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CHURCH ANNUAL REPORT In my report I try to mention things that happen that no other report will cover. When I started by listing all that happened at Trinity last year I realised how much goes on and how many people are involved with keeping the life of our Church vibrant. Some of us attended the unity service for all Churches in the North Plymouth area held at Eggbuckland Church when Ian Criddle choose the hymn ‘Lead kindle light’ as our contribution to the Songs of Praise evening. Discussion took place at a Church meeting, led by Sabrina Groschel our Synod Pastoral Advisor, following the One Plus One report asking if we would object if those Churches who wanted to conduct marriage services for same sex couples should do so. Church meeting voted that they should be allowed with 20 for the motion 10 against and 4 abstentions. Several attended the Christian resources exhibition held at Westpoint Exeter, where we looked at various items that could prove helpful at Trinity. In March we were saddened to hear of the death of our former minister Revd. Bob Irving but were delighted that his family wanted to hold a Thanksgiving Service for his life at Trinity. The Church was full as was the Church hall for refreshments afterwards. We joined with Sherwell Church for Lent group studies led by Rev Colin Phipps. Our own members led Holy week meditations and Rev David Flynn led us through Easter services from Tenebrae on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We had a minister, Revd. Elizabeth come to preach with a view and after the service a faith lunch was held for all to meet her informally. The following week after morning service a Church meeting decided that she was not the right person for us.

In the summer months we were asked if we would take a minister in training for 9 week placement. Andrew Mudharara made us all think about becoming a SOMEBODY. He joined in all Church activities delighting all with his easy manner and sense of humour and was much appreciated by the house bound when he led home communion services. At the end of his time with us the elders arranged for the congregation to take him and his wife out for a meal where he was presented with a picture frame highlighting some of the activities he had been involved in. Harvest supper was appreciated by those who attended and harvest was celebrated on September 26 when various groups explained the significance of the decoration in their allocated section of the Church. 2

Four Elders and one Junior Church leader attended a safeguarding day at Plymstock URC. There was a short time of Remembrance held on November 11th around the 11.00 o’clock time of silence with readings and poems being read by Ian Criddle and Bernadette Massey. The vacancy group met another applicant and invited him to come and preach with a view but unfortunately he had to withdraw. In November Bernadette Massey and I held a mid-week communion service for any who wish to attend. This proved popular with some of our elderly members who cannot get out easily so we will continue to provide this once a month. Our Christmas nativity organised by Fiona Adams took on the idea of Grandmothers recalling memories of participation in the story with the children providing the final nativity scene. The candle light service was led by John Pasmore and was well attended. It is always good to see past members and friends who are home for Christmas as well as some neighbours who like to attend this service. Services on Christmas Eve and day were taken by Revd. Edgar Daniel Over the year we have to record the deaths of 5 members, Edna Wright, Jock Paton, Frances Barnicoat, Alice Sprague and Peter Twyman as well as our past Minister Revd. Bob Irving. We have welcomed 2 new members, Yvonne Greener and Margo Wood. Church membership now stands at 131.


At the AGM last year, Mary McFarlane retired as an Elder. Fiona Adams, Janette Duncalf, John Hawkins, Bernadette Massey and Jill Stidson were re-elected to serve another three years. Our average at morning communion services is 69. Evening services are usually 9 or 10 folk but if we include the Tenebrae and Christmas Eve service our average for evening communion is 14. Bernadette Massey and I, together with Andrew during his time with us, have taken communion to several housebound during the year so that 62 have been served in home situations. We have had two mid-week communion services for 6 persons. Thank you Bernie for joining me in this ministry. The MP3 players that we purchased last year have continued to be used by our housebound so they can hear the last week’s service in the comfort of their own home. Our thanks go to John Crosswaite who has taken over the recording of them and to those who deliver them. Those who receive the recordings really do appreciate listening to the service as it helps them feel that they still belong to Trinity. 3

I cannot possibly thank all who help, but a special thank you must go to John Pasmore who has edited our Trinity Tidings for 21 years and will be retiring at the AGM. He has made our magazine so interesting he will be a hard act to follow. The Elders have been a great help during the vacancy especially Judy Beaumont who records all our minutes for elders, management and Church meetings. If you read this booklet and think ‘Where do I fit in?’ perhaps it is time you volunteered to do something more to keep Trinity as vibrant as it is. WE NEED ALL OF YOU TO PLAY YOUR PART, but if you are no longer able to be active, you can pray remembering Tennyson’s words, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of”. Let us each try to become a SOMEBODY at Trinity. Jill Stidson AFTERNOON BADMINTON Monday afternoon from 2 till 4 will see plenty of activity in the large hall and hear plenty of chatter as those not playing at the time sit on the stage and enjoy a cup of tea. Our numbers range each week from 4 to 13 so to help with the order of play we have a board on which all names are placed with the one at the top organising the next game at least that is the theory! We had a meal together with past members at the Whitsand Bay Hotel, where we enjoyed good food good company and excellent views across Whitsand Bay. At our AGM we decide to increase our weekly subs to £2.00 so that we could give more to church funds for our use of the hall. Our chairperson is Penny Watson, Secretary Jill Stidson and Treasurer Elizabeth Richard. Jill Stidson

ART EXHIBITION Artists do appreciate being able to display their work even if they do not sell anything but are especially pleased when one of their paintings are sold. We displayed 232 pictures of which we sold 24, there were 95 browsers and sold 6 and 235 cards of which 111 were sold. 195 people bought a catalogue but several of these came again another day. The chart on the next page shows monies raised.


