TRADE FAIR FINAL REPORT I. Background information The CONECO International Fair, held on 23 - 27 March 2010, has become the most important meeting pla...
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TRADE FAIR FINAL REPORT I. Background information The CONECO International Fair, held on 23 - 27 March 2010, has become the most important meeting place for business offers, innovative solutions and knowhow of producers, vendors, investors, designers and architects for the 31st time in a row. The CONECO and RACIOENENERGIA fairs, focusing on construction sector and, respectively, energy efficiency, were organised alongside CLIMATHERM, CONECOINVEST, SLOVREALINVEST and a new dedicated exhibition of construction machinery “STAVEBNÁ MECHANIZÁCIA". The fair showcased 636 companies from nine countries, which are active in various branches of the construction industry and did not miss the opportunity to present their products. This year, the most comprehensive construction fair attracted 152,196 visitors from both Slovakia and neighbouring countries. Central to the CONECO / RACIOENERGIA fair was a ubiquitous motto “Energy More than Gold”. Construction sector is special in that it can substantially affect the overall energy consumption among the population. As the respect for future generations and sustainable development has become a must, low-energy solutions are the way to follow. In fact, the fairs held this year showcased a number of new products in this domain, and many of them were awarded as well.

The fact that this major event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Economy, added to its importance and high prestige. As an integral part of the fair, side events for experts are organised every year, enhancing its reputation among professionals. Therefore we would like to thank the following professional partners: Association of Industrial Ecology in Slovakia (Asociácia priemyselnej ekológie na Slovensku/ASPEK), Slovak Floor Manufacturers Guild (Cech podlahárov Slovenska), Slovak Roofers Guild (Cech strechárov Slovenska), Heating and Thermal Technology Guild (Cech vykurovania a tepelnej techniky), National Association of Slovak Real Estate Agencies (Národná asociácia realitných kancelárií

Slovenska/NARKS), Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (Slovenská inovačná a energetická agentúra), Slovak Chamber of Architects (Slovenská komora architektov), Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers (Slovenská komora stavebných inžinierov), Slovak Association for Environmental Technology (Slovenská spoločnosť pre techniku prostredia/SSTP), Slovak Association of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (Slovenský zväz pre chladiacu a klimatizačnú techniku), Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology, Building Testing and Research Institute (Technický a skúšobný ústav stavebný), the Eurostav publishing house, Association for Thermal Insulation of Buildings (Združenie pre zatepľovanie budov), Slovak Association of Towns and Municipalities (Združenie miest a obcí Slovenska/ZMOS), Slovak Association of Construction Entrepreneurs (Zväz stavebných podnikateľov Slovenska/ZSPS).

With its 95 exhibitors, the Czech Republic again topped the chart of foreign companies. This is due to many factors, but primarily because of long-term economic cooperation between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as Czech producers’ confidence in the stability and prosperity of the Slovak market. Lower Austria community associating ten exhibitors from Austria participated in the fair as well. II. OPENING CEREMONY The fair was officially opened by Silvia Gašparovičová, Slovakia’s First Lady. Other guests speaking at the opening ceremony were Ján Mikolaj, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Slovak Republic and Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic, temporary Minister of Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic; Zuzana Sternová, President of the “Energy Efficiency Academy”; Milan Hort, Deputy Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic; Zsolt Lukáč, President of the Slovak Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, Alojz Kopáčik, dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology and Peter Mihók, President of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The opening ceremony was concluded by Incheba Director General Alexander Rozin.

III. Side Events – /a detailed list can be found at The side events were conducted in the spirit of energy efficiency. As a new feature for visitors, the “Energy Efficiency Academy” provided a comprehensive free-of-charge consultancy in presentations, discussions and practical demonstrations. The provided advice and tips focused on thermal insulation of buildings, installation of roofs, windows, generation of heat from alternative sources, and applying for subsidies for solar collectors and biomass boilers. The 17th International Conference entitled “Theory and Design of Civil Engineering Works”, with a focus on cost-optimal energy-saving measures, caught the attention of experts. Another widely discussed issue, i.e., the impact of the economic crisis on Slovakia’s construction sector, also found its way to side events for professionals, namely the Partnership Day of the Slovak Association of Construction Entrepreneurs in the discussion on the subject “Year 2010 in Slovak Civil Construction Industry: Survival or Growth”?

