TRAVEL PORTLAND 101. A Handbook. Everything you need to know about your convention and visitors bureau

TRAVEL PORTLAND 101 A Handbook Everything you need to know about your convention and visitors bureau 2012 1 Page 2 INTRODUCTION • Mission Statemen...
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TRAVEL PORTLAND 101 A Handbook Everything you need to know about your convention and visitors bureau 2012


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INTRODUCTION • Mission Statement • Visitor Statistics • Division structure

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VISITOR SERVICES • Overview of visitor information center role and volunteer applications

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MARKETING • Overview of marketing & public relations division • The Portland brand: key messages; tone and personality • Publications • Update on on-line efforts

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CONVENTION SALES • Market Segments • Description of convention sales efforts

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CONVENTION SERVICES • Description • Value and description of convention calendar • Calendar update availability • Services to conventions • Interfacing with meeting planners

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TOURISM DEVELOPMENT • Overview of tourism department • Partner opportunities

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COMMUNITY RELATIONS • Description of department and green member identification program

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PARTNER PARTN ER SERVICES and EVENTS • Partner services and events staff • Using the directory on the website ( • Referral program • Opportunities for participation





President & CEO

Executive VP Convention & Tourism Sales

Executive VP Marketing & PR

Community Relations

Executive VP Services & Operations

Travel Foundation POVA Portland Education & Training Foundation

Operations VP Convention Sales

Convention Sales

VP Tourism Sales International Sales Domestic Sales

VP PR & Communication

VP Services Events

Online Marketing Cultural Marketing

Public Relations & Communications (Mt. Hood Territory) (RCMP)

Visitor Services

Convention Services

Partnership/ Membership Development

Convention & Leisure Housing

Finance & Admin


Contract Grant Admin.


Operations Manager 503.275.9793; [email protected]

Pam England, CVA

Volunteer Program Manager 503.275.9767; [email protected]

Teri Joly

Visitor Services Coordinator 503.275.8353; [email protected]

Reagan Bauman

Brochure Services Coordinator 503.275. 8354; [email protected]


To provide friendly, professional and comprehensive information about the destination to visitors in order to enhance their stay and increase the likelihood that they will stay longer, recommend Portland to friends and relatives, and return for future visits.


Visitor Information Center • The center operates year-round with extended business hours. • Brochures are distributed at the center by volunteers. • More than 700,000 visitors are assisted at the center annually.. • Travel Portland volunteers donate over 10,000 hours per year of visitor services. • Volunteers assist the Convention Services department with information booths as requested by meeting planners Volunteer Training and Partner Familiarization/Site Inspection Program • Please contact Pam England at [email protected] or call 503.275.9767 if you wish to schedule a site tour for the volunteers


MARKETING Greg Newland

Executive Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations 503.275.9771; [email protected]

Richard Tammar

Director of Online Strategy 503.275.9758; [email protected]

Claire Kaufmann

Online Marketing Manager 503.275.9755; [email protected]

Courtney Ries

Consumer Marketing Manager & Director of the Downtown Marketing Initiative 503.275.9784; [email protected]

Karen Martwick

Editor 503.275.9280; [email protected]

Amy Stoner

Marketing Assistant 503.275.9277; [email protected]


To communicate key messages and reinforce the Portland brand via advertising and in-house publications; leverage online technologies to promote Portland as a preferred destination; support the work of the sales team with targeted collateral material and marketing programs; and collaborate with cultural, dining, retail, lodging and other partners to create and promote travel packages, experiences and offers that motivate leisure travelers to visit Portland.