We would like to thank all who helped in any way and those who came to support us with a special thank you to Valerie Bott who was in charge of the kitchen and Pat Bogue who enters all details on the computer for the catalogue and works out what each artist is due. Jill Stidson and Connie Hanley AUDIO OPERATORS We have continued to provide amplification at Sunday Services and other events in our Church and use the ability to record services in digital format. The Sunday services are put on our website so any can listen to them and also loaded onto MP3 players. Many thanks to John Crosswaite for taking on this task of loading the MP3 players each week which is a great service to those with impaired hearing or who cannot attend Church on a Sunday. If you would like to use one of these players please have a word with John. Myself or Matthew Pun usually sit at the audio desk to twiddle the knobs each week and there are others who can use the system on occasions. If anyone else would like to learn how to use the system please have a word with me. It does require good hearing and the ability to twiddle knobs quickly. Chris Pasmore 5

CHURCH BAZAAR As this year’s coordinator I wish to thank all who worked on the day, and throughout the year to raise in access of £2000.00 which was shared equally between our Church and the 2015 chosen charity, ‘The Mercy Hospital ships’; in particular ‘Africa Mercy’ working off the shores of Madagascar. Being so near Christmas it took on a festive theme, so that lunches could be enjoyed in the church by the Christmas tree glowing in seasonal lighting. Many remarked on how pleasant it was, and with due gusto delved into the lunch menus, prepared and served by the catering crew– very ably led by Valerie Bott – their team steward, (note the nautical terms.) Members not involved in catering were busy with stalls displaying goods in the main hall, while our ‘Boutique par-excellence’ made a cosy and inviting place to browse over items of no further use to those who had given, but were destined to give much pleasure to discerning customers clever at rejuvenating a particular find - and so reasonably! All told, the day proved a social success as well as a financial one, and we were pleased to welcome Iain Colquhoun our local ‘Mercy Ship’s representative complete in his ‘uniform’ which was an engineer’s boiler suit, while answering any questions as well as identifying with the information video on a continuing-roll in the church. Such was the success of the day the church meeting in January 2016 voted in favour of a repeat occasion later in the year on 19th November. Mary McFarlane BIBLE READERS We have 22 members of the church who enjoy the privilege of reading from the Bible at our services. I enjoy looking after the rota and contacting readers for the next service and always for co-operation in the arrangements. If anyone wishes to join please contact me. David Woolley. BIBLE READING FELLOWSHIP There have been 8 subscribers over the past year to New Daylight. There are three booklets, each covering four months of short daily readings with accompanying comments and explanation. Every two weeks or so the writer of these explanatory passages changes. Notes cost £4.34. Inevitably some writers ‘strike a chord’ more than others and one finds new meaning to a difficult passage or indeed, a familiar one. Apart from being helpful, it provides a regular pattern to bible reading. 6

The Bible Reading Fellowship does a great deal more than publishing New Daylight. There are other bible reading programmes and seasonal books or guides available for individuals or churches to use. They are active in ‘hands on’ activities such as ‘Messy Church’, ‘Who let the Dads Out?’ and a more recent initiative ‘The Gift of Years’ resourcing The Spiritual Journey of older people. In addition to the printed word, there are app formats too. Samplers are also available for Kindle and on as well as lots more information. Penny Watson BRASS CLEANING At this point in time I am still the lonesome brass polisher and enjoying the power of being in charge. I would love to have someone else to help. The task takes about ¾ hour. Polish and dusters supplied. Graham Runnalls CHRISTIAN AID Fund-raising for Christian Aid began in March when, as part of Lent, we held a ‘Souper’ soup Lunch. This was held on Saturday March 14th. The menu consisted of bread and homemade soup, cake, teas or coffee. It was a lovely event and raised £253.15. Christian Aid Week ran from May 10th -16th. Brilliant volunteers delivered over 400 envelopes around the local area along with an invite to a coffee morning in the Church on Saturday 16th. It was hoped that people would join us for coffee whilst returning their envelope. Sadly, only 4 members of the local community took up the invite. However, as always, the event was well supported by members of the congregation and so, thanks to their generosity, we raised £365.90. On the Friday of Christian Aid Week Kate Rogers organised a concert. The music was provided by the choir, Kate and 3 guest performers. It was a splendid evening and raised over £200.

Our Christian Aid coffers were further boosted by a very generous, and anonymous, donation of £1500. Our final total for the year came to £2829.93. This was quite amazing given the fact that we no longer carry out a standard ‘House to house’ collection. Many thanks to everyone who supported the fund-raising in any way. Your continued generosity really makes a difference. Also, as a point of information, £331 was gift-aided and raised an extra £82.75. Christian Aid Week for 2016 is Sunday 15th – Saturday 21st May. Lindsay Grosch 7

CHRISTMAS CANDLES Some alterations have been undertaken to the choir lighting because the electrician had condemned the wiring of the original as unsafe at our annual PAT testing of electrical equipment. John Pasmore has now reworked them with low voltage LED lighting - the choir are ‘de - lighted’, Ho Ho! To protect the carpet we hope to have LED lighting down the centre isle by next Christmas. The rest of the layout will remain lit be candle power. Graham Runnalls CHRISTMAS SHOE BOXES Perhaps by now we should not be but Chris and I were amazed again by the generosity of Trinity folk when asked to support Christmas Shoe Boxes. This year we were able to send 129 filled Shoe Boxes to the Samaritans Purse appeal. This is our best effort so far. The total has grown year on year and last year having completed 105 boxes we said that we will never beat that total! How wrong can you be. Many thanks to everyone who donated money or items and or helped to make up the boxes on a cold November Saturday afternoon. May the Lord of Love bless you all and the children who received the boxes. Chris & John Pasmore CHURCH FURNITURE There has been a revamp of the vestry to make it a more comfortable area for visiting preachers. A big thank you to all those who help to clear the chairs after each Sunday service. Graham Runnalls

CHURCH GARDEN AND OUTSIDE AREAS The weather this year has been kind for gardens – regular rain and sunny periods. So no excuses for plants not to grow and flower! The large white blooms of Sedum Spectabile have dominated the right hand flower bed and now needs to be divided to prevent it taking over completely. Most other shrubs are fully developed and just need some pruning. Summer bedding plants such as Begonias, Lobelia and Geraniums in particular have flowered well throughout the summer, but the gardens now look rather bare, although the varying colours and texture of established evergreen shrubs still provide interest. 8