New contests, in particular “Insulating Buildings with Proficiency”, were received with great success, and the Slovak Junior Roofing Championship was an opportunity for future craftsmen to present their skills. The competitions of construction machinery operators and live demonstrations of construction machinery on the exhibition site (polygon) drew attention of the visitors as well. March 25 was the Day of Construction Machinery: in addition to the competition of machinery operators and dynamic demonstration of construction machinery at the exhibition site (polygon), a conference on the subject “Current State of Play and R&D background in Mobile Machinery” was held. All visitors enjoyed free-of-charge counselling services of almost 20 professional institutions and companies in the information-counselling centre. In addition to representing a natural part of the fair, there is also a social dimension to side events for experts, which have been in the centre of interest of the general public and professionals for many years. IV. EVALUATION OF COMPETITIONS PRIZES awarded at the fair: GOLDEN LEONARDO Exposition: Saint-Gobain Construction Products, s.r.o. WEBER - TERRANOVA Bratislava division Architectonic design by:: Ing. Arch. Barbara Kršková Implemented by: Incheba a.s. Bratislava Exposition: XELLA Slovensko, spol. s r.o. Architectonic design by: Ing. Mária Žolková Implemented by: EF Studio Bratislava, Neopublic, s.r.o. Bratislava Exposition: OHL Pozemné stavby a.s. Bratislava Architectonic design by: Ing. Arch. Peter Ondrejka Implemented by: Incheba a.s. Bratislava Exposition: ESM - YZAMER energetické služby, monitoring spol. s r.o. Trnava Architectonic design by: Bc. Matúš Izakovič, Dušan Buri Implemented by: EXPOMONT Nitra spol. s r. o. Nitra Exposition: Palme Duschabtrennungen GmbH Želiezovce Architectonic design by: Ing. Erik Pěček

Implemented by: Veletrhy Brno a.s. Brno, Czech Republic Exposition: AVG group a.s. Vlkanová Architectonic design by: Vladimír Krajčovic Implemented by: AVG group a.s. Vlkanová Exposition: EURODESIGN, s.r.o. Veľké Rovné Graphic design and concept by: Acad. Arch. Dušan Voštenák Architectonic design and implementation by: KALLA Žilina s.r.o. Žilina Exposition and implementation by: KOMA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION, s.r.o. Vizovice Czech Republic Architectonic design by: Ing. Tomáš Cendelín Design by:Mgr. Martin Kožucharov, Bork Design, s.r.o. Zlín, Czech Republic RACIONENERGIA Golden Plaque Exhibit: PUHZ-HRP71VHA Mitsubishi Electric – ZUBADAN heat pump Exhibitor: CS-MTRADE Slovensko s.r.o. Piešťany Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Shizuoka Works, Japan Exhibit: VITODENS 343-F compact gas central heating Exhibitor: Viessmann s.r.o. Bratislava Manufacturer: Viessmann Werke Gmbh & Co KG Allendorf, Germany RACIOENERGIA Honorable Mention Exhibit: AISIN MCHP micro-cogeneration unit, Model: GECC60A2 (NR-P) Exhibitor: ESM – YZAMER energetické služby a monitoring s.r.o. Trnava Manufacturer: Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd, Archi-ken, Japan Exhibit: VIGAS 40 AK 3000 LAMBDA CONTROL wood gasifying boiler Exhibitor/Manufacturer: Pavel Vigaš – VIMAR Banská Bystrica Exhibit: NIBE ™ SPLIT heat pump Exhibitor: GEOTHERM Slovakia s.r.o. Trnava Manufacturer: NIBE AB Marilaryd, Sweden CONECO Golden Plaque Exhibit: HELUZ cut brick blocks and chimney systems Exhibitor/Manufacturer: HELUZ cihlářský průmysl v.o.s. Dolní Bukovsko, Czech Republic Exhibit: KSD thermal insulation glazing Exhibitor: KSD Slovakia, s.r.o. Bratislava Manufacturer: Wehrle Otmar GmbH & Co. KG Villingen – Schwenningen, Germany Exhibit: Lock Plate ™ System (weber.therm LockPlate) for ETICS Exhibitor: Saint-Gobain Construction Products, s.r.o. – Weber-Terranova Bratislava division Manufacturer: Porextherm, Kempten (VIP) & Huber, Germany Exhibit: Low energy module from planar components Exhibitor/Manufacturer: KOMA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION s.r.o. Vizovice, Czech Republic