Travel Portland Publications at a Glance Contact: Contact

Jenny Kamprath, Advertising Sales – Travel Portland Publications 503.222.5144, ext. 133; [email protected]

The following publications are produced by Travel Portland’s contract publisher, SagaCity Media. Travel Portland (2011-2012 edition) Publication date: March 2012 Audience: Out-of-town visitors (leisure), convention delegates, media Circulation: 165,000 Portland, Oregon Convention & Meeting Planners Guide (Online Online) Online Audience: International, national and regional convention/meeting planners Reach: 1.4 million people Portland Perks coupon book (2012 edition) Publication date: January 2012 Audience: Out-of-town visitors (leisure), convention delegates Circulation: 60,000



Vice President of Communications & PR 503.275.9795; [email protected]

Marcus Hibdon

Communications & PR Manager 503.275.9769; [email protected]

Laura Guimond

Communications & PR Manager, Sustainability 503.275.9783; [email protected]

Lila Martin

Regional Media Relations Coordinator 503.275.9794; [email protected]

Alacia Lauer

Communications & PR Assistant 503.275.9751; [email protected]


To assist in fulfilling Travel Portland’s overall mission of economic development by promoting the Portland region to international and domestic journalists as a desirable destination to feature in their respective media outlets.


To place $9.5 million worth of positive editorial coverage on Portland in consumer magazines/trade publications and on television programs and radio shows in regional, national and international markets.

Major Work Areas: • Representatvies from the Communications and PR team will attend the Society of American Travel Writers’ annual marketplaces (two Western Chapter regional meetings and one international convention); • Attend the Public Relations Society of America’s annual Tour & Travel Section Marketplace; • Make proactive media calls in major markets (New York, D.C., Chicago, California); • Conduct writer site inspection tours (approx. four per month); • Distribute monthly e-mail updates to 2,300 travel journalists; • Fulfill media requests (average of five per day); • Pitch travel media on Portland-related travel and convention stories; • Handle all media leads distributed by Travel Oregon; • Oversee media liaison office for the Greater Portland Tourism Region; • And oversee the work of the Greater Portland Tourism Region’s New York-based PR agency The Travel Portland Portland Publicity Handbook can be viewed online at



Vice President of Convention Sales 503.275.9770; [email protected]

Annual Shows, Amway Accounts, Oregon Restaurant Association, Association of Nurseries, Oregon Gift Show, Northwest Food Processors, Oregon Dental Association

Amy Grile

Assistant to the Vice President of Convention Sales 503.275.9752; [email protected]

Shawna Wellman, CMP

Convention Sales Manager 503.275.9754; [email protected]

Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Health & Medical

Kristine Becker, CASE

Convention Sales Manager 503.275.9787; [email protected]

Trade and Commercial, Social Science, Social Welfare, Hobby

Mandy Marsh

Convention Sales Manager 503.275.9785; [email protected]

Fraternal & Social, Cultural, Independent Tradeshow, Union, Religious, Social & Fraternal, Gay & Lesbian, Law Enforcement, Legal, Military/Veteran, Public Affairs/Administration

Cathy M. Kretz, CMP

Convention Sales Manager 503.275.9788; [email protected]

Education, Corporate, Athletic/Sports

Desiree Everett

Convention Sales Manager 503.275.9781; [email protected]

Natural Science, Agriculture, Environmental, Government

Cara Tobias Ingram

Senior Regional Director of Sales 301.765.0591; [email protected]

Washington, D.C. and East coast – Social Welfare, Education, Cultural, Natural Science, Environment, Computer Science, Engineering, Trade & Commercial, CESSE Groups, Labor, Legal

Tracey Chapman

Regional Director of Sales 301.681.0025; [email protected]

Washington, D.C. and East coast – Fraternal/Social, Medical, Law Enforcement, Hobby, Independent Trade Show, Ethnic/Minority, Military/Veteran, Gay & Lesbian, Athletic/Sports, Government, Agriculture, Public Affairs/Administration, Religious, Corporate, Social Science

Maureen Clampitt

Regional Director of Sales 630.469.3791; [email protected]

Chicago and Mid-west – all markets

Leslie Hefner

Meetings & Conventions Assistant 503.275.9289; [email protected]

Raimi Wilson

Meetings & Conventions Assistant 503.275.9760; [email protected]



To contribute to the overall economic health of the Portland region by increasing revenues to the Oregon Convention Center and the hospitality industry and, subsequently, tax dollars to the region through booking conventions and meetings. The department uses direct sales efforts, co-promotional efforts, editorial outreach and various marketing techniques (with assistance from the Communications and Marketing departments) to book business and to position Portland, including all of the various elements of the Portland hospitality community, as a desirable convention/meeting destination.