This year one whole day was devoted to other outside areas which do not receive regular and frequent attention such as cutting back our neighbour’s hedges, cleaning the steps down to the basement at the rear and cleaning the rainwater gullies (a horrible job), and containing the growth of weeds along paved areas. Our workforce of half a dozen willing men’s’ hands organised by John Makin made a big impact on these areas and hopefully this will become an annual event. Robert Willis CHURCH WEEKEND Last year’s church weekend away was to Treloyhan Manor in St Ives, a very firm favourite of many of us. We went from 2nd to 4th October, but some of us took advantage of having an extra night and stayed the Sunday evening as well. 31 people, friends and family from Trinity enjoyed a wonderful weekend led by Revd. Kathryn Price. The theme for the weekend was ‘God goes to the Musicals’. Some of us were a bit unsure of this but what an absolutely amazing subject this turned out to be. Kathryn inspired us to interpret a lot of these musicals in a Christian way and we were surprised at many of the morals and theories that some of them gave us. We were joined by Revd. Christiane Walter a friend from our German sister church in Neustadt and what wonderful company she proved to be. The weekend included all the usual favourite events – a trip to a hostelry at the end of the drive on Friday night; a social gathering on the Saturday night followed by a ‘get together’ in my parent’s room on the Saturday night and enjoying workshops on the Sunday morning in preparation for our Sunday afternoon communion. A collection was taken in aid of the Refugee Fund set up for the Syrian refugees. It is true to say that we were all inspired by Kathryn to the extent that we have started a film club at Trinity, so watch out for news of that new event happening. Many thanks has to be given to John and Chris Pasmore who helped such a lot with the arrangements, especially with the social on the Saturday night. Because we have been to Treloyhan for at least five times in a row, we took a vote and have decided that we would change our venue – another hotel in the Christian Guild – this time at Lindors in the Wye Valley on 12th – 14th May 2017. We have heard a lot about this venue, all positive with a lot more facilities available there than at Treloyhan, so we shall see how that goes. Think about joining us and speak to me if you are interested you can look at the venue on line at lindors Judy Beaumont


CRADLE ROLL I have continued to send birthday cards to those children baptised in Trinity during the last couple of years, until their 3 birthdays, when they are invited to join the Junior Church Sunday School. During 2015 there was one christening and one dedication service. Harry David Archer-Newcombe was christened on 25th January by Revd. David Flynn. Esme Gwen Pasmore was dedicated and named in a service conducted by Revd. Paul Stokes, minister from Plymstock UC 26th July.

A posy of flowers was given to both Harry’s and Esme’s mums, along with their certificate of baptism/dedication. Elizabeth Hamilton DERRIFORD HOSPITAL CHAPEL ROTA The people in hospital do appreciate being taken to service at Derriford. We now have one Saturday helper and six for Sunday although I have never had all six available on one day. The Saturday duty means arriving at the Chaplaincy at 10.00am when the wards are divided between those present who then go and ask all patients if they would like to be taken to the service on the Sunday morning or the Mass in the afternoon. Names are then taken back to the co-ordinator who prepares the lists. On the Sunday we meet at 8.45am, set off to the wards with wheel chairs to pick up those who want to attend and bring them to the chapel. After the service they need to be taken back to their wards. Another group of volunteers do the same for the afternoon mass. If you would like to help, please speak to me. Jill Stidson

FACEBOOK For almost two years now Trinity has had a presence on the social media site FaceBook. The ‘page’ is controlled by Sarah Nicholson and myself and displays pictures of events at Trinity and forthcoming activities. If you use FaceBook please watch us at ‘Trinity URC Plymouth’ and by clicking ‘like’ or ‘share’ on our posts, our presence on the site will go further. Some of our posts have reached hundreds the more the better. If you have any comment or pictures of events that can be added to our page please pass them to Sarah or myself. Chris Pasmore 10

FLOWER REPORT Once again the Church has had flowers arranged every week and this I am sure gives a lot of pleasure to many members. I would sincerely like to thank Mary and Debbie for all that they do in arranging the flowers. I am also delighted to welcome Jane Lister who will stand in for any of us to do the flowers, this is a great help as we all try to get in holidays and mini-breaks. Without the kind donations from Members the Church wouldn't have any flowers, so a big thank you to all who choose a Sunday to remember some-one special. Please remember if you would like a Sunday for something special please put your name on the board in the Vestibule or speak to one of the flower arrangers. Many thanks to all who support us over the year, please may I say we love having the dishes returned but not the oasis. Sue Stidever FRIENDSHIP BAGS Only four bags have been given out in 2015. Does this mean our friends have all been in good health or free from distressing situations? It would be nice to think so, but probably unlikely.

A total of 87 bags have been delivered. This means just over 600 small gifts have been wrapped, all with a text attached. We are in need of a few small carrier bags, pretty and attractive ones please. Mabel Stansbury and Edna Tincler HALL BOOKINGS We had a very successful year in 2015 with a variety of groups meeting each week; the large hall continues to be the most popular and sought after hall.

The premises are used on a regular basis for groups such as exercise, dancing, educational, musical and theatre etc; there is a table of events on the bookings notice board which itemises groups using the halls. In addition to our regular groups, we try to accommodate occasional bookings and parties where possible. All rooms are available to see (with dimensions) on the Trinity URC website. Booking information posters are posted in the vestibule and large hall, giving contact details; there are also cards detailing the contacts on the bookings notice board and on the vestibule table, please take one. 11

As things can change quite quickly regarding bookings, I would advise if you want to book a hall for a church function it would be very helpful to reserve the date as early as possible. I would like to thank Jill for her continuing support of me; she is always very willing to give me advice when required and I much appreciate her input. Janette Duncalf. HEATING REPORT During the year both Andrew Nicholson and myself have ensured that the boilers and heating system have been serviced and checked for safety and security as necessary. We have also set the heating control clock for three different radiator systems to operate at the correct times for the various room bookings and activities that take place on Trinity premises. The programming is carried out each week to allow for changes in room allocations and lengths of activities. Richard Lock JUNIOR CHURCH The New Year began with a visit to the Theatre Royal on the 16th January to see the pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the production which provided great entertainment from all the cast, especially by Bobby Davro. Mothering Sunday was on the 15th March, and on this occasion members of the Junior Church distributed daffodils to all the ladies in the congregation. A Junior Church coffee morning was held on the morning of Saturday 23rd May in aid of Junior Church Funds. A raffle, cake and Bring and Buy stall, as well as serving coffee and biscuits helped to raise approximately £216. Father’s Day was on Sunday 7th June and during the service, members of the Junior Church distributed flowers to all the men in the congregation.