CONECO Honourable Mention Exhibit: YTONG - arc blocks P2 - 500 Exhibitor: Xella Slovensko, spol. s r.o. Šaštín - Stráže Manufacturer: Xella Porenbeton Österreich GmbH Loosdorf, Austria Exhibit: ecostone bridge – technology for insulating multilayer paving Exhibitor/Manufacturer: ŠPORTSTAV, s.r.o. Žilina Exhibit: MIRADOR façade system Exhibitor/Manufacturer: MIRADOR Banská Štiavnica

Exhibit: WIPPRO interior doors Exhibitor: RAVI Slovakia Bratislava Manufacturer: WIPPRO-WIPPLINGER GmbH & Co. KG. Vorderweissenbach, Austria

CONECO ENERGO ENVIRO “THE BEST” CERTIFICATE Product/Project: ETICS System - MultiTherm ® NEO - insulation system using NEOPOR ® polystyrene Applicant: BASF Slovensko spol. s r.o. Bratislava Product/Project: GENEO MD S980 plastic window and REHAU profile system Applicant: FENESTRA Sk, spol. s r.o. Zlaté Moravce Product/Project: Baumit open® contact insulation system – Baumit SuperFasáda (Super facade) Applicant: Baumit, spol. s r.o. Bratislava Product/Project: SELECTION front doors – certified for passive houses Applicant: Internorm s.r.o. Nové Mesto nad Váhom Product/Project: EDISON ISOLTHERM EPS external wall insulation system Applicant: EDISON, s.r.o. Trenčín Product/Project: Weber.therm minus 7 contact insulation system Applicant: Saint-Gobain Construction Products, s.r.o., Weber-Terranova Bratislava division Product/Project: Weber.therm exclusive contact insulation system Applicant: Saint-Gobain Construction Products, s.r.o., Weber-Terranova Bratislava division Product/Project: Weber.therm terranova contact insulation system Applicant: Saint-Gobain Construction Products, s.r.o., Weber-Terranova Bratislava division Product/Project: Heating system reconstruction – TRNAVA TOWN HALL Applicant: ESM – YZAMER, energetické služby a monitoring s.r.o. Trnava Product/Project: AIROTHERM EXCLUSIVE IV 88 energy efficient wooden eurowindow Applicant: Ing. Jozef Mintál – MINTAL, Sielnica Product/Project: Restoration of apartment buildings, project entitled “TRIO TRENČÍN"

Applicant: STAWAL s.r.o. Trenčín

CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GRAND PRIX Exhibit: Haulotte Compact 14 electric scissor aerial work platform Exhibitor: ROTHLEHNER Pracovné plošiny s.r.o.