Goal: Goal: Annually book state, regional, and national association and corporate meetings that will utilize the Oregon Convention Center (OCC) and metro-Portland hotels. • Direct Sales. Annually develop qualified leads for single hotel business and enhance business relationships with meeting planners, industry peers and Travel Portland members. • Sales trips and bid trips. Annually complete a minimum of 14 sales trips to meet with qualified meeting planners and organizations in order to solicit new business for and/or confirm meeting arrangements in Portland. Conduct a minimum of two multi-city “Road Show” programs. • Site inspections. Arrange and conduct site tours of Portland for highly qualified meeting planners who are in the process of considering Portland for meetings with emphasis on OCC business. Encourage participation of Travel Portland members, thereby creating opportunities for them to sell their products, businesses and services. • Familiarization (FAM) tours. Arrange and conduct a minimum of three FAM’s per year with highly qualified clients; showcase Portland’s meeting facilities and hospitality community for potential future conventions. • Industry trade shows. Annually meet with potential convention clients at various trade shows around the country. • Minority Marketing. Enhance Portland’s visibility in the minority convention market via coordinated marketing and public relations activities to include editorial content in various minority publications; ensure appropriate web marketing efforts are in place; utilize direct mail campaigns as appropriate; and take advantage of public speaking opportunities. • Green/Sustainable meetings development. Work with the marketing department to incorporate green messages and tactics within overall marketing efforts to further establish Portland as a leader in green meetings.



Vice President of Services 503.275.975; [email protected]

Sissy Lawty, CMP

Convention Services Account Manager 503.275.9276; [email protected]

Geralyn Maloney, CMP

Convention Services Account Manager 503.275.9772; [email protected]

Jill Montieth

Convention Services/Housing Coordinator 503.275.9762; [email protected]

Tim Mongin

Convention Housing Manager 503.275.9783; [email protected]

Nancy Hirayama

Leisure Housing Agent 503-275-9293; [email protected]

Ann Tohlen

Leisure Housing Agent 503-275-9293; [email protected]


Assist meeting planners with promoting Portland to maximize convention attendance, and provide information and services to encourage future business.

MAJOR WORK AREAS Publications Convention & Trade Show Calendar: Publication date: Annually in July Audience: Travel Portland Convention Marketing partners

Convention & Trade Show Calendar Updates: Publication date: Monthly Audience: Travel Portland Convention Marketing partners Travel Portland’s Convention Services Department is full-service. Most services are available on a complimentary basis.

Convention Planning • • • •

The Convention services team liaisons between meeting planner and hotels, event venues and other suppliers; Performs site inspections (coordination, setting of appointments, hosting, etc.); Provides guidance for entertainment and off-site event facilities, spouse/youth activities, and pre-and post-convention tours; And provides computerized housing service for groups using two or more hotels.


P ublicity Services • • •

The team has an extensive online photo library; Media lists; And a Portland Publicity Handbook.