Junior Church began the academic year on Sunday 6th September when Jason Bott was presented with an award for attendance and moving on to secondary school. The Advent Sunday Gift Service took place on the 29th November, and members of the Junior Church donated toys for distribution to children via Social Care. Members of the congregation donated gifts of warm clothing, food and chocolate, and these were given to the homeless via the Shekinah Mission. The Gift Service was preceded by an Advent Breakfast that was prepared and served by Junior Church staff. Voluntary donations were requested towards the breakfast, and after the deduction of the cost of the food, the balance of £75 was donated to St 12

Luke’s Hospice, in memory of our dear friend Janet Hawtin, whose idea it was for this occasion. Following on from the breakfast the Christingles were prepared and distributed to the congregation during the morning service. During the morning service on the 20th December the nativity service ‘Christmas through the Generations’ was led by Fiona Adams. Members of the Junior Church and some of the congregation took part in this Nativity story. We continue to support ‘Save the Children’ by collecting pennies. This year the Junior Church and some members of the congregation collected £622.00. This included a generous amount from a member of the congregation who celebrated a birthday and gave his party donations to Save The Children. On the first Sunday in every month the young people serve coffee and sell cakes that are made and brought from home, for Junior Church funds. Children are sent cards on their birthday and when they are unwell. How the Junior Church is made up:JUNIOR CHURCH ELDER Chris Pasmore TREASURER Pat Bogue SECRETARY Kathy Behan


There are 2 children on the register.


There are 6 children on the register.

Andrea Middleton, Barbara Godfree, Kathy Behan

Ruth Bray, Sandra Macdonald, Pat Bogue Kathy Behan KEY HOLDERS

I usually receive phone calls from people who hire our halls to collect the key and arrange a time to call at my home. Generally they arrive accompanied by young children, all excited as the ‘party’ has been arranged for them. It is lovely to witness such simple joy. Arrangements are made for the return of keys. It all seems very satisfactory. David Woolley 13

KITCHEN REPORT The kitchen continues to be the hub of the social activities of the church and despite being without a Minister, I think we do rather well. An up-to-date spreadsheet of kitchen equipment is on the church computer and is available for anyone to access. It enables me to account for any breakages to be replaced and records any new items bought, added or donated during the year. We have enough crockery and cutlery to cater for 100 people. We acquired a new free set of knives and scissors due to an offer on tokens by Morrisons. These, along with other items like the steamers, are kept in the store cupboard for safety. Some baking trays and roasting tins have replaced aged ones and some glasses are a more practical size. My thanks to Mary McFarlane and Mike for their hard work cleaning mould away and tiling and painting around the windows. A stronger extractor fan should keep the dampness at bay. A new set of drawers and a fridge have tidied that corner while the cup/mug drawers and shelves have been relined. Mary also arranged for ‘Oven Rescue’ to clean the cookers – wonderful! However, that is only a temporary measure and we must not lose sight of the bigger plans. The kitchen is used for many functions from weddings to wakes, banquets to bazaars. It is also a source of income for the church. The kitchen is essential to the wellbeing of the congregation providing refreshments on all occasions. Thank you to all unseen little helpers who launder soiled tea towels and table cloths, clean and tidy ready for the next occasion. The recyclable rubbish which disappears is a miracle! Please make it happen and take your own rubbish home and don’t just expect it to disappear! Thank you to all the hard working members of the catering team who prepare, serve and clear away after social gatherings during the year. I can’t mention them all but each and everyone is vital to the hospitality for which Trinity is known. Fiona Adams LADIES FELLOWSHIP The Ladies Fellowship continues to be well attended with new members joining each year. At the moment we have 43 members on the roll with an average attendance of 25 at each meeting. Edna Tincler celebrated her 90th this year making our total of over 90s, eleven. Sadly three of our members, Alice Sprague, Frances Barnicoat and Edna Wright passed away during the year. 14

We usually meet on alternate Tuesday afternoons at 2pm in the back hall. On the occasions that we don’t have speakers, we have an afternoon social where we may play Bingo, take part in a quiz or have music, poems and stories. The Bring & Buy stalls which we have at the start of each season’s sessions raised £107.58 for our own funds to cover any costs we may incur during the year. The spring session included talks from a Registrar, a mole catcher, the British Legion, and a talk about the Third Earl of Morley. At the AGM in March the following appointments were made :Chairman – Jean Burgess Secretary – Valerie Bott Assistant Secretary – Pat Bogue Treasurer – Ruth Criddle Assistant Treasurer – Avril Worley Piano – Gwenno Rogers and Betty Hamilton Teas & coffees – Linda Wellington Birthday & Get Well Cards – Alice Sprague Bring & Buy Stall – Margaret Popplestone, Audrey Milford and Audrey Wastnage It was also decided at this meeting that, as our finances remained in a favourable state, our weekly contribution towards tea and biscuits would stay at 50p and the yearly membership fee would remain at £6. This year we donated £150 to the Church’s Gift Day collection. During the summer session we had talks about a Windsor Family Royal Scandal, guide dogs, a holiday in Peru and the Deaf Children’s Society. Our annual lunch at the City College in May was a little disappointing so a new venue will be considered for next year. The annual charity coffee morning in June raised £310 for the British Red Cross. Also in June we enjoyed a shopping trip by coach to Kernow Mill and then went on to the Hannafore Point Hotel in Looe overlooking the bay where we had a cream tea. Andrew Mudharara, trainee minister, joined us at a couple of our meetings and we were especially glad of his help on the trip to Looe where he helped our Ladies on and off the coach which had very steep steps. The season ended in July with entertainment from the Hand Bell Ringers and a cream tea The autumn session included speakers from CHICKS, Age Concern and The Oasis Project. We had an accordionist and a Christmas table decoration demonstration. Our cream tea in October and takings from the refreshments stall at the November Bazaar amounted to £380 for the Bazaar funds, half of which went to the Mercy Ships this year. The Christmas Coffee & Mince Pie morning with musical entertainment by Mary McFarlane was very festive and raised £217.55 for Church Funds. Our final meeting for the year included a short Carol Service where we were all encouraged to wear Christmas jumpers! 15

