tolerance to rotor metallurgy variances, because we use less abrasive materials, and lubricants that protect the disc rotor surface – unlike other aggressive European style materials. Thanks to this advanced ‘surface technology’, friction can be achieved with minimal surface damage to pads and rotors thus extending both pad and rotor life.

Superior Friction Stability

Superior Pad Life

Using ceramic metallic material with a friction rating of GG, the extreme wear life of Bendix Protrans disc pads will become apparent over time. This OE quality material can withstand extremely high operating temperatures, which means exceptional pad and rotor life with minimal risk of brake fade. In all applications, drivers will appreciate the security of predictable, stable friction levels across a range of operating temperatures.

Bendix Protrans disc pads have a strong, predictable friction level regardless of temperature, speed or axle load. This material is designed for harsh conditions, and is validated to OE specification, for low wear and long life, particularly at high temperatures. The range includes references to cover most popular truck and trailer applications.



» Improved surface technology » High operating temperature » Low pad wear » Comprehensive range » Low noise

» Protects rotor surface to minimise surface cracking » Low fade, safety and durability » Extended servicing intervals » Covers most popular applications » Reliable quiet operation

Technical Specifications Material Application Composition Reference

Friction Classification

Maximum Continuous Working Temperature


GG (0.55)


Frequent braking environments, high speed, heavy traffic, steep gradients.

Ceremic Metallic.

Bendix Brake Linings

What is Protrans?

Based on a European heritage with an OE background, Bendix have localised this to meet harsh and demanding on-road conditions. Protrans is manufactured using upgraded processes featuring QS9000 quality controls and an ISO14001 environmental accreditation. With an FF rating (SAE J661a test procedure) and average friction level of 0.38, Protrans provides excellent wear and drum effect characteristics. It’s also very quiet in all operations and has a maximum continuous working temperature (MCWT) of 300˚C. The Protrans brake lining is unique as it puts a film on the drum, without doubt, the biggest difference Protrans has brought to operators.

When Should Protrans Be Used?

Protrans is a multi purpose material that can be used in a range of applications including heavy duty trucks, light truck, trailer and common general purpose axles. The range includes references to cover most popular commercial vehicles and trailers.

The requirement to achieve a long service life and reduce downtime has never been greater. Larger trailer configurations, increased payloads combined with technological engine developments, with greater emphasis on safety, means that the braking system of commercial vehicles is subject to greater demands than ever before. Bendix understands that commercial vehicle operators must get maximum life and value from all vehicle components, particularly those often replaced items such as brakes. Brake linings are one of the most important safety elements within the braking system of heavy commercial vehicles. With this in mind, Bendix developed Protrans to save owners and fleet operator’s time and money, with less vehicle down time in the workshop. Point at which vehicle is taken off the road for replacement of friction & possibly brake drums


» Resistance to high temperatures » Low noise » Reduced drum and component wear » Non Asbestos Organic (NAO technology)

3rd change

» Stable performance across various applications » Reduced wear and replacement cycles in high temperature operations caused by frequent braking under heavy loads » Reliable and quiet operation » Reduced down time with less replacement cycles

2nd change

1st change

1st change


Technical Specifications Material Application Composition Reference

Friction Classification

Max. Continuous Working Temperature


FF (0.38)


Multipurpose material for bus, light truck, trailer and common general purpose axles and for heavy duty truck applications.

Cost $


Are your brakes stopping your performance?

Latest technology NAO lining.

Bendix Brake Linings

Extra Performance, Extra Value

Bendix Fleetrans, a brake lining for truck and trailer applications. Fleet operators and transport companies of all sizes have a genuine lower priced alternative, offering durability and performance across a range of operating conditions.

Extended Life

Fleetrans is specially developed to offer positive stopping power and extended wear characteristics under a wide temperature range. With an FF friction rating, it is suitable for use on S-CAM air brakes on trucks and trailers. It offers excellent value for money, allowing operators to fit a dependable product developed and produced for tough conditions.