Convention and Delegate Attendance Promotion at Prior Years' Convention • Assistance in planning promotion is provided by Convention Services as well as • Promotional brochures; • Exhibit displays; • Video presentation; • And *lapel roses for your delegates. OnOn - site Services • Convention Services have promotional brochures; • And visitor guides (complimentary - 1 per delegate). *Nominal fees apply - 2012



Vice President, Tourism 503.275.9778; [email protected]

Jeff Hammerly

Tourism Manager – Asia 503.275.9761; [email protected]

Karen Viehoever

Tourism Manager – Europe 503.275.9279; [email protected]

Heather Anderson

Tourism Manager – North America, Oceania 503.275.9756; [email protected]

Yoko Furukawa

Tourism Assistant Asia 503.275.9799; [email protected]

Bob Baskette

Tourism Coordinator and Manager-- LBGT 503.275.9281; [email protected]


To position the Portland region as a preferred destination for both international and domestic visitors. This results in increased revenue to the hospitality industry, thereby contributing to the overall economy of Portland and the region. Through partnerships and alliances, the department implements direct sales, advertising and promotional efforts to book business and enhance the brand image of Portland and the region as a cultural, sustainable and fresh destination.

MAJOR WORK AREAS Sales/Marketing •

The team promotes the Portland region to the travel industry, consumers and trade press in Asia, Europe, Canada and domestically through trade shows, sales missions, client appointments and the hosting of research trips.

The team works with partner airlines, Travel Oregon and the Port of Portland to sell Portland as a visitor destination;

Sells the Portland region to the packaged domestic travel market and to tour operators through client outreach;

And Focuses on cultural tourism as a strong message for promoting Portland, and work in the arts community to build programs.

Workshops, Seminars and Training Tourism Development coordinates opportunities for the hospitality, arts and heritage communities to work together to promote Portland. The team provides educational opportunities and training on how to sell Portland to various markets and how to understand cultural tourism and other niche markets.



Veronica Rinard, Director of Community Relations Tel: 503.275.9777 [email protected]

Mission: To work with Travel Portland leadership and a board-level Community Action Committee to represent the tourism/hospitality industry’s interest in a wide array of community issues and decisionmaking, and to . . exert influence to achieve decisions that improve Portland’s quality of life and viability as a tourism destination. Major Major Work Areas • The Director of Community Relations stays abreast of issues and works with Travel Portland leadership and Community Action Committee of the Board to determine Travel Portland’s position and engagement; • Serves as a spokesperson for Travel Portland and/or the Tourism Industry on government and community boards, committees and task forces and in presentations to community organizations; • Provides staff support to the Travel Portland Community Action Committee to have a coordinated approach to issue research and industry positioning; • Enhances Travel Portland’s connections and relationships in the community, including business, government, community interest groups and tourism industry organizations; • Collaborates with Travel Portland and industry leadership to create a united message to enhance public understanding of tourism’s important role in Portland’s and Oregon’s economy; • Provides leadership for the Travel Portland Green Team, including coordinating meetings, staying abreast of sustainable tourism policies and practices as well as Portland & Oregon’s sustainability initiatives, and making presentations on sustainable tourism; • And oversees the planning and implementation of the Annual Industry Awards Celebration



Director of Partner Services 503.275.9779; [email protected]

Tori Pontrelli

Partner Development Manager 503.333.1643; [email protected]

Chanel LaChappa

Partner Development Manager 503.442.1296; [email protected]

Vanessa Herndon

Partner Services Manager 503.275.9769; [email protected]

Peggy Depuy

Partner Services Coordinator 503.275.9798; [email protected]

Jackie Harper, CMP

Event and Meeting Planner 503.275.9290; [email protected]


To have a broad base of business partners to ensure a link between Travel Portland’s customer and the brand or destination promise. Travel Portland requires an active constituency representing broad business involvement within the hospitality industry and an easy point of access to the best, brightest, most cost effective partners. Travel Portland also requires a means to generate private resources to expand its sales, marketing and service programs.

MAJOR WORK AREAS Create Partner Opportunities • • • • • • •

Referral Program Web site ( & Resource Guide Networking Events Education programs Resourses, webinars, etc available on our website Meeting Planner Familiarization Trips – twice annually E-newsletters/Special Offers

Annual Special Events • Awards Breakfast • Golf Tournament • Holiday Open House • Quarterly Orientations • State of The Industry Program


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