Thank you to all our ladies who help to make our meetings enjoyable and raise money for charity along the way. We welcome any new members. Pat Bogue MANAGEMENT REPORT This year I am giving reports on security, continuing maintenance and future planning. Security is an on-going concern when our premises are busy throughout the week. When we pay our insurance, we are asked to check basic requirements, from providing a safe area, to the installation of fire-fighting equipment with noted fire exit doors. In addition, a safer ladder system for the organ-loft has been installed by Matthew Pun. We need to consider security issues – especially exterior of building. When the drier weather reappears we will be installing further burglar alarms to the side of the church. The outside automatic lights are satisfactory, and a digital lock to the vestry door has been installed as concern has been expressed for some time over the too easy access to the vestry by those who hire the buildings. Health & Safety issues always keep one on our toes and this time round, it concerns ‘Volunteer Induction Training.’ To date we are working on an appropriate pro-rata form in which details of certain issues to be aware when performing certain tasks are listed and brought to the attention of volunteers. We have no on-site person, so rely on key holders to vacate the building after checking lights, windows and securing the final exit door. Exit doors must be clear of stacking chairs – especially at the large hall main door. People in wheelchairs have difficulty negotiating the door space at the best of times.

For some time there has been concern over the weathering of the exterior Church Cross, especially on the South West face, but it was felt that in the light of church developments it would be left till then. Meanwhile enter an unusual player in the scheme of things, Peter Chave felt beholden to tell management that he had had a disturbing dream in which the cross fell down! What could we do but put the two concerns together and ask our friendly roofer/builder to look into it. In January he will be testing the viability of the securing brackets, treat the cross and reseal with appropriate weather proof varnish. Continuing maintenance includes: Contract Cleaning twice a week care of ‘Betterclean’, Boiler and Central Heating oversight, Electrical maintenance 16

including replacing ‘air curtains’ to church entrances, review of storage and the erection of wood shed to the rear of the building, redecoration of Large hall by the Shekinah Employability Team, in house revamp of hall floor, and an outside cleaning day in July by volunteers. We also replaced the exterior Church Notice Board, and on-going repairs to chairs and the need to consider restocking. (Number approximately 250.) Our Manse: continues to be let out, but the duty of care remains our responsibility. In our Quinquennial Report of January 2014 we were advised that within a few years the roof should be replaced and the exterior building redecorated. In October this was achieved and paid for with assistance by a 50% Facelift grant from the South West Synod. Future planning: Enquiries into the installation of Solar Panels to our church/hall roof was thoroughly explored, but a final uncertainty over the ballast required to stabilise the panels gave an element of doubt to the scheme, and so it was abandoned. Due to a changing social climate in which parents expectation for full day pre-school facilities along with ever pressing OFSTED regulations could not be met at Trinity it was finally and mutually agreed that Trinity Teddies Pre-School would leave the premises at the end of the summer term in July 2016. Trinity Teddies have had many good years at Trinity starting as a church run group to running as an established business, and it is our concern that we can all be thankful for what has passed, wishing them well as they look to a future away from our buildings. At the end of my 2014 report I commented that despite the usual work involved in the up keep of the buildings, we were thinking of the future beyond 2015, and so the church was advised ‘to watch this space - there is never going to be a dull moment!’ and how true that was…. and is. As you all know there has been general disquiet over the state of the church kitchen as it had outlived its ability to provide adequate catering amenities for ever increasing hospitality needs throughout the year. However it soon became clear that in doing so, accessibility and adequate hospitable provision to all amenities needed to be addressed; beginning at the entrance doors into the worship centre and throughout all meeting and greeting areas. The revamping of the kitchen could not stand on its own. Such was the mood of the church, that when we met John Marsh DipArch RIBA of MEB Design Ltd., at The Christian Resource Exhibition in Exeter, he agreed to accept an invitation to meet with the church to discuss implications, and on 25th March he accepted such an invitation.


As a result the church meeting on 19th July 2015 passed a resolution as follows: That the church meeting seriously consider making our church premises more accessible and hospitable, so that not only can we make better connections with those who already use our buildings, but with the community at large. As this undertaking will be a major task, we propose that we request a Feasibility Study from John Marsh MEB Design Ltd., at a cost of £3000+VAT. A core group of seven known as the ‘Feasibility Study Group’ have since held regular meetings with John Marsh, and we are now in a position to lead on to the next step which will require the services of a Quantity Surveyor to check that our plans are feasible. This will happen in the new year and, subject to his report, we will then be in a position to be able to present the plans to the Church. We are hopeful that this will happen in the spring of 2016. I commend to you the commitment of the Study Group and ask that you prayerfully prepare yourselves for the presentation of the plans in a suitable service. We have come to a momentous stage in our church life, when in a phenomenal way we have the privilege to be about ‘God’s purpose’ at Trinity. So in conclusion – watch this space – but more so – be a part of it. Last and not least I must thank all the members of the Management team and the Feasibility group who have worked so well together in their gift of time and expertise Meanwhile, in the true ‘continuing’ tradition of Management oversight we must make sure that the main church building and halls are maintained well. There is the danger that they could look neglected in the scheme of things and I would suggest that that is not what we would wish. We have the heritage of years past to respect along with the new. Mary McFarlane MEN’S FELLOWSHIP The Men’s Fellowship met on four occasions this year. The first was an evening meal at the China House in Sutton Road on Thursday 5th March. This was a great occasion despite an empty seat due to one member who ‘forgot’ the occasion. Those who came had a great meal with lively discussion. On Wednesday 17th June we invited ladies to join us for what has become an annual occasion at the Wrangaton Golf Club for our Putting Competition. This year the trophy was won by Mike McFarlane who was presented with the valuable trophy by last year’s winner, Judy Beaumont and to augment the trophy it had been adorned by a pink item! Perhaps there will be an added blue one next year! The evening was 18