V. PROMOTION The fair enjoyed extraordinary attention of the Slovak as well as foreign media. 429 journalists were accredited in the press centre. Information about the fair was broadcast during the main news of the Markíza, STV1, STV2 and TA3 television stations. Reports about the fair were also regularly broadcast on Radio Expres and Slovenský rozhlas (Slovak Radio). Separate inserts in the SME, Pravda, Plus 1 deň and Hospodárske noviny dailies were dedicated to the fair. Articles were published in periodicals: SME, Pravda, Hospodárske noviny, Trend, Plus 1 deň, Nový čas, Šport, Új Szó and their corresponding Internet servers. The main media partner of the fair was (,,, The following specialized media (print and Internet servers) also facilitated the fair's promotion: TOP CONSTRUCTION materials, services, technologies (TOP STAVEBNÉ materiály, služby, technológie ), TOP KITCHEN 2010 (TOP KUCHYŇA 2010),,, Carpenter magazine (Stolársky magazín), CONSTURCTION INDUSTRY 2010 (STAVEBNÍCTVO 2010), ENGINEERING – ENERGY INDUSTRIES 2010 (STROJÁRSTVO - ENERGETIKA 2010), CONSTRUCTION MACHINES AND MACHINERY MAGAZINE (MAGAZÍN STAVEBNÉ STROJE A MECHANIZÁCIA), HOUSE AND LIVING (DOM A BÝVANIE), AT&P Journal, Construction (Stavba ), LivingConstructionsReal estate (BývanieStavbyReality), Development news, Stavebníctvo 2010, Style (Štýl), ASB, Construction materials (Stavebné materiály), Building administration (Správa budov), TZB Haustechnik, Civil engineering structures (Inžinierske stavby), My house (Môj dom), Do it yourself (Urob si sám),,, BUILDER REGISTER 2010 (ODBORNÝ REGISTER STAVEBNÍCTVA 2010), COMPANIES REGISTER for VUC and state administration 2010 (ODBORNÝ REGISTER FIRIEM pre VUC a štátnu správu 2010),, Style of living (Štýl bývania), STAVEBNÝ TRH, MESTÁM, OBCIAM, REGIÓNOM 2010, House and apartment (Dom a byt), CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IN SLOVAKIA (STAVEBNÍCTVO SLOVENSKA), SaB, Construction advisor (Stavebný radca), Heating (Vykurovanie), TOP HOUSE (TOP DOM), , Avízo, Cityexpres, Avízo Real estate (Avízo Reality), Real estate Exchange (Burza nehnuteľností), Atrium, TRANSPORT transportation newspaper (Dopravné noviny TRANSPORT), TREND – TREND – Extra real estate (Extra reality),, BEN Catalogue of specialized literature (katalóg Odbornej literatúty BEN), Complete real estate market (Kompletný trh nehnuteľností (KTN)),, Slovakia and real estate (Slovensko a reality),, Agrobioenergia,, Roofs, facades, insulations (Střechy, fasády, izolace). Visitors' advertising campaign included billboards, bigboards, backlights and citylights, advertising spots on the radio stations Expres, Fun Radio, Slovak Radio, spots broadcast in TA3 and advertisements in the print media Nový Čas, Nový čas víkend, Nový čas bývanie, Hospodárske noviny, SME and Pravda dailies. VI. MARKET POSITION

The largest construction fair in Slovakia has been announcing the coming of the construction season for over 30 years now. The CONECO and RACIOENERGIA fairs, along with other thematic exhibitions, have strengthened their significant positions on the Slovak and Central European market in the area of construction industry and use of energy. VII. VII. EVALUATION OF THE FAIR Success of the fair is proven by a high attendance rate of both exhibitors and visitors. Major positives of the fair mentioned by the exhibitors include: • high professional level of the fair, •high number of exhibitors from Slovakia as well as from other countries, which created an opportunity to establish contacts necessary for the future cooperation, • small and medium companies had a similar chance to present their products as major exhibitors, which made their presentation here more efficient in terms of business, • attendance of professionals and, at the same time, a direct contact with final customers, • side events for professionals

VIII. INFORMATION ABOUT THE NEXT YEAR The next year's CONECO/RACIOENERGIA fair to be held form 29 March to 2 April 2011 will focus on topical issues and will provide a platform for the presentation of innovative approaches and solutions in the area of construction. We all believe that the next year will be even better and the number of potential exhibiting companies both from Slovakia and abroad will increase, giving the construction season in Slovakia a good start. Many exhibitors booked their exhibition area for 2011 already at this year’s fair which is a proof of their satisfaction. It also gave them a preferential right to choose the exhibition space at a better price. We will try to create optimal conditions for your participation. Therefore do not hesitate and take advantage of this special offer to participate in CONECO / RACIOENERGIA 2011 and concurrent exhibitions now! Thank you for the trust you have shown by participating in the year 2010 and we look forward to our future cooperation.

Organising team T +421 2 6727 2205, 2140, 2139, 2414, 2214, 2206, 3090, 2119, 2649 F +421 2 6727 2055, 2143, E [email protected], W