Features: » Stable operating performance » FF friction rating » Low noise » Comprehensive range

Extended Range

Fleetrans is available in most popular applications and can be purchased as either a lining or Brake Shoe Sets, thereby offering even more economy and flexibility. Extensive road and dynamometer testing has shown that Fleetrans will offer competitive value in terms of cost per kilometre. Why risk your business with unknown low cost alternatives when you can fit Bendix brake linings cost effectively.




» Protects rotor surface to minimise surface cracking » Low fade, safety and durability » Extended servicing intervals » Covers most popular applications AN LOW COquiet operation »THReliable ST PRODUCTS




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Bendix Brake Shoe Sets

The Brake Shoe Principle

Tying up money in recycled exchange shoes has been either too expensive, is a poorer quality substitute or both! Bendix has a range of non-exchange brand new Brake Shoe Sets consisting of OE quality shoes lined with long-lasting Protrans or economical Fleetrans braking materials, which are available either as riveted or bonded. For about the same price as a recycled shoe you can now fit brand new brake shoes for greater reliability and no more core deposits. It means operators and owners will save time and money through less down time, greater mileage and no recycling costs.

Features: » OE quality shoes » ADR Compliant » Manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards » Electro hardened journal ends » Indented webbing » Steel rivets » Radius Ground

The Bendix single use shoe is a guarantee of reliability in a market where shoes are remanufactured and used over and over. Both the Bendix shoe and the lining are manufactured to OE specification and meet ADR requirements.

Strength and Durability

With electro hardened journal ends to help reduce the wear rate. Electroplating and indented webbing provide additional strength, while steel rivets give greater reliability at high temperatures. Each shoe is radius ground after riveting or bonding to provide ease of fitment and optimum efficiency. Tests have shown that Bendix Shoe Sets will last as long or longer than OE**. The range includes references to cover popular commercial vehicles and trailers.



» No more core deposits » Duty of care » Dependable and reliable » Reduced shoe wear rates » Easy Fit, no fuss





Brake Shoe Hardware Kits also available! See next page for details.





Bendix Brake Shoe Hardware Kits Hardware Kits for Bendix Brake Shoes

Outstanding product performance and customer satisfaction require high quality accessory components. Bendix provides you with hardware kits to suit our Brake Shoe Sets, with all the components you need, including the springs, pins, retainers and rollers. The range includes references to cover most popular commercial vehicles and trailers.

Brake & Parts Cleaner Bendix Brake & Parts Cleaner

Bendix Brake & Parts Cleaner is a full strength cleaner degreaser that can be applied without the need to disassemble brake components. • It penetrates rapidly, cleans instantly and evaporates fast. • It is specifically formulated to safely and instantly dissolve and displace all contaminants common to brake components. • Rapidly removes brake fluid, grease and oil - even residue accumulated over a long period is readily removed leaving surfaces clean and dry. • Can be used on brake assembly, brake drums, disc pad backing plates, wheel cylinders, clutch plates, springs, starter motors, starter switches and calipers. • Environmentally friendly and contains no CFCs which damage the ozone layer. • Non-corrosive to metal parts and non-staining. (It is recommended that you protect painted surfaces, rubber and plastics from over spraying). • Available in a 400g aerosol spray or 20L drum.





Leading Technology

The Best Range

Bendix brake pads are appropriate for the purpose intended and if installed by qualified staff, to the vehicle manufacturers specifications, can be used in logbook servicing.

Bendix technicians are dedicated to building more control, less noise and faster installation into every new product we create.

Bendix brake products are designed and manufactured for local conditions. This ensures they are right for your truck whether it’s a hard working commercial vehicle or load carrying semi-trailer.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THESE PRODUCTS Freecall the Bendix Brake Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 (8am-5pm Monday to Friday EST) or +61 3 5327 0211 from overseas. Visit our website / or email us, [email protected]

* If a part is non-genuine, but is interchangeable with the genuine part, it could be seen as being fit or appropriate for the purpose and would therefore not void the manufacturer’s warranty.” Source: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) ruling published in Consumer Express publication, April 2005, Issue 1445-9671

Bendix is a trademark of Honeywell International Inc.

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