completed with an excellent roast dinner. Many thanks to Bill Elliott who organised the event and special thanks to Richard Lock for stepping in as compare when Bill found he could not be with us. The evening was also special as Andrew Mudharara, who was to be our Minister for the summer period was able to be present and was introduced to many of our congregation. On Saturday 25 July we had another visit to the Hartley Croquet Club. Ladies were invited to join us on this occasion also. Eight men used two rinks and four ladies played on another. The weather was behaving itself and everyone had a great time. After the game six of us went to a local hostelry for lunch and then back to Trinity to clear the large hall ready for decoration. Many thanks to Mike Barriball for organising the event and to the Croquet Club for hosting us. Our last event of the year was creating a display of fruit and vegetables as our input to the Harvest theme of ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’ on the communion table. Many thanks to Ian Criddle for his creative skills in organising a delightful and meaningful display. Men’s Fellowship events are for ALL men connected in any way to our congregation. It is not a ‘club’, please do not wait to be invited to an event and anyone is more than welcome to organise an activity - just tell me it is happening! John Pasmore CHRISTMAS MINCE PIES AND COFFEE The splendid Candle-lit service held on Sunday 20th of December was followed, as always, by mince pies, coffee and tea served in the Large Hall. The Grosches and the Allmans would like to thank everyone who kindly donated mince pies. We had an abundance and, although many people stayed after the service to partake of the festivities, we still had some pies left over that we could give to the Soup run. Lindsay Grosch

MINISTERIAL LIAISON Thanks to Judy Beaumont for arranging a sequence of retired ministers and lay preachers to fill our pulpit each Sunday well into the future. I contact them on a Monday to ascertain the hymns and readings, hopefully in time for choir practice, and pass on the details to the typists for the order of service to be produced. David Woolley


MUSIC MINISTRY We are very blessed to have Kate Rogers as our Musical Director. Since she came to join us three years ago, the choir and band have gained in confidence tremendously. She really has brought a lot to Trinity with her energy, inspiration and musical talents which are amazing. The band consists of a flute (Julie Williams); drums (Harry Williams Arnold); guitar (Mary Willis); clarinet (Graham Runnalls); trumpet (Tony Bott) and bass clarinet (Derek Pilgrim). The addition of the drums to the line-up has given them the underlying beat and occasionally we have the bass guitar as well – thank you Harry. The band has a ‘list’ of hymns that Kate has adapted for them and it is a wonderful addition to our morning service. The choir has four sopranos – Julie, Bernie, Jenny, Mary W; four altos – Mary M, Penny, Carol and myself; three tenors – Tony, Colleen, Ian and three basses – Derek, Graham and Mike. We meet on a Tuesday evening to practice the hymns for the Sunday service and also anthems for the Sunday morning services, special Christian festivals (Easter, Whitsun, Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas) and for the concerts that we put on. Speaking of concerts, we have had three this year - 15th May – which was in support of Christian Aid and we had guests Emma Ronchetti, First Voices from Looe and Halfway Harmony which was musically very successful but unfortunately the audience was not large. On 7th August we held a Stars of Trinity concert where talented members of our congregation performed, from puppets to organ solos. This was very informal and was tremendous fun for all who took part and watched. Our last concert was on 29th November – the first Sunday in Advent when Kate, the band and the choir performed several of our contributions to the life of Trinity throughout the year. The attendance was good, despite it being a very busy day for Trinity and proved popular enough for us to think about doing it again! We are very blessed with the musical talent at Trinity which should be encouraged and nurtured. Judy Beaumont PASTORAL REPORT It has been another busy year doing the Pastoral work for our members. Carrying out the duties has involved visiting members in their own homes, going with members to hospital for various appointments and doing hospital visiting for medical admissions or for pre and post-surgery care. Jill Stidson and I have been doing home communions for members who cannot attend our services and just recently we have started a mid-week communion service 20

for the elderly at church. Part of the work too is visiting members in different residential homes in the Plymouth area, forming good relationships with them at vulnerable times in their lives. When members are bereaved it is always a privilege to be available to help with funeral arrangements and to be a listening ear as the grief process occurs for the whole family. When elders are ill or away with friends or family I am pleased to be on hand to help any members who need it. If there are specific problems I can also be there in an advisory capacity. I keep up communication with members concerning the Prayer List in Tidings and write a short prayer for it each month, it is good that prayers are constantly said for their loved ones. I sort this list also for the Minister each Sunday. It has been an interesting period for Pastoral care as we are without a Minister and we pray that a new Minister will come to lead us in the future. We recently started a new project taking MP3 players to the elderly with the morning service recorded on them, this has been very popular with our housebound members and leads to many interesting discussions as to their opinion of the service. Tools for the pastoral work include attending dementia training workshops, sight and hearing training and study days run by the U.R.C. It also includes use of the internet, the telephone and card and letter writing. As different as all the members are living with diverse situations, so the visits become happy times, sad times and sometimes saying ‘Goodbye’ if someone moves to another district. But all of it is enriched with God's help and by the power of prayer. My thanks go to all the elders and many members who have helped me to carry out all tasks to enhance and expand this special work in 2015. Bernadette Massey PLYMSTOCK HOUSE GROUP The Plymstock House Group meet on the second Thursday of each month at our home. This year we have continued to use a series of discussion topics derived from short films created by the popular Christian writer Jeff Lucas which are available in DVD format. These have proved to be popular. We are delighted that our group has grown this year and were able to welcome Avril Worley and Ruth Bray to our meetings. If anyone else would like to join us you will be more than welcome. You do not have to live in Plymstock! John & Chris Pasmore 21

PRAYER LIST We have a group who agree to pray each day for those on our prayer list. This includes those for whom we pray each Sunday and who appear in Tidings but it also includes friends not known to Trinity or those whose requests are confidential, so that even those praying do not who is on the list. If you would like to be a prayer partner speak to me or Jill or Bernie. If you want prayers for a friend always remember that you can write a prayer and put it into the prayer box in the vestibule for the Elder on duty to present with the collection. Those bits of paper are removed each week by the duty elder and shredded so the prayers remain confidential. Connie Hanley PUBLICITY AND MARKETING A small team of dedicated members of the Publicity Group continue to effectively advertise our church and activities in a number of ways including:Maintaining our church website, Producing the monthly Trinity Tidings; Displaying professional, reusable PVC banners to advertise coffee mornings and table top sales; Designing and printing large scale posters for display outside the church and the purchase of a new external notice board for church contact details; Designing and printing colour posters for display in the community and public places like libraries and newsagents; Using the free advertising available in the local media (Plymouth Herald, the Plymouth Magazine and Radio Devon) for special events; Maintaining and developing our Twitter account and Facebook page. In addition to these regular activities we have considered opening our church to provide a space to commemorate national or local events. For example by providing a space for reflection on Remembrance Day. This will provide additional opportunities for us to serve our community especially those who do not wish to regularly attend our Sunday services. I'd like to thank all of you who regularly take a small colour poster for display in your local community. We have met visitors in our services who have joined us after seeing a poster advertising a special event. If you have any comments or ideas about the way in which we can publicise our church and activities then I would love to hear from you! Sarah Nicholson


PULPIT SUPPLY During the Vacancy, I have been choosing the Ministers to fill the pulpit each week on a Sunday morning and for the Sunday evening communion services which are held once a month. This has turned out to be one of those jobs that when I started I thought ‘what have a taken on here – help!’ But it has proved a very interesting job. I have a list of lay preachers and qualified ministers that I ring or email. Some of these have proved to be very regular ‘visitors’ to the extent that they are no longer visitors at all. It has proved to be an adventure to see who is preaching and what message they will give us. It is true to say that they have all turned out to be inspiring and what a variety of services we have had. We have even had several of our own congregation leading our worship and this has given us an opportunity to explore our own resources to a great degree with wonderful results. We have had a long vacancy and I am hoping that I will not have to do this job for too much longer, but I think God works in a very mysterious way and the long vacancy has given us all a chance to prove and use our talents to an extent we didn’t realise. Once I have constructed the rota, this is passed on to David who takes over and contacts each minister for details of their services. It really is team work at Trinity – wonderful. Judy Beaumont TRINITY SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE CLASS The class meets on Monday evenings in the large hall from 7.45-10.00pm under the instruction of Valerie Harman. There has been a slight drop in our membership this year but we were happy to welcome a few new dancers. We extend a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to come and dance and to enjoy the wonderful Scottish music. We are always pleased to have some church members in the class. Scottish dancing provides an excellent opportunity to make new friends, and there is always an opportunity to visit events at other clubs in the area - and to keep in trim! Again, many thanks must be extended to Alex McClean who is our treasurer and to church members who help us to maintain our links with church activities. Many thanks also to Julia Tindall-Jones for her secretarial duties and to those who help set up the hall before class begins. We make every effort to attend organized events including, the Christmas Bazaar and the annual Art Exhibition. At the last AGM the class agreed on the sum of £1200 to be given to the church and to continue with the provision of flowers for St Andrews Day. Valerie Harman 23

SOUTH WESTERN SYNOD Meetings take place twice a year once at Bridgewater URC and once at another venue, this year Taunton Academy. Both are business meetings but at Taunton Academy we have the option of splitting into smaller discussion groups which this year gave us a chance to consider ‘Belonging together and giving’ and to review the Maintenance of the Ministry fund and its impact on local Churches. It is always good to get together with folk from other Churches and to hear their stories some expanding into new work and some unfortunately having to close. Jill Stidson SUNDAY HOUSE GROUP Sunday House Group continues to meet at my house at 7pm on alternate Sundays. We average 8 in number and enjoy a variety of fellowship activities, including DVDs and material from the URC. Lately we have made good use of the URC handbook which provides good Bible study and thoughtful prayers. Each time one of us has a birthday we go out for a meal together to celebrate. Connie Hanley SUNDAY STROLLERS The activities of the Sunday Strollers have been rather limited this year. We started the summer with plans to stroll every month. However, they didn’t take place due to holidays and other events taking priority. In the autumn Richard was in Australia and I was busy moving house. On New Year’s Day fifteen enthusiastic people met for lunch at The Rock Inn to start 2016 with good intentions to have a walk along Drake’s Leat but sadly the weather was against us and we ended up at my new house for coffee and mince pies. If there are any of the congregation who would like to have a walk after church this summer around the Yelverton or Burrator area, I am happy to provide tea and biscuits at The Cone. Hymn 117 verse 2 When through the woods and forest glades I wander, And hear the birds sing sweetly on the trees When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur, And hear the brook, and feel the gentle breeze. Then sings my soul my Saviour God to thee, How great thou art, how great thou art! Fiona Adams 24

SUNSHINE BAGS Many thanks to all who so generously put pennies etc. into their sunshine bags. This year I sent a cheque for £165 to Cancer Research UK on your behalf. Ruth Criddle TABLE TOP SALES We held 5 sales in 2015 and the table below shows the receipts each time.

It is interesting to see the variation each time. The amount taken on the door tells us approximately how many folk came as we charge 20p to enter. This made March’s sale the best but we also must have had good items to sell considering the wonderful amount the Church stall raised. Many thanks to all who help in any way. If you have anything to give for the sale, it can be put under the stage if you can find a space, or else bring it along on the Friday afternoon when it can be priced and displayed for sale. Our refreshment team are wonderful cooks and produce some mouth-watering cakes but any more are always welcome and sell well with any left overs being sold on the Sunday after Church. Jill Stidson TALC TALC has not been very active at all this year, so let’s see if we can alter that for this year, unfortunately we have not got off to a good start. If any lady has an idea for an event or outing, it is brilliant if they could go ahead and arrange it. Chris Pasmore and I are very happy to help in any way we can, but the idea was that it would not be up to Chris or myself to do all the organising. 17th June, we were invited to join the Men’s Fellowship on the annual putting competition and dinner at Wrangaton. 26 ladies and gentlemen took part and I am afraid I ‘lost’ the cup this year to Mike McFarlane, but it was a lovely evening followed by the usual scrumptious dinner. Many thanks to Bill Elliot for organising it and to Richard Lock for comparing. 25

We were also invited to join the men for croquet on 25th July. The four of us formed two teams and had a game together on one of the rinks. We played three rounds and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had a lovely lunch trip to Jolly Rogers in August where 13 of us partook of a wonderful meal picked from a very reasonable and tasty menu. The portions were very generous and I am afraid I made rather a glutton of myself – but I don’t think I was the only one! Thanks to Valerie for organising this. Chris Pasmore led a group to make Christmas Cards for the sick and the housebound known to us on Tuesday 17th November from 2.00pm. This is an annual event and is very welcomed by all who receive a hand-made card at Christmas. If there are any ladies in the congregation that would like to arrange an outing of some sort for TALC please feel free to do so and speak to either Chris or myself. Judy Beaumont THURSDAY HOUSE GROUP There are nine of in our Group who meet on the third Thursday of each month at the home of Mabel Stansbury. This year we have been studying the Epistle of James using a Bible Study Guide by Tom Wright who provided thoughtful questions, prayer suggestions and background information to help us discuss the passage we were looking at. James is a very practical Epistle so we found much to think about and hopefully to put into practice. After the discussion, which is always very light hearted with plenty of laughter, we enjoy a cup of tea with a piece of Mabel’s home-made short bread. Thank you Mabel for your hospitality. Jill Stidson TREASURERS REPORT In 2015 our giving grew by £1787 thank you to all those that increased their giving. We have had visitors using the ‘Yellow Gift aid envelopes’. Please see me if you would like to Gift Aid your offertory, this is a very easy way to help increase the Church income. Our tax refund from HMRC for 2014 was £8477, which we have now received. Thank you to all who give their collection through the Gift Aid scheme. Social and fund raising events continue to be popular and therefore, successful. Please continue to support and tell others of the good times we have. We thank everyone who organise and support these events. 26

The facilities are ever popular with lettings for a wide range of activities, and the income increased again in 2015 by £4112, with our thanks to Janette Duncalf who is our Bookings Secretary. I would like to thank Ruth Criddle for overseeing the counting on Sunday mornings when I am not in Church; she also checks the Bank statements each month. Thank you to all that count the offertory each Sunday morning. In addition, I must thank Rodney Hutching for his help preparing the accounts since I joined the Treasury Team. Thank you all for your support. Valerie Bott TRINITY TIDINGS There were ten issues of Trinity Tidings in 2014. December - January and July August being double issues. 24 Tidings have been sent each month to former ministers and members and to our linked church in Neustadt Germany. It is also available on our Church Website. Tidings has attempted to highlight our church life by reporting on past events and advertising forthcoming activities, giving news and thanks from fellow members, providing seasonal comment, and also a little humour. News of the wider Church is also highlighted thanks to our membership of ‘Parish Pump’ a Christian news source. After 25 years involved with the production of Tidings and 21 years as the editor I have decided to retire as the Editor at the Annual Church Meeting in March 2016 and have informed the Elder’s meeting. This is due to some medical problems I have experienced and a feeling I have felt - for some time - that the time has come to pass the baton on to someone with new ideas. I have prayed about this and feel that God has helped me with this decision. I simply pray that there will be someone in our community who will take this work forward, perhaps in another format. My very grateful thanks go to all those who have supported the work of Tidings over the years with special thanks to Paul Grosch for all the printing tasks, Derek and Jenny Pilgrim who have done the collating for many years and, as always, to Chris for all her help, encouragement and understanding when I’ve spent many hours shut in my office. Lastly A big thank you to the congregation of Trinity for keeping Tidings alive with all your input. John Pasmore 27

TYPISTS The notices and order of services for the Sunday morning service are typed by a team of very willing workers, a task which has been made so much easier with the internet in the office. If members of the congregation have a notice they want to be put in, it would be good if they could email it direct to the office at [email protected], or it can be put through the office letter box before Friday lunch time. Pat very kindly draws up the rota of the typists, but unfortunately sometimes this has to be altered. This usually isn’t a problem especially if items are forwarded to the office. If anyone would like to join us please talk to one of us – Carol, Janette, Pat, Valerie or myself. Judy Beaumont WEBSITE Our website ‘’ contains audio streams of our Sunday Services, Trinity Tidings, Hall Booking information and forms, How to find us, Church Profile, Policies and a lot more. When we have a new Minister to lead us it will be developed further. We are fortunate in that if you enter ‘Trinity URC’ into Google search we are the first item to be listed. If you organise an event in Trinity please take pictures, they can easily be put onto the website for all to see. Similarly if you are organising an event give me a brochure or just the basic outline as this can be inserted into the bottom of the home page. Do use the website. Along with our Facebook page and our Twitter account we have a regular readership of a few thousand people. Showing how active we are may have an effect in enticing a new minister to join us. John Pasmore

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